On the wall

Look at my hair! Just dyed it. I still stink of chemicals. The colorist had a hard time correcting my hair color. I had dark roots and very light and damaged ends. Expensive shit. Anyway, I’m happy with the results. I just have to deep condition everyday.

Went to the library then took some self pics.

Sandara Park in Ann Dem, Margiela and more

Iba na talaga si Sandara. Mega upgrade! From being a lowly d-list actress here to being in a cool girl band wearing the most amazing designer pieces. Argh! Let’s review shall we?

Dara's in Ann Demeulemeester cover-up and Martin Margiela pants
In Gucci
In Anne Sofie neck piece
In Prada
In Louis Vuitton
In Martin Margiela pants
In Burberry neck piece... can someone id her dress?

source: Kstyleblog

I should smile more

MJ forever

I found this cute double breasted blazer at the ukay. Only 50 pesos ya’ll. Practically free. Haha. Then I thought of sprucing it up a bit with studs. I looked everywhere for them studs but to no avail. I even went to Divisoria but my timing was wrong. I didn’t know shops close on Sundays. So the studs I used were from my bracelet that broke. The sewing kit is Jing’s and she got it for 10 pesos at a Chinese store. Kaloka. I should really enroll on a sewing class fast!

This is my MJ tribute. It’s not too late right?

Minho Jackson and other Kpop ramblings

Time to get serious bitch! This week was just argh! So I only have Kpop to keep me sane. Yeah.

So, I found this ed of Minho’s tribute to the King of Pop. It was styled and probably designed by SHINee’s resident designer Ha Sang Baek of Ha:Sang;Beg. It’s from Korean Vogue (though I’m not sure).

Minho is a big wonderment for me. He’s a rapper but he doesn’t look like your typical hip hop boy. I mean, he’s high fashion (LOL). Anyway, here’s Ha Sang Baek’s Spring 09 (as worn by SHINee countless times) and Fall 09 collections. And yeah, that’s Minho modeling right there.


In other Kpop news, through AllKpop, I discovered a new band to obsess over. Like, all 50 other boys aren’t enough. LOL. They’re Dragon N Tiger and their new song Crazily Pretty is a work of Kpop genius. And me loves the clothes. All those fringe and drapings. Love! Their new album is out today so keep googling for torrents.


My roots are like 4 inches long already. I need to lighten my hair again. I’m thinking to totally bleach everything out and try another color. But! My hair is damaged enough already and treatments are tres expensive. Anyway, I want something like Hong Ki (below) but orange will look ridiculous on me. Or maybe platinum like Jong Hoon? No.


Enough boys. In Kpop, Browned Eyed Girls just released the most amazing music video EVER in Kpop history. The music is cool too. Very edgy. The sound is very underground electro pop that’s a welcome change from the overly saturated bubblegum pop of idols.


Till next time

photo source: Coutorture, Thaicatwalk, Kimchilicious, Yonhap

Gray days

Just arrived in Elbi. It’s raining still. Gosh. When will it stop? Suddenly I’m craving for chicken noodles. The one from Chowking. But Lucky Me will do I guess. LOL. So many things to do but procrastination is priority. Thus these photos. Haha. I love wearing my boots. It’s so comfy and made of really soft leather.

Here’s Jing looking fierce! Love the dress and the details.

Kpop thoughts

Why is it that in such a small country like Korea, there so many pretty boys? Like, seriously. This boggles me. Whenever I watch Pinoy TV all I see are ugly people. No not ugly. Maybe less pretty. LOL. Don’t get me wrong there are some beautiful artistas out there but I deffo think that Philippine TV is experiencing a deprivation of pretty boys. What do you think?

Okay. Khun (above) is actually Thai. LOL.


I am expanding my fandom now. Yeah. FT Island has been around in the Kpop scene for quite a while but I was never really drawn to them. In fact, I knew about them first before I became a Cassie, got obsessed with SHINee, had a thing for SNSD and lusted over this. So just today I downloaded their entire discography all thanks to my friend Renzus. Kaloka. They’re quite good. They’re like the Asian Jonas Brothers only that they can actually sing.

Today, the boys gave fan service. Jong Hun kissed Hong ki at Ingkigayo. Major @_@!!! Here are some screen shots. Watch the video here. And yes, Jong Hun is prolly the prettiest thing I’ve seen EVER. Just take a look at this, this and this.

Anyway, here’s a video that haunted my dreams last night. It’s pretty old. This was last year. But my gawd, I almost died after their performance. SHINee with FTI? Wanking material!


For months I have contemplated on quitting Kpop. Seriously. It freaking rots me. It rots my brain more than Facebook. Kpop for me is like cigarette. A day is not complete without a stick. *sigh* Kpop pretty much occupies 25% of my time. NOT GOOD.

But it’s also rewarding. It never fails to make me smile. That and Coat West of course.


Nobody by the Wondergirls is getting popular in the country. Yey! I obsessed about that song last year and blogged about it countless times. Now, I’m kinda sick of it. LOL.

No face

Being back here in QC is nice. I miss my room and all my cluttered clothes. On weekdays I stay at my friend’s house to work on my “project.” But on weekends I’m here. I just wish I could pack all my things in one nifty duffel bag like Marry Poppins. That way I won’t go crazy when I forgot to pack that jeans or that bag or most frequently that freaking belt. LOL.

I feel so uninspired lately. Sudden change of mood. LOL. I guess I just have to move on. You know. I really can’t wait for next year. If I’m not going to fashion school I will fucking die!

Anyway, procrastination still haunts me. Right now, I’m supposed to be doing research but I’m watching City Hall and ogling at Margiela’s new work.

Photo sources: Ashadedviewonfashion

Half Blood Prince

Just got back from watching Harry Potter. All of you know how much of a Pott-head I am. I’ve been a fan since I was twelve! I grew up with Harry. Every freaking year (up to college) I’ve been patiently waiting for Ms. J.K. Rowling to write those books. Anyway, the movie (Half Blood Prince) was great! I’ve been curious how they will adapt it. The book was my least favorite and also contained the least action (not counting the end part). But I think they succeeded. The movie was actually fun and despite the dark tones (anger, pain, and death) it had some laugh out loud moments. Great film. Although I think this one was made for the fans. I doubt non fans would like it as much.

Enough of that. Let’s look at the best thing in movie shall we? Why… it’s Professor McGonagall looking fierce! It reminded me of Balmain. What do you think?

SHINee for Vogue

Just yesterday their photos from Numero were released and now it’s Vogue! I personally like this one. Homoerotic madness! I know them Koreans like their idols a lil faggy but these are insane. Haha. I love all the white. I wish I can wear all white. My tan skin looks horrible in white. And a big @_@ at Minho. And leggings with shorts? Looks cool. I’ll try that.

Wasn't that orgasmic? LOL. I'm a bit backlogged (in blogging) right now. Recently, Jing and I went thrift shopping (read: ukay). I bought tons and tons of garbage. And I can't wait let ya'll see.

Harry Potter this weekend. Can't wait. I did not read any reviews. EVER. I don't wanna spoil myself.

Tohoshinki wears Ato S/S 2009

I miss talking about my boys. For months I’ve been MIA to my favorite fandom. Don’t worry Tohoshinki still is number 1 in my heart. Chos. I found out through tvxqfever that my boys were wearing a famous Japanese fashion brand during their The Secret Code concert. The brand in question is ATO. Gorgeousness! Here are my boys vs. the models. What amazes me is that they wore the clothes exactly straight from the runway.

Here they are in action. This is a fancam but the quality is quite good. The focus is Junsu. I wish I could’ve seen Yunho more.

SHINee for Numero

I see Raf Simons and I see Alexander Mcqueen. SHINee should dress more like this. And Minho looks incredibly dashing here.

Set aside your iPod playlist. You must listen to these RIGHT NOW

The amazing Dragonette is back. This time they’re collaborating with Martin Solveig and Jean Paul Gaultier (!!!) for Boy and Girl. The song is amazing of course. More poppy than Dragonette’s debut effort but definitely better. It’s sad that this band didn’t make it big despite their genius. Their debut album Galore was my soundtrack the whole of 2007. I hope this is a sign that they’ll be making a comeback soon. I’m excited! And yeah, all those beautiful clothes (in the video) were by JPG and it was filmed in his atelier.

Clazziquai’s Love Again might just save Kpop. They’ve been around for quite awhile but this is my first time hearing a song of them. And my gosh, I’m in love again! Pun intended. The song is like a Red One production with some Zero 7 thrown in for good measure. It’s pretty repetitive which pretty much is the Kpop aspect of the song. All in all, it is a welcome refreshment from the swarm of idol groups plaguing Korea right now.

OMG. Never had I been this excited for a band since… well, MGMT. Haha. I had such great expectation from MGMT but I never really got into their music. Now, thanks to Alienhits, I found this great Australian band The Galvatrons. Yes, that’s a Transformers reference. Cassandra has the best song opening EVER. Just gorgeous.

Chos lang

Last Sunday we went to Tagaytay. So much fun.

I was thinking of making this longish entry but I got lazy. Haha.


Seriously, I’m trying my best. Haha. But I’m taking a short break now. Will have to go back to work in an hour. I know I should be focused and all but I can’t just neglect my online duties. LOL. Sooo hard to work in this place. Our backyard is literally a forest. Like, huge trees, a creek and lots of noisy insects. Sound of nature. The insects especially make me sleepy. All the people here are asleep now and I’m the only one awake. Lifehouse is on the background and they’re not helping.

I’ll have to wrap up all my thoughts in bullets.

  • Harry Potter is next week na! And the IMAX in SM North will open at the same time. I wanna watch it there. But I heard tickets costs 500 bucks. Oh well. I love Harry so much so I’ll be reserving a ticket today. That’s a thousand down the drain already. But what the heck. Harry better deliver!!!

  • Starting today I’m cutting on my social networking addiction. I already left Multiply. Chictopia and a bunch of other forums are next. Yeah. Updating all these sites is work. I’m fine with just blogging and Facebook. For now.

  • I have a new crush. He’s young(er), really cute, a fashion designer and ummm… really cute. He’s Thai.

  • My belly and my annoying cheeks are getting fatter and fatter. All I do is eat. Gawd. I should go to the gym. I hate it that I always crave for something sweet. Argh. Right now I’m thinking of the ube flavored hopia that our next door neighbor is selling. Will buy some after I finish this.

  • Last I week I had my nails painted black. Now it’s chipping and it’s not a pretty sight. Black nails doesn’t suit me but I always ask for black. I dunno why. Akatsuki?

  • Sometimes I feel guilty that I can’t be with Kam in some days. Who will cook for her? Anyway, I hope she’s okay. I miss her.

So basically, my life is very boring now. Can’t wait for Tagaytay this weekend.

Less is more

I’m not a big fan of simplicity. I never really understood the whole minimalist chic movement. This boy likes it outrageous. But I think I’m becoming a convert. Jil Sander’s Spring 2010 collection is just divine. This is the sort of beauty that can make me cry. Gorgeous!

PC: Coutorture