Just a thought

I was at Chowking moments ago. Mum and Kat were eating Halo Halo while I was just watching. You know, I’m trying to not get fat. So… the guy that cleaned our table was an old schoolmate of mine. He was one of the cool kids, into sports and is quite handsome. Now he works there. The whole thing was very awkward. It was kind of shocking to see him in those pale orange uniforms. I mean, he’s kinda rich (well, that’s what I heard).

But I kind of envy him. At least he’s doing something to pay the bills. Seeing him there made me think about myself. Like, what am I doing with my life? I’ll be graduating next year and I still have no idea what to do with my wretched existence. Gawd, am I gonna end up like him? Am I gonna be happy? Will I make a lot of money?

I’m scared.


I’ve been listening to Britney non-stop since last weekend. My girl definitely knows pop. Anywhoo, since I’ve been home I’m in a constant state of ennui. I mean, I have everything a bum needs here: a TV, unlimited supply of diet colas, a lot of Hershey’s, internet and a perfectly firm but very comfy sofa / bed. Oh well.

One thing to be happy about (despite the boredom): I now have a laptop! Yey. Finally. No more prehistoric 96 MB RAM desktop. Haha. Other things I got: two new shoes, a post Bridget Jones Helen Fielding book (perfect for the flight), durian pie (yum!), and some expensive creams and potions stolen from mum’s vanity closet. Hehe.

But I’m still super duper bored! What’s a boy to do in suburbia hell?

Why Britney’s Blackout album is GENIUS

OMG! I don’t even know where to start. Okay, so I illegally downloaded Miss Britney Spears’ new album appropriately entitled Blackout. I almost cried ya’ll! You know how much I love this girl. She’s been through a lot. I totally agree that she should be strangled to death until she sees the light but… shocking stuff! Her album is mind blowing and totally brilliant! Despite all her tribulations, lets all remember that she’s still a pop star. And maybe this is the only thing she’s good at (oh and dancing). I mean come on… she first learned how to be a pop star before being an adult. So she definitely knows her stuff.

This is not just me. A lot of critics are hailing Brit Brit’s exceptional new material. Her music is still spot on. For the first time the critics are actually praising her!

Here is my review:

Gimme More – We all know how incredible this song is.

Piece of Me – Have you heard of electro rap? Brit Brit is very brilliant here. Robyn, is that you?

Radar – One of my favorite track. The whole rapping theme continues here. It has very catchy lyrics laced with a lot of those techno thumpa thumpa. Time to dance ya’ll!

Break the Ice – Classic Brit. Sounds like her early stuff but is spiraled uncontrollably. Oddly sounds like a Kylie sample. Perhaps even better? Oh my, did I just say that?

Heaven on Earth – Undeniably the best track on the album. It is pure europop with enough eighties inspired electronica to make you dance like crazy. I especially love her throaty vocals. Sounds like a BWO song. Bottom line: this is fucking brilliant

Get Naked (I got a plan) – Brit may not be the best singer but she definitely knows how to manipulate her voice. She surprises with this track. This could be a potential single.

Freakshow – Hand claps ya’ll! No not like in Avril’s Girlfriend. This is something Timbaland would do.

Toy Soldier – According to critics, this is the album’s best. Sounds like a cross between Gwen Stefani and Daphne & Celeste on steroids. This is off the hook ya’ll! A totally different Brit Brit.

Hot as Ice – Another great track. Not my favorite though.

Ooh Ooh Baby – I personally think this should be the next single. It has all the elements of a potential hit. Great chorus, repetitive, Britney rapping and the sound continues where Gimme More left off.

Perfect Love – Sounds like Prince at most times then morphs into Janet but still is unmistakably Britney.

Why Should I be Sad? – Mr. Pharrell Williams wrote it. This is the only slow track in the whole collection. Not bad.

Thank gawd, there are no ballads here. I think she’s over those. In conclusion, Blackout might just put Britney back on top. There’s still hope ya’ll. Britney is definitely back!

Boob tube addict

When you’re a bum, the only friend you have is the TV. Mum and dad are very busy with work so its only moi left alone at home. So all I do is watch the telly. Going out is no longer an option for me. I wouldn’t dare call my friends coz smoking and drinking is a big no no in this house. I’m trying to be a good boy when I’m home.

Anyway, I’m reacquainted with my Tyra addiction. Haha. I just love her. Right now, I’m obsessed with Travel and Living. Last summer I’ve been a Miami Ink fanatic and I still am now. I’m kinda loving that Jamie Oliver is still around. Haha. He can’t seem to go away. He should totally do a Rachel Ray and host a talk show. But I’m kinda over Jamie now. I’ve moved on with Curtis Stone. Haha.

OMG. What is it with me and cooking shows? Well, since I don’t eat, I watch food on tv instead. Yeah. Speaking of… a lot of people noticed my slimming down. Yay! I totally have no idea how I got thin(ner). When I’m with Bons (which is like, all the time) all I do is eat, eat and eat. So it’s a total mystery how I lost the lb.’s. But I’m happy with it. The only problem is that have to get myself new jeans. That’ll be expensive.

Back home

Yours truly is back home. Just arrived the other day. Moi was tres exhausted. If you must know, I was kind of drunk the day before that. Haha. Eiji told me all I needed was Biogesic. I took his advice and it didn’t work. I had a horrible headache the morning after. The extreme air conditioning in the domestic airport didn’t help. I was freezing. Apparently, a hangover and aircons don’t go well.

Thank gawd there was no delay. As usual, the flight was uneventful. No beautiful people. Well, except for me of course. One steward was cute though. But I was pissed that they didn’t serve food. On my last flight they gave out bottles of C2. Now, nada! As in. And they didn’t even have blankets! WTF?! Planes should and must always have blankets and hot towels. Fuck Cebu Pacific. I guess that’s what you get when you fly cheap. Moi can totally understand the cross cutting tactics of CP but it must not affect the airline’s quality of service. I’ll be flying Philippine Airlines when I get back.

Mum and Dad picked me up. I missed them. Mum now had great skin. Haha. All those diamond peels and glutathione must’ve been effective. She looks young. And dad too. We all had lunch at The Durian Farm in Polomolok. I fucking adore that place. They serve the best durian pie ever! Yep. DURIAN PIE is the food of the gods. Fucking delish. Mum bought gumamela plants. She’s obsessed with those. We then dropped by the local mall to get new towels and pillows. This is why I love coming home. I always get new towels!

The house is still the same. Only cleaner. I missed my bed. For the next two weeks I’ll be the best bum ever.

Dumbledore is gay.

OMG! I know I’m kinda late with this. I was just totally flabbergasted when I heard the news yesterday. I was on the bus feeling really groggy while listening on the radio. Then I heard those three words. It was like I drank 4 shots of espressos. Holy fucking carabao! Who woulda thunk? Ok, I’m a very big fan of the Harry Potter series and yeah Dumbledore is kinda gay but for J.K. Rowling to announce this publicly is kind of shocking.

Anyway this is good news for the fags. As what the famous Bryanboy always say, let’s all keep the faggotry alive!

Only boy at the rock show (The Click Five review)

There was a mob at Alabang Town Center yesterday. People were screaming. I was one of them. Blame it all to The Click Five.

You know what, I really love them to death but going to the concert was kind of mortifying. I was going against an angry swarm of preteen girls all hysterical and high on Starbuck’s coffee. Yes, I was one of those few pathetic fans of the male variety. I was so glad my gal pal Sandra was with me. At least I didn’t look like a total dork.

So they were great. Exceeded all my expectations. They all wore tuxes with extra skinny bottoms. They kinda reminded me of The Hives but with better hair. Kyle, the new lead singer was perfect. He had that boyish expression kinda like Taylor Hanson only thinner and with impeccable highlights. I should’ve asked him what conditioner he uses.

Did they deliver? Hell yeah. The crowd was wild. Well, not in a Slipknot kind of way but more like Hilary Duff meets Fall Out Boy. People may kill me for making this comparison. They started with “Flipside” which I think is a really good song. They then played “Addicted to me” which is even more brilliant but I was up jumping when “Just the girl” was on. I looked like a total loser. Fuck. Some of the other songs I didn’t know. Anyway, when they played “Jenny” everybody went crazy. Like, oh my gawd, the whole mall was singing along. It was incredible. They ended the show with the totally brilliant “Headlight disco” (which is the best in their new album). Fuck they are good. They did this guitar riffing in the end with Kyle jumping everywhere. The crowd went wild. Fuckin’ A!

Next was the meet and greet. I had to fucking see them up close since I paid 500 bucks for this lousy shirt. It was really funny. When I finally met them and while chatting with the drummer the girl next to me was about to faint. Lol. They were really nice though. They were all smiles prolly high from all the love they were getting. So I had my shirt signed. Really cool. Omg! Did I just say that?!

Sandra was teasing me for being such a shool girl. Whatever. She spotted a lot of local actors (artistas as we fondly call them). She was pointing and pointing but I don’t know any of them. Oh well, I’m glad she had even if she didn’t really care much for the band.

In a sea of clicking camera phones, I only managed to take a few grainy pictures. It was stupid of me to not bring any a proper camera. Oh well. At least I had my shirt signed. Haha!

Here they are performing "Jenny":

PBB update


I was wrong. The uber hot John Mullaly will not be in the house. Something might have went wrong. But yes, Victor is in. Who is the other male supermodel instead? Will Devaughn. That guy you see in those Frenzy condom ads and that bald grinning guy at McDonald's.

Here's the list the other housemates:

Megan Young (who is she?), Riza Santos (yes, another slut!), Ruben Gonzaga (???), Yayo Aguila (come on! who are these people?), Baron Geisler (yawn)... okay, I'm gonna stop here. I honestly don't know any of these people. Gawd! Where is Ethell Booba as the rumors say? This show needs drama and trashy D-list celebs! But where are they?!

Hotness at the next PBB!!!

I never ever liked Pinoy Big Brother. It is a work of genius… I know, I know… blah blah… BUT I just don’t get the point. Anywhoo, I think I might just eat my own vomit tonight. I read from a very good source that two of the hottest… Fuck! Let me rephrase that. Two brown gods will be joining the cast of next season’s PBB! *do deep breathing exercises* Keep it together bitch! Okay. It will be super duper gwapito John Mullaly and Victor Basa.

It's the battle of the male supermodels!

Fuckidy fuck fuck! Okay. Two yummy bon bons every night. Now that’ll be a treat. This is official people. I need a television. For years I told myself to not buy one because it’ll just ruin my studying (that’s what mum told me). Yeah, right. But now, I need it.

Anywhoo… who do you think will win? Camp Victor or Camp John? Well, personally, I’m quite biased to Victor. I’ve been a fan of him since he won in that MTV Fashionista show. But John is as hot. Waahh!

Just a review:

Here is John looking very cute.

Fashionably hanging. Loves it!

Here is Victor. Love the shades. Love him.

Here he is again. *drool*

Okay. This is inappropriately sexy.

What do you think? Who will win?

Rub down

This was such a fabulous day. Moi just got back from V Lounge where I got myself naked, rubbed and stretched for one blissful hour. No I did not get myself a man but a combination full body massage. Gawd, it was heaven. I never knew I could be so flexible. Haha. I was with my best gal Bons. We ate quarter-pounders at Isis after. Double heaven. Which reminds me, I've been eating a lot of junk foods lately. Yesterday I was munching large fries and a sundae at McDonald's and just this lunch I got myself a big plate of pasta. Wah. No more binge eating for the next week.

Anyway, I'm kind of happy that I've been productive. Bons and Carl helped me a lot in some of my projects (It's good to have smart friends). I've been studying. Yes, you read that right. I got an exam tomorrow and I plan to ace it again. Hehe. I'm still contemplating whether I'll go to the Click Five concert this Sunday. Hmmm... I really want to see them but there are a lot (and I mean a lot) of stuff to do. And i still need to finish that article I promised for our org paper. Gosh.

Queer news ya'll!

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy hair guru Kyan Douglas (at right) is no longer marrying his marriage-activist boyfriend Greg Durham. Should we be happy or sad? (source: Queerty)

I'm so over Marc Jacobs and his nakedness. Enter fashion top designer Tom Ford. In the latest issue of OUT (my fave foreign fag mag) he exposed more than his famous hairy chest. (source: Popnography)

New LV

Omg! Omg! Isn't this just the cutest ever? I always thought LV bags are tacky and a bit over the top but Louis Vuitton's Spring 2008 bag collection is just yummy. Yay!

Any old super duper rich person who wants to use and abuse a young brown boy like me in return for this fabulous bag give me a holler! I'm not kidding.

Okay, I am.

But I wouldn't refuse anyone who asks. This time I'm not kidding.

Apollo's back

I just received my plane ticket from the mail. I'll be home by the 23rd. Gawd, I can't wait. Anyway, I still have a lot of stuff to do. I have like an exam everyday next week till Saturday. Have to start reviewing! Waah!

The sun is out. Did ya'll notice? Yay. No more cold nights. No more stubborn rain and muddy streets. Bring on the heat, man! The sun always makes me happy. That reminds me. I still have to shop for new boardshorts. Moi will be hitting the white sands of Glan this break. Kam and I can't wait! I think mum already arranged everything.

Another thing I'm really looking forward to is The Click Five's visit here in the land of the brown. They'll be here! I'm not really a big fan but I adored their first album. They oddly remind me of Busted. Anyway, they are good. Power pop at its most catchy. Pure confection. Of course, it helps that the boys are easy on the eyes and the new lead singer is hot. See yah there!

Paperback Original

Since my laptop was stolen my room became a total bore. I love this place. About a month ago it was a pig pen and after some cleaning I managed to make it look decent enough to invite friends over. People love my place. There’s always something to do. I have books, zines, food, music, videos and other knick knacks. But the heart is gone. Now, when I come home there’s nothing better to do than sleep. I’ve ruled out food already since I’m still in the pursuit towards being gutless. All my zines are outdated and I’ve already scrutinized them. The only things left for entertainment are books.

Right now, I’m reading Paperback Original by Will Rhode and it’s quite brilliant. I bought it months ago so I have something to do at the plane. The flight was arctic cold so I slept the whole time. I haven’t really cracked the spine of the book. I totally forgot about it until now. Before I became obsessed with downloading music and pirated DVDs reading my form of escapism. I enjoyed reading back then and as time progressed I totally forgot how pleasurable it was. So anyway, this book is beyond awesome. This is the best book I’ve read since Bret Easton Ellis’ Glamorama. It is kind of like Alex Garland’s The Beach but more thrilling. And it helps that the author is totally hot. Eyelovit. David Sedaris is facing a downgrade as my favorite author. Uber hot lava of a hunk Will Rhode might just take over.

The story is about a young British journalist who went to India to write a novel. This was his dad’s wish after committing suicide who also promised him 5 million bucks if he delivers. The catch is: it must be a bestseller. The nightmare begins there. India is the perfect setting for such an ambitious novel. Eyelovit. This is a tale of drugs, parties, hallucinations and a Viagra overdose. It is fucking brilliant and I can’t put it down. Every page gets your heart pumping asking for more. I give it six out of five stars.

It is that good.


I'm moving yet again.

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I'll still try to update this blog too. hehe.