Should I wear a skirt today?

I was feeling a bit adventurous today. My girlfriend Bons blogged about skirts for men and it got me thinking. I wanna wear a skirt too! Just for the fun of it. But after five minutes of deliberation and soliloquy I decided that I’m not Bryanboy and that I can’t pull it off. So I decided to wear an alternative instead. I rummaged through my closet looking for that thing I got at a Japanese store in Binondo. So tah-dah… I introduce the “drop crotch shorts”:

Fugly isn’t it? But whatevs. I lurve it. I can’t believe I haven’t worn this for like… ever! So I wore it for a test drive in the mall. I got the occasional stares but mostly people didn’t care. There was one lady though who asked me where I got it. Told her I bought it in Japan. Haha. Karma will surely get me for lying.

I was with my dear sister. Actually, we went to the mall just to buy a new rice cooker. Haha. The old one broke. For some reason it refused to cook rice. Damn it. Anywhoo, I did try on a skirt. Well, it’s not really a skirt but a pashmina scarf that I turned into one. Have a look see by clicking here. Don’t judge me!



I <3 My Girl

Don’t laugh! Okay. I have a confession to make. That image you see up there, the one with Enchong Dee’s glistening upper torso, is my desktop wallpaper. I said stop laughing damn it! For months now, I’ve been secretly enjoying My Girl on Primetime Bida. Damn, I’ve never been this eager to watch TV since Sex And The City. I kid you not. I watch most shows off the net now (in my ever so convenient laptop). You see, it was all mum’s fault. Well, it was partly mine since I gave in and actually watched the first episode. After that I was hooked. Like, seriously hooked. Like, I will commit suicide if I missed an episode.

Seriously, I think Kim Chui is the best thing that ever happened to Philippine primetime. No, it’s not that bitch Marian Rivera. I seriously don’t know what’s the deal with her. I mean, she speaks like a retard! Fuck Dyesebel. Which brings to mind... how do you fuck a fish? Anywhoo, My Girl isn’t really exceptional. Nothing ground breaking or anything. It’s what I call fluff TV. And I love it. I’m just so sick with all these heavy drama telenovelas that are plaguing Pinoy TV. To better illustrate my point: Who would want to see Claudine Barretto’s fat ass jiggling on the screen every evening while crying buckets of nonsense tears? Just a note to Claudine: Girl, I love you but if you decide to have sex scenes on every fucking episode of Iisa Pa Lamang wouldn’t you at least consider dieting? Just a thought. So yeah… fluff TV. Fluff is good. Fluff is addicting. Fluff is Enchong Dee. *wink wink*

Back to My Girl. The brilliant story is about a girl (Kim Chui) who became an overnight con artist pretending to be the long lost cousin of a rich boy (Gerald Anderson) who is an heir to a big hotel chain. Now girl falls for boy and vice versa. Chaos ensues. Ex-girlfriends come to ruin everything. Friendships and love are tested. More chaos ensues. Basically, the plot is kind of sordid and sort of like a bad Mexican novella. But surprise! It’s the demented that is often interesting and My Girl doesn’t fall short. Plus it helps that it stars mostly unknown actors and Enchong Dee.

Yeah, I’m a true jologs at heart. You can judge me now.



SONA and other shits

Did ya’ll watch the president’s SONA this afternoon? Quite something eh? She mainly talked about how amazing she is for an hour. Couldn’t blame her. I would do the same if I was president and of course I’ll be wearing chicer clothes. I didn’t know that the Philippine government did a lot of “good” things this year. Well, if all those shits she was saying were true then I’m happy. But still, this shit of a country is getting even shittier. Don’t you agree? Couldn’t the government do something like to maybe unshit the country? But that would be hard. I mean, how can you unshit a shit? Right?

In other news, I have an update on hot neighbor #1 ya’ll! Unforch, it’s not about him parading semi-naked like the last time. This fucking weather is all to blame! Calling all the gods to please bring the sun back. Anywhoo, I made all these conspiracy theories about him. Basically, I think he likes dicks more than chicks. Let me enumerate why. I caught him a few times applying powder on his visage. That’s gay sign #1. There are a number of suspicious looking older dudes that comes round his place. That’s gay sign #2. I don’t really care if he’s fucking all of them. I’d still do him. Moving on, he has quite a collection of tight fitting piques in all colors. That’s gay sign #3. He prefers man-sandals than Chuck Taylors. That’s gay sign #4. This morning while I was buying pandesal we crossed paths. Char. He smiled. OMG he knows I exist. Since the gate in the compound is tres small I had all the opportunity to smell him. So I did. To my dismay, he wears Bench’s Atlantis. That’s straight sign #1. Haha. My life right now is so boring that I’m starting a career on stalking. But what about that other guy? The one I had a few dates with? Well, we’re still texting but we don’t go out anymore. He bores me to death hence my fixation with hot neighbor #1.

I’m leaving you with this super duper cute photo-fics stolen from fellow Tohoshinki fan Shinta.
sure.. sure, Joongie
*give killing look to everyone who laughed at Jae*
so what is it???
*keep giggling*
Images and texts all by Shinta.

Have you tried searching for your glasses while still wearing it? I know I did.

Urgh. This is such a nonsense post.



Miley Cyrus – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

photo credit: iBaller

Wait wait wait! Before you pass judgment on my excellent musical taste (yes, people tell me that) I would like to defend myself and Miss Montana. I’ve been a fan of everything Disney since I first laid eyes on a television. I devoured everything and developed an unhealthy habit of liking Lizzie Maguire, That’s So Raven, Suite Life of Zack & Cody, and yes… Hanna Montana. You see, I do think Miley Cyrus is a talented bitch as opposed to her faux-singing ancestors (read: Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears*). She has that husky voice going on. When she sings she can totally sing. And not in that annoying Christina Aguilera sort of way.

Okay I have to stop praising now. So imagine when she decides to unearth the 80s classic Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. This is gonna be a disaster waiting to explode on every little girl’s iPods! But to my total shock and surprise (yes, it has to be redundant) the cover she made is actually brilliant. Amazingly very now. Totally very 2008.

I swear you will regret it if you didn’t download this NOW! Excuse me, I have to watch The Cheetah Girls on Studio 23.

MP3: Miley Cyrus – Girls just wanna have fun



*But I adore Britney despite everything

Juvelen - Don't Mess

photo credit: inhalevsexhale

Since Mika is out of the radar as of the moment, we have a new pop poster boy whose brilliance is itching to burn up dance floors everywhere. His name is Juvelen and he’s Swedish. Why is it that the best music always comes from Sweden? Anyway, he was dubbed as the Scandinavian Justin Timberlake. But really, JT couldn’t even compare! He is that good. Basically his music is pure synth pop. He sounds a bit like the old Prince and a bit Michael Jackson at times. Influences aside, Juvelen is the real deal. His overly confident lyrics matched with the amazing mish mash of anything electro is pop perfection. Don’t Mess is his new single. It’s one of the best off his album. Me loves it.

Download this NOW!!! And yes, that sexy boy above is him. I blogged about him last year and you can read that here.

MP3: Juvelen – Don’t Mess



Papa’s got a brand new toy

ToxicDiscoBoy has a new baby! I got my hands on this Creative Zen Stone Plus player. It has the most stupid name but this baby is packed with cool features for such a tiny device. Me loves it eternally. Okay. So I wasn’t really planning to buy. I blame it to Xiaxue (the best blogger of all time in the whole universe) who said it was one of her best purchases ever. Dahil sa aking pagiging dakilang inggitera, I had to get this too. So yesterday, I sashayed my way to Cyberzone in search for this little contraption. It took me a while since all I saw were iPods and iPod knock offs from China. Urgh. So finally I found one at the Epson store of all places. When I saw the hot pink one on display I gushed. Immediately asked sales boy to gimme gimme more it. I was surprised that it comes with a portable charger, a Creative TravelSound speaker and a silicone skin for free! Whoa. So I bought it. Happy! Oh… and it’s super CHEAP ya’ll! Everything only cost me 2999 pesos. Great buy!

Why is it better than iPod? (a) You don’t have to use fucking iTunes to transfer files. (b) Its super light and perfect for running or working out (not applicable to me, of course). (c) The price! (d) Sound quality is superb. (e) The Tamagotchi like interface is just too cute. (f) Did I mention the price? Cheap! (g) It can play FM radio with amazing clarity and can take up to 32 presets. (h) And it comes in hot pink.



Purple Line live!

This is another obligatory Tohoshinki ( a.k.a. DBSK/TVXQ/東方神起/동방신기) post and feel free to skip if you don’t want to read my fanboy gushes. So yeah, for almost a month now they’re the only ones I listen to. This is crazy. Next week I might go to OkBooks (somewhere in P.Burgos, Makati) to get me some Toho merchandise. Haha. So anyway, I just wanna congratulate the boys for breaking a new record in the Oricon charts. They’re still #1! God damn it, those sexy sons of the gods are off to rule the world! Yebah! I just learned about it a week ago that they have the largest fan base in the world. That’s right. In the world. Gosh. I know for a fact that this feat was previously held by the Hanson brothers. Remember them? I know this since my lovely little sister is a member. Haha.

Here are the boys doing what they do best. I so cannot wait for the DVD! I want want want. Urgh. Such eye candy. I go crazy everytime Yunho sways his hips.

Don’t you love IMEEM? Great quality huh? Youtube needs a major overhaul quality wise.



Sony Ericsson is so fasyon

Take a good look on that handsome guy on the left. Memorize his face. Okay. I found out about this amazing new CM of Sony Ericsson just moments ago from random blog hopping. I never really thought much of Oguri Shun (boy on the left) until this. You all might recognize him as that snobbish track guy on the popular Hana Kimi on GMA7 or as one of the F4 with Jun Matsumoto on Hana Yori Dango still on GMA7. Well, he was kind of boring in all of those. Anyway, Sony Ericsson came out with this amazing idea of letting him do a bit of cosplaying for its new commercial for a new phone. And it was fabulous. The transformations were mind blowing. Well, I’m exaggerating of course. It’s just that seeing something creative like this always gets me high. I like the one with him as Napoleon and him as a girl. But what happened to his biceps? Haha.

The phone in question is the new W62S from AU and it was specially made to meet the ever growing needs of the Japanese consumers. What I like about it is that it is so fasyon. It comes with interchangeable housing which I think is brilliant. Don’t you miss the time of the 3310 when you can match your phone with your outfit anytime you want? I really miss that. Most phones now are impossible to style or you can opt paying for extravagant skins and blings which really is not an option for me. And I love its clam shell design with really huge LCD. Anywhoo, I would kill to have this phone. Well, I can’t afford it though. The price is not listed but I expect it to be on the roof knowing how expensive Japanese mobiles are. I can only dream. Watch watch watch!

How awesome was that? Go to the official site here to learn more and get some cool wallpapers. More pics below. Click to enlarge.

photo credit: oguri_shun



How excited am I?


If you can't do it when you're young

The Dark Knight gets a big kiss from me

I guess I’m a bit too late with this one since everybody already blogged about the awesomeness that was The Dark Knight. I don’t even know where to begin with my review. After watching it I was like… Hoemyfuckinggawd! I was fucking speechless ya’ll. The best movie I’ve seen EVER!

It had all the required elements for a superhero flick: explosions, crashes, chase scenes and superb fighting sequences. But all those are only secondary to the brilliance of the Nolan brother’s story and screenplay. Brilliant I tell you. From the showstopper bank robbery in the beginning to Batman’s self realization in the end was *sigh* flawless. It had so many twists and subplots that will keep you on the edge of your seat up to the very end.

Christian Bale reprised his role as the caped crusader and Maggie Gyllenhaal was a vast improvement in replacing Katie Holmes. But the scene stealers were the cocky Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent and the amazing Heath Ledger as the “embodiment of pure irrational evil” Joker. But the big surprise for me was the quickie cameo of the scandal ridden Asian superstar Edison Chen. I was so shocked! Haha. When he came out, the cinema was really quiet mind you, and I shouted (oo sigaw) “OMG. Diba si Edison Chen yun?” Kam was like... "Sino?" Haha. Even though he appeared for only five seconds I immediately recognized him. And yes, I still have his sex scandals in my hard drive.

By the time we went home Kam and I were still hung over from the Dark Knight. We’re both big Batman fans since we were kids. We’ve seen almost all the different versions both live action and animation. She was disappointed with Miss Gyllenhaal though and for about an hour we only discussed on how much she resembled a cow. Haha. And then the conversation led to comparisons with Rizal’s Crisostomo Ibarra. Yes, we also philosophized everything. Hay nako.

Anyway, I urge ya’ll to watch the film. It’s really really really fucking good. This is the year’s best so far. And after Heath Ledger's exceptional performance, I predict the incoming runways will be filled with purple suits.

Why so serious? Toodles!


Ikea is in Pinas already

Yesterday I wrote about that fabulous Ikea train. Just moments ago I was watching Us Girls on TV, you know that show with Angel Aquino, and they did a feature on Ikea. I didn't know they had a branch here. Wow. And they're also in Multiply. Fab. They have a lot of really cute stuff there and they're surprisingly affordable! Head on to and happy shopping!

MRT should look like this

This is very very old news but just imagine if MRT looked like this? What do you think? Benta? Well, siguro first day palang sira na lahat ng cool furniture. Haha. Anyway, this super duper (I don’t like using the word uber) cool train is a big marketing campaign of Swedish furniture giant Ikea for it’s opening in Japan. You might remember the store being mentioned perpetually on Queer Eye For A Straight Guy. Unforch, the public transpo makeover is only temporary. Well, you can only carry those shit for some time. Well, I hope Ikea will open a store here and do a much needed overhaul on our very ugly MRT. Click on image to enlarge.

Photo credits: Kiyomaro



Yummy yum yum: Yunho

There are no words. Hotness personified. Check photo 7. The guy below looks like he's giving Yunho head. Haha. Well, me and my perversions. More pics below. Click to enlarge.


Photo credits: