The One

Starlight shimmers everywhere. There's a certain something in the air. Can you feel what I feel in me? It's in the air, electricity. Glimmering under neon lights. I can see the look, that's in your eyes. Like a shooting star in a galaxy. Making its way to the heart of me. I'm the one. Love me, love me, love me, love me. My pulse is racing and I'm feeling high. Never-ending starts tonight. When you do what you do to me. Come on and let yourself feel the need in me. Circling and we're getting close. Can you imagine, just suppose. It's a feeling that I need to know. Close to touch like Michelangelo. Can you hear me? I'm connecting with you. Can you feel me? I'll do anything to have you near me. I was wondering, will you reach me?

MP3: Kylie – The One
MP3: Kylie – The One (Freemasons remix)

Isn’t this the most poetic thing you’ve ever read?



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Dude in Balenciaga

Bryanboy blogged about this guy:

photo: facehunter,

OMG! No words. He’s like the most bad ass dude ever! Gawd, I wish I have the courage and THE MONEY to wear that Balenciaga. He is fierceness personified. Love! His name is Yu Masui and he’s a Japanese fashion consultant.




The party last night was great! Happy Gay Pride ya’ll! Gawd, I had so much fun. No hook ups though. Haha. I was with Kev* (again) and he didn’t like the place. Me, on the other hand loved Government. Well, it lived up to its claims. The music was amazing. Kev wasn’t enjoying as much because he thought the place was too gay for him. Yeah, right. But whatevs. I had a great time. I even saw Rajo Laurel! Like, OMG.

We danced till the break of dawn. The sun was already out when we left. And there were still a lot of people inside. Fags sure knows how to party! Haha. Too bad he wasn’t able to go. By “he” I’m referring to this guy I’m sorta seeing. Oh well.

Would like to thank Bons for last night too. Before the big Pride celebration we went out for some Thai food (Som’s in Rockwell). It was an expensive night. But who cares about money?! When you’re having a fucking great time!

I’m leaving ya’ll with a song about pride. If you watch Queer As Folk then you prolly know this. Anywhoo… it’s a lovely song. Make sure to give it a listen!

MP3: Heather Small – Proud (Peter Presta remix)



*not his real name

P.S. I have the best sister ever. I had a warm soup waiting for me when i came. Awww...

I'm now a size 1 ya'll!

La la la. Such a fab life. La la la la la. So happy. Went shopping yesterday and I’m so ecstatic to report that I dropped 2 sizes in F&H! I’m now a size one!!! I got myself new shirts, new bags and new blings. I feel so rejuvenated right now. There is nothing like retail therapy to thwart stress.

Also bought two new air coolers. One for me and one for Kam. What we got is this Asahi cooler. It’s small and cheap (‘bout 4k) but I have no complaints since it really works. Well, I’ve only used it for one night. Dunno yet. At least I don’t have to sweat everytime I’m in my room. And it’s environment friendly. It uses less electricity and it cleans the air. Go green!

So anywhoo… tonight I’ll be out to paartay. Will meet Bons for dinner at some Thai restaurant and I’ll be sashaying in Club Government (with a friend who must not be named) after.

So excited!



What I will wear (in my dreams)

Hermes belt, Lanvin shoes, Dolce and Gabanna shirt, Margiela topcoat, Gucci tote, Juicy Couture travel wallet, Rubirocket necklace, Burberry Brit For Men, Topman skinny jeans

All the fashion blogs are doing these. So I might as well. Actually, I just have too much time on my hands. So there. Hihi. And because I am a poor boy in the third world, I can only make sets like these in my Net-A-Porter pipe dreams. Hmph. Reality bites hard.

Make your own too in Polyvore. Make sure to add me up as contact. This is tres addicting ya’ll! I’ve been doing this for the past hour and I can’t stop. Haha.

BDOCASH send to 2315

Boring life. No texts for me today. Feels like I have no friends. Well, I think I kinda pissed them off yesterday after promising to go back to Elbi and I didn’t. Oh well. My life sucks. Might as well be dead.

Can’t wait for this afternoon though. Allowance day! I wonder if mum’ll give me extra. I was giving hints every time she calls on how expensive city life is. But I doubt it. I’m so excited I’m checking my bank every fucking hour. Yeah. I’m kinda excited to buy an air cooler since the heat in my room is like a sauna. Fucking unbearable. Real Living said it’s economical and a great alternative to air conditioning. Can’t wait to buy one. Like, I need it now!

I wanna go out. I wanna shop. Mum! Send me money already!

Can you believe I’m reading Robert Greene right now? Haha. You know I’m not really into philosophy cum self-help books. If it’s not about a fat girl looking for Mr. Right or doesn’t have slight erotica then I’m not reading it. But when I saw that bright red spine on the shelf I immediately grabbed the thing. Kam must have stolen this when Mum wasn’t looking. It’s mum’s fave book. She was obsessed with The 48 Laws of Power. And I’m surprised that I’m enjoying this shit. Lots of things to learn.

Will go down now. That Tom Yam instant noodle is calling me.




Starbucks Katipunan. Air conditioning in full blast. Annoyed.

Kev*: Mike, depressed ako. Punta tayo Bed?

Me: Shocked! (@_@)

Kev: Quiet.

Me: Sige! Tara! Party!

By 1am after coffee, off we went. I wasn’t thinking clearly that time. Maybe I was just being a good friend. But whatever. It had been quite a while since I went to Bed. And I miss dancing and I miss the boys. So sige go lang! That night was the worst timing ever. Kam lost her phone. I just spent a fortune on a night out with friends and it was signal #2 for fuck sake. But no matter what, even if Bed is in Malate and I’m in QC… go lang! Tira-tira.

It was Saturday and the club was full. So we danced. Kev was being boring. And that guy he hooked up with the last time was there too. So funny. He was totally ignoring the guy. Kapal ng mukha ng friend ko. Haha. And another funny thing was I saw a few people from UPLB there. (@_@) And this guy that I know (who I kinda had a thing for back then) was quite the dancing queen. I was laughing the whole time. Then minutes later he was french kissing this semi-old guy who (I’m sure) is a professor in UPLB. OMG. Haha. Such a small world we faggots have.

So we moved on. Roamed around the club scouting, scrutinizing and flirting. We were running out of time. We needed hot boys to hook up with. You know a night in Bed is not a night without hooking up. We were in a hurry. Kahit sino na lang. But then… he came. He smiled at me. I was playing hard to get. I pretended not seeing him. In my mind I was like… OMG he’s seriously hot. After 10 minutes of nonsense on the dancefloor I gave in to his charms. So yeah… Kylie’s In My Arms was playing in the background. He held his arms around me tightly. We were kissing. Hard. I can feel his stiffening dick against mine. Then I blocked everything out. It was perfect. That went on for the next hour.

While Frank was wrecking havoc in the country killing hundreds of people, I was out partying, drinking and making out with a total stranger. Great night? Fuck yeah! d=(^o^)=b



*Not his real name. He's very discreet. Actually, he's straight. Or whatever.

UPDATE: We're texting. We met in Trinoma last Monday. We're friends. (^-^)

Philippine Fashion Week: My menswear review

Today let’s talk fasheen. You know how trying hard and how fucking obsessed this little brown boy is about fashion. And since Carl didn’t tag me along while he was on Philippine Fashion Week, I was left at home dreaming of coming. And I was busy with moving. Anywhoo, this is my review of the menswear from PFW. A small disclaimer though: I’m no expert.

Is it just me or are these a bit Keanu Reeves circa The Matrix? Not really a fan of these but I do like the silver pants. I can totally wear that. But the coats? In this weather? No.

These I am in love with. The grey holdall, the carry-this-if-you’re-a-real-man green bag and the huge navy tote are pure love. Shhhhh! The navy tote is calling my name. And I can totally see my laptop inside that green bag. Gawd, who made these? Need. Need. Love.

Layering is kind of the in thing now. The one in the left kinda reminds me of Just Cavalli from years ago. I love that vest in the middle and the jeans with the carefully splattered paint. I think the cut of the jacket on the right is nice. I was looking for something like that since forever.

Ummm… no, no and no. I don’t get it at all. No. Just no.

Was the designer inspired by Gossip Girl? Chuck Bass anyone? I’m not really complaining since I like these. Glittery cardigans over a colored shirt with bow tie? Yes. Not really a fan of anything preppy but these I would totally reconsider.

The Chuck Bass look continues. Clashing patterns always looks chic. The collection is mostly muted black and white mixed with red pieces here and there. Works for me. Of all the collections in menswear these, I think, are the most wearable.

Thank gawd, somebody made something appropriate for the Philippine weather. I’m not sure if men will actually wear these though. The short shorts was all over the runway since last year but I haven’t seen anyone actually wearing them. But they’re cute.

Now on to my favorites.

OMG. These I totally love. Skinny scarves, layering and battered jeans over boots? Only the perfect gyaruo ensemble! Now all you need is a tan. Love! I also like the details on the jacket. And I’m loving that koi print on the shirt and blazer. My gawd, where can I get these? I want!!!

This is my favorite collection of all. I love how the designer played with colors. And OMG those pants. I want! I also like those deconstructed blazers. Wouldn’t it be fun to wear these in the office or in school? Yeah. I’m not crazy with the shoes though.

I got all the images from ClickTheCity and I wasn’t able to name the designers since the site didn’t label the photos properly. All credits to the photographer (Ian Ong? I’m not sure).



Akanishi Jin - Lovejuice

I can tell you want me too and every time I think of you that luscious drink your lips produce I can taste that sweet LOVEJUICE

Akanishi Jin is a very sexy young man who is a big pop star in Japan and member of the boyband KAT-TUN. Besides being pure hot eye candy, he sings, dances, models and acts (who doesn’t?). Jin was in the Jdorama Yukan Club which I thought was an amazing series. Well, I only watched that because of all the clothes. Anywhoo, dude had a break the other year to study in Hollywood and when he came back to the land of the rising sun… dude learned English and got a bit perverted. No complaints there. Lovejuice is in English. The song is basically about Jin being all obsessed with body juices and asking for “Oh, oh, more, slow”. So yeah it’s brilliant pop music. Nothing ground breaking but surely entertaining. I have it on loop right now and couldn’t stop singing. Watch a fan-vid here. You know what to do. Right clicky-clicky on the link below to download. :D

MP3: Akanishi Jin - Lovejuice



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OMG! They won! UP represent!

For the past month Kam was killing herself to make the best business plan ever (!) for a competition sponsored by the JCI. While I’m being a total bum and worthless, she’s actually on her quest (again) for achievement. Girl loves her medals. She’s the team leader and they were working their asses off! I’ve never seen her work this much ever and that’s really something because I’ve known her my whole life. So yeah. She told me that she’d never been this happy. Representing the University of the Philippines (!) is a bit overwhelming and an honor (for her). Being a UP student (yes, I still am) myself I can feel her.

And… they won!!!

OMG. Girl, congrats! OMG. Well, I’m not really surprised since I’ve seen their presentation and I’ve seen things I didn’t know Powerpoint can do. Haha! Plus that very expensive bad-ass outfit she wore paid off! Haha. OMG. Ateneo’s winning streak is over! UP represent! OMG. They’re going to fucking India! Awww… I’m so happy for her. And for me too. Imagine all those wonderful Indian fabrics, scarves and jewelries! She has to buy me some! Haha.

Representing UP was pure pressure but imagine representing the country?! I really hope they’ll do well in India. I’m praying to all the gods that they’ll win there. Fingers crossed. Gawd, I’ve never been so proud of my sister. I love you girl! And since you’re going to another country we better plan a new wardrobe! Haha.

Here she was before the competition. I helped her pick the perfect skirt, accompanied her to the salon and suggested the makeup. So yeah. I’m the stage brother! I also did the ironing. That Espada white shirt was a bitch to iron. Thank gawd they won! Haha.

And since this is my blog I’m posting my obligatory cam whore pics.



Fresh pussy!

The Pussycat Dolls are back! They’ve been away for quite some time (no thanks to Nicole’s failed solo attempt) and to be honest I never really liked them. But but but! Their new single When I Grow Up is kind of brilliant. Super catchy (I blame it on the ha ha ha).It sounds a bit like Britney though. And we all know that’s a good thing. Never thought they’d be able to make a solid pop song without those annoying rapping. The video is out too. And yes, they still didn’t fire their stylist. They still look horrible. But the song is nice.

MP3: Pussycat Dolls – When I Grow Up



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Laundry day. You know, I really love my sister but girl has a ton of clothes! And I’m left with the task of washing them. Yeah. My life is now reduced to being an achay. Haha. Actually I volunteered but whatevs. I’m doing my SP on the side. Haha. On the side.

So while waiting for the washing machine to finish its job, I got an email from an online friend about (you guessed it) porn! Was it weird that I was excited? No? Haha. This friend knows about my obsession with Japanese guys and well… porn. So she (yes, a girl) gave me some Megaupload links to heaven! Yes. My darlings, I thought I shall never see the light. But I did. Just when I thought Belami (link NSFW) was tres tiring, I found Coat West. They’re like the Asian counterpart of Belami… only better since they got Japanese dudes on them. Imagine my sheer delight. So yeah. Two hours of detergents and porn. Suddenly, chores weren’t as boring. Haha.

Several blow jobs and ass fucking later, my good friend Bons buzzed me. Gawd, it had been ages since we talked! I miss her. Girl has a lot of stories! We’ll have dinner tomorrow. I’m hoping it’s something Thai since she’s choosing the restaurant.

Anywhoo, I’ve been seeing quite a lot of Hot Neighboor #1. I dunno… but he’s practically flaunting his body everywhere! Next time I see him shirtless again I’m gonna die. And I realized that he’s not that cute pala. But his body and oh my gawd that skin. Divine.

I’m going back to my Jdorama now. Toodles!


Church and monsters

So this is how it feels like to be like mum. I never knew going to the grocery could be quite painful. And laundry boring. And cleaning exhausting. And doing nothing quite pleasurable. So yeah. My life is one routine. Feels like I’m in a rut. This is trouble ya’ll since I’m always unproductive when everything is in order. I need distractions, chaos, beer and Ibuprofen.

Thank gawd my chores were done. So Kam and I went out for Church (yes, you read that right) and met The Incredible Hulk after. Okay. Going to the mass was kind of fun. It brought back a feeling of comfort and familiarity. I should go to mass often. Well, not necessarily participate. Just sitting there and listening to the sermon would be nice. Maybe that could make me a better person. Yeah. You don’t need to be a believer to enjoy Church. Just look at me.

To the Hulk. The flick was mighty satisfying. Actually, I was kind of expecting it to be very bad. But what choice did we have? Narnia is out of the question. People said the first Narnia was better and we all know that the first one was a pile of shit. So I’d rather watch two ugly monsters fight to death. Haha. The Hulk was kind of good actually. Not great but it sure was entertaining. I very much enjoyed the Jasob Bourne-like chase scene at the beginning. And the Iron Man cameo in the end was a surprise. Ooops. Hehe. Are they trying to piece together Iron Man and Hulk for the incoming Avengers movie? OMG. Who would play Captain America? More importantly who would fucking play the mighty Thor? Oh please, please let it be Brad Pitt! For CA, any random hot dude would do.

Enough of Marvel and more of me! Here’s the obligatory camwhoring photos:



Would you wear a man-bag or a murse?

Image: FaceHunter and The Sartorialist

No? Too gay for you? Lighten up boys! Carrying a well crafted bag doesn’t make you look gay. No. It’s both fashionable and functional. Think of it like Batman’s utility belt. Isn’t it annoying seeing guys carrying multiple bags for their laptops, ipods, papers, folders and the like? Not flattering at all. The best solution is to get yourself a big bag where you can stuff all your things in. Little pockets are also helpful for, you know, separating condoms from your credit cards.

Still not convinced? Style Bubble has this incredible collage of the latest Chris & Tibor collection. These bags are just to die for.

And if you don’t have Paypal or Visa (like me) head over to Maldita or Wade for your bag fix.



The Teenagers – Reality Check

Okay. They are the best thing that happened to music this year. OMG. They’re fucking geniuses! An album never affected me this much since Lo-Fi-Fnk’s Boylife. This is what pop-rock should be. OMG. I couldn’t stop raving!

Since I’m out of words I’d like to borrow what the NME critic said about them: “The whiff of suspicion that greets The Teenagers’ debut began with ‘Homecoming’. Released as a single last May, ‘Reality Check’’s opener crept up out of the gutter from nowhere, sleazing around like an X-rated ‘Summer Nights’. Infused with the spirit of Serge Gainsbourg, the Gitanes-stained soundscape was seemingly dreamt up by a pervert in a beret and dirty mac, leafing through a grubby copy of Lolita. Released on Merok (early home of Klaxons and Crystal Castles) and shrouded in mystery, it bounced in like the best hipster joke since ‘LDN Is A Victim’.”

Um yeah. The album is a non-stop synth fest filled with so much libido that do justice to their name. Yeah. I am kinda in love with Quentin Delafon’s (lead vocalist) singing/speaking style. Reality Check, for me, is the perfect companion for commuting, partying, fucking and maybe going to the grocery. And yeah, they’re hilarious. The lyrics are just killers. Love!

I have them on repeat right now. I just can’t get enough. And since I’m generous I’d like to share them to you. Grab the album here. I’m not the one who uploaded it so be sure to get it now when it’s still available. Songs you should listen to: Homecoming, Feeling Better and French Kiss.

MP3: The Teenagers – Homecoming

MP3: The Teenagers – Feeling Better



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Account closed, Windows crashed and coming back

My bank account was closed. Yeah… for the reason that I have no money. So please send me some! I’m incredibly poor. The real story is that I maxed it out last month. Since I know mum is coming (read: my benefactor) I never really bothered. But apparently my bank is tres strict nowadays. *sigh* So all my new money is with Kat. How inconvenient. I was planning on going cosmetics shopping tomorrow but I couldn’t ask for her pin code. You know, I couldn’t be trusted when moolah is involved. So I have to negotiate with her tonight. Will apply for a new account next week.

This is so not my week. Last Tuesday, my lovely laptop decided to crash. Thank gawd the error was in Windows and not in my hard disk or whatever. That was a relief. And since I already learned my lesson (Windows crashes frequently with me) all my important files like porn and mp3s are conveniently stored in another media. Haha. Take that stupid Windows! You’re never gonna delete my porn again!

Anywhoo, I was in Elbi yesterday. The campus looked good! I was so surprised. They painted Biosci! And Humanities! Well, they should! What with the 300% increase in tuition and all. So yeah, I miss that damn place. I saw some friends, had lunch and had the best time. It was like we were the only people in Square that we were making this ruckus, laughing, shouting and gossiping. I miss Rose, Mabel, Ars and the rest. Sands get back here na! We’re only blocks away from your place in Cubao. And I can’t believe I’m saying this but I actually miss PN! Haha. So weird. Guys, let’s party! Every Friday. Okay?

Tata for now.


P.S. Happy Independence day bitches!!!

She linked me!!!

OMG!!! Trend de la creme (that super fabulous fashion blog) just linked me! Oh my god. She () knows I exist! Haha. She linked me under Stylish Reads. Yeah right, like I have style. Haha.I love love love TDLC! Like, super! So yeah. I’m beyond happy.

Tata for now.



Watching Kung Fu Panda last Saturday was a big mistake. No. Don’t get me wrong. I loved the movie and will see it again. It’s just that I didn’t expect it to be that cold in Trinoma. And I didn’t even know that I was kind of sick that time. After the flick I was shivering. My gawd, that was the worst ever. I really thought I was gonna die. Back home was the total opposite. It was and still is tres hot here. The heat was fucking unbearable. It was the battle of the elements for me. 3 am I woke up to take a leak. While doing my thing my knees suddenly felt weak, piss were everywhere and I couldn’t fucking see anything. But I still managed to flush. So I shouted at Kam. I couldn’t breathe. My gawd. And all I could see is this white light. Kam told me I looked too pale. The pain subsided and I had high fever. Fuck. By morning I still didn’t know what happened. There were a lot of things going through my brain. Was it heatstroke? And the worst… well, I can’t mention it here. So yeah, I was tres sick. Moving was a pain. Every movement causes a deep throbbing in my fucking head! By lunch time we ate at Pizza Hut since it was the only one open in V.Luna. Then to the hospital we went. So I have tonsillitis. Fuck. I haven’t had that since I was 13. What about my near death experience the night before? The doctor said I might have experienced rheumatic fever (which I refuse to believe) which leads to (yeah, you guessed it) rheumatic heart disease. This all too scary ya’ll! And right now, I still feel chest pains. Huhu. Is this gonna be forever (Wikipedia said it’ll be)? Does this mean no more hot kissing action for me? Noooo!!! Well, I’m ok now. No more fever. All thanks to the very expensive antibiotic my doctor prescribed.

Yummy yum yum: Michael Cruz

I have a new celeb crush! His name is Michael Cruz (he has the most boring name, I know) and he’s the only reason why I watch The Singing Bee. Haha. He’s so yummy yum yum. And he has quite an eccentric way of dressing: cowboy hat one day and neon House of Holland-ish top the next. Grabe. I’m so smitten with this guy. And he sings very well too.

Last night I was googling him. I found out that he was part of Star in a Million 2. I never watch that show. So yeah…

The best thing about him? He’s openly gay! OMG! Couldn’t he be more perfect? Now, I remember reading about him in Icon (or was it L?) two years ago. Wah. He had an album out in 2006. Nobody really cared about that since even I didn’t know he even existed that time. Oh well. So I searched through and through for the album.

He did a remake of Madonna’s Crazy For You. That has got to be the worst single choice ever. I mean that song was way overplayed and totally murdered by Spongecola. But him singing it is forgivable. Basta siya.

Listen to his version of Beep Beep and Dahil Ikaw which are brilliant by the way.

Right clicky clicky to download!

MP3: Michael Cruz – Beep Beep

MP3: Michael Cruz – Dahil Ikaw

Watch the official video of Crazy For You here.

Tata for now.


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On getting fit

When people see me they all notice how I got thinner. Of course, moi is always tres flattered but the comments veer to me looking sick and waif like. Okay. I get it. I should eat! I blame all of this to Hedi Slimane. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have desired a Dior body. They all say thin is always in. And I believe that. Even to now. But after making a careful evaluation of my body, I actually feel weak. I get tired easily, I don’t feel like eating most of the time (unless it’s Thai) and I don’t feel sexy. Or maybe the fags at g4m are just cruel.

So I’m on the quest for muscles. I’m looking for a good gym. I saw a cheap one near East Ave. but I’m scared since it has no air-conditioning! I might die. Fitness First is out of the question since it’s tres expensive. *sigh* I might just buy my own equipments and do the work here.

And I just saw Hot Neighbor #1 almost naked today. He was in his boxers (and nothing else) playing with his dog outside. So I’m a bit inspired to go to the gym. Hehe. I don’t get most guys here. They all prance around shirtless. Maybe it’s the heat. Well, I’m not complaining. It’s just that I prefer boys clothed. But that’s just me.

Yeah. I should get back to the gym.

Tata for now.


What happened to me (in random)

I am still alive ya’ll! The move-to-a-new-house operation was a success. It took us about a week to make it look decent. The only important things are the closet space, washing machine and a complete kitchen. We all got that covered now. Wah! Am so happy. And about the chandelier I’ve always wanted… not gonna happen. The cheap plastic less than a thousand one I saw in SM last month is sold out. Oh well. But we bought a TV which was really great since I haven’t watched Philippine TV for the past five years! Yes, it was that long. Well, not counting that time I’m always at Jing’s house to watch Marimar. (laughs) Right now I’m very much enjoying Lobo and My Girl.


Because of this moving thing I missed out on a lot of things. First it was Jodi: Mike, Mla ka? Embassy tau. A day later: Mike, gumimik ako last Wed. Grabe dmi artista libre drnks. And Carl on Friday night: D2 q phil fashion week sa MOA. Libre ng model friend.

photo: Kikay Exchange

Waaaahhh! I was so consumed with what curtains to get that I totally forgot Fashion Week. And when it is actually accessible. Huhu. Well, not that I’m a wanna be socialite. I’m just a poor boy dreaming of a fashion career. And when I found out na sa MOA lang pala… I was like HUWAT?! Pero kebs. One day, I’ll have a show in Fashion Week. Pero, mag-aaral muna ako. Hihi.


There are perks in living here aside from the fact that it’s sponsored by mum (which by the way is the biggest perk). Well, there are only two: Hot Neighbor #1 and Hot Neighbor #2. Yun lang.


Do I miss Elbi? To be honest… no. (laughs) I am so in love with our new location since it’s just a few blocks from Gateway and Shopwise; only 60 pesos away from Trinoma and The Block; a tricycle away from MRT and the nearest Mercury is humongous! You might be thinking “Whatever dude!” You know, I’m just excited to be in a big city. I came from a small town in Mindanao where there are no clubs, no Thai food, no F&H and no faggots logging in on Do you feel me?


In case you’re wondering, the apartment is very clean. Spotless. When you go inside you will not believe that I actually live here. You all know that I’m a pig and I live in trash and dirt. Have a look see in my old apartment. Mum sure did push us to keep the new place clean.


Mum just left this morning. I will surely miss her. Pano ko siya hindi mamimiss eh every effin’ day kami nasa mall. Haha. And yes, it was a mistake bringing her to Divisoria. The woman is addicted! Awwww… I will really miss her.


And we watched Sex and the City together. She cried. While Kam and I couldn’t stop laughing. OMG. This was the best movie ever! Watch it everyone! It was so good that the whole audience in the theater was cheering, crying, laughing and clapping all through out. I haven’t seen such an enthusiastic response in a theater since Titanic. Promise. The. Best. Movie. Evar!!! 5/5 stars.


I got myself a new haircut. The stylist misinterpreted my instructions. I was going for a subtle change but he fucking gave me a faux hawk. I mean come on! David Beckham is already bald. Urgh. But whatevs. Now, I look like every fucking faggot in the metro.


And yeah I’m connected now. After one week of internet deprivation, I’m making up for lost time. Hihi. And there are still a lot of JDrama that I have to watch.

Next week matatapos ko lahat yan. Sinong addict? Ako? Di ah. Di maxado. Hihi.