The best conversation of my life

Hey Ken, where's Barbie?

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Dong Bang Love

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Drape me crazy

Here I go again. Raving about my latest find. Nothing interesting happens in my life so for the next few boring months, I may just be blogging about clothes and some random Jdorama. My life is so pathetic. I know. So, when I saw this grey top I couldn’t comprehend it at first. I struggled in the fitting room. Haha. Then after some experimentation, I came up with different styles! I love it. I know I know I know. The virgin Mary look on the last pic is totally ridiculous. But whatever. I like pretending I have long hair. Don’t judge! And it also has a nice print at the back. I plan on wearing this when I get back home this Christmas. Just to shock mother.

Hindi ako bakla

Anuber. How come when it comes to Pinoy pop culture I’m always late? In this case I’m a year late. But anyway, I just wanna tell ya’ll that this is my jam. Haha. I’m in love with this song. Like, immensely. It sounds like a mix between Gay Pimp and Alcazar. How Michael V. make something this brilliant? And I’m in love with the “Papapare pare” bit. Genius!

Ok. Excuse me while I learn the dance steps.

P.S. Did you know that this is a parody of Tim Yap? Hmmm…

Tie-dyed blazer

I was inspired by this little guy yesterday so I felt like wearing a blazer too. Sans the scarf. It’s tricky to wear blazers here in the tropics. So, we all have to be creative. The key is lightweight fabrics. This tie-dyed blazer I found is made from cotton and it’s so light. This is good so I won’t have to sweat while walking the streets of the turd world.

Is it just me or do I look a bit butch here?

When I have kids...

If by some freak of nature I developed a uterus and had a spawn, he/she/it must be as fierce as this.

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Snippings from the brain of Toxic Disco Boy

I love doing laundry! It’s like my fave chore ever. I don’t know why people hate it so much. Seeing all my clothes spinning in the machine is kinda hypnotic. I just love it. And the smell. Oh my. Can a person be this addicted to Downy?


For some unknown reason, I now love Judy Ann. I think she’s a beautiful and strong woman. She never really lets anyone get to her. Yeah, she looks a bit obese to me but that’s not really a credible gauge of fierceness. Ploning is a good movie. I hope it’ll do well in the Oscars.


My life right now is so fucking uneventful. Seriously, I just wanna end it. But in a weird fashion, all my creative juices often burst out during these times of ennui. So I decided to organize my closet (again), go shopping, cam whore like there’s no tomorrow, waste more money and then watch porn for relaxation. I know. I should get a life.


Now I’m watching Stylista. It’s a totally insane reality show that mixes Devil Wears Prada with ANTM. The drama is getting more and more ridiculous in each episode. I love it! Thank the gods for Youtube. I can now watch mindless shows in High Definition. It’s only the second episode and someone is already having a panic attack! Gotta keep watching.


I just saw hot neighbor #1 outside. He looks ugly with that facial hair. Shave damn it! And I noticed that he got more buff these months. I think I’ll just overlook the facial hair. Man those pecs are blinding me! Wear a damn shirt dude!


Sister just discovered MySoju and Crunchyroll. The net is lagging. Hmmm… I don’t blame her. I was like that when I found out about it too. Wait. I’m still like that till now. Haha. I just can’t get over all those Ikemen. My day is not complete without them.


Have you heard of RC? It’s a locally made cola. *Breakthrough!* I’m Mike and I’m a RCholic. Now everybody clap your hands and pity me. My quest for eradicating my Telly-Tummy will be postponed till I get treatment. Will not get out of house till I look like this. I’m serious.


Piolo Pascual is the cover boy of the December ish of Metro and OMG. When you’re in EDSA mapapatigil ka talaga. How many abs does this man have? 300? Haha. I want those abs too. Maybe I’ll buy those exercise videos from HSN.

From this day forward, I will starve myself.


When I’m sad, lonely and blue I don’t linger with the feeling too much. I buy clothes. Not really healthy. Atleast I’m happy now.



Where was I all this time during the mighty Rain’s comeback? Oh yeah, I was busy with the new Britney album (which is brilliant btw). So Rain’s back and sexier than ever. I swear he’s the sexiest man alive. He’s a god! *sigh* His newest album is called Rainism. I’m not really sure what that means. Fans said that’s like the new musical ideology of Rain representing his growth as an artist and his venture into the unknown land that is Hollywood. Whatever! But the first single, also called Rainism, is freaking hot. This was the only track I played today. I swear. And the video is even hotter. I wasn’t shocked that this song was banned in Korea. I was like Huuuwhaaaat? Then I was all Oh now I see. Apparently, what made the SK government angry were the lyrics “Inside your shaking body, there spins my magic stick.” With big emphasis on the words magic stick complete with high falsetto cooings. Hmmm… Then he continues to sing “I’ve felt the unbreakable limit of body shake… I’ll make it rainism. The rainism.” OMG. I totally see what they mean! So much sexual innuendo in a single pop song! And there wasn’t even any rapping. In the video, he does the usual: Intricate dance choreography with lots of beautiful back up dancers. Then there was a vampire moment. I kid you not. Blood suckers are very popular nowadays. But the most amazing part was when he actually came out with a glowing neon stick. OMG. Then he grinds and does things to it that is best left to the imagination. So after several replays, occasional pauses and some coffee, I conclude that this one of the gayest music videos I’ve seen. I mean, there was even a part when Rain supposedly killed this human torch dude with his uncanny wetness. Oh my. When it rains, it surely pours!

In related news, I almost had a heart attack after seeing that rehearsal video of Rain (video on left). OMG. Can he be any hotter? The press said that this was leaked but it has publicity stunt written all over it! But who is complaining? Honestly, he’s the only male popstar I know that likes dry humping the floor. Salivation aside, I totally have no problem with him molesting floors. In fact, I recommend people to do it. Looks fun. And those crotch grabbing thrusts… OMG. He sure has the *ehem* magic stick. Video on the right is of the cute boyband Shinee. They covered Rainism which I thought was way cute. Is it wrong that I’m totally crushing on Taemin?


Real men loves flowers and wears them

I was deeply inspired by a Vogue Homme Japan editorial shot by Oliviero Toscani. I think flowers are cool. So I decided to make a total fool of myself by copying the style. I don’t have real flowers so this scarf will have to do.

What do you think? Comments are loved. The inspiration can be viewed here.

Who is counting?

How do you feel about Pink effing herself?

Was chatting with Mary this morning. Our convo went like this…

I was quick to hit print screen! Haha. Here is the very controversial and possibly the best music video ever created since Ray of Light.

Pink sure knows how to shock and bring back the attention to herself. Sober isn't he really a brilliant song but everybody knows the mighty power of a music video! I predict that this'll be a hit.