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Okay. It is official. Tyler Oakley is the funniest boy in The Internet.

The return of Le Bitch

When I learned that the bitch is back and that her new amazing single Womanizer just dropped yesterday I went crazy! Like, OMG! If you really know me then you’re probably aware that I worship this woman. I love her despite everything. Bald or with hair. Her new single Womanizer is the shit. It’s so fucking good that it’ll guarantee her at least one more moon man next year.

The song is so fucking brilliant ya’ll! It sounds like “Toxic” but with the vibe of Blackout’s “Ooh Ooh Baby.” So basically, it’s a piece of genius. Number one baby!

MP3: Britney Spears - Womanizer

The video is on the way. According to MTV: In the clip, Britney sports a vampy look — a short black wig, red lipstick, black leather pants and fake tattoos — and plays a waitress, just like she did in the video for "(You Drive Me) Crazy." But the best thing is that rumors tells us that the video features "erotic" choreography and that Britney makes out with a man on a kitchen counter. OMG!

Coincidentally, Miss Christina Aguilera is also out with a new single. Apparently, Womanizer is everything that Miss Aguilera is trying to achieve with her comeback. Sorry girl, looks like Brit will “overshadow” you again.


Ok. I’ve been listening to this shit for the whole fucking day! Can you believe it? I’m totally crazy. Gosh. I was never like this since ummm… since ummm… let’s see… N’SYNC? Haha. And I don’t even understand Korean! Gosh. Anywhoo, since I’m pretty bored tonight, I’ll make a review! Yey.

To start, let me just say that the cover sleeve is amazing. I wanna get wet with them like as in right now. Haha. Now on with the review…

주문 (MIROTIC) – This is the first single and like any first singles off a pop album, it pretty much exemplifies the whole album. Thank gawd it’s not horrendous. It’s not the best but it’s pretty catchy. They used a lot of synthesizers for this one. But that’s a good thing. I just can’t imagine them singing this live though. 9/10

Wrong Number – Starts out well but looses the shine when the chorus comes. I don’t know though. After 30 fucking listens, I seriously think this is a solid pop song. All the elements are here: lame lyrics, rapping, computer sounds and Junsu’s amazing voice. 6/10

노을... 바라보다 – Okay. I’m skipping this one. It’s a slow ballad. Nothing fun here. 5/10

CRAZY LOVE – Yes it has to be capitalized. OMG. This is my favorite! Sounds like a cross between S Club (post Paul) and Arashi. It has a bit of electronica which I love. So I don’t understand what this is about really. All I know that it’s about love and it’s crazy. Yeah. 11/10

HEY! (Don't bring me down) – It starts with one of the boys saying “Break it down now.” This is a phrase that should never be used in a pop song ever. It is just wrong. But the chorus is amazing! Actually, we only care for the chorus. However, they still kept on singing “Break it down now” mid song which is bad but regains to amazingness when chorus is repeated again. 8/10

나의 노래– Another slow song but thank gawd it actually sounds great. 9/10

무지개 – Pop perfection. I predict this to be the next single. Yoochun starts the song with his deep fuck-me-I’m-hot voice. I prolly replayed that part countless times already. Haha. OMG this is a really good song. Sounds a bit retro. I really love this. 10/10

무지개 – Yoochun! Stop being so damn sexy! Urgh. This one is so-so. A bit R&Bish which is trash in my book. Haha. And they were saying ‘My boo’? Ewww. 6/10

악녀 (Are you A Good girl) – No. I’m a bad girl. Hehe. Great great great song! From beginning to end it’s catchy. Plus all those electronica is amazing. When the chorus comes we hear a bit of annoying rapping but apart from that this is a great song. This is club ready. 9/10

Flower Lady – Oh my, this song brings us back to the Hug days. Sappy, romantic, fluffy and pure saccharine. But who says that’s a bad thing? They’re a boyband after all. This is really cute. Like, kawaii overload. 8/10

잊혀진계절 – I’ll skip this. Ballad again! 6/10

Love in the Ice – OMG! Fuck! This is awesome! OMG! Changmin and Jae! Thank you! OMG! Okay, this is one of my faves from their Jap album T and they translated it to Korean. They changed the arrangements a bit and its sounds awesome. I love the “ha ha haaah” part. Amazing! The boys can really sing. Junsu’s voice is pure love. And I sorta can relate to the song. OMG. Are these tears in my eyes? 1,000,000,000/10

I leave you with an HQ video of Mirotic. A bit of warning though. This video is known to cause spasm and involuntary sexual arousals. Click at your own risk.

Mmmkay. I’ll stop now.

When I'm wasted

I look like this.

Shrimp surfers

You’ve probably seen this countless of times already but I just wanna say that this is the funniest CM ever. The first time I saw this, I was ROFLMAOing till I gasped for air. Totoo. Tuwang tuwa ako. I think this sheds light to my “in the closet” brothers. Kaya lumabas na kayo jan, mas masaya dito.

Fairness, walang hipon sa kanila. Haha. Tara mga pare, group hug!!!

Toki blues and haircut blunders

Photo credit: Chuvaness

Why didn’t I know about this? Bakit? Bakit po? Huhu. I just found out that the amazing Simone Legno (creator of Tokidoki) was here in Manila to meet fans. Bakit hindi ko alam? You see, I’m a BIG Tokidoki fan. That cute little creature you see in my header was made by him. Grabe, I can’t get over it. And he was at Fresh which is just blocks away from where I live! Urgh. Kainis.

Anyway, Kam and I went to Salon de Manila today. That was totally unexpected. You see, we went to Bench Fix yesterday for some much needed rest and beautification but it unexpectedly ended in tears. A stylist from Fix ruined, butchered, and shit all over Kam’s perfect long locks. Moral of the story: don’t have your haircut in an overcrowded cheap salon EVER. Since this is a very serious matter, we made a plan to salvage what was left. Apparently, the only plan is: go to an expensive salon. So we were there. Services were overpriced but were totally worth every penny. While writing in the guest list, we noticed that the people before us were artistas. Gosh. Before Kam, was Marvin Agustin. May career pa ba siya? And while waiting for Kam to finish, I had the best manicure of my life. Haha. I decided to color my nails. They have Orly and I totally felt like Xiaxue for a minute. Haha. So Kam got a bob ala Victoria Beckham. Really cute and feminine. A new look for her. And she was happy, which is the most important thing. And also check my shorter do!

That’s all. Toodles.

Stop using me

For some reason, an unknown person is using my name and my blog in flaming on other blogs. I have nothing against flaming. Although it can be considered a digital crime, I still think there’s a right place for that (like on a Miley Cyrus forum or whatever). And why use me? I mean, come on! I’m not even famous.

Somebody really hates me. Anyway, I don’t care. More hits for me then. Hehe.

Retail therapy

 shopping! If people go to spas or spend money on designer coffees, I have shopping. It’s my cardio and psycho-therapy in one! Here are some of my purchases for the week. Please forgive my prehistoric cam-phone.

This I really like. It has a very unique collar. Makes me look like a total queen but I love it. Plus the drawing is very nice noh? And that red heart is just so cute. I’m digging the way this shirt makes me look thin. Haha.

Blue was never my color. It always looks bad on me and makes me look fat. But this was just too cute. The cut is slim and the print in the middle creates an illusion that I have a smaller waist (w/c is the main reason why I bought this).

When I saw this on the rack, I totally gushed. OMG. I’ve been looking for a big bow tie since forever. Blame this on Blair Waldorf. The black shirt is simple and partly made of lycra so it’s snug and very comfy. The shirt actually has a very low neckline. The bow covers it a bit and adds an element of surprise. Kawaii!

Now this is the boldest thing that I have in my closest right now. Plaid is so the trend for fall. To avoid looking like everyone else, I picked one in flaming red. Very rock & roll chic. When I saw this I was thinking of Arashi Nagase from Paradise Kiss. Now all I need are combat boots.

This transparent umbrella-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh is my favorite find ever! I wanted one so bad since I saw Nikki Gil sporting one in her old HSM2 music video. And now I have it! Haha. I actually had to fight for this one since there was this girl trying to coax me to give it to her and she’ll add more to what I paid for. Whatever. No money is gonna replace how cool I will look with this. I hope it’s gonna rain tomorrow. Haha.


Your woman

This song has got the most ambiguous lyrics ever. A straight dude singing about not being somebody’s woman? Did I miss something here? According to Jyoti Mishra, the guy who wrote this, it could either mean: (a) Being a member of an orthodox Trotskyist / Marxist movement . (b) Being a straight guy in love with a lesbian. (c) Being a gay guy in love with a straight man. (d) Being a straight girl in love with a lying, two-timing, fake-ass Marxist. Hmmm… just pick one that suits you well. Of course it’s C for me.

Two years ago, Tyler James made an amazing cover of this. That’s him you see above.

MP3: Tyler James – Your woman

Mirotic, makes me go all erotic (a sneak peek)

What does Mirotic mean? I did a bit of investigation at and no, “mirotic” is definitely not English. That obscure word, by the way, is the title of DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki/東方神起/동방신기‘s comeback album to Korea. After a bit of googling, I found out from Seoulbeats who found the precious info from Newsen that mirotic is a combination of the Korean word for “maze” (미로) and they just added an English word (ahem) “tic” at the end. Genius! So what do we think of mirotic in its pure essence aside from it being a rubbish attempt at wordplay? Well, I have no idea. But it rhymes with hypnotic, exotic and narcotic. So far so good.

To be honest, I only listen to their Japanese songs but I am making an exemption this time since I, together with little Asian girls and faggots, am very excited on what the boys will serve next. I mean, come on! How hot is that photo above? Eh?

Since I am on fanboy mode right now and this is my blog let me share some of my analysis:

  • The photo above is the official sleeve. Looks like it’s a rehash of Purple Line minus the actual purple. Is all those neons a sign of a sudden switch to electronic pop? I hope so. But maybe not.

  • We see five perfectly photoshopped guys and wait… is that… OMG! I see someone’s nipple! Children, cover your eyes! This only means that the guys are going for a more mature image and may eventually and blatantly sell sex in future music videos. Thank you lord of pop!

  • Looks like Junsu is pushing Changmin away who is reaching for Yoochun who is oblivious with it all. Jaejoong is being his pretty self in the middle but it is the amazing Yunho and his taut nipple that steals the show.

To have more visuals let’s look at the little preview of their new music video below. Just click the play button.

How was that? Hawt? Now let us review shall we?

A constipated looking Jaejoong. He’s so pretty damn it!

An angry Yoochun banging on what seems to be a glass wall or it could be ice. Whatever.

Changmin imitating Neve Campbell circa Wildthings.

Yunho acting all cool and he seems to be doing the pogi pose. Cool.

Laser lights over Junsu. Nothing ground breaking here.

I'ma get, get, get, get, you drunk, get you love drunk off my humps.

Love the way Junsu does the oh-my-gosh pose. Priceless.

So that’s it for now. Toodles!

Photo credits: Seoulbeats, xia@dnbn, fangirlmitz

Me likey likes a Keroppi fan

I definitely want that. No. I need it. I’m referring to the neck piece and not the boy. Although I kinda want him too. Haha. That’s the amazing Jaejoong, by the way. If you still don’t know, he’s the lead vocalist of Tohoshinki. You know, that Korean boyband I’m super obsessed with currently. So yeah, I want that fan thingy on his neck! Last Sunday, in church (shock!), there was this kid who had a super kawaii portable fan. It was hot that day so I was super inggit. Huhu. I want my Keroppi fan damn it! So that very same day, Kam and I went to Gift Gate to see if they have it. But they don’t! Wah. Actually, they have portable fans but all are Hello Kitties! Kam actually wanted me to buy the thing but no. It has to be Keroppi! I found it on the net though. Sells for 18 SGD. That’s about 600 PHP. But I think those are fakes since they don’t have Sanrio logos anywhere. The Hello Kitty ones in Gift Gate are 700 PHP. So knowing they might be fake, 600 plus shipping cost is a bit expensive noh? I mean, for a Sanrio. Hehe. So I’ll be scouring that Sanrio store in Greenhills or maybe Divi (no, too far). Or I could visit every fucking Gift Gate in Metro Manila. I may just do that this Wednesday. Wish me luck! If I fail, will just buy off the net and figure out how to since I’ve got no credit card. *sigh*

Summer storm

I know it is a bit farfetched to claim that this is the best movie I’ve seen ever. Because it is not. Haha. Nothing beats Cinderella for me. But this comes close. I mean, I should be a good judge since I probably saw every gay film ever created in the whole wide universe. So you can trust me on this one.

The other night I was bored to death that I was on the brink of grabbing a ballpen and slashing it to my throat till the veins cut off and blood gushes out. So like any normal gay boy would, I turned to porn. But after 20 minutes of the same repetitive up and down motions I got a bit blasé (word of the day). Thank gawd for this wonderful girl who told me about this wonderful German film that she saw called Summer Storm. So I gave it a try.

I wasn’t really expecting anything. This isn’t gonna be like Brokeback Mountain I hoped. And surprise (!) I ended up loving it. The film is incredibly realistic and very direct. No American Pie antics here. But you have to be prepared since it has the most amazing sex scene I’ve seen in ages. Yes, better than Jack and Ennis’ quickie in the mountains. But the best thing about the film is that it speaks to the heart. It has its share of melodramatic nonsense but you won’t be bothered much since they’re just so cute. Haha.

Here is the synopsis: Tobi and Achim have been best mates for years. As cox and oarsman, they have lead their rowing club to win several rowing cups in the past and are now looking forward to win a big regatta in the countryside of Germany. But this trip isn't your usual summer camp experience and problems soon arise. As Achim's relationship with his girlfriend Sandra, who's also on the team, grows more and more serious, Tobi starts to realize that his feelings for Achim run much deeper than he's willing to admit to himself. He feels confused, unsure of himself and increasingly left out by his friend Alex and the team. When Sandra's best friend Anke shows her interest in him, his anxiety starts to grow. When it turns out that the much-anticipated Berlin girls' team has been replaced by a team of athletic, cliché-bursting young gay men, Tobi and his teammates are suddenly forced to grapple with their prejudices, their fears, and, perhaps, their hidden longings. As the tension grows, Tobi, Achim and the others head towards a confrontation as fierce and liberating as the summer storm that's gathering over the lake. And Tobi realizes he has to start facing some facts about himself he didn't dare to face before. [source: IMDB]

The trailer:

Where can I watch this shit? Well, it’s all over the net! You can download torrents or choose between Youtube, Imeem, Youku, Tudou and

Devil worship

We watched Hellboy 2 last night and it was freaking fantastic. We went to the last screening and there were quite a number of people. I prefer watching at night. No noisy little kids. Anywhoo, I super duper love the movie. It was, for me, a triumph of style over substance. Yes people it was a sight to behold. A visual masterpiece and one heck of a ride. To be honest, I enjoyed it more than The Dark Knight. I’m not kidding. It was like Neil Gaiman on crack. Fucking amazing. Yeah, I saw Pan’s Labyrinth and frankly I didn’t enjoy that. But here, Guillermo del Toro upped the weird creatures and monsters to high proportions but unlike the very grim Pan’s Labyrinth, he made Hellboy offbeat and fun. There was even a Barry Manilow moment that is sure to make you laugh out loud.


Here’s the amazing trailer.

Now, if that didn’t got you going, I will kick you right in the ass.

Throw the confettis ya'll!

Kam is turning old(er). That means I'm also old. Urgh. The sad reality of life. Anywhoo, stalk her on Friendster and say a happy birthday. I cooked her spaghetti this morning because, really, what could be more fun than homemade spaghetti for breakfast? And to keep the red theme going, we'll be watching Hell Boy 2 tonight. Yebah! We're both huge fans. And maybe I'll buy her that Rajo Plains & Prints top. Or maybe not. Haha.

Blog roundup

  • Bons is angry that Judy Ann Santos isn't paying her taxes properly.
  • Yuri-kun revealed he likes smooth stomachs and his new office lust.
  • Buzzwerth is psyched with the Gay Man's Kama Sutra.
  • Dabo got his credit cards ripped to pieces.
  • Yeoj sells Stripey Monsters Inc. He created and designed the little creatures.
  • Hikaru bought a shiny new luggage.

It only takes 5 questions

I have 5 Questions prepared for me by XbulletX but first the ground rules:

1. Leave me a comment saying you want to do this, too.

2. I'll respond by asking you five personal questions so I can get to know you better.

3. You should update your blog with the answers to the questions.

4. You should include this explanation and offer to ask someone else in the post.

5. When others comment asking to be asked, you will ask them five questions.

1) Seeing that you’re a big Gossip Girl fan. Are you more of a Serena van der Woodsen or a Blair Waldorf?

As much as I would like to be Blair, I think I’m more of a Serena (with the drinking, sex and tons of extra baggage). Now, she’s a bit reformed but my own reformation is still in order though. Haha.

2) If you can only have 6 things in your wardrobe? What will those be?

  • Good underwear since this is important and I can’t live without “support”

  • Skinny jeans is essential for me since it makes me look taller and my ass fuller

  • My new gold sneakers so I could sparkle

  • Simple black shirt will get you anywhere

  • A really sturdy leather tote to carry the necessities

  • Cool jacket just in case

3) (The classic) Where do you see yourself in 5 years? And with who?

In Tokyo starting my own porn company. No I’m kidding. Seriously, I have no idea. I don’t think of the future that much. I’m more of an in the moment kind of guy. With who? With the man I love of course. I will kill myself if I won’t have a boyfriend in 5 years.

4) Describe a perfect breakfast.

That'll be scrambled eggs with melted cheese, tocino, Jasmine rice, banana and a naked Jon Avila serving me hot black coffee. Or I could skip the food and go ahead with yummy Jon. Now that’s a happy meal.

5) List 5 people you'd do. :]

From left to right: Chace Crawford (He's prettier than Blair and Serena), Jon Avila (I will marry this man), Hikaru (My favorite porn star of all time), Jun Matsumoto (I'll have him as my pet just like in きみはペット), Tohoshinki (They come in a package)


So I guess I’m not over Korean boybands. For the past months I’ve been going crazy over DBSK (aka Tohoshinki) that I even started writing fanfic smuts of them. Yes, I am that perverted and I have a lot of free time. Now, there’s a new set of young dancing boys that’ll make me go gaga all over again. They’re called SHINee. Lame name and kind of gay actually. They’re made by the geniuses behind DBSK and yes they are talented. You should definitely click the play button above to see what I mean. The choreographer of the music video should definitely be given an award. I haven’t seen such amazing grinding and sliding since Rain. And it helps that the boys are pure eye candy. I am on pedo-mode ya’ll. All of them are underaged and I can’t stop imagining. Somebody kick me in the head.

Now over to the song. The title is Replay and my gawd I can’t erase if from my brain! It’s on replay and it won’t stop! Wah. The song is amazing of course. Don’t worry since it’s not campy at all. Actually, it’s kind of cool. You know, the type you play out loud so people will think you have amazing taste. This is one of those. This song was translated to English (thank gawd) by a brilliant Youtuber named Lisa. Her cover is so amazing that it got over 300,000 hits. Listen to that too.

MP3: SHINee – Replay

MP3: Lisa – Replay (English cover version)

Take note that one of them is wearing a The Strokes shirt. Hmmm… blasphemy! Haha.

Sneaker love

You make me love you

Do ya’ll remember Don Philip? Well, probably not. He’s practically unknown. It was hard tracking him on the internet. He has Myspace though. But that wasn’t really helpful. Okay. During the millennium I was obsessed with his song You make me love you. I would wait up for it to be played on MTV or Channel[V]. My gawd, those were the days. I feel so fucking old now! Urgh. So I was feeling a bit nostalgic tonight. I thought reminiscing cheesy pop songs would make my dull night less dull. And it helps that he’s incredibly handsome. We need more like him these days.

MP3: Don Philip – You make me love you

MP3: Don Philip – Sugar

I’ve been looking everywhere for his mp3s. Not easy. Took me two weeks! You have to listen to these ya’ll. Sugar is fantastically catchy you’ll be singing all day. His whole album sounds pretty much the same.

Right now, Don is sort of a loser and very gay. Yey! Haha. But he sure did make some cool shit back then.

I feel like a total pig

Let me begin by saying that I gratify to the six deadly sins except for gluttony. Well, that just changed today. Who knew I was such a compulsive eater? Since I was too lazy to cook lunch (yes, I cook) I made a short but sweet trip to Jollibee. That place is junk food central. Everything they serve is shit but, my gawd, they’re the tastiest shit ever. I got me one of those new large burgers they serve (I like the one with bacon and mushrooms), large fries, large coke, and a peach-mango pie. I finished all of it in less than 30 minutes while watching Chelsea Lately. So yes, I am a pig. Before Xmas expect me to be one big blob of fat. Of course I will not let that happen. Right now I envy them girls. When they gain weight, the fats are evenly distributed. But when I gain weight, it all accumulates in my belly while my arms and legs remain skinny. I fucking hate that. Or I can go to the gym. Or maybe not. Or maybe yes. While going home the other day I passed by the nearest gym and there were quite a number of sweaty young Korean guys working out. You know I like them chinitos. So yeah. In November maybe. Anywhoo, to compensate, I cooked veggie stew for dinner and drank only water. Hehe.


Not so long ago, when I was really little, my mum was tres obsessed with Beverly Hills 90210. You know, that old 90’s soap/series with Tori Spelling. Of course, I wasn’t allowed to watch then (bedtime was 8 pm). They would talk about it in breakfast and I was always curious. But that was the past. Later, I discovered Clueless (a TV show partly to blame for my then impending homosexuality) then Nickelodeon was finally on cable and then of course there was MTV.

If you still haven’t heard, 90210 is back. But not in a Before Sunset sort of way. They have a new set of kids on board. But the oldies are still present being the parents/teacher/etc. of the said kids. So the question in everybody’s mind is: will this hyped new teen drama be the west coast version of Gossip Girl? I already saw the first episode and I have to say no. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not good. In fact, the show actually didn’t disappoint me in any way. I would say it’s more like The Hills with a bit of The O.C.

The story is nothing new. Clichés are thrown here and there. And I think it’s a good thing. I mean, when it comes to teen dramas it is vital (for a show to last) to stick to the old formulas. Just look at The O.C. All those shocking Marissa antics didn’t really help. She was killed off by season 3. And if you’re looking for fashion inspiration this is not the show. It has more of a Hanna Montana sort of vibe. If you’re craving for fashion orgasm there is always Gossip Girl. And also don’t expect any exchanges of witty repartee ala Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf. Still, it has all the elements to make it a big hit. The first episode provided a starting point for more potential drama, sex and scandals.

You can watch the whole 1.20 hours of 90210 here for free. Yes, no more going to those suspicious sites full of malware just so you can watch TV online. I am fabulous. I know. Enjoy!

If you don't see the video above, watch it here. Let me know what you think.

Random bits

Oh no! is down. This cannot be! My only salvation in this world of filth is this little site and the evil gremlins took it! *sob sob* What’s a freeloader drama addict like me to do in this very unfortunate turn of events? I was so excited to watch the new Seigi no Mikata (正義の味方) pa naman. Thank gawd Crunchyroll has it. I know I know I know that streaming sites are vicious corporate monsters by leeching through fansubbers. But for me they’re convenient, fast and hassle free. So whatever. (^_^)

Nuffnang is finally here in the Philippines! I just found out about this from Bryanboy (like, where else would you find good news?). Nuffnang is very very very popular in Singapore and Malaysia. It’s a third party advertising thingamajig that lets bloggers make money off their blog. Yey!


Yesterday, for the whole fucking day all I did was clean the apartment. Not an easy feat ya’ll. Add to that the piles of clothes that needed to be washed and Downyfied. But no fear since Mr. Muscle is here. I just have to tell all of you that every household must have the whole Mr. Muscle line of cleaning products. I am especially in love with Mr. Muscle grease cleaner, Mr. Muscle floor cleaner and Mr. Muscle mold and mildew cleaner. My gawd, these things are heaven sent! All you do is spray! So easy and yet very effective. Haha. I’m so happy with Mr. Muscle. If he’s real, I’ll marry him. I totally channeled Bree Van de Kamp yesterday.


I’m so glad I can watch ETC now for free. I bought this nifty little device called an indoor antenna and signal amplifier. Woohoo! Okay, I was supposed to save money so I can buy that very chica gold sneakers from Wade (which is on sale now) among other things. I already have a list of the things I want (therefore need) to buy. But on impulse and no thanks to that very convincing boy from ACE Hardware I bought this contraption setting me back a few hundreds. *sigh* You see, I am a poor boy who wants a lot of things and since I’m a bit money challenged every single peso in my thin wallet is budgeted. But at least I can watch Tyra now. And Project Runway PH.


Here are some of the things that are keeping my nights busy. Well, aside from My Girl (which is ending this week, BTW).

What’s the point?

Don’t you wish you were back in high school again? That feeling of innocence. That feeling of excitement that you’re starting to live life on your own. Then you go to college just to be disappointed and shit. Of course you try to make a reason for your existence but you just couldn’t figure it out. Then you decided life is stupid. Why live if you’re miserable? You thought of suicide but realized that you’re too selfish to do it and sleeping pills are expensive anyway. Then you go on living. Still miserable. Shit doesn’t seem to stop raining on your parade.

Now you’re old but you’re still battling with the same issues since you were 14. What are you gonna do boy?