Goodbye Elbi

*sigh* Moving houses is such a pain. I was cleaning and packing the whole day and I’m not even half way done. My body hurts. Fuck it that I forgot to buy Ibuprofen. Anywhoo… I just can’t believe how much trash I’ve accumulated during my college years. Gosh. I was putting more things on the garbage bin than on the moving boxes. But I did have a bit of fun though. Like, I discovered three cute tops that I never wore ever because they were hidden under heaps of unwanted clothes. Haha. Tide lang ang katapat niyan. And I did give away almost half of my clothes to my org’s rummage sale. You know, to make way for new ones.

All this talk of moving made me a lil’ sad. Although I often blog about the hideousness of this little town… I still love it. My friends are here. But it’s time to move forward to new things. I kind of have this big plan for myself for the future. I’m not telling the world about it to prevent jinxing it. Haha.

I may not be online for the next weeks. Sad, I know. Since I’m moving, it’ll take time for me to be connected again. I’m thinking of switching net providers but I have this contract with Smart. Oh well.

Moving day is this Saturday. PN will help me. Thanks brod! Regular Yum lang at fries ang katapat niyan. Haha. So tomorrow will be my last day of living here in Elbi. *sob sob*

Mum and Kat will arrive this Sunday. I can’t wait to see them especially mum. I’m kinda curious to see her with 5 more pounds. Haha.

I have to go back packing. Tata for now.


OMG!!! Zsa Zsa is back! How excited am I?!

OMG. OMG. OMFG!!! I just found out about this mega super duper great news off the fabulous Carlo Vergara's blog. I soooooo cannot wait for the sequel ya'll! Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah is like my favorite ever super hero since Kim Possible and Rogue of X-Men. My gawd! Kelan ba ito lalabas? The author is not sure yet when it'll be out but i really hope it'll be sooner. Mabuhay ang mga vaklush!

Yun lang po. Tata for now.


M.I.A. is ultra fabulous!!!

Photo: The Coveted

I can’t believe that I haven’t known her! M.I.A. is a super ferosh girl who makes perfect hip hop beats that even a hater like me would love, adore and worship. She’s from Sri Lanka which makes her all the more intriguing. I'm so in love with her song Jimmy. I can't stop singing! And the video for it is just beeeyooooond!!! Kinda reminds me a bit of Kylie but she's on a whole another level. Girl knows how to rock. I mean, poppin'. Whatever. I'm clueless when it comes to hip hop lingo. Anywhoo, enjoy the mp3 and make sure to watch the video. It's beyond I tell you. It's outer space.

Right clicky clicky for the free download!

MP3: M.I.A. – Jimmy

Watch the video after the jump!

Tata for now.


Note: Music posted for evaluation purposes only. If you like what you hear, support the artists! If you are (or represent) an artist and would like any content taken down, don't hesitate to let me know and it will be removed immediately.

New backyard

That’s our new backyard back home in Marbel (small city somewhere down south of La Islas Filipinas). OMG. Mother outdid herself! I never thought this would really be finished. Mum used to talk about transforming the landfill that was our backyard into something like this. And apparently she did. Well technically, it's not a backyard since it's adjacent to our house but we call it that since it's the only free space we have. For days she would convince me to fly back home so I could see it for myself. Of course, I said no since it’ll be a waste of money. Yeah, even if she’s paying. Kunwari concerned sa pera.

I’m still pretty amazed by the fact that you can transfer grasses! Haha. In just a day. Can you believe it? Mum couldn’t stop bragging about this little project of hers. And she also repainted the house. She said she painted the walls orange, the roof blue and the gutter yellow green?! What the... This is classic her. Clashing colors is her aesthetic. But what I’m worried about is if the new paint will match the little green oasis she just made.

The outcome sure is pretty. But deep inside I’m like: Nay! Why?! Yang kubo na yan ay isa nang dambuhalang flat screen TV! And the grasses that you had transplanted ay isa nang Cybershot digi! Pero ok lang. Being impulsive sure runs in the family.

I miss my mum. Tata for now.


The Great Happiness Space

I have always been fascinated with Japanese culture. Sometimes, I even blame gawd why the fuck was I born in the cesspit of the third world?! Okay, I might be making some of you angry. Hehe. No. I do like being Pinoy. Rizal rocks! So does Bryanboy. But but but… there is something about Japan that I’m drawn to. I like it that they are so open to anything from porn to fashion to technology. They have this utopian image that is so fucking bright and awesome that makes you wanna move there. For good.

So, there’s this one part in Japanese culture that I’m really interested in. It’s the concept of male hosts. You might ask… Dude! Are you perverted? My answer is a resounding yes. That, however, is another story. Moving on… These hosts are the male equivalent of our GROs here in Pinas. Their job description is to make women happy. But it’s not just that. They coax women to fall in love with them and at the same time make these women buy expensive champagne and drinks while inside the host club. Fabulous! They’re like the male geishas!

More about them with pictures and videos after the jump!

What sets these glorified rent boys apart is that they are required to be pretty and well accessorized. I’m talking about Dolce and Gabbana belts and Christian Dior suits here. They’re fucking richie rich rent boys! OMG. When I first read about them in Time magazine, I was tres shocked and at the same time in absolute awe.

And they make a lot of money. $40,000 - $50,000 a month?! That’s ridiculous! Imagine how many Louis Vuittons you can buy in a year with that salary. Holy fuck. Maybe I should be a male host.

Just look at some of these TV ads. Cute Jap boys eh? But they’re expensive. One night with them may cost you as much as $200 to $2,000. Yes, that is already one Prada bag.

So… that was such a long introduction. I want you to watch this film The Great Happiness Space. It is a documentary about male hosts in Osaka, Japan. It is the first ever documentary that I finished without snoozing. It is very enlightening. Their life isn’t so glamorous after all even though they are heavily clad in designer outfits.

Basta. Watch it. It is so fucking hypnotic. The docu gives you an inside look at these clubs and what is really happening.

Watch it here: part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4

Tata for now.


Sneaker boyz

I was never the sneaker type but these images made me change my mind. Okay. Gold Nike’s? Tres fabulous! Then pair it with very skinny bottom and you get instant street cred. Yeah. It is kinda hard to pull off. But if your ego is as big as Kris Aquino’s then why not?!

Or you can always wear it in the buff like these dudes.

Those Yohji Yamamotos are to die for! He makes the best sneakers evAr. And the silver stud details? Super fab!

Tata for now.


Gossip Girl ends

OMG! I can't wait for tomorrow's finale! We will all be waiting for people in the states to Tivo the whole thing and upload it on Youtube. What do you think will happen?! Oh I can't believe the first season is over. I'll miss the catfights.

Tata for now.


About my trip to Hong Kong

So yeah… I’m not going. I was kinda semi-depressed for a few days but it’s all for the better. I even made a whole schedule of what shops we need to visit there. That was one week’s worth of online research! Oh well.

The reason why? My sister and I are moving to our own apartment in Quezon City. Yeah. So all the money will go to buying new stuffs like a ref, washing machine, TV, cooler fan, kitchen thingies, sofa, bed, furniture and everything you need in a house.

A major shopping event is on the way. Mum will come next week to supervise. The apartment is very empty right now. It needs a design overhaul. We still have to repaint, bleach the CR and put lights on. I was thinking of transforming the space into something baroque like. I was really inspired by Embassy’s club interiors. And it has to have a chandelier. No matter what. My gawd! This is gonna be expensive! But whatever, mum is paying for everything. I’m just in for the free ride. Haha. Well, until my sister graduates.

The whole moving thing scares me a bit. During my internship few years ago, I lived in QC for two months. And it was not fabulous ya’ll! I can’t stand the pollution, the MRT, and the small places. Gawd, but I have to toughen up. It was always my dream to live in a city. But Manila scares me ya’ll! Well at least the apartment is just minutes away from the happiest place in La Islas Filipinas… the famous Trinoma. Hehe.

I’m kind of excited though. I miss my mum. Kat told me she gained some major poundage. And I’m not allowed to say anything. If she asks about her weight, I’ll just smile. Haha. I really miss my mum. Graveh. As in sobra. She’s such an inspiration. She taught me all the important things in life like how to take care of my skin and how to dress to catch attention. She’s a style genius.

And I miss Kam too. She’s my wonder wall.

That’s the apartment. Two floors. Upstairs are the two rooms and everything else is on the first floor. It’s not much, I know. Very third world. Haha. I’m getting the room on the left. Dunno yet if Kam will let me. The brown paint is blah! And the same theme goes for the inside. So there’s really a need to repaint. But I’m scared about my sister. This is the girl who painted her dorm room hot pink. Haha.

Already bought Real Living for some inspiration.

Tata for now.


To Tagaytay

They’ll kill me if they saw this. Haha. During that time when we were doing our pose, we really thought we looked cool. You know, in an album cover sort of way. But the more I look at it now the more we look jologs.

But I lurve this guys. They were with me on my Bdae. I prepared this long post about the day we were together but it got lost during my regular computer clean up. Oh well. So yeah, we went to Tagaytay. None of us knew the place. It was one of those spur of the moment things. Basta our main objective was to eat the legendary Mushroom Burger. And we did. The rest… you don’t really wanna know.

Tata for now.


An open letter to Gwyneth

Oh Gwyneth! Gwyneth! Gwyneth! You are still fabulous. Where have you been all these years? I was kind of sick with your tousled-hair-bulky-jacket-with-baby-roller look of the past. Thank the gods you’re back and fiercer than ever.

Oh only you can make green eyeshadow look glamorous. And yes, I watched Ironman. You were kind of terrible there but I did very much enjoy your chase scene with you wearing a five inch stiletto. That was a classic. Something I would tell all my kids. “That is how you should run when chased by a deranged man machine. Louboutin is key.”

Oh Gwyneth. I love you.

Your Fanboy,



Photo source: Fashionista

Hey Mike! What's up?

This time, it's better to laugh.

Yummy yum yum: Hayami Mokomichi part 2

No. I’m still not over my infatuation. Haha. Usually, boy crushes for me only lasts a day (at most). But no. This Hayami dude is so fucking hot! I can’t stop googling him. OMG. I should really go to Japan! Somebody give me a one way ticket!

Lol. Fanboy much?

Just look at him in this Edwin Jeans (the brand that Brad Pitt also endorses) commercial! The word “hot” will not do him justice. OMG. He is ridiculously beautiful! I think I found my god.

He’s also in this really cheesy ad for a candy bar. Dude is so pretty you’ll forget how ugly that suit he’s wearing is.

Currently, he stars in the live action of Absolute Boyfriend. This is based on the super duper popular manga of the same title. OMG. So cute!

Tata for now.


Yummy yum yum: Hayami Mokomichi

I was doing my daily Crunchyroll (this is my favorite website EVAR!) surfing routine when I stumbled on a series called Regatta. And I saw Hayami Mokomichi. Minutes after some serious gawking and drooling I clicked on a new tab and googled him. OMG. He is EVERYTHING I want in a guy. Tall? Check. Tanned? Check. Skinny? Check. Brown hair? Check. And he’s half Pinoy. What could be more perfect? I’ll cook him adobo anytime.

And talking to the media in your skivies? Yeah. That's hot.

Life is not fair.

Lately, I’ve been feeling very depressed. Maybe, it’s because of all the mistakes I made these past months. I’ve been quite the rebel, you know. And when something really good comes your way, it disappears faster than your orgasm. Why is that? Should I have taken my time with the foreplay?

I’m not really expecting anything with my life. As they say, the pessimist is never disappointed. Or maybe that’s just a defense mechanism. Whatever. I’m going out to get myself a Big Mac. I like living on the edge. And nothing is more dangerous than McDonald’s.

Tata for now.


Happy Birthday to ME!

In case all you bitches forgot… today is my birthday. Leave a comment here, YM me, text me, email me and say how much YOU LOVE ME.

That is all. Tata for now.


My diyesebel moment and more

Last weekend I went to the Manila Ocean Park. I’ve been meaning to go for the longest time. The whole thing wasn’t planned at all. While having coffee last Friday, Ara just blurted out that she’ll be going and if I wanna come. So I said yes even if it would mean that I’ll be a glorified third wheel. Haha. I was so selfish so I said yes. Haha. But I love Ara and I love Hitch. They’re cool.

So we went. It cost me 400 bucks but it was totally worth it even if the whole park isn’t finished yet. There were a lot of people though. Quite annoying really.

But it was fun!

More pictures after the jump!

Yah look fab guys.

Korak! Haha.

But I'm still not over my Japan obsession.

That guy on the right looked cute in person.

I love you guys! If you want me to be your personal camera boy again just tell me! Haha. I had a great time. Loves yah!

I misspelled narcissism. Urgh.

We had the chance to pamper ourselves after. This is very Wilhelmina Slater in Ugly Betty. Don't cha think? The little fishes were very keen and I was very satisfied with the results. My feet were left clean and well exfoliated. Fabuloush!

They're a bit tingly though.

More pics on the slide.

Then after that we went to the Mall of Asia to watch the 2008 Pyrolympics opening. Honestly, I hate that mall. Why does it have to be that big? And why not house all the fashion boutiques in one area? I mean, do you really have to go around the whole mall to get from F&H to All Flip Flops? Urgh. But! The fireworks were amayzeng!

Tata for now.


Gossip Girl: All about my brother

Have you guys seen the new episode of Gossip Girl last night? If you haven’t then you’re missing out on the best show on the planet!

Why this is the BEST episode yet? Let us review.

1. The gay plot is revealed. Finally! A new gay character is revealed and he’s much of a bitch than the rest of the girls. And a GG regular comes out too. No shock there.

2. Jenny and Blair’s never ending battle for the Queen Bee crown comes to a halt. But I’m not buying this.

3. By now, you all know that Georgina is pure evil. Her horns are particularly huge this time around.

4. Serena is acting strange. All thanks to G. And she finally confesses her dark secret to Blair.

Hmmm… Wouldn’t you like to see a Blair vs. Georgina face off? That’ll be something. And maybe they’ll let Chuck get in on the fight. Now THAT I want to see. I bet it’ll be more scary and interesting than Iron Man’s fight sequences. We’ll all have to wait.

The best lines of the night?

Dating a gay guy is an honest mistake, but lying to your girlfriends about sex is unforgivable
-Rich girl #1 to Jenny

Don't worry Little J. The sun will come out tomorrow, even though your boyfriend did today

-GG to Jenny

And the funniest and most wicked line of all:

Even you should know that jealousy clashes with L.L. Bean pants
-Jenny to Dan

GG is most definitely addictive. Why? Because of all the juicy drama! It’s like a soap opera for the young fashionable set. And don’t get me started with the clothes. That’ll be a very long blog post.

Watch episode 16 All About My Brother and all the other episodes HERE.

Tata for now.


Gandang Lalaki

I had one of them annoying conversations. It was with an old acquaintance (not a friend). Chace Crawford used for visual purposes only.

That was that. He meant well but I was seriously offended. Being a faggot is way better than being straight, people! Best of both worlds!

Tata for now.



Dahil kay Jaren, I also got myself a shemagh. I tried my very best wrapping it on my head. I think I got it right after four tries. Can I pull it off on the streets without looking like a misplaced terrorist faggot? Maybe not.

The inspiration:

John Galliano S/S 2008. He started this trend. And now it’s on the heads of most pinoy males.

Tata for now.


Hello. I just got home

I miss my laptop. Was out for how many days now. I’m not really home most of the time. Busy living my life. I was gonna document everything that happened to me but I’m too lazy these days. I guess I lost most of my “blogging” juices. Here’s the gist: Last week went to Quezon City to get a new apartment. Yes. Kat and I now have a new place and it’s in QC, near the MRT and just minutes away from Trinoma. Major shopping is required this June. Next is Bon’s grad party. Was there. Got to meet her friends. They were cool. And I got to buy something in Greenbelt 5. Hulaan niyo kung ano. Haha. Went to the Manila Ocean Park with Hitch and Ara. Watched the 2008 Pyrolympics opening. Watched Iron Man. Bought a shemagh.

Yun lang po. I’ll sleep now. Tata for now.


Yummy yum yum: Luke Jickain

Effortlessly chic. He looks simply divine. Photo stolen from Manila Style, the Pinoy version of Face Hunter.

You can stalk him on his Facebook. Seriously, let us all move out of Friendster people!!!