It has been quite chilly here in Manila for weeks now. I'm kind of getting used to the cold. Wish I could readily update my wardrobe. Here's some outfits that I'd want to wear if I had a.) money and b.) more money.

All in black of course.

Hello again


Big Bang in Manila

This is a super late post. OMG. Had the best time. I can't stop thanking Globe for giving us tickets and making us feel like real VIPs. Haha. Deasung was oh my gosh so yummy. LOL. They played their recent hits and some old ones. We were all jumping, dancing and screaming like monkeys. And then Taeyang ripped his shirt off. OMG. Nakakaloka.

Moonleaf planner

Hey guys! Make sure you drop by Moonleaf for your quick thirst fix and don't forget to get their planner. I'm in it. Haha. Moonleaf has been a big part of my life. I've met by best friends there. It's our Central Perk. :)
Photo we did for the planner. I look crazy here. Haha. My attempt with colors and I failed.

I need to lose weight

Argh. I'm so fat now. :/

Seafood ramen (^,^)

My love for ramen. Oh ramen. I can eat you everday. You are made from the heavens. Oh ramen. I love you. Hahahaha.


Here's an editorial I did for FMag Cambodia (Sept 2012). I'm so proud of this. Don told me I could go crazy but make it menswear. I teamed up with Joseph Pascual who perfectly captured the vision we wanted for the shoot. I'm so happy with how it all came out.

Bloggers United 4

I know this bitch has been MIA but I'm just so glad that despite my absence in the blogging world, I was still invited to the BU4. I love my blogger friends. So guys, if you have time this Sat or Sun, please do drop by at the World Bex (I kid you not) and shop till you drop. I'll have a booth there together with Karl, Paul, JP and Gelo. Team FFT! Bring all your friends!

I'll be selling some cool stuff. Mostly black drapey ones. See you! And two cool girls from Japan will be visiting. I can't wait!


At a party somewhere in Forbes. They were all drunk but I was sober. I don't drink anymore.