Pinoy inmates dances to "Nobody, nobody but you"

Hoe my gawd! Shet. Wait lang… di ko kinaya to people! Thanks Sheiqs for the tip. Haha. Remember when they did the Thriller dance years ago? This time they’re turning Korean! JYP should be pleased eh? Gosh! Kung may nagbabasa man ng blog ko you might already know how obsessed I was with the song “Nobody” by the Wonder Girls last year.

Eto na sila:

photo source: allkpop

Sandara Park is a Lollipop

OMG! I missed this! Argh! I’ve been internet deprived for 2 days now. Mum just got back and I’m taking a new job as her personal shopper. Haha. For the whole week we’ll just shop for useless things. Too bad Kat has exams. Anywhoo… promise magtatayo na ako ng Sandara Park fan club. LOL.

Now I kinda understand G-Dragon’s fashion travesty. At least that horrid jumpsuit was only seen for a few seconds. But wait… I just had an epiphany. I can’t believe I’m saying this but TOP looks really handsome here. Si Daesung ganun parin.

Anyway, back to Sandara. No matter how hard I try I really cannot “fathom” that hairstyle. The 80’s is still going strong in Korea I guess. At least she had the most airtime in the CM. Basta you go girl!

Check the whole song:

Blah blah blah. Nothing ground breaking.

Adam Lambert made me cry

Ang masasabi ko lang: you go girl! iwagayway ang rainbow flag!

Sandara Park debuts as a Big Bang girl... are you ready?

It’s true after all. I thought they were just kidding. Sandara will be a part of the girl version of Big Bang. I honestly could not imagine it at all. Maybe she’ll be the female Seungri? You know, just in the background and doing nothing. G-dragon (that guy in a pink jumpsuit) will play as producer and musical whatchamacallit so we’ll be expecting more crack crack crack crack.

Could that photo be any gayer? It was as if Rupaul vomited and everything turned rainbow. They should’ve put unicorns too. And wait… is G-Dragon wearing a Pierre Hardy sneak? Damn!

Anyway, before this travesty will materialize… let us all remember the brilliance and genius that was Miss Sandara Park.

I only have love for this girl. LOVE!

The secret code

This’ll be released tomorrow and I have it my hands now. Well, not exactly. A friend uploaded it and I just downloaded. Yeah, yeah, yeah… I will be buying the CD once it’s available here. Of course I don’t want to be one of those people who call themselves “fans” but refuses to pay for shit. So anyway, the album is amazing ya’ll! The feel is very different as compared to their last Japanese album. Here, they’re more confident and mature. A major step up! No more cheesy repetitive refrains.

Secret Game àNot my favorite. They sound like KAT-TUN here. The guitar riffs in the end was a nice touch though. Yunho (?) raps a bit. 6/10

FORCE à Tohoshinki wants us to turn to the dark side of the world and join the force. Funny. This is an up tempo track with sexy beats and a quite catchy chorus. I like it. 8/10

どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? (Why did I fall in love with you?) à The most brilliant thing they ever made since forever. This song is magical. Since last year I probably played this a thousand times already. 1000/10

Nobody Knows à A very solid pop record. Incredible. This should be the next single. And it’s Yunho’s favorite. The piano thing in the end was amazing. Was that Jaejoong? 10/10

Beautiful you à Old song. Can’t say much about this. I played this countless times already. And yeah, para sakin kasi tong kantang to eh. Haha. 10/10

忘れないで (Wasurenaide; Don’t Forget) àA ballad about unrequited love. Why are most of their ballads always about sadness? But this is such a beautiful song though. I can see many girls swooning over this. 9/10

9095 à Written by Jae. Very jazzy with a bit of R&B thrown in. 7/10

呪文 MIROTIC (Jumon -MIROTIC-; Magic Spell -MIROTIC-) à The Jap version of their Korean mega hit Mirotic. Very sexy. What else can I say? This is a brilliant pop record. And in whatever language they sing this in… it’s always magical. 9/10

TAXI à Another song about unrequited love. It starts out slow but it progresses into a rocking refrain. Very Jpop. They did a great job here. As usual, Junsu has an amazing voice. 10/10

Stand Up! à The best song off this album with the exception of Doushitte. I just couldn’t contain myself when they started singing “it's vibration, in the morning is funkination.” So basically this song is about a one-night stand (my opinion only). Case in point: “hey girl, let's get out (crack out) of this door alright10/10

Survivor à Another solid pop song from the boys. Basically, the song is about surviving in these hard times. It has a positive message. But I still think this was a bad choice as the first single for this album. The video they made was really bad. 8/10

Kiss The Baby Sky à I am so in love with this. It has the same feel as Survivor. First, it starts with Micky’s uber sexy voice. Haha. This is such a happy song. The vocals were spot on. Changmin sounds is brilliant here! 10/10

Bolero à Ahhh! Such a beautiful song! As of the moment this is my theme song. It has such a positive message. When the universe is against me and I’m sad this song will keep me sane. It’s so beautiful that I feel like crying. From what I heard this was written by Lambsey, the very same guy who wrote Doushitte. 10/10

9096 (Hidden Track) à Instrumental. Amazing. 10/10

ウィーアー! (Ui aa!; We are!) à A really fun song! Classic Jpop. It’s about reaching your dreams and all that shit. Really fun. This was also made as the theme song for the popular anime One Piece. Watch that here. 10/10

Box in the ship à Ummm… let’s move along shall we? Worst song in this album. Totally misplaced. 3/10

千年恋歌 (Sennen Koiuta; 1000 Year Love Song) à If I remember correctly, this was a bonus track in their Beautiful You single. Another sad ballad. 7/10

Purple Line à This was the song that made me a Tohoshinki convert. Back then I was all about Arashi but after seeing Purple Line after random clicking at Youtube… I was under their spell. 10/10

This is another solid pop album from the boys. Don’t forget to buy it. And if you’d rather illegally download this, I’m not posting any links. Hehe. Anyway, you know what to do. Just ask Mr. Google.

How to make your own acid wash jeans

Maybe I was looking at too many Shinee photos or I was just bored to death. So yeah… instead of having a BBF marathon as scheduled, I decided to do a bit of a DIY. The 80’s are kinda big now. Thus the acid washing. It’s the big trend for jeans in A/W 2009. And since we are on recession, it’s time to recycle, recycle and recycle. Here are the steps I did:

1. Pick a pair of jeans that you seldom wear. It has to be denim or some very strong fabric.

2. Get the materials. What you’ll need: gloves (very important), bleach, spray bottle and a mask. For the bleach I used Zonrox with the flower scent.

3. Soak the jeans in water. Put the gloves and your mask on.

4. Lie the jeans in a flat surface and lightly squeeze excess water. Mix bleach and some water in the spray bottle.

5. Remember that this should be done in a well ventilated area. Open all the windows and put your fan on to maximum. Otherwise, everything will smell like as if twenty boys masturbated in the place. You do not want that.

6. Then spray to your heart’s content. This is best done with Madonna’s Like a Virgin in the background. Try adjusting the nozzle of the spray bottle for varying fierceness.

7. Spray on front and back of the jeans. Make sure that you do everything in 10 minutes or less. The effect is instantaneous and if you leave it long enough your jeans will disintegrate or turn white. Unless that’s what you want.

8. Rinse thoroughly. The key word is thoroughly.

9. Throw it in the washer and drier as usual.

10. Wear it, bring out the bling blings and you’re ready to party.

Very very easy!

Ay, iyaiyai where's my samurai?

Am feeling a bit nostalgic today… watch the videos first so you’ll get the feeling. So yeah, about a million years ago I used to listen to them. There’s no denying their amazingness! I’m sure you remember these, right? I am not that old! Remember when DanceDanceRevolution came out? These were the songs that came with it. You know that game right? Please say yes. I don’t wanna feel old. Yeah, even if I grew up in the southern most part of the third world near the rice fields and mountains… we had DanceDanceRevolution. Back in grade school I remember going to my classmate’s house just to play this. Haha. Good times. My mother didn’t see any relevance in these things. I didn’t even have Playstation. Sad. I know.

Viridi-Anne by Tomoaki Okaniwa

I scored this Viridi-Anne by Tomoaki Okaniwa shirt. I am at awe with how they made this. The cut is very structural. Inside there are a lot of stitching na di ko maintindihan. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle. I think they cut it off then stitched it back again. The color was created using an ink-jet print. So cool. Since it was printed, only the top part of the fabric was colored and the inner part including the folding within the stitches remained white creating this peek-a-boo effect. So when you move white lines appear. So cool. And it’s made of cotton and silk so it’s very light and super comfortable.

The drop crotch bottom was another great find. I was looking for the exact same thing since that Comme des Garcons and H&M thing. I know I’m super late with this trend but whatever. Being a trend droid I already have nine different crop crotch pants and shorts. Haha. But this one is different since the lower part is very tight. The downside though is that it’s very tricky to wear. There’s only a small room for your legs to move. So when you go out in this you must do the geisha walk. Haha. As in super small steps.

And yes. I gained weight. T_T

Live out your fantasy here with me

F4 boys designs for Coach

Minus one that is. So not only are the F4 boys extremely popular in Asia now, they’re also raking in tons of endorsements. Lee Min Ho’s permed hair alone is now probably worth millions. Anyway, Coach (the famous American brand that all our mothers love) asked the boys to design for their tote bags. And how did they do? Well, disastrous of course! Kim Joon did that stick figure and Kim Bum drew the flower pot. Kim Hyun Joong’s bag is still not available. Maybe he’s still doing some final touches?

Thank gawd, Coach also sought help from renowned Korean designers, artists and illustrators for some cool designs worth the money. Check their site here.

In related news, Kim Bum is a camwhore! Whore! Whore! You’re a whore! A damn cute whore.

source: popseoul, seoulbeats, allkpop

Merriam-Webster's dictionary makes gay marriage official(er)

The new version of the Merriam-Webster dictionary features an entry listing marriage as both "the state of being united to a person of the opposite sex as husband or wife..." and "the state of being united to a person of the same sex in a relationship like that of traditional marriage." While perhaps it's not as forward thinking as just writing "the state of one person being united to another person..." it is a huge step in the right direction.

Don't think our crazy right-wing friends aren't already up in arms about this. Conservative site asserts that the 1913 version of the dictionary "not only didn't mention same-sex 'marriage,' it supplemented its definition of traditional marriage with references from the Bible." Charming, we're sure, but in 1913 African Americans also couldn't go to the same schools as whites and women couldn't vote.

While a spokesperson for Mirriam-Webster (smartly) refused to talk to the folks at WND, one of WND's readers managed to score a few comments from associate editor Kerry Stamper who wrote:

"We often hear from people who believe that we are promoting -- or perhaps failing to promote -- a particular social or political agenda when we make choices about what words to include in the dictionary and how those words should be defined.

We hear such criticism from all parts of the political spectrum. We're genuinely sorry when an entry in -- or an omission from -- one of our dictionaries is found to be offensive or upsetting, but we can't allow such considerations to deflect us from our primary job as lexicographers."

In other words, if you're not going to be a part of progress (and ensuring equality) -- get out the frickin' way.

Comme des Garcons PLAY x Converse

I need therefore I want. Where in freaking Manila can I get these?????

Send this to someone who needs it

thanks to my friend michael. hope tokyo is not eating you alive.

love, kisses and such!

At last a gay boy is finally on American Idol

No Clay Aiken doesn't count.

Yeah. So did you watch American Idol last night? Anoop rocked it right? Oh that boy is mighty fine. But anyway… let’s talk about Adam Lambert. You know that rocker/emo/glam dude with the leather jacket, layered hair and black nail polish? And I forgot… he’s kinda handsome too. And yeah, he may just win this thing because he has the best vocals, the best taste, and by far the most fashionable. This guy is the real thing. Although, my heart belongs to Anoop (he’s so cute) Adam is one hell of a singer. Plus out of all of them his record I will definitely buy. Last week he sang Michael Jackson’s Black and White which by far was the most brilliant performance in AI history (my opinion). And this week the theme was country music and Adam refused to conform and performed glam rock which was pure brilliance. His falsettos were spot on and my gawd (!) Mika should be proud.

So anyway… here are some photos of him having a gay ol’ time kissing boys and having fun (kailangan redundant). He's got my vote. That is, if I was American.

Here are his performances on AI. Be prepared to be amazed. And watch it now since it’ll be deleted by the copyright avengers soon. Hehe.

source: dudetube

Shinee & Sweet

Here are the boys in the April issue of Elle Girl. Glad to know that this mag wasn’t affected by the recession. Its American counterpart was already sacked. But whatevs. So the boys went on saccharine overload with this photo shoot. I might turn diabetic. And to Che and Liz, I already did the honor of throwing a big rock on that girl’s face. I know you feel me.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

In another magazine called Vogue… is Joo Ji Hoon. I finally watched Antique after months of waiting. FINALLY! And I loved it. How much better can you get: a troubled beautiful gay man, an ambiguous straight boy, a Hulk and some boxer dude all in one movie! Watch it here. And yeah… Joo Ji Hoon was amazing here.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

source: allkpop


Utada wants you to come back


OMG. I’m out of words. Finally, Utada got it right! Let’s just say we’ll forget about the disaster that was her last English album. Anywhoo… she might just actually save American pop! Okay, I’m going out of the limb here but I just love this woman. She was the one responsible for my Jap culture addiction. When I saw Automatic on Channel [V] about a decade ago (yes I am old) I became an instant fan. You can just imagine how happy I was when they released her albums here in the Philippines. I bought her CD Deep River (a work of genius and easily one of the best music albums Japan ever produced) and it never left my discman for months. Then she decided to crossover to America. That didn’t do well. After that I REFUSED to listen to her singing English. But now she’s back to conquer America and the rest of the universe. She finally lost the excess poundage and is back to her waif like self. Thank gawd. But how are the songs? Well, I downloaded the album last week and I just listened to the whole thing today and… it was amazing. She finally found the balance and laid off the annoying synthesizers. She has one of the most distinct and beautiful voices so why artificially cover it? This Is The One is a solid pop/R&B album that follows the Japanese aesthetic in pop but in English. Stand outs are Come Back To Me, Apple & Cinnamon, Dirty Desire and Taking My Money Back.

Me in a suit

Well, not really.

Meet the jjamppong boys


Just found out that they have a Multiply. To tell the truth I did buy quite a number of jjamppong instant noodles because of this TVC and they’re still collecting dust in the pantry. Their maknae at least looks cute.

When mother wore my clothes

Mum had to attend this seminar at UP Diliman that required some field work. She didn’t bring any “work clothes” so she raided my closet. Kat’s closet was the first option but Kat’s a size zero so that won’t do. I just bought that top and mum’s the first one to wear it. Oh well. She totally copied my style. I was wearing something similar the day before. Well, except for the Nikes since I don’t do running shoes.

Just got back from the airport. She just left. Awww… I miss her already.

Britney tells us: "F.U.C.K. ME"

Ok ladies and gentlemen it’s now time for you to delete everything in your iPod or whatever shit since there is only one song in 2009 that is relevant, so incredibly brilliant and most probably the best pop song in years.

Ok. So the title of the song is technically If You Seek Amy and when sang faster (as Britney did) it sounds like a spelled out FUCK ME. Now that has got to be the most genius thing ever created in a pop song since Madonna rapped in Vogue. This cleverly embedded message of sexual urges has caused quite a stir in America. Now, Britney just released a music video in response to the dumbass report Fox News made.

She’s just making fun of herself and it was sort of a commentary to all the chaos she’s been through. Because really, when you shaved your head, got married twice, divorced twice and be the butt of everyone’s jokes there’s only one thing good to say. And that is: fuck off.

Gawd! I love this woman!

Why "Sorry, Sorry" rocks my socks

I have waited for this the whole day! I probably played the song a million times today. While at the bus this morning this was on loop and on full volume. My eardrums were definitely bleeding and I was loving every minute of it. So now on to the video. Hmmm… there’s nothing original about it. In a nutshell: (a) It looks like SNSD’s Gee dance vid only that there are 13 boys. (b) The dance steps are pretty much like Gee with a bit of Bi Rain thrown in. So basically, they all look like Seungri only that all thirteen of them are way better looking than Seungri. That’s a good thing. (c) Ya’ll be glad to know that Heechul is not annoying here. In fact, him finger tracing his mouth on the latter part of the vid was tres sexy. (d) Most of them lost weight to anorexic proportions as if Hedi Slimane was there. Maybe they’re all wearing Dior? That’s another good thing. (e)Sungmin! Oh my Sungmin. Ang gwapo mo!

I also listened to the whole album and I thought it was brilliant. Well, except for the ballads. They’re my new obsession du jour. They just made the album I wished DBSK would’ve made. *kicked by Yunho*

The wedding

Bons! Wag ka magalit. Inunahan kita. LOL. Anyway, I know I look incredibly fat in this photo but whatever. That day I was playing David Tutera and it wasn’t easy! Just look at my unruly coif! But I was so happy to do it since seeing my good friends get married (and be totally in love) was enough for me. I love you Bons and Fred! May you be the best parents to Yuri and Margaret!

And Bons, what is this trip to Subic that I heard about? Haha.

P.S. I was too lazy to fix up the pictures. More to come next week. Haha. I dunno why but I've been a total sloth these days. Maybe it was mother's visit that kept me on Ibuprofen.

P.P.S. The inspiration for my wedding outfit was Taemin of course! Sino pa ba? Watch this to know what I mean.

wrapped in love

The male Gee

I never really understood Super Junior. I don’t even understand why they’re called that. Moreover, why do they need thirteen members? Oh well. But I have to admit that I did like U. Actually, I was obsessed with that song when it came out. Now… OMFG. This song, Sorry, sorry (click the play button above), is just brilliant! Pop perfection. The repetitive refrain concept (think Gee) has got to be the most genius thing in Kpop. And thank gawd they hired a stylist! They look decent now.

Will start memorizing all thirteen of them.


Silver surfer

Ang taray ko noh? Hay nako. Eto na naman ako. Today, I was only supposed to pick up Kat’s dress at X and buy groceries. But no. I found myself walking aimlessly at the mall again. It was in Philosophy that I had a heart attack. When I saw that silver jacket my mind went blank. Then came the palpitations. I stared at it for a couple of minutes and said no. Then annoying sales girl said “Sir discounted pa yan.” Sabi ko oh really?! “Yes sir there’s only ten of that here in the Philippines and that’s the last one.” Aba. Sushal tong si sales girl englisera! Anyway, it was a size 2. Sabi ko shet parang di to kakasha. Naging serial eater kasi ako lately. Sige try ko to miss, I told her. When I wore it, my gawd it fits! Naalala ko si Taemin! Promise. Shet mababankrupt ata ako for a few days if I buy this. Bakla, wag na! Summer na and it’s 34 fucking degree Celsius sa labas! Magmukha ka lang tanga. But it’s made of light fabric naman kaya ok lang and it’s really shiny. Loko! It reflects light kaya you’ll be a walking oven niyan! LOL. Basta para kay Taemin. Bakla ka talaga. You have more than twenty jackets and coats do you really need another one? Wala pa akong silver eh.

In the end binili ko rin siya. I also bought new formal shoes at Wade for Bon’s wedding. And also bought a wedding gift. So pulubi na ako ngayon. As in P.U.L.U.B.I.

Corporate Cannibal

Was feeling a bit bored with my life today so I decided to play dress up. Am wearing my new harem pants. Seriously, I just couldn’t get enough of them slouchy bottoms. My balls can finally breathe. Unlike in them skinny jeans.

happy in his arms

Fred and Bons

These guys are finally getting married! Gosh this Sunday na and am so excited! It’s so nice to see your friends being ridonkulously in love. Wish ko ako rin. (*___*)

Am so happy for you! You guys gave me hope in love and proved me that it does exist. LOL.

Trendy Discotheque

Right now this is my jam. I feel that this song was specifically made for me and the rest of the jologs population. Yesterday alone I played it more than 50 times. I’m that crazy! This song is very brash, sarcastic, incredibly catchy and a work of pure genius.

Download: Pay TV – Trendy Discotheque

wanna party at 8am