Everything is dry. No more muddy streets. Thank you! There are still a lot of people needing help. Let us all do what we can. Check this to know how to help.

Now back to regular programming!

shirt - Cheap Monday, leather pants - Gothic Lolita and Punk, shoes - Slazenger

My laptop now is giving me headaches. I did a cleanup when Ondoy was here. Erased some unnecessary shit, ran tests and burned stuff on DVDs. Now it’s still slow. Maybe I should reformat? But I don’t want! Or maybe it’s due to my downloading dorama torrents that I rarely turn it off? I don’t know. I’m doing one more check up today and if still stubborn, I’ll reformat. *sigh*

On to more important things… take a look at my latest loot. Hehe. Yup. That one on the left is see-through. Yup. I’m planning to wear that. When I’m thinner. ^^

Katie Eary blew me away

Each look is an abstract study of the thieves, pushers, pretty boys and gnarly street-rats that populate the dark streets of Burroughs' dystopian nightmare - merely animals who exist in the limbo between constant hunger and their next fix. Bound in the uniform of their former lives, they sink into a soulless and hollow existence, as evidence of their ravaged bodies bursts through the fabric of their pasts. Life becomes war - the grim battle between sanity and the maniacal thirst for a seductive high.


I love everything. If could afford it, I’d wear everything. Gawd. That pearl and chain corset-esque thingamagig is pure amazingness. Maybe I could do a DIY?

sources: GQ, lipsticktracez and transim

Dorama time!

Couldn't sleep. These'll keep me company:

Monkey Lock -- This is now my favorite Jdorama ever. And I mean EVER! Watch the first episode below from left to right. ^^

Teioh -- This one is blah. About Hostos which is the only reason I'm watching it.

Vampire Boy -- Haven't started with this one but the whole teen vampire concept is intriguing.

Twin Spica -- This I have no idea. Downloaded it coz I thought the banner was cool. Haha.

These things are like my Farmville. Gets? Gets!


It’s a sad time for Filipinos. The storm Ondoy that wreaked havoc in Metro Manila left people dying, homes destroyed and chaos all over. I had to admit that I was oblivious to everything last weekend. I was just pissed that there was no internet. So when I opened the TV, I was shocked with what was happening.

Since I already amassed a lot of shit in my closet, I decided to give some of it away. Besides, I needed the space. I also asked my sister to give some stuff.

Let us all help those in need. For dropping points check this blog.


I have a new favorite band. They’re called Tokio Hotel and they’re fucking amazing. Yes, that curse is there for a reason. Okay. So I’ve heard of them many times in the past and being the purist Jrock semi-fan (that I am) I dismissed them as another Caucasian wannabe. But my gawd! Their new single Automatic is amazing. How many times should I say amazing? Amazing amazing amazing! You have to watch the video below which by the way is also amazing. And Bill Kaulitz, the lead singer is hot as hell. If that is not enough his twin brother is also in the band. I die! And and and they both look good without shirts on while lounging at the beach. Just take a look at here. So yeah…

Shiny plastic

Margiela Aids Tee, Proudrace tights and Mihara Yasuhiro sneaks

I just realized that I’m a bad selfish person. I let down so many friends. Like, I don’t reply to texts especially when they need help. I’m always MIA. I lie. And… I’m not always around my sister. I waste money. I waste time. Oh well. This boy needs some serious spanking.

This bipolar kind of weather is getting to me. Me don’t like it when it’s cold. Argh. Me must go shopping. Must divert myself. Glee’s 4th ep is still not in the torrents. Argh.

So yeah, I wore PVC tights yesterday. Haha. Tricky to wear and a bitch to take off.

In other less emo news (and walang echos), TVXQ’s plea was accepted by the Korean court. Yey! Happy. I sure hope this whole court drama will be over soon because I dearly miss my boys. And since emo ako ngayon…


I miss my teaching job. Haha. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I really do. I was really touched when one student emailed me these pictures. She said she went shopping in Osaka going through shops that I like (or dreamed of going to). She said she misses me and so she went shopping. Haha. Where did she shop? Why Comme des Garcons and Margiela of course. I die!


No more closet space. I don’t know what to do. My room is incredibly messy already. Clothes, mags, dirt and all sorts of trash cohabit in that small pig pen.

Hard and soft.

My third home. This boy is forever grateful to this girl for letting me crash in all the time.

This is how I deceive people.

The Margiela shirt that I haven’t worn yet. It just stays there.

Watching The Beautiful Life.



  • Not really a fan of fringe but I'm giving it a try. I think I like it now.
  • When I get back home tomorrow, I have heaps of laundry waiting for me. I’m cringing at the thought of it. But I do enjoy doing laundry. Just not more than three batches.
  • Be going to Cine Europa tomorrow with friends. This’ll be exciting. And it’s free.
  • I’m now fat. All I do now is eat. It’s alright. I’m now on a starvation ban. More food and more love. Haha. Or maybe I’m just watching Drop Dead Diva one too many times.
  • In Kpop, I'm a bit behind. There are sooo many scandals now and I have yet to update myself. Anyway, I'm very excited for Rain's new boyband called MBLAQ. Not sure if I like the name but they're pure eye candy. Can't wait for their debut!

  • Maybelline Unstoppable Mascara is not unstoppable as it claims to be. The other night I went out dancing and I kept on fixing my eyes every 10 seconds. Very annoying.
  • Rad Hourani’s S/S 2010 is amazing. Watch it below.


The shirt I’m wearing is one of my best thrift finds. Raf Simons Spring 2003! When I saw it on the 25 peso rack I totally spazzed out. The jacket is borrowed. Thanks Jing! XD

I should talk more in this blog. It now looks more like a lookbook instead of an actual blog. Anyway, I embrace narcissism so you’ll be seeing more of my face. LOL.


This is like my uniform now. A shirt, drop crotch pants and my Mihara Yasuhiro sneaks. I practically wear those shoes every day. I’m worried it might get worn out.

Today, I’m so lazy. Somebody spank me! I need to werq werq werqing. Aaahhh!

In a totally different news... Here’s the new vid of Super Junior M. I never really liked Chinese pop but this is just way way awesome. And Super Junior is #1 in Music One Manila as reported at Philippine Star. Imagine that. Hwaiting!

Jet set

Accompanied mom to the airport. She’s going home. I will miss her. No more good food. Haha. Actually, that could be good since I think I gained 10 pounds since she came. Today I ate so much dumplings and it wasn’t pleasant.

Here’s my mom. Haha. She’s wearing a dress from People are People. I was surprised she knew that store. I approve!

My sister looking fierce.

I’ll leave this post with a new jam.