Spice and Wenty

OMG! I'm hyperventilating. Somebody catch me. Whew! My girls... OMG! My girls are finally getting back together. My oh my. I'm in Bliss.

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And Wenty got himself a new boyfriend.

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Awww... They look so cute. When will Prisonbreak turn to OZ and finally have some M2M action?


Last Laguna day moi and my fabulous friends (Jing, Mabel, Rose and Eric) decided to go trekking through Majayjay. A falls was mentioned so I brought along some extra clothes and took a muscle relaxant for the long day to come. I’ve always loved visiting new places so I was really excited for this trip.

We rode a jeepney to Sta. Cruz and rode another one to Majayjay then rode another one to go to Taytay. We then walk for what seemed like an eternity to reach the falls. But as they say, it’s not the destination that matters but the journey. It was exactly the case for this trip.

We totally had no idea where this falls was. None of us went there before and the farthest part of Laguna I’ve been to is Elbi. Go figure. In the middle of the jeepney ride, we were all asking ourselves where in hell we were. Haha. The roads were unforgivable (imagine roads that turn to almost 180 deg.) and it was drizzling.

But it was worth it. Well, not really since it was full of Jologs people. But whatever. The falls was beautiful though. The water was freezing. I’m not kidding, it was freakishly cold. Rose had such a bad reaction to the water that she got enormous goose pimples. She’s ok and fabulous now.

We were only there for more than an hour. We still had to commute back to civilization. Since we were late for the jeep back to Majayjay, we decided to ride this rickety tricycle to take us to the main rode. It was really scary. It had no walls for fuck sake. I think they use it to carry farm animals or something. Then we hitched with a jeep that transports vegetables. We were so desperate to go back early and alive. Amazing. It was like in those old movies: riding a truck full of vegetables (think Chasing Liberty). Haha! We totally had no money.

Thank gawd we got back alive.

Lousy update

So things are great. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m actually glad to be back to school. I missed being semi-independent and the company of my friends. Already got all the subjects I need this sem and I now have my form 5. The online registration chu-chu was really good. Totally hassle free.

So all I did this week was to drink and drink and drink cheap beer. I’ve never been so happy. Oh! I just bought this ultra cool jeans from Penshoppe. It’s a dark wash skinny and it looks fucking awesome on me. I’m gonna remove the tag coz I don’t want people to know that I actually shop there. This is just between you and me. haha.

Free music

I spent 2 days downloading illegal albums in my lousy but reliable dial-up connection. Still, I’m very happy with all the free music I got. Right now, I’m at McGregor again and I got myself a double shot espresso. No more bland blended coffees for me.

Was feeling nostalgic last night when I found an old cassette tape (ask your dad if you don’t know what this is) of an old boy band that I was so crazy for back when I had spiky hair and wore baggy jeans. Get Ready! was their name (that’s right, with an exclamation point). So I spent like hours trying to find some mp3s and found nada. I almost gave up at about midnight when I stumbled on a profile on Youtube claiming that he is a fan of Get Ready!. I asked if he has the video and mp3 of this one song I that I really like. He said yes, emailed me an mp3 and uploaded the video of “I still luv u”. Thank AHairyBear (I kid you not, that's his nick). That song was my fave boy band song EVAR! That surely made my day. Now, this particular band is totally horrible and so is the video. It is so camp, cheesy and stupid that I fucking love it! It’s like one of those craptastic songs that’ll just drive you crazy (think Vengaboys).

Now, I urge you to listen to it. Click here so that you’ll be enlightened.

Anywhoo, the following are the albums I got for free thanks to the marvelous intahnet and the magnificent pirates all around the world for sharing these illegal mp3s. hehe.

Maroon 5. They’re back! Ok, I totally have all the intention to buy this album. I fucking love it! At first they sound a bit like Jamiroquai so that’s a good thing. This is what pop rock should be. Enough of that EMO bullshit already! Let’s bring pop back to rock. And these guys might just lead the way.

Listen to: Makes me wonder, Can’t stop
Download the whole thing here

Sophie Ellis Bextor. OMG! This girl is amazing! I loved her since “Murder on the dancefloor”. Now, she’s back with one hell of an album. Nothing in this collection of electronic/disco/eighties inspired songs are bad. All killers and no fillers!

Listen to: New York city lights, Catch you and Me and my imagination
Download the whole thing here

Hilary Duff. Out of all the Hollywood hyphenates, only Miss Duff understands what good pop music is. Britney, Paris and Lindsay are you listening? Hilary did her homework and listened to a lot of Kylie to make this. It’s modern, youthful, fun and inspired. Get it!

Listen to: Play with fire and With love
Download the whole thing here

P.S. I spent 5 hours downloading each album. I was very patient. Hehe.

I'm bored.

I’m at McGregor right now sipping the worst tasting coffee blend ever. The drink in question is called Coffee Chill and there’s totally nothing chilling about it. Tastes horrible! But whatevs. I’m just here to take advantage of the free Wi-Fi. But the sad thing is, the connection here is a complete joke. Fucking slow. I mean, dial-up slow. Gawd! This is so depressing. Was really looking forward to downloading audio tracks from illegal sites but I couldn’t do the dirty deed because of the fucked connection. Oh well.

So I’m just here, surfing for crap. Paris starts prison today and Lindsay’s future, I think, will be bright since that cocaine incident. Only a drug scandal can propel a star to being role model material (come on, clean and proper celebs like Mandy Moore are just boring). Love you La. Lohan!

Can’t think of anything else to write about since my life here is totally unfabulous. Its times like these that make me want to binge shop. Getting unnecessary expensive things makes me feel important. Spirituality for other people may involve going to church or searching for free pornography on the net. But for moi, having a quick fashion fix is all it takes.

Christina Aguilera’s coming to Taguig! I’m totally going! It’ll be on July 6 at The Fort and it’ll be crazy. I heard that she booked three hotels in the metro just for her crew. There would be a plane, lots of cute dancers and some uhhhhmmm… dirty singing.

Harry Potter 7. Kat and I already reserved a copy. Can’t wait! The movie will be hot too! We’re planning to see it in the IMAX theater at MOA. Waaaaah!

New shit

Kat’s already in Manila. Her flight is today. Moi just got back from the airport. Am tired.

So anyway, summer is the time for new things. I’m quite happy with my visit here in Marbel. Got new things to add to my bloating wardrobe. Haha! Love it when I’m living with my mum. I can get anything I want! Since my lovely (but annoying) sister is now out I can finally have the TV all to myself. I love you Kat.

Here are some of the things I got this break. I’m just so giddy about getting new stuff… that I just have to brag.

New bags! Oh gawd, I am such a bag whore. I got most of these from Segunda in Davao City. Segunda is like one big street full of vintage shops. It was so cool. I’m so in love with the place. Can you see that quilted silver backpack on the left? Fucking hot isn’t it?

Just today, I got my new pair of Havaianas. After leaving the airport in Gensan City we immediately went to this quaint little boutique called Contempo Casuals. It’s just beside NDDU and they’re the official retailers of the best rubber slippers on the planet: Havies! This is the brown classic. They don’t have the bronze one on my size. I’m hoping that there are still some left in Manila.

I saw these little holders on KCC for just 50 bucks. They’re fake Lacoste. Now, I have promised myself to never buy fake goods but I just couldn’t resist. I mean, 50 pesos?! That’s practically free! Got them in three colors.

Reading is my mistress (if a gay guy is allowed to have one). Watching TV, is of course, my one and only true love. So I got these new books. All of them are new but I got them all on a bargain. I bought the David Sedaris books in Glorietta for half the price at a Powerbooks sale. The rest I got at SM Davao.

These are from Giordano. I got them from Chimes which is like the Rustan’s of Davao. Got the two for only 850 pesos! What a bargain! The metallic print is so this season. And they match my silver Havaianas.

First post ever

I've decided to transfer here in Blogger after some long thinking. I'm leaving my previous host because I'm quite tired of my old blog. I like it here and I really hope that Blogger will continue on improving. My first blog ever was here. I made it like 5 years ago then I transfered. ;)

This is the start of something new!