My bootleg addiction

I have quite a lot of free time this semester. So, I’ve been busy watching these:

It’s becoming an obsession especially with Ugly Betty.

Baby talk

I am invited to this christening and was asked to be a godfather. Can you believe it? Moi. A godfather. So basically, I am clueless on what I’m gonna wear. I also have zero ideas for gifts. Maybe something useful like pacifiers in different colors or blue Lactacyd. Oh gawd. But I’m excited though. There’ll be a kiddie party after at the nearest Jollibee. Been a while since I had Chicken Joy.

Speaking of babies, my vee good friend M just announced she’ll be having a boy. Yey.

Me update

What’s up with me now:

  • New laptop, shoes, clothes, books and tons more. Woohoo!
  • I jumped in on the whole glutathione trend. Expensive, yes but mum is paying for it. I don’t really want to look like Michael Jackson. I just want great skin and all the doctors are praising this wonder drug. So what the heck.
  • Upgraded my laptop memory. Fast and furious baby!
  • I spent like hours on the net since I’ve been here replenishing my music library.
  • Moi was in a car accident. I rented an airport taxi (despite the ridiculous fare) to drive me to the bus station last Tuesday. I thought it would be safe. But no. We slammed to a running van with me almost flying out of my seat. I wasn’t hurt or anything. Thank the gods. It was scary though. The driver paid for everything so I got to the terminal for free.
  • I may be working this semester doing some programming stuff. I haven’t really decided yet. But there’s big money involved. It’ll be cool to work so I can party harder.