NY resolutions

Happy New Year bitches! Ha! It’s been quite a year. The house is crazy right now. Mum is going mental over those ridiculous Chinese rituals. They’re supposed to make you lucky next year. Whatevs.

Did nothing but sleep today. Such a pig! Anywhoo, I started writing my New Year’s resolutions. Here they are.

1.Eat healthier.
2.Go back to the gym. Bitch, you gotta get in shape!
3.Be skinnier (but leaner). Hence, number 2.
4.Stop impulse shopping. Yeah, right.
5.Start saving money.
6.Drink and smoke less.
7.Get in touch with old friends.
8.Get more massages.
9.Party more and still be doing number 6.
10.Get myself a boyfriend!

That is all.

Hot music list of 2007 (according to me)

5. Kylie “X”. Kylie never ceases to push the boundaries of pop music. Her tenth album is full of new beats that are concocted perfectly. Filled with amazing electronica and glam rock, this album might come off as ambitious but Kylie manages to balance things out with her amazing vocal tricks. I love love love X! This is my Xmas soundtrack.

4. Robyn “Robyn”. This girl was everybody’s favorite this year. People were calling her the new Gwen Stefani. Yeah, but I think she’s more than that. Her sound is raw, risqué and she’s not afraid to show her sexuality in some songs.

3. Mika “Life in Cartoon Motion”. There is nothing like Mika. Think of the Scissor Sisters hanging out with Freddie Mercury at a Spice Girls concert. Yes ladies and gents, he is that good. This is a big achievement for a new artist with a genre bending sound. Last summer Mika was on loop in my player. His overly catchy songs were the perfect soundtrack.

2. Alphabeat “Alphabeat”. These guys are pure geniuses. They created something totally addictive. Think of S Club 7 with instruments! Couldn’t imagine that? Then have a listen to Alphabeat. Every song in this album is pop perfection. They are really good at what they do.

1. Dragonette “Galore”. Ok. After a long hard thinking, I name Dragonette’s Galore as this year’s best album. They. Are. Incredible. All the songs are fun, lyric driven, crazy, catchy and quite cool. Galore is one of those albums that you’ll never get tired of listening to. Tres fabulous! They can rule the world.

The Beach

I’m tres tired and sober. I have a mini hang over from yesterday’s beach party so I’m not really myself today. Thank the gods for Ibuprofen. I swear those little pills are made in heaven. Anyway, the beach was beautiful. I was with my high school friends and the whole event was like an episode from Laguna Beach. Beautiful people + the blue ocean + lots of drunken drama = us! Haha.Isn't it just gorgeous?
Oh look at me! Notice the hair.

We stayed at a resort called Rosal. Not five star but good enough. All I needed was a clean bath room and they did have that.

Former BFF. Hehe. Haven't seen this girl since high school.

Bam Bam! Thanks for sharing the lights. ;)

Tweet, moi, Den, Maej, and D-coy

The fabulous Den.

Jen and moi.

Jiboy was really poud of this. We got, like, seven cases and only managed to drink 20 liters. Sad. The tequila was a hit with the girls.

These wayfarers are so hot. They're not mine. These baby cost more than twice my rent. Xmas season is still not over people! Get me these. Please!

The gay gene

They found the gay gene... again!

Researchers have discovered that by increasing or decreasing the synapse strength of cells by modifying a "genderblind" (GB) gene, fruit flies can be made to demonstrate either homosexual or heterosexual behavior, respectively.

The scientists explained that adult fly brains have dual-track sensory circuits: one track triggers heterosexual behavior, the other homosexual. In heterosexuals, the homosexual circuit is blocked by a normal suppression of synapse strength. But when the GB gene was modified to not suppress synapse strength, the homosexual circuit became unblocked.
source: inventorspot

Hot men list of 2007 (according to me)

5. Ben Lyons. I may not approve of what he wears daily on The Daily Ten but he is just the cutest thing.

4. Marc and Rovilson. Go Team Philippines! I swear, watching them running around Asia in those tight tank tops is always the climax of the show for me. Last year, the brown people might have lost on the very popular Amazing Race Asia but this time, we might just win. And it helps that Marc and Rovilson are totally hot.

3. Zac Efron. This is a given. I totally devoured the whole HSM hoopla. My interest with its leading man Zac heightened after those infamous cock grabbing photos of his were plastered in every tabloids. I was obsessed. And those naked pictures of Vanessa Hudgens as an offering for him? Priceless.

2. Chase Crawford. Gossip Girl is undeniably the best new show of the year. It is a hybrid of Sex and the City and The O.C. which is a perfect concoction for a totally addictive show. And the boys? Tres hot! Chase is ridiculously pretty. Beautiful. Just beautiful. And he dates Carrie Underwood. Hate her.

1. Matt Damon. Hotness personified. No other words.

Merry Christmas bitches!

Moi just got back from Davao. We were there to visit some relatives and give money. It’s more like a ritual than a tradition (the details, I wouldn’t write here). I got to see my aging lolo and he is still sturdy as a rock. The man just won’t die. *kidding* It was all fun.

We then, of course, went shopping afterwards courtesy of mum. I was planning to buy my sister a gift but just couldn’t decide. So I just gave her money. I’m a thoughtless pig, I know. Whatevs. I got two new shirts! Swear to the gods that I wouldn’t buy anymore from Folded and Hung. Almost 40% of what I wear are from there. It’s chic and it’s cheap. Who could resist that?

Back home, I’m assigned to cook the pasta. No more experimentation with French and Italian recipes this year. I learned my lesson. Haha.

My Xmas vacay so far is very fun. I’ll be going to the beach this Wednesday and I’m super duper excited. It’s been a while since I walked in the powder white sands of Gumasa. Haaay. Which reminds me, I still have no sunblock.

xo xo


I’m back home living the unglamorous life. The other day I met some of my high school friends at the local coffee shop talking about the future and other random topics. They’re all rich now. Unlike me. Benedict just came from New Zealand. He’ll be sponsoring our beach trip next week. I’m so excited. I missed them. They missed me. And I can’t wait to burn my skin tan(ner).

Just this morning I found my mum’s bottles of Mettathione. There were 4 bottles and I’m wondering whether she’ll notice if I steal one. Haha. I did that the last time.

I’ve been going crazy over Proud Race. They’re like the local version of the House of Holland (very in vogue in Europe). When I get back in Manila I’m definitely buying myself some. Neons are the new pink. Very 2008. Pair them with white wayfarers and you have an instant high fashion street cred.

Gifts are always my hatest part of Xmas. It’s tricky. Kat gave me a really expensive laptop bag and mum well… gave me everything. Am I, like, obliged to give them gifts too? Nah. I like receiving better.

xo xo


I'll be leaving town tomorrow. I'm super excited. Will meet Kat then Bons then shop then shop some more.


xo xo

Me and my bleach disaster

My favorite holiday is only days away. I can’t wait to go back home. I sooo miss the sun. I can only stand the rain for some time. My life is still tres boring. Nothing interesting ever happens to me. Gawd, I’m so bored today that I decided to bleach my whole bathroom. It’s all very white now and it reeks of chemicals reacting to cheap tiles.

Last night was fun though. I went to my org’s insta-Xmas party. We did crazy things. But it was all fun and games. And I wore my super cute beret. I’ve been meaning to wear that for some time and I finally did.

Right now I’m about to choke from the stink. I think I used too much bleach. Have to get out.



It's out. I listened to each song. There are no words. Just amazing. Outdid herself.

On the road

I’m pretty pleased that I got a copy of Jack Kerouac’s On The Road for free. The wonders of the internet. I’ve heard a lot of praises for that novel saying that it’s a classic and my sister wouldn’t stop raving about it. And Seth Cohen seems to like it too. So I’ll be reading it. I’ll maybe post pone The Beach and start with this one.

Things are going great now. I’m kind of used to the ennui. Yeah. Anywhoo, I found a new place that I can call mine. It’s the rooftop of my apartment. I never really went up there since it is kind of dirty and very open. But now I love it. I get my fresh air and it’s the perfect place to sit and read. I’ll do just that maybe this afternoon.

And just today I discovered that my new laptop can actually burn DVDs. Why didn’t I know about this earlier? So I backed up all my files. You know, after that laptop theft incident last semester I’ve learned my lesson. The bulk of my files are music. I can’t believe I’ve accumulated more than 4 gigs of mp3s in just one month. I was like Whoa! My recent acquisitions are the new Rooney and old Death Cab For Cutie. Yeah. Enough of those house music. I came back to my first love which is rock and roll. And that’ll be cool since I now have an excuse to wear skinny jeans daily. Yay.

Technological glitch

OMG! How annoying are wrong sent messages? OMG. I wrote this really racy comment for my friend but I mistakenly sent it to her boy. OMG. I am tres embarrassed. I’ll be meeting them this afternoon and I can’t fucking show my face. OMG. I have to like wear tons of concealer so no one would notice my facial exressions. OMFG. She is gonna fucking kill me. And we’re all really good friends and this may change things. OMFG. This is so not happening. So I lied to the guy saying it was for another person. But come on! It was so fucking obvious. OMFG.

Ok. I’m already dead.

Just to mend the situation I went sunglasses shopping. What better accessory to hide my recent mortification? Yeah.

It's boring me to death

My life right now is pathetic. I kind of miss having a tight schedule. I miss doing something. This is my last semester and I really want it to be special. But no. I’m always stuck in my pig pen of an apartment watching Laguna Beach and forever reading that Alex Garland book that I can’t seem to finish. Urgh.

I am so fucking bored. There’s just nothing better to do in this hell hole of a town. I’ve been to every restaurant, every nook and crannies of the local mall that there’s nothing else interesting to explore and discover.

I miss Trinoma. Seriously, that’s like the happiest place I’ve been in. Next week, a friend is having a party in his house in QC and I’m definitely going. And go to Trinoma after. Maybe see my sister. Or whatever. I’ve been meaning to burn my wallet this weekend but I have this thing with my org so I can’t.

You know what? I can’t stand another day of idleness. I thought things would get interesting with the coup thingy at the Manila Peninsula yesterday. I was seriously thinking Please let there be chaos. Haha. I seriously don’t know what happened there. I just heard from friends that it was all crazy and kind of like a bad action movie. Very comical, they told me. What the fuck is the Philippines going through? Crazy.

Back to me. I seriously need a new wardrobe. Hence the Trinoma wanting. I donated more than half of my clothes to the unfortunate. Yey for me. See, I care too you know. So I’m left with a few stuff that are all cute and mostly skinny jeans. So I’m scared that it’ll be out of vogue for the next three minutes. I need to fucking update! I can’t wait for next week.