V-Day that was

This entry is way long overdue but I’ll post it anyway.

My Valentines wasn’t as depressing as I thought it would be. There was a big campaign for a black valentine. Not that anti-dandruff shampoo. It’s for loveless fuck ups like me who thinks this hyped holiday is a big conspiracy made by Hallmark to make me feel even more fucked up (ref. Eternal Sunshine).

Anyway, I woke up at noon that day. I felt super duper sad that I’m alone with no one to make me a cup of coffee. Spending an hour in the shower didn’t help. That usually perks me up.
Then mum called. I have a package from Mindanao, she told me. I got these:

My mum really knows my weakness: perfumes and sugar. So that kind of made me feel special. I loved the smell of Very Sexy for him by Victoria’s Secret. Sexy indeed. It’s the perfect scent for clubbing, cruising and fucking (kidding).But I reckon it’ll just collect dusts in my vanity together with my Calvin Kleins and the others. You see, I’d rather splash on Johnson’s baby cologne on an ordinary day.

Still bored, Jing, Doris and moi decided to treat ourselves with a whole body massage. So to VLounge, we went. By this time, I totally forgot what day it was. All my stresses were erased. Ate Anna has magical hands.

I now plan to get a massage every other week rather than going to the gym. Haha. Everybody is saying I got thinner (yay! for me) so the gym is no longer needed.

After pampering ourselves, we went to the UP Feb Fair. We played games, cruised boys, went booth hopping and ate street food. I didn’t want the night to end. So together with my drinking and dancing buddies Rose and Mabel, we went to Isis. Gawd, I so love that place.
I went home at 4 in the morning. Fuck valentines. Who says you can’t enjoy the lover’s holiday if you’re single?


Oooohhh... Lookie lookie at what arrived at the mail. Weeeeh... New Havies. Now, I swore off Havaianas last year but who could resist this? I mean, violet and silver? Don't they look oh so good together? Fabuloush right? Eyelovit! Thanks mom!

This one is a gift from my BFF Bons. She just arrived from Hong Kong. This ever stylish herringbone print belt is from the super fab H&M. If you're clueless with this brand then you must be a fashion outcast! Haha. It's like Folded and Hung. Relatively cheap but very chic. Don't you love it? It'll fit perfectly with most of my clothes since I practically wear black and white and grey all the time. Thank you Bons!

I hate waiting!

OMG. I’m tres frustrated. The reason why I haven’t been online for quite a while was that I was waiting for the internet people to set up my connection. They said, it’ll be a week but holy piece of shit, it has been almost 2 weeks now. Gawd! This is unbelievable. I finally decided to have my own connection at home after mum offered to pay the bills. Hehe. And I’m already embarrassed with going to friends’ houses to use their connection. Going to internet shops is also a big pain. But who would’ve thought that I’d be waiting for forever before these people will install whatever it is they need to install for me to have a connection. Argh! This is unacceptable!

So if you’re wondering how am I… I’m doing pretty fine my darlings. I got new stuffs mum bought me. I made new friends. I went out to party almost every day. Booze was about and I love it. Oh gawd, I will surely miss this freedom.

Anywhoo, my recent obsession is the fabulous Coke Zero! Like, Oh my gawd! It’s better tasting than Coke Light. If you know me, you must know that I lived for Coke Light before Fit and Right was introduced. Who said you couldn’t have a guiltless sweet fix? The taste is almost like the original coke but sans the tangy after feel. It’s totally delish ya’ll! Try it. I’ve been drinking this every day since it came out the other week. Fabulous. I get my caffeine jolt here.

Argh! I can’t stop thinking about those internet people. When am I gonna get my connection? Argh! By tomorrow, they better be here. Gawd, I’m gonna give them a piece of my mind.

By the way, mum bought another laptop. She keeps on bragging how neat it is and it’s very high tech features. Gawd, I want it. But she wouldn’t tell me the model and the price for she know I’ll bug her endlessly to give it to me. Haha. Nah. I’m pretty happy with this old laptop. I have the oldest fucking model!


My favorite fag evar! OMG! He's looks kinda butch here. I can't believe I'm saying this but he's actually hot (cue Sexual Healing). OMG! You're a beast Bryan!

I love you.

Gossip Boys

My favorite boys of the moment are in the cover of OUT. Yes, the gay mag. The coolest fag mag ever. I have to say Gossip Girl is the hottest new show. I’m tres obsessed with it. I’ve been reading the novels but the series is much much better. It is the Sex and the City for the younger set. It has cat fights, sex scandals, betrayal, etc. It is everything I wished The O.C. would’ve been.

Hotness! I gotta get myself a copy now!

In the dancefloor…

I am invincible, period.

OMG! Last Thursday was fun. It’s been a while since I was in a proper club. Anyway, I wouldn’t put all the juicy details here since my buddies will kill me if I did. Haha.

This weekend ulit! In a different bar naman.


Leche! Malapit na naman ang V day! Wala pa akong date! I'm the only one nalang ang naiwang single sa mga friends ever ko! Huhu. Puro fling-fling nalang ba ako? One nights? Phota!

Kaya ikaw. Oo ikaw. Kapag nakita mo ako ask ka na agad. Bibigyan kita ng candy heart. Piso lang. Ako'y iyo na.

Gawa ka rin ng
Candy Heart mo dito.

MGMT - Time to pretend

"This is our decision to live fast and die young,We've got the vision, now let's have some fun"

I found out this new band about a month ago. I thought they’d be just like those other electro rock bands that seem to be sprouting everywhere. It would surprise you that these dudes are from America. Yes, the land of forever hip hop. Time to pretend’ is a great track. The lead’s voice is quite engaging and the music is reminiscent of a rockier Le Sport.

Right clicky clicky to download.

MP3: MGMT - Time to pretend

Hit the play button ya'll!

Watch the video also:


I just finished making the outline for my speech about the youth of today's self-obsession, shallowness and information purging. I'm quite proud of it. I think I'll deliver a kick ass speech. I mean, who better talk about narcissism than me? Right?

So anywhoo, tomorrow will be a break for me. We're planning to go to the Metro for a well deserved partying and night of booze. I'm not sure yet on what to wear. Is black good for a night out? Everybody'll be wearing neon, statement laced shirts. Hmmm... How to be different?

But the next day'll be a haggard one. We'll be going back to Divisoria to buy shirts for my org. Then the evening'll be a night with the brods. Sheesh. When I'm with them, beers are for pussies. Maybe I'll skip.

After that, do that school project, then my SP then my speech. Wah. Feb Fair narin next week! Mega gastos ito!

So just maybe, I wont be online for a number of days.

Drunken Dreams

Last week was fun. Every night I was out drinking. Life is definitely not complete without ‘em beers. Friday, Bons came. She was in this career orientation thingy. After that we went to treat ourselves in a spa.

The best place to be pampered here in rural hell is the Vanity Lounge. I got a sweet deal for only 400 bucks with a full body massage and foot and hand scrub. I tell you, after nights of constant booze, a massage is a necessity. But all that went to the drain when I was at Ic’s (rural hell’s only proper bar) yet again drinking to my heart’s content. Birthday kasi ni Arjani. Who am I to resist free booze? I’m not that stupid naman noh.

The next day, still with a hangover, Sandra and moi went to Divisoria. Despite the nausea, we managed to maneuver ourselves in the Metro’s busiest market. To be fair, super fabulous na ang 168 mall sa Binondo after the renovations and all. Level up na ang Divi. Gone are the days of stressful shopping in Divisoria. Urgh. I have pictures but my phone’s cable is missing so I can’t upload them.

Anywhoo, the trip was fun. I’ll be going back to the metro this Friday. I’m gonna party! Birthday naman ni Rose. I hope we’ll go to a hip club. I miss dancing in a proper club. I miss the music, the crowd, the smell (ewww) of leather chairs and the smoke absorbing machines.

Kylie - Wow

Such angelic motion, you know you're made in heaven

I'm totally in love with the new Kylie single 'Wow'. I'm tres disappointed that it didn't do well in the charts. Oh well, people are just not ready yet for great pop music. What I have here is a remix version of the song by CSS. It is tres fabulous. They didn't change much of the song but it's still tres brilliant. Kylie is god!

Right clicky clicky to download.

MP3: Kylie Minogue - Wow (CSS remix)

Hit the play button ya'll!

Watch the video also:
Kylie Minogue - Wow