I'm home

The bitches are back in the boondocks ya’ll! Yesterday was really tiring and the journey was incredibly uneventful that I couldn’t even blog about it. And no. There was not a single cute boy in the flight. Moi was tres disappointed! And no. I wasn’t able to watch the Folded and Hung fashion show because mum wouldn’t let me change flights. *sob sob* The drive back to Koronadal was fun though. I miss the greenness, the morning mists, my dog and my three layer uber soft bed. I’m home.

I haven’t been here since last year and my gawd so much has changed in the house. It’s actually livable now! And mum’s mini project of transforming our landfill of a lot into a fucking rain forest is breathtaking and really expensive.

Aren’t the pics above so nice? I tell you it’s so nice here. It’s so fucking nature I’ll vomit hydrangea leaves tomorrow. Haha. Honestly, this is the only place playing Death Cab in full volume would be appropriate.

And I just might gain ten pounds after ten days. So much food ya’ll!


Return to black

On Kam: Vintage shirt that I deconstructed and leggings from Freeway. Photography, styling, and art direction: Me. Location: My room. Model: My sister Kam.

On Atheism and Religion

I tell people that I don’t believe in gods and they all ask me why. I would tell them that I just don’t. Then they would present arguments, bible scriptures and the like. So to get it over with, I just tell everyone that I’m agnostic. Because really, I don’t fucking care. But after months of thinking about my stand, I realized that maybe I’m just being lazy? Or that maybe I’m beginning to be an apatheist?

So I went online. For some soul searching. Since that is the best place to look. Then I observed that atheists can be so cruel! They bombard you with intellectual bullshits and use logic in trying to explain the complexity of life and how the whole fucking world works. They are just as annoying as those pesky fundamentalist Christians.

What I hate the most about religion and atheism is that people can’t seem to keep their beliefs and ideals to themselves! They just won’t shut up. I mean, can’t we just respect each other? I have a lot of horror moments with Christians trying to convert me. Every time they ask, I feel so fucking insulted! I don’t really understand why they put so much effort in converting people. There was even a dude that called me a “lost sheep.” Oh for fuck sake.

So the next time somebody asks me why I don’t believe in gods, I’ll reply “that’s a stupid question.” And be done with it.


I leave you with these foods for thoughts:

I have repeatedly said that in my opinion the idea of a personal God is a childlike one. You may call me an agnostic, but I do not share the crusading spirit of the professional atheist whose fervor is mostly due to a painful act of liberation from the fetters of religious indoctrination received in youth. I prefer an attitude of humility corresponding to the weakness of our intellectual understanding of nature and of our being.” - Albert Einstein

Believing there is no God gives me more room for belief in family, people, love, truth, beauty, sex, Jell-o, and all the other things I can prove and that make this life the best life I will ever have.” - Penn Jillette

How would you feel if the best song in the world was taken to a whole new level of brilliance?

I heard ages ago that she’s doing a cover of this. But this was the first time that I actually, properly and with all concentration listened to it. And oh my gawd. I am out of words. The video is so fucking camp you are gonna vomit that burger you just ate. But it’s undeniable. This shit is well… the shit. Brilliant. Amazing. This will stay in my player for quite a while.

Can you effing believe this? Vlog #2.

Yes. I have too much time in my hands.

Insert appropriate caption here

Sister at a Sanrio event. Kawaii-ness all over.

Fahrenheit <3 DBSK

OMG. I think I just experienced involuntary spasms after seeing that photo above. When were they in Taiwan? The Fahrenheit boys are so cute! Pass the tissue please. I’m going for a wank. Hihi.

Watch me make a fool of myself in my first ever VLOG

Here is my crappy attempt in vlogging. I don’t really know what came over me. And forgive the sound. I was experiencing some technical difficulties. Holla atcha boy!

Can you say 'Kawaii Ne'?

Click here to see the real thing. Even if times are hard they are the only ones that never fail to put a smile on my face. Awww. Fanboying much?

Photo credits: stolen from fangirlmitz (^o^)

Forget Gossip Girl. You should be watching Skins.

Skins is about of group of young kids whose lives are so fucked up, people in Britain thought it would be funny to make a show about them. Because really, nothing is more entertaining than watching fucked up teenagers on TV. Don’t you agree?

You have Tony, the sort of leader of the pack. He’s popular, bright, quite handsome but is incredibly manipulative that everything he touches turns to shit. It is amazing watching Tony being a young psychopath in the making. His best friend Sid is your typical sidekick and he’s in love with Michelle. Now Michelle loves Sid but only as a brother and she’s fucking Tony, her boyfriend, while Tony fucks everybody else. Maxxie is the gay one and is unapologetic about it. He had sex with Tony while in Russia and this broke Michelle. Since Tony wanted Sid to finally be not a virgin, he asked Michelle to ask Cassie to pop his cherry. But nothing happened. Cassie is the resident anorexic, painfully beautiful, angelic but very deranged. She loves Sid. Anwar is Maxxie’s best friend who is a Muslim. He feels that his religion is suffocating him and is having trouble telling his family that his best bud is gay. He’s straight though. Then there’s Chris. He’s homeless, very cocky but has a small dick and he’s fucking their psychology teacher Angie. Effy is Tony’s troubled young sister. She likes to party hard. Tony deeply cares for her. Jal is the only sane one in the group. She plays the clarinet and is liked by everyone.

So basically, Skins is the best show on Earth. I’m watching Season 2 right now. Watch the first episode here.

Why I am NOT a Christian

Reading old philosophical shits was never my thing. It’ll just ruin my shallow reputation. But not today. I read Bertrand Russell’s essay thrice (once last night and twice this morning)! So yeah. As what Sid would say, I do not believe in god but I do believe in love at first sight. Cheers ya’ll!

I'm going to a fashion show ya'll!

OMG. I never win anything in my life. Evahr. I’m always bad at those raffle games or any games for that matter. But guess what? I just won invites for the Folded and Hung Streetcast Act 2 fashion show! Wah! This is one happy bitch ya’ll! Thank you so much Miss Jenni Epperson! She also said on her blog that there’ll be surprises for us! Gosh. Okay. If you know me, you must probably know the fact that F&H is my favorite store evahr. 50% of stuffs in my closet are from that store. Don’t judge me. *blush* This is embarrassing but what the eff! Haha. I always shop like crazy when I’m in there. Gosh I’m so flushed just thinking. There are going to be 100 models for the show and Ivarluski Aseron will have a special line for the brand. So exciting! But what am I gonna wear? I need to shop this weekend.

The best thing? I get to bring one friend. If my sister is busy who wants to come with me?

UP is only #276?

Okay. Okay. Okay. People criticized this survey ever since it was published saying that it’s faulty yadi yadi yada… I will not go into details. But what does this do on our image? As what my friend Humdrum Days said on his blog and I quote “She (Pres. Roman) should not be proud that UP did not participate in the survey. Look at what it yielded. Although the survey is indeed problematic we should value the image of the University in the global level.” I agree. So if UP participated it will get a higher rank? Whatever.

I don’t really know how I feel about this. Well, congrats to ADMU.

What do you guys think? I seriously wanna know. And be nice. I have Atenean friends.

Holla atcha boy!

A very special love

So I was doing my daily Crunchyroll grind this afternoon. I checked my inbox, my groups and my buddies when I suddenly saw Sarah G.’s face on the right side of the monitor. Hmmm… what form of travesty is this? I thought. Deep daze and bewilderment engulfed me. A Very Special Love pala. So I clicked the link and aba aba aba (!) this bitch couldn’t stop watching. Forget those indie rubbish and those art-house foreign shits because this is the real deal people! OMG. I think I just over shallowed myself! Haha. But what the eff. I totally enjoyed this film. As in sobra. Like mega fly si lolo downstairs to grab all the chocolates sa ref just so I can survive the kilig moments in the film. My gawd! Why didn’t anybody tell me this film was brilliant? Why am I always too late when it comes to brilliant things? Why Zeus? Why? So when my moolah comes, I’m so buying the DVD. And when I get back in Mindanao, I’ll watch it in my dad’s Panasonic with surround sound. Wah!

Sarah is good here BTW. And John Lloyd? Hindi naman siya payat. Di naman siya gwapo. Di naman siya chinito. Pero bakit crush ko na siya? Hihihi. At oo. Masuka kayo sa bulaklaking post na ito.

Have you read Twilight?

Is Twilight any good? I heard people say shit like it’s the new Harry Potter. What the eff man! Nothing can ever EVER replace Harry! But, I’m willing to read. Okay. Actually, I have the ebook right now and I already read half of the first chapter but my eyes are already hurting! Total shock ya’ll. I’ve been reading blogs upon blogs and fanfics upon fanfics all the fucking time but I can’t read an ebook? Weird. So I’m planning on buying the whole series. Yes, the whole series since knowing me, after getting hooked, I just can’t stop. And I want my reading to be continuous.

I just saw the Twilight trailer for the movie. Looks hawt! All those vampiry whatnots are so fucking cool! Wah. I just have to read the book before the movie. People! By people I mean you(!) and Bullet. Hehe. Is the story good? Is it addictive? Like nicotine? I heard it’s a love story so are there sex scenes? I’m kinda not sure about the boy meets girl, girl falls for boy and boy turns out to a vampire scenario. But I’m a sucker (pun not intended) for thriller novels. Should I buy it? And I don’t trust the trailer. I don’t want The Village to happen to me all over again.

Holla atcha boy!

That's so gay. Think before you say.

Hmmm… what do you think of the video? Okay. First, I must admit that I say “that’s so gay” the whole damn time. I guess I never really knew the impact of those words to other people. Everybody knows that I AM GAY and phrases like those don’t really affect me as much. When I’m with my friends, we even call each other “yotch” which is, of course, another term for gay. But after visiting this website and seeing all the videos, it made me think. I might be secure about my homosexuality and I’m so proud of it but some of my brothers have different experiences or maybe they’re just extra sensitive. So next time, when you say “that’s so gay” think first. You don’t know that your officemate, classmate, teacher, friend, sister, or cousin might be gay and what you say might insult them.

Let’s all stop the hate. Let's listen to Hilary Duff.

What can we say about Britney's Womanizer video?

Finally, it’s out ya’ll! Actually, amabit disappointed. I dunno. The whole video screams Toxic part 2! Well, that could be a good thing. There are some amazing bits too: (a) Britney in the sauna naked (b) Britney photocopies her ass in the office (c) Britney making out in the kitchen counter (d) Britney’s partner is too hot for words (e) Office orgy that’s reminiscent of the orgy Britney participated in the I’m A Slave 4 U video (f) seriously, the song is fucking hot it may just be the best song to ever come out this year. Britney’s back ya’ll! Get the song here.

Back from toy shopping

Just got back from the mall and am watching Desperate Housewives right now. Just look at me above! I look so different. My nose looks smaller. Haha. Maybe I should wear faux glasses more often? And that’s Kam on the left. I just have to post this since she looks so fab. Doesn’t she? Urgh. Why didn’t I get my dad’s nose? *sob sob* So we went shopping for her class project. We dumped the Barbie idea since I’d rather keep the doll for myself. Hehe. OMG. It has been years since I went to a toy store. Going to Toys R Us was definitely enlightening. It made me feel so old. Toys now are so high tech. And lookie lookie at what we found. The mask looks so cool. Reminds me of Vendetta.

Sleepy now. Holla atcha boy!

La la la la… happy day

For some reason, I woke up blissful today. I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I had 8 hours of sleep? And that I woke up at 10 am sans the annoying noise my neighbors usually make? La la la… Right now I’m doing a project. I’m planning to transform this old sando I have into something fab. I still have to learn how to sew though. Anyway, I’ll be going to Trinoma later to buy some materials. I actually tried my hands on draping this morning and I totally suck! I just copied some things I found off the net. Haha. But whatever. Next year (hopefully) moi is planning to enroll at FIP. *fingers crossed* So for now, I’ll be doing as much practice as I can. And yeah… rehearse that speech I made for mum.

Later, sister and I’ll be doing doll shopping. Yes. We’ll be raiding the Barbie section of Toy Kingdom. She has this project for her class and she asked me to assist. Hmm… my knowledge in dolls are mostly on Ken. Haha. Speaking of my sister, she’s having quite a metamorphosis (insert Hilary Duff song) lately. After her hair cut, she amazingly upped her fashion sense! Haha. And guess what? She raided my closet! The other day she was wearing one of my tops and everybody complimented her. Hmmm… why didn’t anybody said nice things to me when I wore that? Anyway, I’m happy that we’re exchanging clothes now. Bottom line: I can raid her extensive collection of handbags! Yehey!

This very moment four mosquitoes just raped me! Wah! No! Does anybody out there know how to get rid of these pesky lamoks? We already bought two of those Baygon thingies that you plug in but these pests are very persistent. I also tried OFF! but I hate the smell. This might ruin my chirpy mood. Oh well.


2 of Hearts

Since almost all the music blogs are posting this, I will too. The amazing electro pop goddess Annie (that girl with the leather jacket above) just came out with a brilliant cover of Stacey Q’s (that girl with the crazy hair above) classic dance hit 2 of Hearts. Now, people aren’t supposed to mess with classics. It’s just like all those reworked Beatles songs. Nothing good comes out of it. But Annie is an exception to the rule.

Before I get on with it, let me just say that I LOVE this song so much. Immensely. Back in 2004 it was featured in the film Party Monster. After that, I was crayzeh with everything 80s. That was actually how I discovered Stacey Q. Yeah, with Macaulay Culkin fagging it up as the infamous Michael Alig. That movie was fierce. There I learned the art of being fabulous in a party. Learn it here too.

*ehem* Back to the song. Another group called the Ultraviolet Sound covered it with brilliant results also. They were able to transform it into something that is so 2008. Electro shit and all. Annie’s version however, is a bit more mellow kinda reminiscent of her previous hit Heartbeat. Actually, the only thing that you need to know is that this shit is amazing! It’s so amazing that I recommend you all to put your speakers on your window, set the volume on full blast, play the song and annoy the hell out of your neighbors. Yeah. But before you hit the play button, make sure you have your make up on, your mother’s pearl necklace and some heavy duty alcohol in hand.

Annie - 2 of Hearts

Ultraviolet Sound - 2 of Hearts

Stacey Q - 2 of Hearts

Sometimes I wish I were a Club Kid. With freaks like me.

Junjou Romantica

junjou romantica

It has been a while since I watched a good anime. The last time was Paradise Kiss and that was zillion years ago. And I already stopped with Naruto since I’m reading the manga now. So this time, I’ll share to ya’ll a yaoi anime (translation: boy loves boy cartoon). Excited? I know ya’ll are! I blame this all to Cheska who introduced me to yaoi. Since then, I never looked back! Haha. You’ll be surprised to know that most yaois are made my women and are intentionally marketed for women. Hmmm… interesting.

This anime is titled Junjou Romantica which translates to “Pure Romance”. I shit you not. The plot? Enter Misaki, a frail and beautiful boy who was seduced by his tutor. Ummm… actually that’s the whole plot! No need to elaborate. And there are some other sub plots involving other boys too. What else can I say? Except for the fact that is awesome. Totally beyond. The kilig factor is on the roof with parts that are so cliché, so saccharine, and so fucking gay that you have no choice but to cringe and fall in love at the same time. Winner!

With scenes like these:

yaoi anime

It’ll surely titillate your faggot brains out. I urge ya’ll to watch it. And if you’re homophobic, get out now!

Watch the first episode here!


In Bed

Took me the whole of Sunday to recuperate from Saturday night’s faggotry. I was in Malate as planned. I was with Bons, Fred and Kevin. We ate in a Thai restaurant in Greenbelt first. I can’t even begin to tell you all how much I miss Thai food. Maybe I should move to that country and eat Pad Siew every fucking day. That would be sweet. So we went to the infamous Julio Nakpil area thereafter. Fags were about. Went in Bed. Drinks were strong. Steriod obsessed go-go boys were dancing like robots in automatic as expected. Spotted were Jojie Loren and Direk Joey of PDA. It was just like any other night in Malate. Nothing new. Three other friends (whose names I will not mention at their request)came. These three people are straight. So basically, there were seven of us who went in that gay bar and I was the ONLY FAGGOT in the group. Funny shit. I’m still not sure about Kevin though. *wink* And no. Nothing happened that night. Just wholesome dancing and lots of cigarettes. My dick was limp till 5 am. But it was fun still. Let's just say I went crazy when they played Britney's Womanizer.

Oh yeah. That night, Rihanna’s Disturbia was played three times (different remixes of course). So now, I’m totally obsessed. My gawd. That was my least fave Ri-Ri song and now it’s on loop in my player. Urgh. Do you like that song? Disturbia?

At Club Ascend

Last night was fun. I was dragged by my BFF extraordinaire Bons to Club Ascend in Boni High. We were guest listed by her friend Allan who was also guest listed by his friend’s friend. Parang Friendster lang. 4th degree ako. Whatever. So we were there with Chiqui, Tin and Allan. The club was nice. Sushality were the people. Pero keri lang.

Before the party, I had one of the most humiliating experiences ever. We were in the front door so giddy to get inside when one of the bouncers brutally refuted my super fabulous ensemble blabbering that the club has a “proper” dress code. Anuva people! Can’t you see this shit I’m wearing is avant garde? And because I’m male? Anuva! Can’t you see I barely have a penis?!

Wasaque to the max ang beauty ni lolo mo. I was totally distraught. So I had to shop for a new top. Thank gawd Philosophy was still open. I got this super sheer shirt (you can see my nipple) that is a size 1. I was so happy though that I can still fit in a size 1. Haha. That’s the one I’m wearing above. Halos isang libo rin yon. Urgh. I could've spent that in alcohol. But whatevs. At least I have a new top.

So they let me in. We got the chance to crash in the StyleBible launch. Grave. All the fashion people were there! And I finally saw Victor Basa in person. Gosh. Super gwapo. I was inches away from him and I didn’t even notice at first. Argh. Hmmm… who else was there? I saw Rajo Laurel, Ornusa Cadness, Liz Uy, people from Project Runway, Gian Romano (I think that was him) and tons of models whose faces I know but names I don’t. Allan said he saw Tessa Valdes. I didn’t get to see my idol Vince Uy though. I wonder if he was there.

The night was fun. The cool people left by midnight and the jologs invaded thereafter. We left early. Haha. I wasn’t really feeling the music since it was mostly hip hop. Chiqui knows most of the songs so she had fun. Hehe. After Boni High, we went to this Lugawan in Timog. Expensive ang lugaw dun ha. Sushal. Pero masarap naman. Babalik ako dun.

So yeah. I wanna thank Bons for dragging me along. I had so much fun girl! Pasalubong ko from Hong Kong ha. Anyway we’ll see each other again tonight.

Yeah. Sa Malate naman. Masaya to. I miss Bed soooooo much.


Dear Kuya Kim

Last night you told us that it'll be a hot day today. But why do I see dark clouds and hear thunder outside? I do not understand.

Your kapamilya,


Hussein Chalayan S/S 09

It is amazing how people can be so creative. I love Hussein Chalayan. His futuristic inspired collection last year was beyond fashion. He created not just clothes but art. Now he’s back with this.

What do you think about that? No. Those are not liquefied using Photoshop. Those are dresses. They look stunning, amazing, outrageous and all but… just how in gawd’s name can one sit with those? Maybe they’re bendable? Oh well. Fashion never ceases to amaze me.

And those sandals. Hot!

Photo source: supertalk.superfuture

I kissed a boy and I liked it

Ya’ll probably heard Katy Perry’s amazing song I Kissed A Girl. You know, that song that has been # 1 in 20 countries and has enraged god fearing freaks the world over. Well, we all know lesbians are hot. But faggots are way hotter. Dontcha all agree? So I was pretty happy that I stumbled upon Cobra Starship’s brilliant cover of the infamous song. But this time it involves frat buddies puckering up. Now that’s hot.

Cobra Starship - I kissed a boy

Comment if taking. Now if you want to hear something explicit, check out Robi of RT's parody. It has lyrics like "I kissed a boy and I liked it. (The) taste of his 8-inch man-stick."

Blog round up

  • Susie is wearing the outfit that I want (wish) to wear tomorrow night.

  • Hikaru, my lovely Hikaru tries to quit smoking. Maybe I should too?

  • Bons just got an email from Jane Aldridge. Is that a Prada skirt I see? I’m not sure.

  • Mike experiences “academic shock” in Tokyo. Awww… You can do it Bitch! I know you can.

  • Bullet is doing this 30 days 30 secrets thing on Flickr. Now, why haven’t I thought of that?

  • Xiaxue shows us how to properly take vitamin pills. And that her new lipgloss is Chanel.

  • Japan Trends reports about a Tamagotchi store. Do they still make those?

  • Fangirlmitz stalks our favorite boys in the salon. I wish I was there too.

  • Trenddelacreme shows us the best way to look like a bumble bee. Okay. Pass on the honey please.

  • Ika has a hilarious comic strip about the US economic crisis.

Fashion orgasm

I pretty much did nothing this afternoon but ogle at street fashion blogs. I’m so obsessed. But out of all the cities in the world, nothing beats Tokyo. The men there are so fasyon. And just because I’m so in love with the fashion scene there, I decided to collate some of my fave looks in this one big photo spamming. I don’t care if it takes forever for this post to load. Bitch better get high speed internet ASAP! Hehe. Before proceeding, take a deep breath and then clear your mind. What you’re about to see is total fashion explosion. All photos are stolen from Style-Arena.


It’s 1 am in my clock and I can’t sleep. Well, the main reason is that we just finished watching The Other Boleyn Girl and I was deeply disturbed. Watching with my sister was a bit awkward since seeing Scarlet Johansson and Natalie Portman whoring themselves out for the first half of the film isn’t exactly family bonding material. Anywhoo, we actually enjoyed the movie. It was like watching a period piece soap opera complete with adultery, incest, and treason. My kinda movie. But the most fun part was Wikipedia-ing each character after. You should go watch it.


Yesterday, I was cleaning up some junk I have online. You know, those unopened email accounts, blogs, and profiles. As I was doing so, I found the very first blog I made. It was back in 2002. My gawd, I was so naive then. It was fun looking back. Dahil adik ako, I read all the entries in one sitting. Haha. I learned a lot of things about myself like the fact that I HAVEN’T changed a bit. What I wrote were mostly about shopping, being a faggot, and people I hate during high school. I also wrote nasty things about other people. And to my surprise, some guy recently commented (with flames and shit) on a hate post I made in 2003. That was just so funny.


Hikaru and I have the same umbrella. This may sound weird but I totally felt a connection.


Speaking of Japan, my friend, Michael just flew to Tokyo. This is the first time that I’m envious of a friend. Ever. Hehe. He’s living my dream. I wanna live in Tokyo too. I wish you well Mike! (^_^) Anywhoo… Bitch, if you’re reading this I will be there soon. You better tour me to every bath house there! Haha.

Ok. I’ll sleep now.