The L word

For no apparent reason I’m feeling a bit “depressed” right now. I don’t know what I feel really. I chatted with some people and they were all telling me I might just be lonely. Me? Moi? Ako? Lonely? Then I thought maybe they’re right. OMG. I haven’t felt that since I left home for college. Then again having your laptop as your best friend is kind of pathetic and well… depressing. So basically, my life is shit. Right now, I can already predict what I’ll be doing for the next week. Seriously, I don’t really know what is happening to me. Last week, on separate occasions, I turned down 3 friends who wanted to party. (I’m sorry guys. They don’t read this blog anyway. ) That was so not me. I blame it to the Philippine economy. Why would I pay more than a hundred bucks for one beer? I mean, seriously. But… I’ve been experiencing a late alcohol withdrawal syndrome lately. Fuck. Can’t be helped though.

To busy myself I rummaged through our shelf. Yes. Our apartment is so fancy, we have a shelf. I got an old Reader’s Digest. Normally, I don’t read shitty mags like that. Only mum and Kam do. But this big red drawn heart was on the cover and I figured why not. So for the past hour I’ve been rereading this article on how to find, fall and stay in love. Yes, people! Think whatever you wanna think of me. I mean, I can’t just eat, sleep, fuck and shop for the rest of my life. I’m also looking for that extra zing. And yes, in my entire twenty *cough cough* something existence I still haven’t experienced the L word. Yet. I guess that’s what you get when you start having sex at an early age. So fuck it. I guess I could give this love thing a try.

So where the fuck am I getting at? What is my point? I just thought maybe that’s why I’m depressed lonely. There is this deep void in me that I have no idea how to fill (cue in any John Mayer song). You know. And Hot Neighbor #1 is not helping. I think he’s straight. Fuck him. But even the straightest ruler can be bent. Right? Oh whatever. *sigh*

Yeah yeah yeah. I know what you’re gonna say to me. I already did the Jesus thing. But look where he got me? I’m agnostic now. And maybe I’ll be a Buddhist next year. I’m still window shopping for religion. Then they told me alcohol was the way to go. Yeah. It was fun until it lasted but I always wanted more. And I’m too scared and narcissistic to even do drugs. So that’s out. Then there was sex. Urgh. Sex doesn’t make you happy. Don’t be fooled.

So I’m very optimistic with this love conquest thing that I’m about to embark on. I will find it. I hope. So what to do? What to do? What to do? Maybe I’ll check g4m again.

Who said I had no right to be emo? Toodles!


Gloss it up

Brrr… It’s a bit chilly here. I really don’t understand Philippine weather sometimes. Anyway, nothing remotely interesting happened to my life lately. This is really sad ya’ll. I mean, what is the point of having a blog if the blogger is boring. Right? This constant state of ennui must stop. Damn it.

So what to do? Why, watch bad TV of course!

Okay, the last time I was totally bashing the Gossip Girl Pinoy rip off Lipgloss. And today I watched an episode just for the fun of it. And… OMG! The show is so fucking bad it’s actually brilliant! And I can’t believe I’m actually enjoying this shit. Haha.

Watch the rest here, here, here and here.

In unrelated news, I had another encounter with Hot Neighbor #1. I’m beginning to see a pattern already. Every time I go out to buy sa tindahan sa labas in my sando and boxers, he would always be there buying yosi. And you know what was cute? He was also in his sando and boxers! Gosh. Pwede na kami mag pajama party. Ahihihi. Errr… boxer party pala. And ngumiti siya sakin. Buti nalang kahit mukha akong yagit that time at least naka Havaianas ako. Haha. Grabe mga ka-pusa! Dahil sa super tight sando niya I can see that he has a swimmer’s built. In fairness, hindi siya hipon unlike Michael Phelps! Haha. Pota. Kailangan ko na talaga mag gym! So next time, pag wala si kapatid, tatambay na ako sa labas at pa yosi-yosi pag anjan siya.



P.S. His name is not Biboy pala but it’s Mike. Toinks! Panu yan pag maging kami? What will be call each other? Hmmm…

Source: Nagali

Shinji ilabas mo na ang helicopter ngayon din

I can't believe I'm neglecting Pinoy rock lately. I blame it to Britney Spears but whatevs. Grabe. Astig talaga ng Pedicab mga ka-pusa! Bago lang ako na-introduce sa kanila at na love-at-first-guitar-riff ako while watching their vids sa Youtube. Di ko kinayanan lumipad agad ako tungong The Block para makabili ng super cool limited edition na CD nila. May libre daw na 3D glasses eh. I'm so happy right now. Galing nila!

MP3: Pedicab - Ang pusa mo

Queenie kasalanan mo lahat to!

P.S. Nakita ko pala si Gabby Concepcion kanina. Maputi pala siya. Hihi.

Pilipinas gets gold

At this very moment I am watching replays of the Olympics on channel 9. Don’t ask why. There was this dude doing martial arts thingy and since PDA just ended and there’s nothing good on anyway, I decided to watch. I was actually bored. The dude won. Big deal, I thought. I went to the bathroom and then they suddenly played Lupang Hinirang. I was like WTF! That dude was Pinoy pala and he freaking won! Tapos google agad ako. Sad to say that was only a demonstration sport meaning it won’t be counted on the medal tally. Sayang.

Daniel Radcliffe is a stallion

Yes ladies and gents, that very naked boy atop a very black horse is Harry Potter himself. This is on the September issue of Vogue and is shot by controversial photographer Annie Leibovitz. Read the whole article accompanying the photo here. Daniel has lovely buns doesn’t he?

I that photo is a bit gay. Well, it looks very similar to a fashion spread starring super male model Chad White for the gay glossy Out magazine last year. See that here.

In related news, Daniel Radcliffe is not only prancing around naked and faux fucking on the Broadway play Equus but he’ll also have a nude scene in the last installment of the Harry Potter series of films. Ok. This is a bit mind boggling. I’ve read Deathly Hollows thoroughly and I couldn’t remember a naked Harry on Hogwarts! Or is there? Can anyone help me?

Anyway in an interview:

At first I thought I’d have pants (underwear) on for the scene. Apparently not,” said Radcliffe adding that his “Equus” play has prepared him for this naked scene. “But I’ve sort of done that before on stage. It’s all old hat now, really.

Source: Stylelist

Kinda like the Olympics but not really

Photo Credits: Mahalo, Harper's Bazaar


I just heard this on MYX. Wah. I’m super hooked. Thank gawd for Sandwich for providing something fresh in the Pinoy music scene. Graveh. LSS ako! Astig pa ng video.

MP3: Sandwich - Betamax


P.S. Cute pa yung lead. Sino siya?


Today I was cleaning up my laptop. You know, getting rid of unwatched porn, mp3s, and tons and tons of photos. Then I found Danny Saucedo hidden in the recess of my drive D. I totally forgot how much I loved this dude’s music. Like, immensely. So I’m sharing him to you. He’s quite handsome and a very very very brilliant musician. His album Heart.Beats is fuckin’ amazing. Scandinavian pop at its purest. The song Tokyo is quite nice. Very camp but nonetheless brilliant. And he sings well live!

MP3: Danny Saucedo – Tokyo

Dear god

I know I haven’t spoken to you in 6 years and I’m not even sure if you’re really there. I just wanna ask why? Why was I born poor? Why god? People kept telling me that you’re cooking some fierce plan for me. I don’t really understand what they meant but whatever. I can’t wait. So if you’re not busy with pedicures or playing rock-paper-scissors with Lucifer can you please perform a miracle for me? I just need one of these things. Male models not included (but you know I love surprises). Just one and I will be temporarily blissful for about a month.
Photo Credit:


P.S. Have angel Gabriel deliver it. He’s hot, right?

The Olympics is kinda gay

Photo Credit: Popnography

Well, sort of.

Michael Phelps dates a supermodel

Michael Phelps
is the current golden boy of the 2008 Beijing Olympics blah blah blah. I don’t really get interested in sports but when Bryanboy said he had a source telling him that golden boy is seeing supermodel Lily Donaldson I just couldn’t stop googling! Telegraph UK also wrote something about them. Whoa. Fashion and sports fusion? Brilliant!

I can just imagine! They must have the best sex ever!!!

Escapism, the third world way

Sometimes it’s nice to escape. I’m just so tired of the “thirdworldness” of QC. Every time I step out of the house I see poverty. Really depressing. I mean, I’m already poor and there’s no need to rub it in my face. Urgh. [Note to self: after contract change apartments next year.] What I really needed was to be surrounded by expensive things and extremely gorgeous people. So yesterday, sister and I went to Makati.

Photo Credit: Ayala Museum

Our first stop was the Ayala Museum. People you have to visit this place. Been there twice and it’s still amazing. Like, jaw dropping amazing. In the fourth floor they house a huge collection of 1,059 golden artifacts from Pre-Hispanic Philippines. Gosh. I’ve never seen so much gold in my life. Who knew ancient Pinoys were so rich. Both in culture and shiny metals. I plan on copying some pieces and have my dad make them for me. Haha. This’ll be the first time I’ll ask dad to make me jewelry.

Photo Credit: Ayala Museum

Also saw Nestor Olarte Vinluan’s new works. I don’t really get abstract art but this particular collection struck me. Seeing it up close you can really feel the emotions and passion the artist had while painting. I’m still puzzled on how he did these things. Did he have a giant blower?

Had lunch at Kitchen in Greenbelt. I forced Kam to eat there since I knew they serve great food in the cheap. But I forgot that the food crisis happened. Mahalandia na siya. But not that much. The food is still great. Still very Pinoy.

Then we roamed around Greenbelt 5. I love that place. Some people find it intimidating and sosyal. It is but you can actually find great stuff there. You have to go see Myth. It’s a little store that houses works of Joey Samson, Randy Ortiz, and others. I mean, instead of going to Zara or Topman why not support Pinoy fashion? Pareho lang naman ang presyo. Mas fab pa. Raedel, if you’re reading this pm me agad kung may sale. Hehe.

While there, we did some Facehunter-ish camwhoring. Here’s what we managed to get. I know, I know, I know that Kam is more chica than me. :(

She eats a lot but she’s this thin. Hate her.

I look so ugly. I hate myself. And stop looking at my nose! The thing just magically expands. Urgh. Anywhoo, I’m in my favorite vest again. Swear to gawd if I can wear that every day I will.

Right now, I’m tired. Just got back from watching Wall-e and buying groceries. And just minutes ago I found out that Hot Neighboor #1 has a name. He’s Biboy. Sounds silly noh? Haha.



Pinoy Gossip Girl is TRUE!

Hoe my gawd guys! It’s apparently true. Gossip Girl is indeed already here in Pinas. And it just started yesterday!!! WTF?! Well, people said the series is loosely based on GG but it isn’t daw. Ewan ko lang ha. The show in question is called LIPGLOSS. It’s not on ABSCBN but on TV5. I know you’re confused. I was too. What is TV5 anyway? Thanks to Mr. Google I found out that it’s the reprogrammed ABC5. So ready your barf bags everyone! What you’ll be reading next induces projectile vomiting.

According to some press release LIPGLOSS is "eye candy and mind candy, tantalizing and terrific, a complex and fascinating saga of haves and have-mores. It deals with real issues of the young beyond-the-boy-meets girl variety."


But that’s not all! The real bombshell is seen on the photo below.

Oh my! Sam Concepcion as the infamous moderator of the gossip blog?! Kids, hindi ito kinayanan ng lolo niyo. Na disorient ako!

So you don’t believe me? Watch the promotional video below.

What do you think guys? But that Nate guy (aka Jake) is kinda cute though.

Sources and Photo Credits:, DailyNagali

The Merman

Photo Credits: Morphosis, John Tan and Bell Soto Models: Bernardo & Augusto and Shaun Haugh

Thoughts on Project Runway Philippines

Everybody is buzzing about the new Project Runway Philippines. Too bad our cheap 12 inch TV can’t get the signal from ETC. It’s all black and white and blurry. I may have to buy those antennas just to watch this show. We don’t have cable since our student allowance can’t suffice. Poor us. Anywhoo, thank you to all the gods for Youtube. Since kanina all I did was watch all the episodes in my laptop. And what can I say? Hoe my gawd! The Pinoy version so so so much better than the current US one! I kid you not. The drama. The bitchiness. It was like watching high school kids (read: Mean Girls). Haha. And the fashions? Well, we all know Pinoys are really talented. They’re quite good, surprisingly good for unknown designers. And I love it that one minute they’re talking in Bisaya then the next Tagalog then after a while broken English! Haha. Love the whole language barrier thing. One dude is Ilonggo, apparently he came from the same home town as mine. South Cotabato represent! T’boli girl better work it.

Teresa Herrera as Heidi Klum, Jojie Lloren as Tim Gun, Rajo Laurel as Michael Kors and Apples Aberin-Sahdwani as Nina Garcia? My gawd, I couldn’t have asked for a better fit. The perfect cast ya’ll! But really, the main reason why you should watch is this guy here:

His name is Eli. He’s a wanna be designer. He’s hot. He’s gay. But he hasn’t made anything quite remarkable yet (in the show). He has tattoos as you can see. He’s hot. According to my blogger friend Edrick, he looks like that guy Bryanboy blogged about years ago. Chikatime material ito. He’s hot. And did I forget to mention that he’s hot? Because he totally is. Fashizzle!



My big red mistake

In my unending quest for eternal beauty, I spent about an hour scrutinizing Landmark’s beauty section last weekend. Have you been there? They have the most extensive collection from Ever Bilena to Shiseido. Lovely place. So I was at the hair coloring section. Who knew there were hundreds of shades of brown?! Took me more than 40 minutes to decide what to get. Sister was on the other side (at the hair removal shelf haha) waiting. After some serious mental self debate, I came to a decision that I wanted to be blonde. You know, like Jennifer Aniston. So the next day was when I did the coloring. It was really easy. I did everything the box told me to do. I had newspapers all over the floor in case of a spill. And I also prepared myself. Thirty minutes later… it was time to rinse. When I looked in the mirror, the crème looked a bit weird. It was orange. I proceeded with the rinsing. After drying I checked myself on the mirror again.

Qué horror!

Holy fucking carabao. I almost cried at the sight of me. I kept telling myself this wasn’t happening. Fuck fuck fuck. My lovely coif turned red!!! Oh my. My blonde ambitions were shattered to tiny pieces. And it wasn’t even sparkly Bree Van de Kamp red. It was ugly dark red. How am I gonna salvage this? I’m so not going out of the house without a hat. This is so unfortunate ya’ll! All I wanted was to look like this dude.

This is just a minor set-back. I’ll maybe shave my head this weekend then start all over again. Moral of the story: don’t ever buy cheap DIY coloring kits. If it doesn’t have the word L’oreal in it then immediately discard.

Yun lang po. Toodles!


The One

Some time ago I blogged about the awesomeness that was Kylie’s The One. Pure pop poetry ya’ll. Personally, I think this is the best song off her album X. I so <3 this song. The last time I was at Club Government they played this and I just lost my mind. I went into this trance completely ignoring the fag behind me who was suffering from my incessant feet stomping. I didn’t realize I was butchering his shoes. Haha. Anywhoo, the video is just beyond. Kylie out-gayed herself yet again. The video is camp perfection complete with naked dudes dancing. It looked a bit Dita Von Teese and a bit Annie at times.

MP3: Kylie – The One (Freemasons Remix)



Punk Disco

While waiting for the fabulous Lady Gaga’s debut album to arrive let’s take a journey to Scandinavia where electro pop reigns supreme and camp music is celebrated. Infernal (see photo above) made their mark to the mainstream with the huge success of From Paris To Berlin (you know, that song for that mega soccer event about 2 years ago). That song was my anthem during my am-I-gonna-pass-my-Math28-class days. Haha. Watch the rather not so brilliant but amazing still music video here. Now, they’re back with a vengeance and ready to top the charts yet again. Hurah for pop music!

I got a hold of their new album (which was just released yesterday) through my network of online pirates. The album is aptly named Electric Cabaret. They continued to experiment with their sound taking influences from Goldfrapp. The product is brill. So, my favorite song off the album has got to be Punk Disco. It has the most amazing chorus. It blew me away! This is the sort of thing you blast in full volume to annoy the neighbors. Brilliant I tell you. Well, I did just that this morning but I realized I have no neighbors since they were all off to work. Boo! Will do it again tonight after watching Dyosa.

MP3: Infernal – Punk Disco

To be clear, I’m not the one who uploaded that song. I’m washing myself of all the sins I’ve been doing online. I just can’t help but spread pop to the world. I’m on a mission. Aren’t we sick of all the Usher clones? Like, do we need more Chris Browns and Neyos? Puh-lease.

If you like what you hear don't forget to support the artist. Buy it here.



Are you ready for the Pinoy Gossip Girl?

Every time I open my inbox, there is always someone posting about the new so called “Pinoy version” of Gossip Girl. I have no idea how it started but the whole thing mutated into viral proportions that even Chuvaness blogged about it and was rumored that Charo Santos (of ABS-CBN) already took notice. A lot of people are bashing the idea mostly saying that Philippine TV is becoming unoriginal these days what with ABS’ My Girl and Betty La Fea and GMA’s Kim Sam-Soon, Marimar and Dyesebel. For me, remakes are fine. You know, as long as you can make it look original and add something new. And I enjoy watching My Girl. But a GG remake? I’m so not keen with this one. I think it’s a bit absurd. Don’t you agree?

Here’s what I think:
  • We are in the third world. I mean, what are they gonna wear? Rip offs from Bayo for KC and Freeway for Anne? Just how the fuck would they do that episode of Jenny stealing a red Valentino dress in return for a much cheaper Dolce and Gabbana???

  • It will surely get bad rep from all the Jesus freaks. I don’t know how they’ll react with horny high school teens dealing with drugs, sex, cat fights and expensive Prada shoes on national television. I can already imagine them rallying in front of ABS-CBN burning pictures of Anne Curtis.

  • And why KC? Why Anne? More importantly why the fuck would Toni be Vanessa?!?! Aren’t they all, you know, over 20? GG is set in high school. Okay, so the American actors playing in GG are also over 20. But you just can't pretend that Sam Milby is 16! That would be retarded.

  • Serena lives in a hotel in the Upper East Side while Dan is in the Bronx. So that would be: Pinoy Serena lives in Forbes (Philippine hotels are no good) and Pinoy Dan is in anywhere that is not Forbes (preferably in Tondo).

  • Lastly, how will they end each episode? Alam mong mahal mo ko. XOXO . Chismosang Babae. Haha.

Yun lang po. Toodles!


File not found

My Fileden account was suspended. There wasn’t even any notice for me at all. Fuck. But whatevs. The authorities found out that I’ve been illegally distributing mp3’s there. Haha. So, all the music links in this blog are down. Sorry. I get a lot of hits from all the music I post here and I’ll find a way to re-up them if I have time. Or maybe I’ll just stop posting music at all. Hmmm… Should I?



Doing the Agyness

Photo Credit: Fashionista

This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in days. For me this is kinda major since it’s pretty hard to make me laugh. Radar dissected Agyness' popular poses with a bit of humor. I <3 Agyness. I mean, who doesn’t? Anyway, I’ll be doing the Elvis-Does-The-Macarena pose the next time there’s a camera. Haha.



Avenue - Last Goodbye

Photo Credit: Weareavenue

Like, OMG! Just when we all thought pop is dying then comes an awesome new Boyband rising from the ashes of Take That. They’re called Avenue and they are fresh pop boy puppets but unlike their ancestors (Westlife, Blue and Five) they are actually really muthafuckingly super duper mega brilliant. Trust me. You know that I just don’t throw around praises willy nilly. I urge ya’ll to investigate further.

They are signed in Island Records which is home to pop superstars like Mika, Sugababes, Mutya Buena and Annie. They’re working with great artists like Anders SG of the Alphabeat (my fave band of the moment) and with music factory All Around The World that handles the amazing club goddess Cascada (OMG!).I think they’re in good hands.

But just how brilliant are they? Let me count the ways:
  • They belong to the Boyband category. That is reason enough. There are five of them which is great since odd numbers are always good for pop music.

  • The boys have really stupid names that hormonal pre teen girls will find cute. They are Max George (19), Andy Brown (21), Ross Candy (20), Jonny Lloyd (24) and Scott Clarke (23).

  • Basing from the photo above, the boys seems to like shopping at Topman. I guess skinny jeans paired with blazers are still in. They look cocky but not in that gross Jonas Brothers sort of way. Don’t you agree?

  • Their debut single Last Goodbye is probably the best Boyband song ever made. I am not kidding. They sound so fresh and modern they’re like the male Girls Aloud but with a bit The Click Five thrown in. Don’t be deceived by the title though. It may sound like a cross ballad but it’s not. You’ll be surprised.

  • Last Goodbye has an awesome chorus. Since most pop is all about the chorus, this song succeeds. It has the perfect amount of cheese. Not too campy like A1 or too serious like Westlife. It’s just right. Hoe My Gawd! I can’t stop singing. Like, seriously. My ears are bleeding from eternal awesomeness. And it has a proper ending, not a fade.

Download this right now. Stop thinking. Come on. You know you wanna.

MP3: Avenue - Last Goodbye

Watch the not that amazing but ok enough for a Boyband music video below. I enjoyed all the flashing lights. The vid kinda reminded me of Boyzone but whatevs. Flashing lights are cool. Watch it.



Can't wait for Harry

I'm sure to be watching this on IMAX. Gawd. I'm so excited. This might be my least fave of all the books but the movie sure looks good. But November is a million years away. So for the mean time...

Photo credit: leatheregg, emma-watson-fans