Siamese twins

Here’s Danjo and Randy wearing my Siamese twins t-shirt from Two Percent. They insisted on wearing it together. I never thought it could be done this way. I was just worried if they would stretch my shirt. Haha. Cute no?

I was invited in a design contest at school. I’m still thinking if I’ll join since I’m busy busyhan in September.

Nothing to blog these past days. My life is boring.

Green light

One night with the fags and lezlbos of UPLB. So much fun.

Don’t forget to go to our event. It’s a beer all you can at IC’s. Bring all your friends. Tickets are only 170. Get them from me. Get ready for something PINK. Basta maloloka kayo pag pumunta kayo. Go na! Now na!


In a few weeks it’ll be September. *sigh* By that time I should be FINISHED. By that I mean finished with this life. Haha. Anyway, here are a few things that are keeping me busy lately aside from the regular school work (or should I say lack thereof LOL):

Tamna The Island. Yeah, I file watching Korean Dramas under “being busy.” This here is shit drama but totally addicting. Think Boys Over Flowers or Miss No Good. Mind numbing but incredibly satisfying. I guess I’m still not over the Korean Wave thing. I’m totally obsessed. According to Google Chrome, Allkpop is my top visited site next to Facebook. I know. I should get a life.


Just so you know I already cut down on my shopping. Yeah! This week, I did not buy anything major. By major, I mean anything more than 500 pesos. LOL. One thing that I’m crazy about now is the Pond’s Big Beauty Sale. 70% off! So last Sunday, I hoarded their Age Miracle line. I love those shit. But I was super angry last time I was at Watson’s since the sale actually started last Aug. 9 and not on Aug. 15 as advertised. So the Microdermabrasion kit that I’ve been waiting for to go on sale were all sold out. Sad.


UP Babaylan Los Banos. My new friends. So much fun. Punta pala kayo sa event namin. Beernaked ang title and yes beer all you can ito. It’ll be this Sept. 2 and tickets are 170 pesos. Parang awa niyo na sakin kayo bumili. Haha.


How ugly is my new jacket? See above. I dunno, when I saw it on a big pile on the floor, I immediately fell in love. Yeah. Despite the chakaness. But I think it has a certain charm to it. I love the cut, the shape and the details though. Just not the print. Anyway, I still think it looks cool. It’s only 5 pesos sa ukay sa may palengke. Bongga. It still has its tag on. It was $480 originally. Mas bongga!


GDragon! OMG. His new album is out. Not ground breaking or anything but it’s enjoyable. What makes me love this boy is his fashion sense. Amazing. More outrageousness on the video below.

Middle of the road

I pop 4 pills thrice a day. Thank gawd I’m better now. No more fever. Yay. I feel so tired still. But I was able to strut (LOL) all over the campus posting teasers for our event. I hope a lot of people will come. We’re hosting a film festival.

I miss writing in this blog. I opened another one but I had it protected. Echos lang.

Tie dyed

Went thrift shopping today. Yay! I got this cute Decollage tee for only 200 bucks. So happy. I’m into formless clothes now. I love the way loose fabrics fall on my body. I dunno. I feel sexy in them. Ano daw? I’m still sick. No fever but my throat and head are killing me. All this coughing is a big sign from the heavens saying I should stop smoking.

Now this explains everything

It has always been a wonder to me where the SHINee boys shop. I mean, they’re incredibly skinny but still manage to find jeans that actually fit them. Well, they shop at the women’s department! Genius. I do that myself often. It’s hard to find a good pair. The jeans in question below is from Cheap Monday. Okay okay okay. Cheap Monday makes them unisex. Yeah, but come on! Multi colored polka dots?

In totally different but rather related news in Kpop... SHINee and 2PM came together to parody Korea's premier girl group SNSD's Tell Me Your Wish. All I can say is: potang ena Taemin! Pota pota pota. Ganda mo ateh! Yun lang. Click this to see how SNSD did it.

Source: Kstyleblog


How long will it last?

Chos! Aminin niyo. Ang ganda ko sa photo na yan!

Banal Chic

Through some blog hopping I discovered BanalChicBizzare. It’s a Japanese brand that is popular with kids hanging in Harajuku. Yeah, I’m kinda biased to Japan. Jfashion never ceases to amaze and inspire me. Here’s some looks from their S/S 09 collection. All I can say: I need that Napoleon jacket!

Here’s some regular boys wearing BanalChicBizzare. Ganda!

Check their super cool blog here.

Another brand that got me all giddy is Rad by Rad Hourani. Thanks to Khaz, I have a new designer to ogle at. This is just my style. All the drapping, layering, skirts and black! Oh my. I’m totally ripping this off. Time to thrift shop!

Evisu was never my style. Well, even up to now. Haha. But if my future hubby models for it? Aaahhh! Wank! Wank! Wank! Mighty fine.

Photosource: Dropsnap, Coutorture