Hell is over

Last week was hell. So glad that was over. It was so stressing. And it didn’t help that I got drunkidy-drunk-drunk last Friday. Whatevs. At least I was happy. Haha. So I got my phone back. Nokia paid for everything since it’s still covered by the warranty. So glad. The trip to Makati was horrible though. I had a mean hang over from all the beer and riding a rickety bus was torture. It was a miracle that I didn’t vomit.

I now have Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in my hands! Thanks Kam. But I let Ara read it first since I wouldn’t be able to read it during the weekend, coz like I said, moi was tres stressed.

Sunday was fun. Was with my orgmates joining Pakusganay ’07 (in case you don’t know, it’s a sports fest for all varsitarian orgs in UPLB). I always look forward to the weekends. Being with friends and people I care is totally fulfilling. And it’s kinda cool that I’m sweating. I fucking need to loose some pounds and develop some buns in the abs.

This week I am free to do what I want. No exams. No classes in some subjects. I’m entitled to have some me time! Tata for now. I leave you with a Pictionary.

Had lunch at BK and it was heaven. And at a shocking price! Only 99 bucks for a Jr. Whopper, fries, coke and a sundea. This'll be the last time I'll eat junk food. Promise.

At the lockers. Don't I look extra fab with the neon top? Loves!

With mah orgmates. Hanie, I love your new hair cut. Very Vidal Sasoon. Ace is looking fierce. But Ralph, I don't get that green sandals. Hihi.

During the games. They were all tired.

Watch out 4 d new moi...

Am extremely tired. Got lots of things to do. Lots happened. A friend decided to ingest an insect repellent and I was fucking worried. Everything is fine now. Gawd. I have an exam tomorrow and I'm still not ready. There's bills to pay. I have a lot of things in my hands. Just hope I'll make it alive. And ya'll expect a new moi this coming months. Ya'll just see. A new me is in the works. Metamorphosis baby!

Tata for now. I <3 ya'll!

New Havies!

Was at Makati yesterday. Went to Nokia Care to get my phone fixed. Unfortunately, I have to wait seven more days to know the status of my fried little mobile. But I was super happy when they informed moi that everything will be covered by the warranty. Dapat lang noh!

The highlight of my day was my new metallic Havaianas. Loves it! I’m obsessed with these slippers. Wah!

Isn't it gorgeous? Love!

Was with Bons and Ja at Rustan's.

Yesterday was the world wide release of Harry Potter Book 7! Wah! I can't wait to read it. My copy is with Kam and I can have it by Friday pa. Huhu.

This is my new camera pose. All those hours of watching America's Next Top Model is finally paying off. Haha.

One fucktard day

My phone decided to give up on me today. It's gone kaput.

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

I just charged it this morning and after my 30 minute shower I was shocked to discover that my phone's not working. It gave off this weird smell. Like burnt rubber. Fucking disgusting. Now I'm fucking pissed. I couldn't even find the phone manual and the receipt so I can take advantage of the warranty.

This is one fucked day. I'm so not fucking loving this. I'm aaaaahhhhh! Fuck! All those pictures, all those contacts... gone. I can't even video call. Hmph! It's hard to back to my prehistoric 3310!!!

10 songs you MUST listen to

This is my mid year best of the best music review. I’d just like to share some of my personal favorites which definitely tickled my ears this year. This list is, of course, not arranged in any manner.
Dragonette – Take it like a man

They are perhaps the coolest band to come out of the UK this year. People accuse them of copying Garbage or The Cardigans but I believe that they are in a whole new level. Their sound is a mix of rock, electro and some very suggestive lyrics. And the charisma of the lead singer is so overwhelming that you just want to hear more. The song Take it like a man is the 2nd single out of their amazing debut. It is one of my fave songs EVAR. The video, also, is amazing. Probably the best music video I’ve seen in ages since Madonna’s Ray of Light.
Listen to Dragonette:
The View – Same Jeans

"I have the same jeans on for four days now. I’m gonna go to a disco in the middle of the town. Everybody is dressing up I’m dressing down." This has got to be the most inspiring song I’ve heard this year. And I love that it doesn’t sound sappy or preachy. I play this every morning while checking my self out in the mirror.
Listen to The View:
Watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXCAMOhVsbQ
Alphabeat – Fascination

Okay. Imagine S Club 7 is a rock band and the boys are actually cute. More like Paul and less Jon. Hold that image. Now think that Jo is the only girl. What do you get when this actually is true? Alphabeat! Man, they made the perfect pop confection with Fascination. And their debut album is also brilliant. Love love love!
Listen to Alphabeat:
Juvelen – Hanna

It is rare for us to come across an artist that is innovative, commercial and good looking all at the same time. That’s Juvelen. He’s not afraid to experiment and his hard work is one fucking work of genius. Hanna is indeed one hell of a song. And the video is cool too.
Listen to Juvelen:
Dover – Tonight

I miss the West End Girls. But no fear. Dover is here and they sound much better. Tonight is one of those songs that you’ll never get tired of listening over and over and over and over again. And if you’re a fab fag, this actually is a good mood setter for you know what. But this should never be played when I’m drunk or else I’ll end up dry humping anything that moves.
Listen to Dover:
Maroon 5 – Makes me wonder

Okay. Their second effort is not as good as the first one (just my opinion) but they did made the summer song this year. Makes me wonder is catchy, lovely, poppy, danceable and Mr. Levigne is hot. Enough said.
Listen to Maroon 5:
Sophie Ellis Bextor – Me and my imagination

Miss Bextor is always ahead of her contemporaries when it comes to dance pop. The whole world may be waiting for the new Kylie album but Sophie just drove in and reminded us that she’s still the rightful queen of the dancefloor. Her third album is flawless. Every song is party ready and just ear candy. Me and my imagination is the second single and it has to be her best yet.
Listen to Sophie:
Mika – Grace Kelly

This list is not complete with out something totally gay. Mika was dubbed as the new savior of pop in the UK and he was well received. Grace Kelly is a mish mash of falsettos that is bordering to being annoying but still manages to please. Brilliant!
Listen to Mika:
Groove Armada and Mutya – Song 4 Mutya

Wah! I was so excited with this collaboration since the moment Popjustice was buzzing about it. Mutya may be out of Sugababes and her album is quite shit but this song will definitely elevate her to pop stardom. Perhaps the coolest Armada song evar and it’ll maybe make the other girls (Siobhan) jealous. This was my ringing tone for the summer.
Listen GA & Mutya:
Scott Simons – Umbrella

Rihanna’s uber fabulous summer hit is being ripped off by a lot of aspiring pop wannabes. Okay, Umbrella is catchy, cool, senseless and perfect for grinding in the dancefloor. But what if some dude actually stripped it of its R&B covering totally transforming the song into something Hed Kandi would totally drool over? Scott Simons (an unknown) came with his own very cool rendition of the song. He made it the perfect soundtrack to love making.
Listen to Scott:
(Music posted for evaluation purposes only. If you like what you hear, support the artists by buying their albums)

Random nothingness

Just got my nails did. Very happy. Also, I got myself the soundtrack album of Hairspray (courtesy of 4musizlovers) and The View’s debut album Hats Off To The Buskers. Uber happy. I can’t wait for Hairspray to show here in the third world. Basing on the soundtrack, the movie is looking quite fabulous with glitters and all. But now, I’m preoccupied with Mr. Harry Potter. Everybody is already buzzing on the 5th installment. My busy little sister only replied to my text messages at midnight. Was she out partying? Anyway, we’ll be watching it at the IMAX this Saturday. Weeee!


During my networking class, I wasn’t listening—as usual. Bons asked me, out of the blue, if I am materialistic. I said yes blatantly. This blog is the living proof! We both are, actually. Materialistic. Then we laughed. Okay, it was really a nonsense conversation. But it made me think for a while. I do admit that I judge first impressions by how a person dresses. I buy groceries based on what product is expensive. My room is full of stuff that I don’t use, books I haven’t yet read, piles of CDs, and tons of clothes. I’m actually embarrassed.

So, I have decided to rid myself of the unnecessary clutter in my room. I plan to give clothes to some of my friends. I also plan to sell some of my books and earn some moolah. Come to our garage sale next week. It’ll be somewhere in the Bangkal area in Los Banos. If you want directions, just give me a holler.


Was scanning some of my old magazines trying to find inspiration for my outfit for tomorrow and I came across an article about guy PMS. According to scientists, guys are moody, aggressive, and angry when their testosterone level is high, which is in the morning. And dudes are in a 24 hour cycle, not monthly like girls. Their grouchiness fades throughout the day. Can you believe it? So, ya’ll should ask your dads for a raise in allowance only during the afternoon. If you want a really romantic time with your boyfriend, try to watch movies on late night viewings, when progesterone is higher. Who woulda thunk?


Was blog hopping yet again. I went to some fashion blogs and found these. Was quite giddy about it. Love!

Paris S/S '08 - Miharayashiro

OMG! I love everything! The top is so me. I love the vest and shirt combination. It’s something I’ve been thinking of trying. The jeans! OMG, how fab! I want want want! Why was I born poor and Asian? And the boots. Gorgeous.

Paris S/S '08 - Raf Simons

Forget that ridiculous outfit. Just look at that shoes! Lovely. Gorgeous. I want.

Milan S/S '08 - Prada

The bohemian look never-ever-till-forever works for me. But this is cute. I love the pants. Not quite sure about the sandals. I would love to see this on my PI 100 professor. Haha. Looks very Eurofilipino doesn’t it?

Milan S/S '08 - D&G

Biker chic is back with Dolce and Gabanna leading. This has got to be the cutest outfit in the whole collection. I’m not really a fan of white but the mix of skinny tie, studded belt, leather pants and high sneakers all in white is genius. And it helps that the model is damn hot.

Milan S/S '08 - Emporio Armani

Cardigan is the new jacket. Take it from Mr. Timberlake and Shia Lebeouf. Here, it is worn with a vest which I think looks very elegant. And don’t you just love the cut of the pants? Fitted at the bottom and loose on the upper. I think it’s for better movement. Beyond cool.

Milan S/S '08 - Burberry Prorsum

A tamed Liberace and still (surprisingly) wearable. I mean, I would wear that!

I am out of words. This is just beautiful. It’s bold, different, screams attention and just divine. Everything is just perfect from the orange coat to the aqua tote and the skinny formal pants. I like. I want. I need.

Photos are stolen from Electro Plankton. Do go to this site. Very cool.

Some time ago

I was busy living my semi fabulous life that I totally neglected blogging. Not that any of you care. Whatever. So today, I’m leaving all you with a Pictionary of whatever happened to me this past two weeks.

Went on a shopping spree last-last weekend. Was with Ara and Hitch. We watched Transformers.

Here are some of the things I got.

Ultra cute scarf from People are People.

Doesn’t it look fabulous on me? Just in case you are wondering, yes, I am inside the library. Don’t be worried, I was there for the free wi-fi (for attacking Friendster) and not studying.

From Whoops!. This was an impulse buy. I totally regretted getting this. My shopping tip: don’t get things just because they are on sale. Try the stuff on and imagine yourself wearing it with some pieces you already own.

The trend right now is all about celebrity collaborations: Madonna for H&M, Kate Moss for Topshop, and Milla Jovovich for Mango. Here in the third world: Celine Lopez for Plains and Prints and Rico Blanco for Human. I was super thrilled with Mr. Blanco’s designs for Human. The whole range totally suits my style. And it is super cheap—nothing more than 500 pesos. So I bought one shirt (above). The only problem is: millions of other little brown people will be wearing this. But whatever. It looks nice on skinny jeans.

Moi swears by this little potion. It is indeed a miracle. I’ve tried Olay’s Total Effects and it couldn’t compare to the fabulousness Pond’s did to my abused skin. The spots cleared and I no longer have zits. I’m telling the truth people. Try it.

Acting cute. Ara totally is. Love yah gurl!

Moi with a stick up my ass. Haha.

Hitch, Ara’s boo and a close friend of moi.

During the reporting process of my org. Here are the ugly people that I’m stuck with. Hehe

My BFF Bons. Looking ultra fab.

Panda watching porn. Saturday nights are not complete without some pohrrrn. Ara will kill me if she sees this. Her beloved Panda. Corrupted!

Last Sunday moi was at the Philippine High School for the Arts. I fucking envy the kids that study there.

The place was gorgeous. So was I.

On our way back.

The Chapel. Walking up to here was hell. We walked from Jamboree to here. Fuck! The pain! This is in Mt. Makiling. Meaning: we hiked our way up. And I was only in my Havaianas. Huhu.

That's it for now. Tata!

Pop trash

Okay. This is such a good week! Not quite happy with school. But whatever. So I got some sweet stuff in line for you guys (my non existent readers).

First up, my mentor/idol/love/thinspiration Bryanboy had this video of the infamous fag Perez Hilton about loving Yema. Yes, that Filipino desert made of crystallized sweetened condensed milk. Yema. Haha! Who knew Ross “The Intern” from the Tonight Show had a talkie blog?!

I found this cool blog about Stockholm fashionistas. I didn’t understand a thing on the site but who cares? The pictures are cool though. They got men dressed up as little girls. Amazingly, they’re fucking gorgeous. Love!

See what I mean? Hot boys all dolled up.
source: still Bryanboy

Listen to “Jesse” by Irvi Lider and watch the video. I was speechless after 4:20 minutes. I think there were tears. Gawd!

Watch the Transformers. I think it’s the best film evar that came this year. Okay, before you raise your eyebrows, just hear me out. Shia LaBeouf is hot. It’s got the best special effects that is better than KingKong and The Lord of the Rings trilogy combined. Shia LaBeouf is hot. Big ridiculous robots fighting… how much cooler can you get? Shia LaBeouf is hot. The music was decent enough. And did I forget to mention Shia LaBeouf’s hotness? Yeah. Go watch it.