This is what Edward Cullen should look like

I don’t know about you guys but I’m still not over the whole Twilight fiasco. I blame it to watching Tyra a while ago. She had Robert and Taylor on the show and had Robert bite her neck. Ewwwness. Anyway, this is who Edward Cullen should be. Watch the video. I beg you. Then let’s all sign a petition for a recast on the sequel. Ok? And Yiruma’s rendition of River Flows in You (latter part of the video) is beyond beautiful. I actually got sick of it after sister played this for days on loop. But it’s just beautiful. Magical.

The Jaejoong sweater

You all know how much I love the DBSK boys. I have all their albums and I check out forums about them daily. Yes. Daily. I am that obsessed. So anyway, I’ve also been loving their fashion. They seem to be always wearing something avant garde. So I was totally psyched when I saw this. Nothing fancy, just a simple sweater. But what caught me was it looked like something Jaejoong would wear. So if we follow the fanboying logic strictly… if one of the boys wanna wear them then I wanna wear it too.

I now leave you with Jae and his man Yunho doing what they do best.

Photo source: Shinta

Dad is here and so is Kitty

Dad came to visit. Yesterday was extremely tiring. The drive to the airport was horrible. The traffic was super unbearable ya’ll! The taxi took 2 hours just to get there. Can you imagine? Anyway, I was happy to see him again. I was surprised that he looked younger. His face looked fresh and he finally discovered the preppy side of fashion. I guess Metathione really does work. We’re talking about a man who used to smoke a pack a day here.

He’s here for work. He also suggested we go shopping. Haha. What I love the most about him is he really doesn’t care what we buy. He just hands in the card. *wink wink* I wasn’t really in the mood yesterday so I bought nada. Well, except for this:

Remember that time I was lusting for this Keroppi portable fan? I was unsuccessful in obtaining one. I did find someone who sells it in Multiply but it was overpriced. *sigh* So, I got the Kitty one instead. I’m actually happy. Kitty was all over the apartment. She was in the freezer, shelf, pantry and my desktop. Can you see my new laptop? So happy ya’ll! One will be used for internet and work while the other one will be for storage of mp3s and videos. Yey!

That day we also searched for a perfume. For mum. Every time dad travels he will always bring home a bottle of perfume for mum. That’s like their tradition. How sweet noh? Of course, I was the one who chose what to get. I immediately went to the Gucci stall since the dude there was beyond handsome. I swear. He looked like a model. In my mind I was like: what the fuck is he doing selling perfumes with a face like that? He was quite knowledgeable too. He explained the symbolisms of the bottle design and the history of it. My gawd! Winner to. Sabi ko “Tay eto na.” That was Gucci by Gucci by the way.

Tonight we’ll be going out again. This time I hope I can take advantage of him being here. Haha.

To the makers of Twilight the movie: F*CK YOU!

Warning: major spoiler alert.

Ok. It is 12 midnight now and I just got back from the theater. I went to Trinoma at 3 pm this afternoon just so I can get tickets. All the theaters were almost full and I was lucky to buy two seats for the 9 pm showing.

But what the fuck happened? Yesterday I was so ecstatic for this movie. You all know that I didn’t like the book but it wasn’t that bad. It was crap yes but there were some good parts. The last chapters were beyond amazing. I even read New Moon for fuck sake.

So I am here in my room right now blogging. I’m typing very fast and I won’t even edit this. I was just so fucking disappointed. For a month I already had the plot of the movie in my mind. I figured they would shorten the first few chapters and focus on the interesting parts. But no! The movie was so fucking boring, lackluster and total shit that you can totally storm out of the theater after 30 minutes without even regretting you missed a scene. Argh!

I feel like crying right now.

There were a lot of flaws. By the way, forgive me for ranting. You can stop reading this now if you want to. Anyway, here are some points on why the movie sucked (pun not intended):

(1) The casting was just wrong. At first I was hopeful with Robert Pattinson but he just didn’t deliver. The girl who played Bella was such a bore. Her acting felt monotonous and with zero emotion that you sometimes forget she’s acting as Bella Swan. There was no chemistry between the two at all. The kissing scene was so painful to watch. As in. It felt so synthetic… fake.

(2) The transition of the plot was done haphazardly. Think cut and paste. If you haven’t read the book you’ll find it hard to understand what the fuck was going on. Everything just happened so fast. The tension between the two main characters didn’t even sink in yet and they’re already professing love to each other? Whoa. Slow down there my little vampire.

(3) There wasn’t enough action to keep viewers glued to the screen. Well, the book has this flow also but do they really have to repeat this mistake? They spent so much time building up the high school “scene” which was totally unnecessary. Though watching the human characters were fun. I have to say Eric and Mike stole the show by providing the much needed comic relief. Yeah, they’re more interesting than Edward and Bella’s venture on forbidden love.

(4) The makeup. OMG. Watching the vampire boys in thick white foundation isn’t just scary but very annoying. In Stephanie Meyer’s world, vampires don’t die when hit by sunlight. Instead, they glow like diamonds. In the movie, it looked like Edward dabbed on lots of Jergens Shimmer Lotion. I kid you not.

(5) And what was up with the voice over? Everybody knows that voice over is an indicator of a bad movie. It only shows that the makers lack the creativity that they have to resort to this.

Don’t worry. There are some good points in the movie too. Like the cinematography. I quite like the sharpness of the picture. The mix of blues and greens looked beautiful on screen. The production was at least decent. Forks looked exactly like how I imagined it would be. So kudos to the set designer. And that James dude (the villain) looked so freaking hot. Honey, with abs like that, you can suck on my neck anytime. Other than that there’s nothing else worth the watch.

So my verdict: Just wait for the DVD. Go watch Bolt instead. I heard that was a good movie.

Over and out.

Look! I'm wearing a skirt!

For the longest time I’ve been scouring everywhere for the perfect man skirt. Ever since that Marc Jacobs incident that caused quite a ruckus in the fashion world, I became a wee bit jealous. I want a skirt too. So finally, I scored this black one. And I’m in love with it! Well, it’s not really a skirt since all the fabrics are connected and there are only two tiny holes for the feet. Basically, this is a pant. Or whatever. It has this cool draping at the back and it has pockets too! The best thing is I can change the style from long to short. Yay! I tried my very best to not look like a girl. Promise. As I’m looking at the pictures I think it turned out more butch than I expected. I think I’ll wear this tonight. We’ll be watching Twilight and I want to look the part. Post Halloween syndrome.

My fierce transformer dress

I’m so happy! I just scored this ferosh transformer dress. Wheeee! And I paired it with my new white skinnies. When I saw this it was like baby angels came down humming Britney’s Gimme More. I swear. Call me shallow but I tell you this is bliss. Pure unadulterated happiness. I also got other shits like this ultra cool man skirt, a dress (yes, you read that right), genie pants and a white scarf. But I’m tired to take pictures now.

Can you guess how much this shit is? See the tag here. For those who can guess it right ililibre ko sa Starbucks. Your coffee of choice. Chos! Hehe.

My letter to you

Dear Boy,

I haven’t seen you for eons but I think I had a glimpse of you walking to the grocery last October. So how are you now? I saw your Facebook. Since when did you become fasyon? And where did that six pack come from? You’re so thin now and unbelievably white.

We should totally have coffee. I wanna know how you’ve been. You told me you miss me. Well, I miss you more.

I’ll bring the cigarettes.



Death by magazine

Have you ever experienced that sudden high just by looking at a photograph? Yes, that feeling of intense excitement and you can’t hold back your tears? That sudden rush of inspiration and utter awe? I went through that just 5 minutes ago after seeing these. Wow. Just pure genius.

When it comes to Japanese fashion rags I always go to Men’s Non-no. But after seeing all the scanned editorials online, Vogue will surely be on top of my list.

Sources: Edrick, Nicolaformichetti ; Photo: Hedi Slimane ; Fashion Director: Nicola Formichetti

My new fashion hero

I fantasize running into him in Cubao X. I’d love to raid his closet.

Prince William’s penis. Would you like to see?

I was blog hopping and came across Bryanboy and was caught by the headline. So I immediately headed over to OMG blog. And OMG indeed. I’m sorry I really can’t post penises here since I might be banned by Google or Multiply. How do you feel about this?

Don’t the paparazzi respect people? Waiting in the bushes to get a penis shot? I think that’s going overboard. But a million dollar shot is a million dollar shot. I bet who ever took this is getting a very big check. Anyway, I really have nothing much to say about this. Except… is he balding?

If you want to see that royal cock in full glory then head over to here.

If that was Prince Harry I would’ve hyperventilated. Speaking of Harry(s) would you also like to see Harry Potter naked? This is much nicer. Hehe. Leave it to the Americans to take a video in a play where phones and cameras are prohibited. When Daniel Radcliffe’s play Equus was staged in London this didn’t happen. But when it came to Broadway…

Nice errr snake. I bet all you bitches would want to speak “parcel tongue”. You know what I mean? Haha. You can watch the full video here.

I’m not done yet! Have you guys been watching The Amazing Race? Yeah? Me too. Guess who has a naked photo circulating all over the internet? Well, the hottest boy in the show of course.

There’s a reason why that’s a very big heart. Okay. I’m done with this penis post. I still have to cook breakfast.

Sources: Bryanboy, Nueva, OMGblog


Grabe. Napaka boring talaga ng buhay ko. Wala man lang excitement. Sana lumindol ng napakalakas at mamatay na lahat ng kapitbahay naming skwaters. Nakaka-asar! Ang iingay. Pero ok lang. Nasanay narin ako sa kanila. Nga pala. Pag pasensyahan niyo na ang tagalog ko na pang-kanto. Di kasi ako talaga marunong. Nakakahiya. Pilipino nga pero nahihirapan mag tagalog. Pero ngayon pinipilit ko na sarili ko kaya sinulat ko tong blog entry na ito. Hehe.

Leche. Hanggang ngayon maingay parin ang mga puta! Nung isang araw halos mag patayan na sila. Ayon sa tsismis na narinig ko parang whore house daw yung three story na bahay sa harap namin na puno ng skwaters. Lahat sila nagkakantutan. Natawa lang ako. Eh kasi naman si ale 1 nahuli si asawa na kasiping si ale 2. Haha. Parang pelikula lang. Iba talaga dito. Bigla nalang may magwawala sa harap ng bahay niyo. Naintindihan ko naman sila kahit papano. Pero ewan ko sa kanila.

Gusto kong umalis. Kahit ilang oras lang. Kaya kanina pumunta ako sa may Cubao. Wala lang. Lakad lakad. Mag-isa. Dumaan ng Cubao X. Tingin tingin sa mga stores. Grabe the best talaga ang Cubao when it comes to bargain shopping. Wala akong masabi. Marni, Margiela and Comme des Garcons for P25? Naku, winner! Change of pace. Punta ako ng Gateway. Ewan ko ba kung ano ang nangyari. Bigla ko nalang naisipan na ngitian lahat ng cute boys na dadaan. Ok lang. May shades naman ako. Pero nung may lumapit na sakin ay mega takbo agad. Run bakla run! Haha. Nasa may SM na ako. Lakad lakad uli. Nag muni muni. Marami akong naiisip habang naglalakad. Tapos mo naba thesis mo? Oo. Lapit na. Lang ya punta ka nalang kaya ng school. Next week na. San ka na ngayon? Diyan lang. Asus magsasayang ka lang ng pera. Papadalhan naman ako sa miyerkules. Mahiya ka naman. Di ka pa nagtatrabaho. May trabaho naman ako ah. Ano? Yung pagtuturo? Oo. Kahit konti lang sweldo masaya naman. Loko. Panu mo mabibili yung coat sa Zara niyan. Hanap nalang ako sa ukay. Move on kana kasi. Lahat ng kaibigan mo may ginagawa… nasa med school, sa call center, sa malalaking kumpanya eh ikaw? Masaya ako para sa kanila. Pero di pera habol ko. Fulfillment. Puta tigilan mo ko bakla ka. Huh? Ano naman. Basta mag-aaral ako uli. Bahala ka. Oo nga. Ako bahala. Teka, bat ko kinakausap ang hangin?

Sa loob ng mall malamig. Daming sale ngayon. Punta agad ako sa Mango. Try try nung mga furry vests nila. Di ko naman binili. Walang pera eh. Last stop ko sa record bar. Hinanap ko yung Lihim ni Antonio. Yun naman talaga pakay ko ngaung umaga eh. Meron sila. Ayos. Leche di ko alam panu bumalik samin. San ba ang jeep? Taxi nalang.

Pag dating ng bahay magulo. Di pa ako naghuhugas ng pinggan. Mamaya na. Pinanood ko na yung pelikula. Grabe. Tinamaan ako. Leche. Ang lihim ni Antonio ay lihim ko rin pala. Okay naman yung pelikula. Nakakadepress nga lang. Ang daming full frontal. Kaloka. Pagkatapos ko manood di ako makatayo. Masyado akong naapekto. Kumain nalang ako ng brownies.

Maingay parin. Lumabas uli ako. Mag-isa. Lakad lakad. Kelan kaya lilindol? Sana ngayon na.

I'm so fat now

I wanna get back to this circa 6 months ago.

Damn you choco brownies!

Speaking of eating habits have you heard of the banana diet? It was the craze in Japan months ago. I mentioned this to mum and I just found out that she tried it and lost some poundage. Hmmm...

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Why do I suddenly feel like I will hate this movie? And why is Rebecca Bloomwood not British?

I love my new clothes

Since it will be December soon and it’ll be the year’s coldest month it’s now time for me to shift to heavy gear. Fashion wise of course. So me gots these shits. I got them from random shops in the metro. The bowtie ensemble is from SM. The silver sweater with the dangerously low neckline is from K2. I don’t like saying this but the Calvin Klein grey pique is my mum’s. She gained weight so I got first dibs on the rejects. The military jacket is also from her. Haha. I think she got it from ukay. Whatever. Me loves it and it fits me like a dream. The super sheer cardigan I got from Cubao X. Forgot the name of the store basta malapit sa old location ng I Love You. The black and grey watchamacallit was found by sister while bargain hunting sa may Farmers. Haha. Yes. It totally looks like that Marc Jacobs top BB was wearing in Hong Kong. And its asymmetrical cut kinda looks like that piece from Rei Kawakubo for H&M. Wah. BTW, sister was recruited by L’oreal today. From now on I’ll convince her to not be a lawyer so I can get discounts on cosmetics. Haha. Kidding. The last one is from K2. I love that it’s made from 100% linen and it’s shiny.

Iisa Pa Lamang one liners

Watching Iisa Pa Lamang is one of my guilty pleasures. At first, I totally despised it and I just couldn’t stand all the characters. But after careful inspection I realized that this is one of Philippine TV’s finest moment. I mean, where else can you find great one liners bordering from absurdity to the totally hilarious? I tell you, watching this soap is very entertaining. It’s like chocolate. You know it’s bad for you but you eat it anyway. Here are some of the best lines in the soap. Prepare the tissues. You’ll be roflmao-ing till your eyes are dry. And watch the video below.


Scarlet: Excited? Alam mo bang mas excited pa akong magpunta ng dentista at magpa-root canal kesa ang makaharap ka?

Isadora: Ikaw naman, nagpapaka-funny. Kung ang lahat na bulok na ngipin ay kasing-ganda ko, o di wala nang bibili ng toothpaste. I’m so witty.


Scarlet: Ako pa talaga ang pinalayas mo. Kahit saan tayo makarating, sampid ka lang at ako ang tunay na dela Rhea.

Catherine: Hmm, bakit? Sino bang may sabing mixed breed ka?


Isadora: Ang kapal ng mukha mo! Wala kang utang na loob, ha? So paano, pera-pera na lang? Hindi mo ba naisip na kinuha kita galing sa bundok, binihisan at nakatikim ka ng corned beef dahil sa akin, ha?


Katherine: Ikakasal na ako sa isang disenteng lalaki. Hindi na ako dapat nagpapa-eskandalo sa mga babaeng sinasapian ng asong ulol, dahil sa selos. Kung gusto mong magkalat ng rabies, wag dito!

Scarlet: Hahaha! Ako, parang asong ulol? Huwag kang mag-alala Katherine, dahil hindi ako ang sasagpang sa iyo kung hindi ang mga preso sa correctional na gustung-gusto ang mga tisay na katulad mo. Hinihintay ka na ng selda mo.


Scarlet: Isa kang putik!

Katherine: Bago mo pansinin ang putik sa mukha ko, pansinin mo muna yang pusali sa mukha mo! Ang baho! Nangangamoy na!

Scarlet: Ang naamoy mo ang labi ng tatay kong pinagmumultuhan ka dahil sa kababuyan mo!

Katherine: Umalis ka na sa trono mo, dahil nagbalik ang tunay na reyna!


Katherine: Iba na ang sitwasyon ngayon Isadora. Marami akong pera, kaya ko nang bilhin ang kahit na ano. Kahit ikaw, magkano ka ba?

Isadora: Hayop ka! Kahit kelan hindi mo ako mabibili, at hindi mo ako kayang bilhin!

Katherine: Sa bagay, ayoko sa ‘yo! Mumurahin ka eh! Pero yung anak mo ibebenta mo ha? Sige na! Promise, hindi ako tatawad. Kahit used goods na, OK lang. Pag-isipan mo.


Isadora: Pasweet-sweet ka pa dyan, ganid ka rin pala!

Catherine: Ang bigat naman ng salitang yun Isadora. Pero totoo. Oo, ganid ako! At gusto ko ni singko walang matira sayo!


Aura: Kung ako sa iyo, magbalot-balot ka na, at malapit ka nang mapatalsik sa Amadesto

Isadora: Kahit kelan di mo ako mapapaalis sa Amadesto. Aking ang lupang iyon…

Aura: Lupa lang ba ang gusto mo? Ilang paso ang gusto mo?

Isadora: Haciendera ako Aura, hindi hardinera…

Isadora: Isa ka lang dumi sa paningin ko.

Aura: Tandaan mo, balang araw, itong dumi na ito ang pupuwing sa iyo

Isadora: Eh di magsi-shades ako


Scarlet: Katherine.. Katherine di pa tayo tapos... lalabanan kita , sinisigurado kong walang judge ang sinumang maniniwala sayo dahil sirang sira na yang reputasyon mo! "your just a WHORE !"

Katherine: Whore? oh, Scarlett? Ako whore? at least ako di ko kailangan magbayad ng 2 million pesos para lang may makipagdate sa akin, nung una si Miguel binili mo, ngayun naman si Rafael...

Scarlet: Walang hiya ka!

Katherine: Mas walang hiya ka!

Scarlet: Home-wrecker!

Katherine: Adulteress!

Scarlet: black widow!

Katherine: Slut!

Scarlet: Social Climber!

Katherine: Desperate housewife from hell!


Source: marocharim

Bukang Liwayway (Daybreak)

First, I would like to thank Carl for introducing me to the world of Philippine indie cinema. One time he IMed me saying that I should check his blog. There was a trailer video of the beautiful Coco Martin doing raunchy whatnots with another man. Okay. I should check this out, I thought to myself. So I searched and searched and searched the torrents if they have this film but to no avail. The title by the way is Daybreak (Bukang Liwayway).

So last Saturday, I was doing my daily blog hopping and I found a random post saying that the film is already in DVD. OMG. I so have to get this. So off I went to Trinoma. Graveh. Wala sa Landmark at sa Odyssey. But thank gawd Astrovision has it. It’s only 350. Can you believe? DVDs are cheap now. By the way, I was so psyched to see this since the trailer was motha effin’ good and it got decent reviews and it was recommended by Carl. At super inggit pa ako kay Carl kasi may pic sila dalawa ni papa Coco. Hmph.

So how was the film? OMG. I was in awe ya’ll. For the first time ever, I actually genuinely liked a Tagalog film. I liked it way more than A Very Special Love. *laughs*

The film is a voyeuristic look at love. In narrative form, the film lets its audience watch how two men deal with their relationship contemplating whether they stay together or break up. Everything happened in just one day and the setting is in a beautiful white house in Taal. William and JP are forced to confront their biggest truths and lies as they spend the night. As stated in its wiki: Memories and dreams, truths and lies, fears and desires, betrayal and honesty, love and hate are all closely entwined in this night.

For me it is like a marriage of Before Sunset and Brokeback Mountain. It was beautifully photographed. Every scene looked like it was photoshopped to perfection. It showcased the lush sceneries of Taal and the place felt like it was the third character. Graveh, the writing was superb and the cinematography stunning. This is just beautiful.

And it has the best theme song ever! Graveh, I can’t stop raving about this film. It’s so fucking good. The dialogs are simple pero para kang binaril sa puso. Haha. Bottom line: umiyak ako. Just a reminder, I don’t recommend this to all you depressed bitches. Baka mag bigti kayo bigla. Haha. And I was happy that the DVD came with an alternate ending.

You know, it’s sad that films like this don’t get the recognition it deserves. There are also a lot of great Pinoy films out there but most Pinoys don’t get the chance to see them. So sad. So buy the DVD. Or rent it. Basta wag pirated.

Now I leave you with Noel Cabangon’s super emo song called Nag-iisa, wala ka na. This is my jam right now. Naka loop ito sa Winamp ko. Ang ganda ng kanta. So poetic. So painful. So beautiful.

MP3: Noel Cabangon – Nag-iisa, Wala Ka Na

Nag-iisa, Wala Ka Na

Papalubog na naman ang ilaw
Nagpapaalam na naman ang araw
Ang gabi ay muling namamayani
At ang lamig ay hahaplos sa pisngi

Ilang araw na ang lumipas
Magmula nang ika'y magpaalam
Ilang gabi na ang nagdaraan
At ang pag-iisa'y tila di na makayanan

Ngunit kailangan kong
Indahin ang lamig ng gabi
Ngunit kailangan kong
Tanggaping wala ka na sa tabi

Nag-iisa, wala ka na
Wala ka na, nag-iisa

Alaala'y nagbabalik sa isip
Mga larawan ng bawat sandali
Pag-ibig nating sinumpaan
Ipinangako sa liwanag ng buwan

Ngunit kailangan kong
Indahin ang lamig ng gabi
Ngunit kailangan kong
Tanggaping wala ka na sa tabi

Wala ka na, nag-iisa
Nag-iisa, wala ka na

Ngunit kailangan ko nang masanay
At tanggapin na lumisan ka na ng tunay
Ang lahat-lahat ay bubuti
Ang pag-ibig ay mananatili
Lagi't lagi...
Hanggang sa walang hanggan...

"Daybreak is interesting in that the homosexuality isn’t really central to the plot. This film is really just a story about the end of an affair, and the characters needn’t have been gay for the story to work."-Clickthecity

"Seldom do I see a Filipino indie gay film that carries a solid storyline, bears fantastic acting and shows stunning cinematography. DAYBREAK by Adolfo Alix Jr. proved that "gay-topic'ed" films can go beyond sex and can go deeper."-Cinemanyak

Aries Lagat wins Project Runway Philippines... and my review

I am pretty sure that all you bitches already watched the Project Runway Finale last Wednesday. It was really something eh? The finale was full of surprises. I have to say that I love all the collections and I really think that the three of them (Aries, Veejay and Philipp) deserved to be the top finalists. They were my favorites. I love it that each of them has their own style and I was really excited on what they will show.

Here are the collections. First up is Phillip.

Philipp is really a master in his craft. You can see every meticulous detail stitched to perfection. He was going for a romantic feel and I think he quite achieved it. I like the lace cardigan with silk details on the male model. Combining women’s wear materials with menswear is a big trend now. I would wear that.

Maybe it’s just me but his work here kinda reminded me of Cary Santiago. Well, they’re both Cebuanos so maybe it’s a Cebu thing. I say that as a complement. Cary is a legend.

The gowns he made are beautiful. No doubt that he will be popular with the older well heeled fashionistas. I love that sorta Arabian gown (third from left). So royal. So rich.

Veejay’s work is the most wearable. He tried to pull a Calvin Klein with a monochromatic collection having simple cuts with flattering silhouettes. He sure knows what will sell. His clothes are for the modern woman. Everything is muted so she can choose whatever accessory she wants so she can transform the outfit from day to night.

He did two chiffon gowns which I thought was kind of boring. I mean, every international designer last spring had a version of the flowy dress. Plus, they’re brown. I dunno. That’s just my opinion. But all in all, Veejay’s collection is well put together, well edited, muted and very beautiful.

Now the winner. Aries, arguably, showed the best collection in the first PR finale. Well, he won. I am at awe with his work. Every model he sent out the runway looked so chic and very edgy. It is evident that he experimented with patterns which is actually his forte. OMG. I love every single piece. I am loving the two suits he made. The satin top connected with the blazer? Genius! And that suit the male model was wearing. OMG. I’ll wear that in a heartbeat!

The feel of the collection was rock and roll with a bit of romanticism. He perfectly fused the two very different styles together. Who knew the spawn would be this fabulous? And I love the jewel toned colors. But the best part was the one dress that transforms to three totally different outfits. Aries is a genius I tell you. You have to watch the transformation in the video (below). Everybody was cheering.

After seeing that I’m on the hunt for studded gloves. Anyone knows where I can get one?

Let’s all go to SM Makati. The winning collection will be showed there.

Sources: Clickthecity

Street style


(1) Before Beyonce started donning Gareth Pugh on stage, there was Roisin Murphy. The pop star was seen in a Dior show wearing this breathtaking futuristic ensemble. I love the look so much. (2) They were spotted in the streets of Paris. Aren’t they the cutest couple? I love the girl’s fringed boots and the big bag. But the best accessory she had was the cute boyfriend. (3) I really like the hoodie. I know Folded & Hung has one of the same style out this month. But last time I checked, it wasn’t in the stores yet. I hope they have it by this weekend. It has been raining like crazy now. I want a shiny black rain coat. (4) I just got a new green skinny like the one this guy is wearing. But I don’t know how to style it. Brown looks good but I’m still not sure. I like this guy’s hair and his shoes look nice. But the coat is to die for. Too bad it doesn’t snow here. (5) Where to begin? I’ve always wanted a leather jacket. Well, I had one but I never really got to wear it. The tropical weather here just won’t allow it. Too bad. Who knew mixing basic colors will look this chic? The brown, grey and black look well together. And I love the white tee. I think that’s by Alexander Wang. I’m not sure though. (6) Oh my, this guy sure knows how to work it. He kinda reminds me of Jaejoong back in 2007. The denim coat looks tres cool but I think that must be heavy. (7) Until up to now, I’m still obsessed with wayfarers. I just bought one in red and I’m planning to get the pink and yellow ones. I just think they’re eternally cool. (8) This boy looked like he was caught in a storm in Topman. That’s not really a bad thing if you’re cute as a button and perfected the disheveled hairstyle. He might have odd choices but he totally look well put together here. Me loves it. (9) OMG. I want those pants! It’s so Comme des Garçons. I’m not crazy with the coat though.

I really love street style. I can spend hours just blog hopping to all of them street fashion inspired blogs. It’s quite addicting really. It’s nice to see how real people from all over the world dress up. I feel like a fashion voyeur. Sometimes I’d get inspired by some looks and I’ll try to recreate them for myself. Most of the time I’m just envious. I really wish I could afford all those clothes that I want. That’s why I wanna learn more about sewing and pattern making so I can just make them myself. Christmas is approaching and I would really love/want/need a sewing machine. Hehe.

Sources: Facehunter, Easyfashion, thevagabondlooks

Wrong Number

I just died! So here I go again. Fanboying like crazy. I just found out that DBSK’s Wrong Number music video was released yesterday and an HQ clip is already up in Youtube. Thank you internet. Just by searching, it already has over 50 video clones. My gawd. That’s crazy. Wrong Number is not really my favorite off the album but I like it still. It oddly reminds me of this pop triumph. The best bits of the video are, of course, my baby Yunho strutting around half naked and sitting in the bath tub presumably in the nude. Oh my gawd. Yunho, please don’t over expose yourself! I don’t want other people fancying you too. Haha.

Forever yours.

Sources: Sharingyoochun

Three loveless faggots came together last night

Daryl, Rhyan and moi went out last night. Dodoi was supposed to come but she was busy with med school. Whatever bitch! I miss you. Hope you’ll guest list us at La Embahada this Friday. So it was just us. Three faggots on the prowl. Haha. We had dinner in this loft like restaurant in Greenbelt. I had squid and frozen margarita. We talked, made up for lost time, gossiped and then gossiped some more. Daryl is going to Canada next year, Rhyan just got a job and me… well, let’s not talk about me. It was still too early so we stayed in Starbucks for a while. Tambay muna ang mga feeling sushal. Rhyan bought this ridiculously over priced Häagen-Dazs. I told him he should’ve gotten the Twilight special. But whatever. It was cookies and cream with strawberries so I did not complain. We then met with Raf. I haven’t seen her for years and OMG she totally transformed. Fabulous na si lola. We were itching to get out of Greenbelt na since it was getting boring. So off we were to Malate. Anuva, para makatipid. Haha. We went into this gruesome place called Cowboy Grill and boy it was the most chaotic and testosterone filled place I’ve been to. Seriously. When I saw people wearing flip flops and pajamas getting in, I knew we were in a wrong place. Huhu. The atmosphere was so fucking Brokeback that it felt like the people just came from herding kalabaws and baka. And we were so scared. Of course we stayed since we promised Raf that this wouldn’t be a gay night out. We hurriedly ate the sisig that tastes like bland chicharon and drank super expensive beer. Lakad lakad muna. I was so eager to show Daryl the gay side of Malate. We went to Top & Bottom and flirted with the manager. He was so cute. Mega blush naman ako when he complemented my choice of accessories. Haha. Raf and Rhyan got his number. Kapal talaga. Rhye bought a Love of Siam DVD. Highly recommended by me of course. Then we trolled off to this hidden club near a Korean restaurant. I forgot the name. It was nice inside. Thank gawd they had a proper dancefloor, proper lights and the alcohol was dirt cheap. Rhyan danced like he was on crack. He was doing folk dances and we were all laughing. Raf got a stalker. This guy kept on bugging her the whole night. Haha. Daryl almost lost his phone. Thank gawd we found it. As for moi, there was this guy that approached me. Pick up line: Kamukha mo yung kaklase ko nung elementary. Haha. Pakilala siya at pati yung kasama niya with sabay handshake, smile and pat on the back. Haha. To be fair, cute yung friend niya ha. It was a fun night. I really enjoyed it. Thanks Dars, Rhye and Raf. Let’s go out again next time.

Pop till you drop

My eyes are burning! Oh my. Miss Duff sure knows how to shock her fans. Ok. I totally adored her previous album and I love the song. So catchy and very sexual. I can't wait to hear the remixes. Now let’s talk about the video. *whew* How was that? I just couldn’t get over her sucking some man fingers. That’s totally sexy. And I like it that she’s back to her obese self. Her anorexic Rachel Zoe drone self years ago didn’t do any good for her so called career. I dunno. I like Hilary fat.

Hilary Duff – Reach Out

The Saturdays is my new fave girl group. Although they sound a bit like Girls Aloud I’m not really complaining. I like the different colored microphone bits in the video. They look hot. And the song is hot. This song will be perfect when you do your make up in the morning or when you jog or when you’re pooping. All in all, it’s brilliant. I wanna hear more from them.

The Saturdays – Up

Nobody really cares that Miss Aguilera has a new album out released today. The single Keeps Gettin’ Better is her lame attempt at being in 2008. The video is horrible. It looked like she rehashed Britney’s Toxic, Girls Aloud’s Something Kinda Oh and Lady Gaga’s total look. Oh well. At least she sounds decent this time. But honestly, the song sounds ok. Not that brilliant though.

Christina Aguilera – Keeps Getting’ Better

Alphabeat is one of the best bands out there right now. Their sound is a mish mash of 80’s electro pop with a modern twist. Their debut album was (for me) last year’s best. They’re beyond brilliant. I just couldn’t get enough of them. I’ve been listening to their album for more than a year now and I can’t get tired of it. They’re so fresh. Boyfriend is not their best track but it’s extremely catchy and it’ll make you dance in a heartbeat.

Alphabeat – Boyfriend


Went to Gilmore yesterday. I finally bought a router. So happy. Got the cheapest one for only 1k. Now, sister doesn’t need to bug me when she needs to use the net. Hehe. The speed wasn’t compromised at all and I can still stream vids sans the lag. This China made router works like a dream ya’ll! In related news, I was kinda shocked when I went to this store in Gilmore. They didn’t have the usual fugly nerdy sales assistants like in Octagon but most of them were kinda cute. In a cross of Dilton and Reggie sort of way. Haha. They kept on coaxing me to buy these things I don’t even need. Argh. Stop flashing your pecs at me and just give me the cheapest fucking router. After that I briskly walked out.


My sister was robbed yesterday. Again. Third time’s a charm. She lost her phone, her cards, and most importantly her kikay kit. Oh well. She was at Jollibee. She placed her bag beside her feet and after a few moments it was gone. *gasp* She suspected that one of the crew did it. No other person was there anyway. But nothing happened. The J management was being a bitch about it.

That same day we went shopping for a new phone. The budget was only 4,000. So no fancy smancy mobiles. She has a new Nokia now. Did you know that phones are really cheap now? Yeah. I thought we’d be scouring the 2nd hand stalls.


I’m kinda obsessed with Lady Gaga’s The Fame album. It was like she made the soundtrack of my life. My favorite track has got to be Poker Face. This girl is poppin. Think early Goldfrapp mixed with a more electro Pussycat Dolls.

That was the vid for Poker Face. Now how hot was that?


National Bookstore has the worst customer service ever! When I couldn’t find Murakami, I looked for an assistant personnel but there was none! I had to go to customer service first. When a girl finally came to help, she didn’t even know where to look! Argh. So frustrating. I suggest to NB that they should arrange all books not only by categories but also by author so that people like me won’t get the trouble of walking around for hours just searching.


When will the rain stop?

I got you under my skin

OMG Yunho! Could you be sexier? OMG. They’re amazing! I love them! Like, so much. I haven’t been this OBSESSED with a band before. And I don’t even speak Korean. *sigh* When I feel stressed, down and out they’re the ones that always puts a smile on mah face. Gosh. Fanboying is embarrassing. DBSK 4ever!

Antique Bakery and when Boy Meets Boy

Did you watch the video?

Ok. Watch it. You can stop reading.

Done? OMG. I can’t believe I just heard about this. I read the manga a long time ago and I totally went fanboy all over it. Then there was the anime adaptation which was ok. And then there was the live action drama which I thought was crap but passable. And now, Antique Bakery, is getting the Korean treatment. This is exciting. I mean, just look at the boys! And the waffle guy from Coffee Prince is here too. I’m going spastic over this.

Now, speaking of Korean films, here’s another one.

The title is Boy Meets Boy. It’s a no brainer what this movie is about.

Both films are scheduled to be released on Nov. 13. The day after that bootlegs will be all over the net. A week after the DVD will hopefully be released and a few weeks after that it’ll be conveniently fansubbed. Only then I can watch. Can’t wait!


This is the woman responsible for spawning me to the world. Sometimes I think she’s fiercer than me. Well, she is. She taught me the fundamentals of color coordinating outfits and to never be afraid of colors. The more shocking… the better. I miss you already Nay!

High School Musical 3 is everything it's cracked up to be and more

Since I was out of civilization for a week, I just got the chance to watch High School Musical 3 yesterday. I gotta tell you it was one fucking week of torture. I forced myself to not download bootlegs and not read reviews for this I wanna see in the big screen unbiased. I want my Zac Efron humongous damn it.

And OMG. This. Is. The. Best. Fucking. Movie. I saw this year. It didn’t disappoint ya’ll! And yes, it is one gay-ass musical. It's so fucking over the top with all the frantic dance numbers and caffeine infused performances. From beginning to end HSM3 never fails to take you to a visual high. And make your eardrums bleed glitters.

Zac Efron is clearly the star here. He plays Troy with such charisma and pizzazz. If you noticed he’s quite butch this time around. It also helps that he’s incredibly hot (like a twink porn star) with perfect hair and fake-baked skin. But it’s undeniable that Ashley Tisdale stole the show with her portrayal of a narcissistic queen bee. Music wise I’m still in love with Lucas Gabreel’s voice… and quirky fashion choices.

All and all, it is thousands way better than Dreamgirls, Hairspray and even Chicago. Trust me.

What I really think about Twilight

I have to admit. It took me a week to finish the book. Yeah. That long. My sister finished up the entire saga in just 4 days. She’s Edward obsessed. For me, let’s just say the book could’ve been better. I don’t know. Maybe I’m not the romantic type but this is my verdict: IT'S CRAP. It is so crappy that it’s crappiness, I believe, is so beyond this universe that it actually comes off as a work of literary genius for some people. But I felt like I was cheated. I mean, I was already on page 347 and still nothing was happening, the story didn’t progress and you often forget that this is a vampire novel.

Now if you do decide to read this book here are some of my tips: (a) Start on Chapter 17 and skip the preceding chapters. The real action starts there. The only thing you need to know is that Bella and Edward are euphorically in love with each other. (b) Skip the epilogue. Just trust me on this. (c) Condition your brain that Zac Efron is Edward Cullen and not Robert Pattinson. Why should vampires be porcelain white? I like them tan. Haven’t they heard of Banana Boat? (d) Be patient because… New Moon (it’s sequel) is effing good! Looks like Stephanie Meyer knew Twilight was crap and made the next one not crap. Yes. I’m reading New Moon at this very moment and thank gawd there’s not a boring chapter yet.

Conclusion: Twilight the book is crap but Twilight the saga is brilliant. And the movie looks good too.

This is just my opinion.

At the gas station camwhoring commences

I miss high speed internet. Urgh. Tomorrow, I’ll be back in the city. Yey! Anywhoo, yesterday the royal family went to the cemetery to pay homage to the dead. Nothing fun there except for tita’s amazing chicken salad which was so good. Snapped a few photos of myself while in the gas station. I wish I could tell so much more about my stay here but there’s not much to say. I just mastered the art of bumming. Again.