Agaton & Mindy

I really really really have to watch this film. Like, now na! The last good Filipino film I watched was Daybreak and that was a long time ago. My film buff friend Carl already watched it (without inviting me, grrrr) and said it was so-so pero ang ganda daw ng dance sequences and the acting was decent enough. Whatevs! Gusto ko panoorin to. It's showing now. Tara sa sinehan mga friends! And the lead guy boy is cute too.


Is what I call my style. Haha.

I had lunch with my family kanina. Everybody was there including my cousins. So much fun. We ate in this Japanese restaurant with insane prices. We had shabu-shabu (which by the way is so good you’ll forget dieting) and my jaw dropped at the price. Sorry ha, I’m not into eating out and spending on food when I can eat Lucky Me for less than 10 pesos at home. LOL. And of course I ate like a pig. Thank you Tita Tess. Then went camwhoring. Haha. Xempre suot ko is my LV knockoff C2 shirt. LOL. I call my look neo-jologs.

Yeah. Ako lang ang hindi naka ngiti and with the same awkward pose.

I'll miss you Nay!

I will wear Louis Vuitton!

Not! Haha.

Guess what I found at Collezione by Rhett Eala? Doesn’t this remind you of the in-your-face-it’s-fucking-everywhere Stephen Sprouse for Louis Vuitton? I love it! Or should I say LVoe! I will be wearing this tomorrow. I want to channel Ruffa Gutierrez.

LVoe or hate?


The gays lost and so did Adam Lambert

Sad news for all the loving gays in America. Prop fucking 8 was upheld. That means my lovely sisters in the land of the free won’t be able to get married anymore. But the fight is not over. On a lighter note, how insane is that photo? Winner!

Nanay is here

Just like every gay person, I am a momma’s boy. She taught me everything I know about how to match clothes and how to apply concealer. I love this woman. So anyway, she’s here to visit for the week. When Kam and I picked her up at the airport yesterday I was tres shocked. She lost major poundage. Like 10 lbs. maybe. She told us quitting Coke (the soda) and taking belly dancing did the trick. Hmmm…

Who rocked it? Him or me?

I was doing my daily rounds of Japanese fashion blog-hopping and lookie lookie at what I found. We have the same pants. LOL. I just find this really funny. So who do you think rocked it better? Him or me? I chopped off the head since obviously this guy is better looking than me. My arms look weird. I need to work on better poses. Argh.

Moving on...

Now here’s what I really wanted to show you. Pwede na ba? Do I look like Hikaru na ba? Should I start doing porn also? LOL. Hikaru is the Japanese Brent Corrigan. If you know what I mean.

Robert Pattinson's sex video ya'll!

Are you bitches ready?

Sex videos are popular now eh? I’m really not sure how I feel about the Hayden Kho fiasco but it sure is fun entertainment. Much like Edison Chen. But at least I got to see Edison’s wang and all I got from Hayden was blurry imagination. Argh. I feel dirty for admitting watching that crap. It’s your fault Bons! Anywhoo, this post is not about stupid Filipino doctors and their camera fetish but of a young hottie who likes sucking errr… things. And it’s not blood this time.

It’s not really a sex video per se but it is a video and there is sex. Well, almost. Watch watch watch. But be sure the doors are closed.

Quite decent noh? It’s actually for the movie Little Ashes. And it's with a boy!

In related news, Mr. Rob Pattinson will also star in a Bel Ami movie. Shock! Well, don’t scream just yet silly. Yes, he’s making a movie but not for this Bel Ami. The title is just “Bel Ami”. But I could just imagine.

Have a great weekend!

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SHINee's Juliette MV is...

There are only three things that could describe SHINee’s new music video.

1) It’s.

2) fucking.

3) brilliant.

Beyond words. Okay okay okay. All you Kpopers might say that they recycled their old concept and just made it glossier while mashing up good bits from Replay and Oxygen. Okay you’re right to some point. But there’s always a time in a band’s career when they have to decide whether to be something new or just continue with the same old shit. Now, continuing with the same old shit can either be a totally brilliant idea or an epic fail. In my opinion, SHINee doesn’t need any changing just yet.

Watch amazingness below. This is in extremely low quality. Some fans just copied it off Mnet I think.

That right there is the reason why I love Kpop so much. Amazing bits are: at :58 Taemin does a mean hip thrust that can cause Noonas spasms; at 2:18 Jonghyun screams; and at 3:13 Minho reveals his new nose.

Winner takes it all

Forget American Idol for Swedish Idol is the shizz. Yeah, I’m so over Kris winning. Argh. America is fucking deaf damn it. Anyway, on to another country. Everybody knows that Sweden produces the best music in the whole universe. Think Abba, Robyn and Alcazar *lol*. Swedish Idol produced some of my favorite pop acts like Ola and Danny Saucedo (who I’ve blogged countless times already). But enough references. Let’s talk about that handsome boy up there who can pretty much be Adam Lambert’s lil’ bro.

His name is Johan Palm.

When Alienhits featured him I was instantly hooked. So for the past 4 hours I did nothing but watch him on youtube. Fuck this boy is talented. Of course, he did not win but whatever. When he sang Poison by Alice Cooper (see vids below) I instantly wet myself. He also performed songs by The Cure, Coldplay, and Suede. Damn boy! He pretty much sang everything I listened to back when I was a kid. Yeah, I was into rock before. You know, before Yunho came to my life.

He has a new album out now called “My Antidote.” Its opening song is Teenage Battlefield originally by The Sounds. And if you do follow this blog that song was my obsession du jour back in 2003. I was a lowly teen then and that was my anthem. Hearing Johan remake it brings back memories. Little trivia: this song was the theme song for the German teen drama flick Big Girls Don’t Cry (watch traler here). That film puts Gossip Girl to shame and is by far the best teen flick I’ve seen ever. EVER!

Click this to listen to Teenage Battlefield by Johan Plam.

I haven’t listened to the rest of the album yet but his debut single Emma Lee is properly amazing. It’s all sorts of brilliant and it makes you dance and shit. It’s currently #1 in Sweden.

How cool was that video? Here are of his best performances in no particular order.


I have to watch this film.

Thoughts on the American Idol finale

Spoiler alert! I’ve been waiting for this day for months now and thank you to all you bitches who spoiled me the results. My Multiply, Facebook and even my fucking Twitter newsfeed were filled with fucking Kris winning the glorified karaoke contest. I was actually really excited to watch the show tonight (since Philippine TV is hours late).

Now let’s start with Kris. I like him. He’s a genuinely nice guy with actual talent. He can sing some songs and can actually rock the stage. I like him. Although, I would’ve have preferred it Adam and Allison battling it out in the end but Kris is okay for me. At least it’s not the annoying Gokey.

So I kind of figured it out that Kris will win since last week. First, he’s just under the radar all throughout the competition. He wasn’t the best but wasn’t the worst either. Everybody loves the underdog so a lot of people will vote for him. Second, he is cute. Like, incredibly cute that you would just want to hug him so tight till his face turns red. That cute. Lastly, he is talented. The guy can play the guitar and piano. But no matter how cool and talented this cute boy is, he’s not really that unique. He doesn’t have that special oomph and his sound is pretty much like any other singer/songwriters in America. Like, do we really need another Jason Mraz? Sure, he will have a string of hits given the right material but does he has staying power in an industry so cut throat? And he’s already married.

Now, Adam on the other hand is already a winner. He already proved himself to be a force to be reckoned with since day one. He’s unlike anything AI has seen. He’s so unique and uber talented that it creeps me out. And I’m not just saying this because I’m a fan. He sets the bar every week with his outrageous performances and crazy crazy crazy vocals. He can hit those notes that no other singers today can.

I was kind of shocked and appalled that AI overly praised him. Every week, it’s obvious that he’s the producers’ favorite. He gets the most air time. Did you notice that? And the judges already coronated him since day one. Simon even stood up in admiration which is a first for the show. Katy Perry even incrusted his name in her costume while performing last week. Now this is all a bad thing because people might vote against rather than for. Think votefortheworst campaign.

Looking back last night it was clear who the best was talent wise and vocal wise. Kris was so lack luster (in his second song) and totally fucked it up (in his third song). Kris’ last song was so bad and incredibly painful to watch that the judges were so kind enough (even Simon) to give him euphemisms. Adam on the other hand wasn’t also perfect. He was okay on his first song and he also had some bad moments on the third song. But at least he hit the notes unlike Kris.

Okay, I sound totally bitter. Haha. But I’m still happy that Kris won. At least, it’s not Gokey. I’m sure Adam will make it big. He already proved himself to be a rock royalty. He could be the next Steven Tyler or Freddie Mercury. If not, he could always move to Europe where glam rock is the big thing.

I guess, America is still not ready for a gay Idol.

Dazed and Confused versus SHINee?

Does that photo above look familiar? Why, isn’t that Shinee’s new fashion concept? But who is that dude? He isn’t Shinee.

Apparently, crazy fans with internet connections are accusing the gay boy band of copying their look from an editorial (see above) lifted from Dazed and Confused’s March 2009 ish. If you ask me, I don’t really give a shit as long as my boys are back with a new album and that they’re still crazy hawt. However, people at SM Entertainment are taking the accusations seriously and released a statement (in Engrish) saying that: “It may seem like plagiarism seems the 2 photoshoots uses similar style masks. But the concept is different. The concept for SHINee’s new minialbum is Romeo while the other photoshoot uses the concept of ‘Transformers’ in them.”


Now, since my boys are fond of them head pieces, I’ve stolen collated some images from random fasheen blogs to give them advice on how to rock the “Romeo” concept Toxicboi style.

(1) A Hello Kitty mask would be perfect since their demographic includes pre pubescent girls, perverted old women and the whole population of Korean pedophiles. (2) This skeletal football helmet would be best for Taemin. This is to protect him from all the pedos who are out to get him. (3) Key should/must/have to wear this Aretha Franklin inspired piece. No explanation needed. (4) Pointed thingy will be for Jonghyun for poking Onew everytime he messes up. (5) The big flowers are for Minho. Because nothing says “flaming charisma” better than having a flower pot for a head.

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Jing's house

For the last 3 days I was at Jing’s. I went back to elbi to do some “things” in the university. Anyway, I had so much fun. The best things on my stay were: ukay2x, omelet, debates with Jonathan, seeing Hanie, my new sparkly nails and Jing’s smile. Thanks for letting me crash friend.

Jai ho!

I'm your Juliet... damn it!

Juliet is amazing. It’s like a mash up of euro electro pop and classic boyband sound with some Michael Jackson thrown. However, this is one of those either you love or hate type. Full review later once the new album and video is out.

Jai Ho!

For those who said I stopped smiling at the camera

Lets talk Kpop and fashion

Do not read if you’re not into Kpop. Full fangirlingboying ahead.

If you still don’t know, my obsessions include: cookies, porn, Korean poop pop music and fashion fashion fashion. As always, I was being a lazy bum this Saturday. Nothing better to do. Well, I bought Kam a new mp3 player as a gift but aside from that I was static the whole day. So, I blog hopped and found these interesting photos of kpop puppets denizens trying to be fasyon.

Let’s start with something juicy.

That right there is Jaebeom of 2PM. To be honest, I don’t like 2PM. They’re a triumph of style over substance. Translation: they got cool style but the music sucks or mediocre at best. But I’m easy to please. I have a soft spot for beautiful abs. This guy is mighty fine. I can grate cheese with those buns.

Ah Siwon. You are a sight to behold. Abs. I can’t stop staring at your abs. Damn it. Abs abs abs abs abs.

Let us move on to Big Bang. We all know that these boys are the dark horses in the Kpop world. They have a distinct style that you either love or hate. Well, with the exception of TOP (of course) since that boy is perfect. So recently, the boys are in Arena (the mag, see above). Daesung (left) looked kind of hot for the first time ever (basing on all his images on google). I’m totally digging the sucking the grapes thing. If that were strawberries I would have died. Haha. Let’s move on to G-Dragon(right). I have nothing to say with what he’s wearing. Now we know who styled Sandara Park (see below).

Did you know that Sandara’s hair style is the most popular and most requested style in Korea right now? No kidding. WHY?

Taegoon looks mighty fine. Me loves him. He now looks his age. Although, I’m not a fan of this style I’m totally crushing on those bleached out jeans. I had a DIY of something like that before and I (sadly) haven’t worn it yet.

Shinee. You shine my world. LOL.

I don’t understand. One day you’re all cool in indie garbs and pale colors and now you’re all emo and shit? No. No. No. I’m sorry but I hate grunge. And Minho, I love your new nose and all but are you really wearing leggings? I love it! Haha. As for the rest of the boys… X_X

Over and out.

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Bulletproof: video of the year etc. etc. etc.

O SHINee, SHINee, wherefore art thou SHINee?

Just when I thought 2NE1 had the whole fashion thing going then comes my boys. I miss them so much. They used to look over this site. Haha. They used to be in my header. For those of you who don’t know they’re Shinee and they’re the coolest gay boy band in the universe. *kicked by Yunho* So you can just imagine how hysterical I was when I heard the news that they’re coming back after months of being absent. Not only are they coming out with new music but they also have a gayer fresher new image. AND I LOVE ET! Its indie rocker meets Heatherette meets Hedi Slimane. So basically, they look like poster boys for Kim Jones. I LOVE ET!

I'm rummaging through my things tonight to look for the glue gun. I'm making myself masks like those. And my gawd Key (boy #2)!!! Stop inducing perverted pedo thoughts to my brain!

source: allkpop,

Boy of Summer

Since last Thursday we were all on Emong watch. The tropical cyclone was wrecking havoc in the north and we were all pissed if it will rain in our parade come Saturday. By Thursday night Emong was getting stronger than ever and PAG-ASA declared Zambales with a signal #3 warning. We were joking that we’ll perform a collective sun dance* in the hope of scaring Emong away. Haha. And it worked. Apollo answered all our prayers as the sky was cloudless and the sun was blistering the next day.

The obligatory narcissistic shots

We met up 7 pm at Philcoa (Jing’s orders). As usual, I was the earliest. I met Kenneth, Jing and Jonathan there then we went straight to Caloocan. It was my first time going and my gawd the place was chaotic. People were everywhere! It was like an anthill. I was carrying a heavy duffel bag and it was quite a task maneuvering myself through that crowd. By the time we reached Victory Liner my arms were aching like hell.

The last trip of the bus was 11:30. It was still 9 (early bitches) so we decided to eat at Mc Donald’s first while we wait for the others. Jing had a mishap with the tickets so she went back to get a refund. This mishap story is actually funnier if Jing tells it. And she also wouldn’t stop talking about it. Eric, Roy, Joy, Aika, Jeyson, Louie and RC arrived later. Then off we went to the bus.

The girls (Joy, Aika and Jing)

2 am we arrived at San Antonio, Zambales. The bus was extremely fast that we arrived hours early than the expected time. We were all bummed since what the eff are we gonna do for three more hours? And it was also drizzling adding more to our frustrations. If it was 30 degrees in Manila, it was hella cold in Zambales. Thank gawd Louie found a Mami stand still open. We stayed there till 5 after we were kicked out.

When the market opened Jing and the guys bought food for lunch and dinner. Anawangin is a camper’s beach so we had to cook our own food. Selecting what to cook was a long debate but we settled for liempo, fresh tuna and adobo. I had no complaints. By about 6 we rode a trike to Pundakit. The ride was quite something. Our trike had a door! Once in Pundakit we looked for a boat to bring us to Anawangin. The boys found one and off we went. Pundakit, by the way, was a disappointment. It looked better in pictures. Anyway, we were all still disheartened since it was still raining. I was cursing under my breath.

The boat ride was sweet. It was my first time and I loved it. It wasn’t scary at all even if the waves were huge and very angry. It was such a thrill. I’ve never traveled by sea before. I always thought planes were safer. Now, I think boats are cool.

We finally reached the Anawangin cove. There were only a few people there when we arrived. Emong scared all the beach goers away. So how is Anawangin? My gawd, it was beautiful. Once my feet touched the soft sands I knew I was in paradise. No. I’m exaggerating but it really is as beautiful as everyone says it is. The first thing I noticed in the scenery were the pine trees. They’re scattered all over. Looking farther I can see some campers with their colorful tents. On the right were rock cliffs with big waves lapping underneath. For some weird reason, this reminded me of Marina (don’t judge me). The sea itself was a beautiful turquoise punctuated by huge boulders on the sides of the cove. It was a magnificent sight. But it was still drizzling.


The boys then set up the tent and also cooked the food (with Jing). Boys are really handy. I on the other hand slept. Haha. When I woke up brunch was served. After eating we all went straight to the beach. By this time the sun was shining. Thank you. We stayed in the water for quite some time. The waves were strong. We just stayed on the shallow side since we heard stories of people dying in Anawangin. In the afternoon we went hiking. That I will never do ever again. We hiked up the small hill on the side of the beach and it was pure torture. The incline was so steep and it felt like you will fall any minute. And take note that I was wearing flip flops which made it all the more difficult. But we were rewarded with a gorgeous view once we reached the top.

The boys (Eric, Louie, me, Rc, Jeyson, Kenneth, Roy and Jonathan)

Night came. The boys (mostly Jeyson) set up the bon fire. It was so cool. Just like in the movies. Times like these I regretted not joining the boys scout when I was younger. Tequila and rum were served. Aika, Jing and I drank the most. Aika devised a drinking came using cards and it was so much fun. I was forced to smoke one stick in 30 seconds. Haha. We also very noisy. No. We were causing a commotion. Haha. Our session was pre empted by a sudden drizzle. It was a false alarm and we were to continue drinking but everyone was tired so we slept. Boo! We only had one tent from Roy. Only one. So they decided to sleep by the shore. When some of them started snoring I sneaked out and went to the tent. Haha. I had a good night sleep while they were all freezing. Seriously, I feel bad especially for the girls. L

The next day we all went to see Capones. It’s an island just across the cove. We were supposed to see the lighthouse but the waves were too strong so we decided to go to the island beach instead. And I was glad we did. The sand was whiter and the water was clearer.


After Capones we had to say goodbye to the sun. I had so much fun. Thank you so much to you guys! I will remember this forever. Chos. Thank you Jing for constantly forcing me to come and I was glad I did. Let us do this again.

*a Sarah Geronimo reference

P.S. I did not edit this so forgive the grammar and the mixed up tenses.

Just got back

Matthew Williamson for H&M

Vogue vs LOVE

Who worked it better? Beth Ditto or Natalia Vodianova? This time, I have to give it to Beth.

Kat's grad

Way long overdue. Congrats Kam.

2NE1 vs M.I.A. vs The Chordettes

In this age of fast information and right-click-downloads it’s almost impossible to find originality. You have fake designer loots at Greenhills. Bloggers copy-pasting content. Me bleaching my hair and of course you have Kpop groups ripping off other artists and claiming it as “being inspired.”

Now let’s take a look at 2NE1 shall we?

2NE1 vs M.I.A.

2NE! vs The Chordettes

What do you Kpop lovers think?

Sandara Park is on FIRE

It’s out. Finally. I’ve been waiting for this since forever. Can I just say how much of a Sandara fan I am? Like, I watched everything she’s was on. She was (and is) my guilty pleasure. No one knows but I actually have a girl crush on her. I’m still into dicks though. So don’t worry.

O.M.G. Watch the video!

They’re like a mix of M.I.A. and Lady Gaga. I’m out of words. They sound great! Who knew Sandara sings better with synthesizers! Haha.

Below is the street version which I’m not so crazy about. G-Dragon makes an appearance here. Don’t blink if you wanna see him.