What the fuck is this?

This was seen in Vogue. Has the world gone wrong? What is this? Crocs are shoes that you only wear when no one is looking. Like doing the laundry or taking a dump. They’re comfortable and all but is it vogue? I don’t think so. I hope Anna Wintour will look on this travesty.

That is all.

Tata for now.


source: Fashionista

Why do I watch this?!

I do. I do. I do! Okay. This show is total crap. As if we’re not over Laguna Beach. Of course we’re not (that show’s still on right?). But I’ve been a religious follower of crappy shows since god created the TV. Blame it on Wowowee (seriously, I adore that show).

Ummm… no. This is not Hills Have Eyes. That is another blog post. This here show exploits the lives of the rich and famous kids living in Hollywood. Think Simple Life sans the choreographed challenges and kinda like Big Brother sans well… big brother.

Then I saw this in Youtube.

Funny stuff. But I did what he did! So that makes me a total dork. Oh well.

Tata for now.


Love of Siam

OMG. Where to begin? Love of Siam is one of the best movies I’ve seen evAr.

At first glance, the posters might have you deceived. It looks like another teen romance romp. Well, actually it is but sans the saccharine overload.

Love of Siam is a bittersweet drama that explores the subject of love in many levels. The plot is quite simple. Tong (Mario Maurer) and Mew (Wichaiwisit Hiranwongkul) are childhood friends who found each other in Siam Square. Both boys have baggage and issues and they found comfort in each other. There the story begins. I don’t want to say more since I don’t wanna spoil you. In case you wanna see it.

I’ve never been this affected by a flick since forever. It is so fucking good that I can’t even bear to watch another film after this. Everything from the score to the casting to the dialogue is brilliant.

Brilliant I tell you. It is the kind of film that has you giggling one minute and the next you’re sobbing like crazy. This is the shit ya’ll. A must watch. So stop whatever you’re doing right now and watch.

This movie was hailed by critics in Thailand and it bagged a lot of awards last year.

Download Love of Siam here.

Watch it online: part 1 | part 2 | part 3

Tata for now.


P.S. Tong and Mew are both ridiculously gorgeous. That’s a bonus for watching.

Here's a very cool video made by a fan. Watch watch watch!!!

Congratz Bons!!!

Last Saturday was the UPLB graduation. I have a lot to say but I’m lazy to write them all. It feels like I’m the only one left here. Actually, I am the only one. But whatevs. I’ll be next you guys! Hehe.

Was with Bons the whole time. Congratz girl! Haha. So happy for you. Tita is so happy too. And Ja. And Fred.

BFF and evAr!

More pictures after the jump!

OMG. I miss our times! Cramming for exams and all. We're done with all that. Can you believe it?

Fred is the nicest guy (aside from Hitch) I've evAr met. Bons sure is lucky and vice versa of course.

My girl is so pretty eh?


Tita Lily is so cool. Haha. I miss my mom.

Graveh. Lahat naka-ngiti that day. Happy people!

Ja, pa explain naman... haha.

Let's not forget the liquid eye liner. That thing is a bitch to put on. Right Bons?

Huhu. I miss u guys!


So many flowers.

Gruesome threesome.

With Ja. Bon's fab lil sis.

Haha. Mga feeling Japanese.

At Max's Calamba. Yum yum yum!

Making the special sauce.

Lahat busog!

I copied the look from the S/S 2008 collection of Attacment. Mine is from Yohji Yamamoto (a total steal) that I got from the thrift store. Who said fasheen has to be expensive?

Kris Van Assche S/S '08 High Top Sneakers

These are the cutest sneakers evAr! So fucking adorable. I love metallics. Although that trend is so last year. But whatevs. This year is all about organic fashion. Blah! Forget Al Gore. I want my clothes synthetic and shiny!

Gimme gimme more!

Urgh. Why was I born poor?

Tata for now.



Since the beach gig was dunzo, we decided to go to Enchanted Kingdom instead. Been there thrice already but I’m still loving it. Nothing beats Anchors Away ya’ll! The best ride evar. Haha. Was with Rihanni, Louie, PN and Baby Girl.

It was tres hot that day but we still soldiered on. No global warming shit is gonna ruin our day! Yeah… It sure is nice to be a kid again. You’ll surely laugh that I had the time of my life on that Spongebob ride. Haha.

Pictures on the way. Thank gawd Ace is fine now.

It sure was fun!

More pictures here.

Tata for now.


My baby was sick

My laptop gave up on me. Ace’s (Yes, I named my laptop) speed started to slow down. This has plagued me for almost a week! Ace had this long boot up time and it was driving me crazy. He takes about three fucking minutes before opening Windows. That’s like years in computer time! What used to be just 20 seconds multiplied. Fuck. And he freezes. Annoyingly during Photoshop.


I was hysterical for about two days. I installed all the anti-virus, anti-spyware and registry cleaners I could find but all to no avail. At least I found out that Ace had about 200 fucking spywares installed. Still nothing happened. So I deleted all my programs. I freed about 6 gigs of space. Still nothing happened.

There was no other way but to reformat. Since time is of the essence, I hired some dude to do all the cleaning for me. He formatted Ace. Installed new software and freed a lot of space.

Now, everything is back to normal. I can now do Photoshop.

Tata for now.


Hard Candy

Unless you’re living under a rock, you might have heard that her highness is back with a new album out April 29. Yes, just 7 more days! But if you’re like me who is a total pirate whore… Madonna’s Hard Candy album just leaked on the intahnet.

Yes. It came early. Leaking isn’t new. It was rumored that Britney “intentionally” leaked her last album to actually boost sales. Kylie did this too. And they were both successful.

So did Hard Candy live up to all the hype? Ummm… yeah. Sort of. Her highness can do no wrong after all. Okay. First up, this was dubbed as her hip hop album. I’m not really a fan of that genre. But but but! It still is a great pop album. It didn’t sound like Nelly or Rihanna at all. Thank gawd. But the hip hop element is still there.

But I’m just not feeling it.

I’m not saying it’s bad. It’s just not that good. It has some awesome tracks still. I love Dance 2night and Give It To Me.

Download Hard Candy here

Tata for now.


Note: I'm not the one who uploaded this. I wash my hands of any online sins! haha. Link courtesy of Pop Music Zone.

Picture source: David Kawena

Happy Earth Day ya’ll!

Be sure to save energy and water! I promise to spend less time in the shower. Let’s all do the Captain Planet thing! (Oh please tell me you remember that show or I’ll kill myself)


Found this on Retrojunk. OMG! Nostalgia time! Haha. I couldn't stop singing. Ummm... Go planet!

Because of the rice shortage...

Haha! OMG. I couldn’t stop laughing after seeing this. Oh gawd. Wait. Let me catch my breath…

I stole this photo from Chuvaness (who, by the way, is one of my fave pinoy bloggers). This is the funniest thing ever since that Janina episode. Chuvaness sure has one wicked sense of humor.

Tata for now.



Not feeling well right now. Something really unexpected happened. Will blog about it later. Am too lazy to explain. *sigh* The beach gig didn’t happen. I’m supposed to be sun bathing in Laiya this very moment. But no. We have no car. Sad. So I’m stuck here. Might be going out later for some retail therapy. I need new clothes to fill this void I’m feeling right now.

But! Tomorrow will be fun. I will be going to Enchanted Kingdom with some friends. Looking forward to that. This time, I will be bring extra clothes. Wouldn’t want to have a repeat performance of last year’s incident. Let’s just say I was totally drenched after going on that Rapid ride. Urgh. It wasn’t a pretty sight.

I’m listening to Arashi right now. Yes, they’re that Japanese boy band. No, I don’t understand a word they’re saying. But I like them. Sho is fucking hot. And so is Jun. They’re my new obsession.

Tata for now.