Tres fun weekend

Was deadbeat last Friday. Thank gawd, I’m exempted in the 161 finals. Will never wanna remember that again.

Saturday was a fun day. Joan and Hanie came by. It was kind of a surprise, really. Joan rarely visits now. I miss her. Then Sandra texted me. She needed a caffeine fix. So we all went out. It’s been a while since I last went to a coffee shop. I’m no longer a caffeine junkie unlike last year when I practically live for Ministop’s Nescafe Ice.

After my strawberry frap Mabel came and we decided to go make up shopping. Sands knew this place that sells ultra cheap cosmetics. You gotta love anything that is cheap. Right?

I got all those above. Imagine my shock when everything was under 40 pesos! Woah. But, these are made in China. Scary thing is… they may contain lead. But whatevs. L’oreal has lead in their products too. Heard it on the news.

Then I went to Jing’s. We had siomai for dinner. Was tres bored so we watched movies. We got Enchanted and 30 days of night. Nice flicks. I watched Enchanted, like, five times already. (laughs)

Next day had a very late lunch at PizzaHut. Whole morning I just slept.

Will surely miss these guys here. Party tayo when you get back! Then we helped ate Rheza with some things. After that we went shopping. Again. I should be saving. I know.

This big leather tote is love. I can put everything inside it. The moment I saw it I knew I just had to have it.

New jeans! Bold colors are back. And what could be bolder than purple. Eh? That’s the color of royalty, bitches!

So this week… no more going out, buying stuff and other impulses. Must save moolah. I have a full proof plan to make this happen: every time the urge comes, watch porn.

BUT! How can I save if... Next weekend I'll be at Embassy with Doi. The weekend after that I will in the beach. And then the weekend after that I will be at Oceanpark with Kam. Then weeks later, Hong Kong na! Huhu.

Tata for now.


Summer is here!

So tired. No sleep for 2 fucking days. I took a quick nap just a while ago and I’m sorta ok now. You know, it’s weird that I’m starting to be nocturnal. I’m mostly awake during the night and snoring during the day. Whatevs.

Will start saving this time. Yeah, you read that right. Have to at least have 10K by May. I’m so fucking poor! (sobs) I know. Bons told me 10K to 15K is enough for shopping in Hong Kong. She also told me that that is not enough if I want to enjoy. Fuck. But whatevs. That’s only for some personal stuff. You know, so mum wouldn’t bug me if I bought too much cosmetics (Mac, L’oreal, Chanel here I come! I heard they’re cheaper there). Mum will give me some shopping allowance anyway. So jealous of Kat. She has all that scholarship money. Dumb boys like me are destined to be poor. (sobs)

Classes are over! Summer is here! Who wouldn’t notice? The weather is way harsh. The heat is unbearable. That global warming shit is taking a toll on my skin. Will buy new sunblocks.

Tata for now.


Who is a net addict?

I am!

So apparently, internet addiction might be considered a mental disease. Huwat?! Read this on Yahoo News and Charlene’s blog. Argh. Just when I thought beers and ciggies are my only problem. *sheesh*

Let’s review me:

  • I’m online at least 6 hours a day (on the average, this year only) and seriously hoping my laptop wouldn’t crash.
  • I have Friendster, Multiply, MySpace and Facebook.
  • I blog.
  • Am saving for a new hard disk and RAM. My prehistoric Centrino isn’t doing it for me.
  • Google is my best friend.
  • 384 kbps is shit. I need speed, baby!
  • Am devising a plan to bribe mum to give me her new laptop. And her phone too.
  • I eat my meals in front of my laptop.
  • My laptop is my life. Just imagine my feeling last year when my old one was stolen.
  • I'm a loser, I know.

So, am I an addict? Does this mean I can get Xanax? Or Vicodin? Slouching and typing is painful, you know.

Bad Shoes

My legs hurt. I had to wear this leather shoes for my speech comm. class and it is fucking painful. The shoes, I stole from dad. Really great craftsmanship. Real leather. I think it’s Italian. Talk about suffering for fashion. Gawd! So painful! Now, I know how the girls feel about stilettos. Not a joke, people.

The whole day, I just edited my speech. Jing came by before lunch. We had a deep talk. I wish all the best for you Jing. Follow your heart. Promise. I’ll be here to support yah. I’ll stop here before I get too emo.

My legs still hurt. Wah!

Cheska, Roma and Melai came by. We were supposed to make our long overdue project but ended up talking about mangas, tv, Cheska’s might-be-gay brother, Britney, and all those stuff. So basically, we didn’t do anything. The deadline is this Friday and we only made, like, 20%. *shees*

They’re gone. So now, I’m back to watching Full Metal Alchemist. Very cool anime ya’ll. Maybe by 2 am will start with the project.

And my legs still hurt. Urgh.

Tata for now.


Nail art

This has got to be the gayest thing I’ve done this month. Okay, ya’ll know that I’ve been sporting black nails since, like, forever! After class, I was tres bored so I decided to go to the salon. Was thinking of doing my hair but resisted since I just got my Agyness Deyn cut (see my photos from prev posts). So, I decided on getting some nail art. The nail lady was very persistent. She kept on yapping how cool it’ll be to get nail arts. I was like… what the fuck. Might as well give in. I’ve been wanting something new with my look anyway. So here they are:

The photo is bad, I know. That’s black polish with artistically placed paint splatters on my nails. It looks very emo, actually. Is it any good or what? At first, I was gushing at the whole procedure. Really cool. They have this metal thingy and this stamp thingy. The session lasted for 1 1/2 fucking hours. Next time, instead of paint splatter, I’ll be getting butterflies instead. Cost me just 120 pesos. Not bad, eh?

Tata for now.


Hong Kong

Oh my. Mom-matron just gave me the thumbs up. She told me we can shop and buy whatever we want there. Kat is already excited. Oh my. I don’t have a passport yet! How do I process that? Is the weather cold there? What am I gonna wear? Do they speak English there? My Chinese skills are non-existent. Am I too old for Disneyland?

Fuck! I’m peeing in my jeans! I’m super duper excited ya’ll! Even for a week, I can finally escape the cesspit of the third world. Woohoo!

I’ll send you all postcards. Will be flying in May.

Tata for now.


Back to reality

Yesterday, mum called. She was in her usual dramatic self. Mom-matron was crying again saying she misses us. Awww. I miss mum too. She’s the best mom-matron a fag like me can have. We talked for quite a while and I can’t wait for her to come here.

By night time, Jing, Bem, Mabel and Jason came by. Jing used my webcam to talk to her boyfriend. By 10 we went out. We had this huuuge beer tower. I didn’t know how we finished it.

That there is Jason. I stole this from his FS since I still haven’t copied all the pics from Mabel’s cam. Will do that tomorrow.

So the Holy week is over. No more fun. Back to reality people.

Holy Thursday

Hey everyone. How are things? Hope you’re fine too. It’s one long holiday here. Catholics are all in their houses repenting or doing some rituals and stuff. I, of course, abandoned that religion years ago. I’m totally pissed that no stores are open today. How am I gonna eat? Gonna drop by Mc D’s later if they’re open. I’m craving for burger and lots of fries floating in ketchup. Yum!

Yesterday was fun. I slept really early the night before because my org has this team building activity for Thursday. 12 am I’m already snoring. Woke up 7 am and Rose came by at 8. I was inspired by my obsessive addiction of FaceHunter that I decided to look a bit fashioney that day. I was trying so hard that I ended up looking like that girl/dude on Coffee Prince. Lookie below.

I look like shit. I know. But my friends seem to like it. (laughs) So we went to Pook Ni Maria Makiling. It is a resort just on the foot of Mount Makiling. The view is fantastic. I’ve been there many times but the beauty of the place still fascinates me. So the activity started. There was sooooo much drama. Well, that was kind of expected. Some people cried, some conveyed their frustrations and others (namely myself) were just there for the massive pool.

After all the drahmah was over we went swimming! Yay! I didn’t bring any sunblock but whatevs. Something kinda weird happened there though. While at the CR (which by the way looked liked the ruins of the Aztecs) I was taking a photo of myself (see below). Then this guy went inside. Of course, I was just minding my own business. I can definitely see him in my peripheral vision and I can tell that he’s totally staring at me! I turned my head slightly to the left. First, I saw his chest. Amazing. He has quite a body and his bum wasn’t bad. Then I looked up. My gawd! I was taken aback! Well, I don’t wanna be mean. Let’s just say he’s not what you call handsome. Not even cute. And he kept staring. So I rushed out and grabbed Clyde to accompany me since I needed to change to my swimming clothes. The guy was now almost naked. He seemed to look satisfied with himself. Ewww. He has this awful floral spandex trunks. Double ewww.

That didn’t stop there. While in the pool he kept staring. At first, I was like, maybe he liked looking at some of my orgmates. None of them are hot but they’re ok. So I shoved the idea out of my mind. But Rose kept insisting the guy was really staring. Gawd! So we made this test. I went to the middle of the pool. They were all like, Mike he’s definitely staring at you. Gawd. I didn’t know if I will be flattered or what. (laughs) I guess I attract the wrong boys. Fuck, why does this happen all the time? Sheesh. I just ignored it. The whole thing was really funny though. That guy was the very definition of hipon (a term we use to describe dudes having a great body but has a passable if not ugly face).

By 5 pm we were all tired. Mabel texted me to go to another pool. Wah! I was just done swimming and I’m off to another one! It was Ralph’s birthday, by the way. I met with Jing, Mabel, Jason , Bem (just met her), Rose(her again) and Ralph. We were such freeloaders that we gatecrashed to Mabel’s brother’s party. We had tilapia (yum!), chicken, siomai and duck for dinner. The night was fun even if the pool smelled a bit funky. Like dried jizz, Jing said. (laughs)

It’s Friday now. I just woke up to write this post. My body is still aching. This afternoon I’ll be meeting with them again. For some binignit maybe? It’s like a Holy Week dessert. After Mc D's of course.

I need to take a shower now. My hair looks awful.

Tata for now.


New Sex And The City

Oh my gawd! Did you all see the leaked trailer of Sex and the City? Oh my. Oh my. Oh my gawd!

*deep breaths*

As you all know my favorite show of all time will be debuting in the big screen this coming May. And it will be THE world cup for all women and gay men. I couldn’t even begin to tell you how life changing this TV series is for me. I even cried at the ending.

For the past hour all I did was watch the trailer over and over again. Many speculations, theories and comments came to me. First, why does Carrie need an assistant (played by Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson)? What is up with Steve? Where is Brady? But I do love Miranda’s straight almost golden red locks. Carrie is still pushing avant garde fashions. And most importantly, why the fuck is Carrie getting married? Her opinion on dating and ravenous single men is what made me love her. She can’t get married! Well, not yet.

Oh gawd. I can’t wait! I’ll reserve a Globe Platinum seat for this.

Watch watch watch!

Tata for now.


Currently obsessing with:

1. Coke Zero. Whenever I got a sugar craving this non fattening drink of the gods is the best solution.

2. Naruto. I kid you not. It was Eric’s fault. I watched the anime and read the manga. Friends tease me for liking Naruto. They say it is very NOT me. But whatevs. I seriously think he is cool.

3. Eyeliner. Yes my darlings, bitch gotta have eyeliner! Best way to brighten the peepers.

4. Hana Yori Dango. In 2003 I was obsessed with Meteor Garden. But just recently, Japan made a much-much better version. Hana Yori Dango is love. I got the DVD and currently trying to download the soundtrack.

5. Xiaxue. Singapore’s most hated blogger. I’ve been constantly reading her since 2003. Her stuff is addicting and she has one wicked sense of humor. She was not awarded Asia’s best blogger for nothing. Actually, she was the reason why I started blogging. She inspires me. Read her blog here.

6. The gossip. The drama. The fashions. The money. The partying. The glamour. THE HILLS.

7. Vince Uy. He is the man I aspire to be. He is the creative director of Preview. Vince, I love your work. Someday, I will meet you.

8. Utada Hikaru. Girl knows how to make awesome pop music. I downloaded all her stuff. It’s crazy. I don’t even know Japanese even if I spent a semester learning the language.

9. Myself.

Did you notice that most of my posts are lists? (laughs) I love listing. Lists are great because it is easy to make and people will actually read them. I know that you, my dear reader, have an attention span of a cockroach. Why bother writing long paragraphs with all those big words and silly adjectives. Lists are better don’t you think?

Killing boredom

Hey bitches! How are things? In case you wanna know, I am fine. Not much happened to me today. Another boring day with the same old shit. But as you all know, boredom only lasts about ten minutes for me. So here’s what my boring day turned out to be:

  • Mom called. I learned that my lovely parents are now very tech savvy. Mum and dad both have new phones (Nokia N series) and both have new laptops (making mine obsolete). Mum seems to be buying out of impulse again. Now you all see where I got my shopping obsession syndrome from.
  • I got a new web cam. I didn’t know it would be quite expensive. I bought it out of impulse and I don’t really need it. But whatevs. My friends kept teasing me on how perverted I will get if I have a cam. Haha.
  • Watched The Hills. Seriously, this reality show from MTV is very addictive. I loved Laguna Beach and I would definitely want to know what happens to Lauren next. I miss Kristen though. She was one tough bitch.
  • Browsed on back issues of Preview. I love this mag.
  • Updated my Friendster profile and uploaded some random pictures.
  • Deep conditioned my hair. All these coloring and bleach are taking a toll on my lovely tresses.

Ugly duckling

Back in high school I was one big bitch. I would make fun of everyone I think is beneath me. You know, the politics (that is high school) is beyond cruel. Anywhoo, I would I say I was one of the popular kids. And you all know what we, the popular kids do. Think Gossip Girl.

There was this one boy in junior year that we all make fun of. He was faggy, lame, thin, fugly little boy bitch. He was the butt of all our jokes for about a week. Oh gawd, I miss those times when being mean is actually acceptable and encouraged. Let me get this clear. I was a faggy boy bitch myself back then. But I was at least a fierce little boy bitch who was smart (I’m always top in my class) and knew fashion.

You gotta love Friendster. Every pinoy is in there. So imagine my surprise when I saw HIS profile. Oh my, he changed. Immensely. Here he is now:

Quite the young model, are we now? Okay, I’m seriously happy for him. No joke people. This dude turned out to be fuckable. Good for him. Anyway, he only models in Visayas so that doesn’t really count. Right? Haha.

Peace. Tata for now.


New bar in town

It’s been a while since I went out dancing. Last night we went to the opening of a new bar along Grove. An event like this is big in the Elbi nightlife. It’s called Jungle Avenue (lame name, I know). We went in. Scanned the crowd. Said hi and blew kisses to people. Stayed for ten minutes. Got annoyed. And moved on to Isis. I don’t know, I’m still very partial to Isis.

By 1pm we went back to Jungle. A friend texted that the party is starting. Thank gawd, there were cute boys there. And the music was ok. They have a proper DJ mixer and the amps were superb. But I have a problem with their lighting and the glossy floor. Of course, that didn’t stop me from dancing. Sands was complaining about the music. But I was loving it since all the songs they played are on my playlist. Haha. I almost even cried when Chelsea started playing. How could these people know the awesomeness that is Stefy?

And I learned something new: Gudang and WengWeng go well together. Love!

Tata for now.


Anime Britney

I waited this morning for the new Britney video. She was going to be a superhero. Yay! And in anime format. Double yay! She’s gone Daft Punk on us. The song is, of course, beyond fabulous it is magical. I blogged about the awesomeness that is her Blackout album last year and this is just one of the killer songs. Listen (again) to the whole album people!

She just never ceases to amaze. This girl is pure LOVE! Plus, the cartoon Britney transformation is brilliant. Reminds me of MTV’s Aeon Flux. Maybe she should just stay in rehab, diet more till she returns to her normal anorexic self, let her hair grow out and let this anime Britney do all the work for now.

Amazing people! Just amazing.

He by Mango

Everybody’s talking about it. Or maybe it’s just me. Finally! Mango ventured to menswear. Hmmm… Stiff competition for Zara now eh?

Juiciest gossips (ya'll don't wanna miss these)

OMG! These are the two best blog I’ve read evar! Well, apart from Bryanboy. Haha! I had so much fun reading every posts. It’s super duper addictive. It’s like smoking Marlboros, sipping espresso doppio and binging on chocolate mousse all at once! Graveh. Hindi ko kinaya ito. I spent the whole night just reading these crap.

They dish the juiciest gossips about Manila’s well heeled society. Eyelovit!

Here’s what I learned:

  1. The “Gucci Gang” composed of Celine Lopez, Tim Yap and many others snort cocaine in their past time. Well, this is old news since we all heard of this. A friend’s soro sister told me that her brother who is working at La Embahada can attest to all these drug fest. Kaya naniwala ako.
  2. Divine Lee is the new IT girl. Celine is no longer a girl, right?
  3. Tim Yap has a microscopic penis and was caught giving a blow job in Boracay.
  4. DJ Montano is a thief and a fraud.
  5. JM Rodriguez is gay gay gay. Well, I’m not shocked since he kinda looked a lil faggy to me since his Studio 23 days. Gay pride!
  6. Metro Magazine steals photos from Poor them.
  7. Viktor Jeans (yes, that 6K worth of pants) buys fabric at Divisoria! They said their denims are bought abroad. Shame.

But I’m not sure if all these are true though. I leave the judging to you. But will these blogs survive unlike Soozyhopper? Whose blogging days were much celebrated here in the land of the brown where she/he/it announced to the world the Manila elite's dirty secrets before she/he/it died.


Mr. Mccartney's steamy vid

By this time you guys already saw the new Jesse Mccartney video. Right?

No? Well, you should! This little guy here is my most inappropriate boy crush. I mean, he’s so young. Is he 18 yet? Haha. Seriously, you guys, he’s smoking hot here. I don’t really like the whole concept though.

Let’s review:

  1. Boy in a chair
  2. Girl in a chair
  3. Boy and girl in the bed
  4. Boy kisses girl
  5. And the rest is left to the imagination.

Not really ground breaking. But!!! Yes, there is a but. The people at are saying that the album is kind of superb. They’re claiming he’ll be the new Chris Brown or something. When Popjustice dictates, it is most probably true. Oh my gawd. I can’t wait for this!

As for the song… it’s so-so. Like every R&B crap out there. But I predict that this will be big in the third world. What with his good looks and all? No doubt about it.

Wanna tap that.

Lust at first sight

Have you guys experienced love at first sight? Well, maybe not “love.” Lust at first sight maybe? I know ya’ll had that. Don’t kid yourself. Anywhoo, moi was at Vega just a moment ago queuing at the ATM machine. I had to replenish my wallet after an impulsive thrift store shopping bonanza.

So the guy in front of me was having trouble with his card. Being the typical me, I was annoyed as hell. Waiting is not my favorite activity in a very lazy afternoon like today. This guy is taking so long. I was ready to give him a piece of my mind. But then he looked at me. Thank the heavens I decided to take a bath this morning. At that very moment angels came down, danced all over him and started singing in joy. I just stood there gawking. Drooling. He was beautiful.

Pwede ba Megalink dito?” he asked me. More angels came down. The music was now deafening. When I came back to reality, I said “Oo.” Then he smiled. Holy fucking crap, my knees were shaking. He was so cute. He’s the very definition of bishonen. I can’t even describe how he looks like… Basta he’s tall, slim, chinito and tanned.

Prince Charming was still having problems. No money is coming out, he said. Then he smiled again. At me! Oh my gawd. Oh my gawd. Oh my gawd. Oh my gawd!!! I gave him a grin. Not a smile, just a grin.

Then he walked off. Fuck! He smelled good. But then again, he’s probably straight or has a 3 inch penis. Nobody’s perfect after all.

Danni Minogue - Perfection (Extended Mix)

"He was standing in the middle, but thoughts of you remain. Everytime you leave me baby, I'm taken back again"

I haven’t posted music for a while. So this one is from Kylie’s sis Danni. This is kind of an old one but up until now, I just couldn’t get it out of my head. Well, she may not be as fab as her older sister but she sure does know how to make very good dance music. Perfection is one of those great club songs that you dance to like crazy but you don’t know the title and you spend the next morning searching for it on the net. Ha! Happened to me.


Right clicky clicky to download.

MP3: Danni Minogue - Perfection (Extended Mix)

Hit the play button ya'll!

Watch the video also:


Happy birthday nay! Thanks for everything. I couldn't ask for a better mom. You're fierce! Love lots.!

She doesn't read this blog, of course. hihi.

Petra Nemcova for Kamiseta?!

I might be a little late with this but I’m just bewildered at what I saw!

So, I was flipping through the new Preview staring and gawking at stuffs I definitely need but couldn’t afford. Then I noticed Petra Nemcova smiling in an ad. Really cute. But when my eyes went down I was in total shock. The word Kamiseta was plastered over her. Oh my.

The people from Kamiseta sure outdid themselves. They were known for getting Hollywood stars like Kate Hudson and Alicia Silverstone to endorse their line of so-so casual clothes for yuppies. I wasn’t really excited back then. It seemed all fake since every tabloid showed Kate in full designer rags and not a single Kamiseta tee was spotted. But whatevs.

Now, I’m like, holy fucking carabao! Haha. Hats off to the people behind this. I mean, how could they fucking afford her? A supermodel for a preppy third world version of The Gap? Amazing! I love Petra especially on her show A Model Life. In my opinion, this one is much better than Tyra’s drama filled ANTM. She’s also my fave Victoria’s Secret girl. Well, next to Heidi Klum of course.

And I heard there is a huuuuge billboard of Petra in EDSA Guadalupe. That I wanna see.

Make up for men

Whoever said, only girls can look fresh after a night of heavy partying? It's so unfair that they could erase any sign of a hangover just by dabbing a concealer under the eyes. Thank gawd Zac Efron and Pete Wents changed this mentality by going all out on man make up (see picture above).

Don't fret my darlings. Men can use make up too, you know. I've been using them for quite some time now and I love it. People complement me all the time. I can get away with heavy make up (since I'm a fag). But for those of you who don't like excessive eyeliners and bronzers, you can still achieve a no-make-up look very easily.

All you need are: the right shade of concealer, a very good moisturizer, loose powder in the color that matches your skin tone and a bronzer (if you're adventurous).

Step 1. Cleanse, tone and moisturize. It all starts with great skin conditioning.

Step 2. Choose a concealer that is two shades lighter than your skin tone. This is key. I love VMV but there are tons of products out there you can use. I suggest that you splurge on this one. Cheap concealers tend to cake easily and is harder to blend.

Step 3. Apply concealer. Use it under your eyes. Start at the sides of your nose then sliding just above the cheeks. Then blend till it disappears. Also use it on any blemish.

Step 4. Set it with a loose powder. This is important. You can go cheap on this one. Remember that the color must always match your skin tone.

Step 5. (optional) Get a bronzer that is two shades darker than your skin tone. Using a very wide brush, apply bronzer on where the sun usually hits your face: forehead, cheeks and chin. Use sparingly. Too much would make it obvious.

Step 6. Lip balm. Apply a small amount on your lips.

Step 7. Do not ever touch your face during the day. It'll ruin your make up and give away the fact that you're wearing one.

Step 8. Always wash off your face before going to sleep.

There you go! Very easy right?

Still confused? Here’s an instructional video:

Night at Volt's

Last night was fun. It was Voltz’s b-day. So we went to Calamba for an impromptu house party. I was with Jing, Eric, Mabel, Rose and Clyde. After a very “shaky” jeepney ride, we raided the food section of Waltermart. It sure is nice to just grab things in the grocery without doing math calculations in your head. Voltz was paying so we were going at it like crazy. We just picked what we want. Haha. And Jing met Mr. I-should’ve-kissed-him outside the magazine stand where I was buying the latest Preview. That was funny.

So we went to Voltz’s place. I was surprised to see that it was very clean, almost spotless. Not very like him. Hehe. So we cooked. The theme was “carbo overload.” Pasta, mac salad, sandwiches, deep fried chicken, cake and lots of alcohol were the carte du jour. After eating all those things I was readying myself to vomit. Haha. I’m not used to eating too much starch.

By midnight, Steph came. Gawd, I miss that girl. Anywhoo, with her around, the drinking session was initiated. We talked about a lot of nonsense: mostly old issues, rumors and heartbreaks. I stayed up till the sun rose. I didn’t even notice the time.

When I came home, I was totally beat. I slept like a bear.

Out of shape

I’m busy with school and all right now. And downloading mangas. Gawd, I love them Japanese artists! Geniuses! Anywhoo, not a lot happened this week. Pretty uneventful. Oh wait… Bons came by pala to visit last Thursday. We had so much fun reminiscing, talking and eating. Yes, that is what we do best together: eating. Speaking of the digestive, Fred (Bon’s beau) who was there too, told me I got thinner. Um… haha.

After supermodel Ali Micheal got kicked out of the Paris Fashion Week for being too fat, I should be happy right? Haha. Not really though… I just realized that I’m not healthy. Here’s why:

  1. I don’t eat breakfast. I go for brunch since I’m usually up by 11 am.
  2. I haven’t been to the gym this semester at all.
  3. My favorite past time: Micha’s chocolate chip cookies. Micha’s is a local bakery that makes the most delish cookies, muffins, and cakes.
  4. Alcohol. Period.
  5. Lately, I’ve been eating mostly meat.
  6. And fast food galore.

You might be thinking I should get fat with all those above. Right? But the crazy thing is, I’m not getting fat at all. Maybe I have worms inside my belly. Ewwww. No. It sure is pretty mysterious though. Or maybe my metabolism is just that fast.

I should get back in shape!