Life Plan

I just saw my name on the graduates list. I'm tres excited. I must graduate, as in now na! I've suffered all throughout my college life studying something that is not even my passion. I never wanted to go to UP in the first place. Anywhoo, I was amazed with La Salle CSB's new building. Now, this is what a school should look like! If this school existed years ago, I would've seriously considered enrolling even if it means getting a day job. Sana di na lang ako pumasa ng UPCAT. Tee-hee. *joke*

Katty, my ever lovely lil sis advised me to make a Life Plan. So here's mine:

  1. Graduate in UP. Two months nalang!

  2. Get a part-time job (I'll be using my Computer Science skills here)

  3. Save money

  4. Enroll in a certificate program from the School of Fashion and Arts (SOFA)

  5. If it goes well and I have enough money... take a fashion course in SOFA or La Salle CSB

Wah!!! This is crazy! Will I make it?

New CSB building

San kaya dito piliin ko?

Fashion Merchandising siguro.

Hana Kimi

I think I’m done with the whole anime thing. I discovered this little gem of a Japanese dramedy called Hanazakari no Kimitachi e and I’m tres obsessed. I’ve never been this enthralled by a TV-series since Sex And The City. The theme is gender bender love ala Coffee Prince. It’s based on the popular manga of the same name.

I say, WATCH IT! After seeing the first episode, I was hooked. Everything about it is tres incredible. I loved how they infused anime like antics with reality. Okay, the story, plot, characters, and the rest are a bit overinflated but the ridiculousness of it all is the reason why this series is super hot!

EYELOVIT! For those of you who follow Coffee Prince, this is worth downloading. Personally, I liked this much better than CP. It’s more comical while still staying true to the manga (well, that’s what the critics say). It also has some tear jerker scenes for those of you drama-holics (like me).

So what is it about? Okay, here’s my little synopsis: The story revolves around an American raised girl who came to Japan, pretended to be a boy and went to an all-boys high school just to see her athlete idol. They became roommates and that’s where the adventure starts. Oh… and there’s a certified boy to boy lip lock here too. And don’t even get me started with their school. It’s even better than Hogwarts. No kidding. And if Meteor Garden has 4 hot boys, here, they’re in hundreds. Skinny, lean, perfectly coifed hot boys. Why can’t Pinoy guys be more like them? *sob*

WATCH IT NOW! And it’s sponsored by Shiseido. So, it’s bound to be tres fab right?

You can watch and download the series here:

The skinny debate

Yohji Yamamoto 2008

Since late last year, fashion insiders were spreading the news about the death of the skinny in 2008. To my dismay, a lot of men’s wear designers are now leaning to the wide leg trend. I love my skinny and I can’t just part with it yet.

Raf Simons 2008

Thank the gods Raf Simons still sees the potential of the skinny.

Going anime

Right now I’m obsessing with anime (again). I fear I have unleashed the inner geek in me. Well, I’ve been a geek pretty much my whole life. But a fashionable one at that. But still a geek nonetheless. I remember as a kid, I was quite the Marvel boy. I collected comics and was a big X-Men fan. Like, major fan. I would cry, scream or throw tantrums just so mum would buy me action figures and we would drive 5 hours to Davao to buy comics. Ah, those were the days.

In high school, I devoured all the anime show on AXN… from Samurai X to Gatekeepers to Cooking Master Boy to my favorite anime of all time: Boys Be. But I outgrew all those when I discovered E! and Bryanboy. My interests changed to chronicling Britney Spears’ life.

I blame Eric. If he hadn’t left that CD in my laptop, this wouldn’t have happened. So I watched Naruto. After one episode, I wasn’t satisfied so I watched another one. I did not realize that I finished the CD in one gulp. I did not sleep that night. Then I craved for more. I searched for past episodes, downloaded them off the net and bought some pirated ones. *sigh*

So I started watching again. I found a DVD of Boys Be after a long search. I’ve been wanting to get that for years! 4 years to be exact. Then I started watching Genshiken, GTO and Ah! My Goddess (which, by the way is the gayest anime ever).

I guess you don’t really outgrow these things.

Heath and other random not so relevant news

The spotlight is not in Britney's derrière for once. Everybody is talking about Heath Ledger's death. Even my sister, who despises Hollywood gossip (unlike moi), texted me yesterday about it. I'm kinda late with this, I know, but I'm deeply, seriously saddened by the news. More importantly, my dreams of having a Brokeback sequel was shattered. *sob*

On a lighter note, my favorite model of all time in the whole wide universe is back! My girl, Devon Aoki was seen at the Chanel Haute Couture Spring show. Lovely. But... doesn't she look shorter than the usual? Anywhoo, the whole collection was extraordinary. Leave it to Papa Karl to make impeccable dresses that goes well with flats.

Miss Hudgens of High School Musical fame has yet another offering. Let's just say, she has all the makings of a great pornstar. I know, she's fucking Zac Efron. I hate her for that. But! She does look mighty fine here:

The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe. Okay, I stole that line from Perez but whatevs. That is the most hilarious caption for an equally hilarious photo.

Don't you think? Click image for a larger view.

Anywhoo, did you all remember the Red Ranger? You know... of Power Rangers? I know you do! Apparently, he's now working for Sean Cody. For those of you who are not faggots, Sean Cody is a very popular porn site for homos like you and me. Clicky clicky here to see the photo.

Goldfrapp's back to conquer 2008

Seventh Tree is the new album of the ultra fabulous pop group Goldfrapp. But to my shock, they've gone folk on us! No more disco electronica that made the a household name last 2005. This time it's more raw and very pleasing to the ears. Now the album is set to be released this February but I already got mine via online pirates. Clicky clicky here to get it yourself.

Doesn't she look oddly like an Olsen twin to you? Or is it just me?

Watch A&E. It has got to be the most innovative music video I've seen ever. Dancing leaves? Brilliant!

The Ball

Oh my. I haven’t updated for a long time. I was just preoccupied with other things like drinking, dancing and sleeping. So anyway, I’m still alive.

Here’s what I did last night:

The GAYEST of 2007

The list was from and here's what I think about it:

What was the gayest moment of pop culture in 2007?

There is no doubt that the gayest thing that ever gayed this year was when supermodel Naomi Campbell went to her community service wearing a 5 inch heeled Christian Louboutin boots. Okay, I remember this clearly. I was munching on some Oreos when this not so big news was on The Daily Ten and I almost choked. I only have one thing to say: this girl is FIERCE!

What was the best song to dance your gay ass off to?
I kind of had a big debate on this. They say it was Riri's infectious "Umbrella-ella-ella" or Amy's "Rehab" but personally I think Incubus made the gayest rendition of a Madonna classic" Like A Virgin".

What was the best portrayal of a queer person in media this year?

Hands down it's Marc and Justin of Ugly Betty. Who else is there?

What was the gayest movie of 2007?

300. But personally, it was HSM2.

What to expect in 2008?
Ok this is just me. For Marc Jacobs to finally have a sex change! haha. Kidding.

To properly end this, here's a very cute asian guy.

Isn't he a dream?

What I'm up to

Ok, so I'm back to ruralandia and like the rest of my life I was tres bored. And like always, I'm good at the art of beating boredom. Here's what I did:

1. Watched Breakfast at Tiffany's, like, 5 times. I'm fucking obsessed.

2. Went shopping. Nothing is better than the smell of new clothes to beat the ZZZZZZ.
3. House party at Ping's. Booze and smoke are about.
4. Obsessing with Coffee Prince. I saw an ad on GMA Telebabad, got interested and then bought a pirated copy at the local bootleg stand. And loved it.

5. Sleep.

So there.