I miss shopping !!!!!!!!!

I’ve been so busy lately. In fact, there are a lot of things I’ve been missing. Like, it’s been a months since I last saw a movie in a proper movie theatre. It’s also been months since I last shopped till I dropped. I really miss shopping. I have no new clothes. Fuck! I’ve been repeating the same stuff every other week. My sister will be disappointed. I mean, she was the one who taught me to NOT repeat outfits within the span of two months.

This Friday, I will be rich again. I can go on impulsive shopping sprees again. I can’t wait. My sister’s Bday is coming and I have to find the perfect gift. Whatevs. She already has everything.


On to a different topic, YOU have to get Darren Hayes’ new album. If you don’t know him, he’s the other part of the 90’s pop sensation Savage Garden. He is finally OUT and proud. Don’t worry, this is not gay music (some of them are) but it’s like old Savage Garden on acid. Electro pop with a twist. What I liked about it was that Darren knows how to mix in his powerful lyrics with crazy electronic beats. I tell you, it’s beyond the 80’s nostalgia trend. This is the future of pop music.

Short but sweet

Vacation is over. Short lived but fun none the less. The only downside was that all my exams are clogged this week. To top it all off, there are still some assignments that needs to be done. Whatever. By Friday I promise that I will be wasted and drown myself in alcohol.

I haven’t been to the gym for almost two weeks now. I blame the storm. It left me lazy. I swear, rainy days and procrastination are mutually inclusive. But I went yesterday. For the first time, I did all my curl ups right. No more neck pain. I also increased the weights. Moi is hoping to get leaner by sem break. I need to have a killer body so I could flaunt it on the beach this coming break.

So last Wednesday I partied. Hard. Frozen margarita is my new best friend. Thursday I stayed home with a horrible hang over. Friday I hang out at Jing’s. Saturday I flirted with some random guys on the net. Sunday I went to a sports fest and saw him. And Monday I watched Brothers and Sisters on DVD. So now, I am left with tons of work. Fuck.

On a totally different topic, I saw him last Sunday. Maybe it was the smell of the grass or the hot sun that made him look godly. He was so beautiful. He had his top off. Like, when did I ever see him with a shirt?! Anyway, he was almost naked and barefoot. Fuck! He could never be mine.

5 day vacay!

Fuck yeah! The storm may be hard at work making our lives miserable but not even Chedeng is gonna stop me from having fun. Last Wednesday despite the heavy downpour my friends and moi drank ourselves to oblivion! Bliss.

Actual pictures of me getting drunk not shown. hehe

Gay or Zac Efron?

If you're a fashion magazine fan like me, you'll definitely get this. If not, Details (a magazine for gay men who are not out yet) has a popular column entitled Gay or _______. It's all for fun, really. Now, one of my fave queer sites Queerclick.com made their own for "Mr. It boy" Zac Efron. We've all drooled over him on High School Musical and the recent adaptation of the broadway hit Hairspray.

One sings with the boys in the high school musical; the other sings with the boys in the high school musical. Whether he's scoring in the big game, or playing pass the balls with the boys, this guy can sing show tunes like no other.

1. PERFECT HAIR: It may appear floppy, but plenty of Hairspray ensures a good stiff 'do.

2. BRONZER: Hides the blush when he's hanging in the locker room.

3. TREASURE TRAIL: Leads to the ball room.

4. KABBALAH BRACELET: Do as Madonna does.

Music gets the best of me

It was the beats' fault. The thumpa thumpa that forced me. Or maybe it was the sweet alcohol. What happened... happened.

It was the Pink Mecca all over again.



Have you seen this picture of him (below)? Holy fucking carabao! When did he start having that gorgeous body?! The last time I saw him semi naked he still had baby fats. And that time I was smitten just by his boyish charm, long jet black hair and those eyes (Oh goddess, those eyes!). Now, it must be lust. He transformed himself into this one mean sexual machine that I would totally tap. Looking at that picture is visual masturbation. How much I long for him now.

So, I immediately went back to my lil abode, fetched my shoes with bottled water in hand and went directly to the gym. Suddenly, I was inspired. Moi have been working out for two weeks now. Just got my program. I’m gonna transform myself too. I too will be a sexual object. Fuck it that he doesn’t notice me. Coz when I’m buff and all the fags would want to fuck me, he’ll see. Was just half kidding.

Going to the gym is fun, actually. All those equipments look scary but I got used to them. The guys there were helpful. Some are narcissistic little pricks that stare at themselves in the mirror every fucking second. Whatever. I don’t mind staring at them too.
Another him that filled my thoughts lately is Mr. Harry Potter. I just finished reading the book and watched the flick last Saturday. Must say that moi cried a lot on book 7. It’s very emotional to me. Coz I’m a big fan. I started reading the series when I was a kid and not a lot knew who Harry Potter was then. Now the book created a phenomenon and I was more hooked. It was Harry Potter who opened my eyes to reading, you now. Books were not in the fun category when I was boy. But the series made me think twice. I’ve been an avid reader since then. Plus, it’s cool that Daniel Radcliffe is hot. It is easier to imagine Harry in the books when he’s that good looking. Right? Right!

Read the Deathly Hallows! It answers all the questions. ;)

Foam Party

I’ve heard of foam parties only on late night viewings of Mtv SpringBreak (back when I wore huge pants). There was a delay in Elbi. Some sorority transformed this quaint little family restaurant into a hell hole with lots of bubbles. Of course, I was there. The DJ (forgot his name, they said he works at Embassy) played some nostalgic pop music. I was loving it, of course.

The crowd were mostly straight. I was with my straight friends. So... you get the picture.

Sands, moi and Ralph.

See the foam? It smells like cheap detergent. Not good for the skin.

With Maricor. I love you! God, I look so fucking fat in the picture!!!

After midnight. It was hot. I meant literally.

Lovea, Emman and PN. Feeling cute. Hihi

See those green bottles? They fucking suck. The worst tasting ready to drink cocktail ever! Cocktails are not sodas! Urgh. Don't buy this Infiniti shit.

God I’m so tired now. I just came from the gym working my ass off.