While waiting for You’re Handsome to finish being subbed, I did this. I got the idea from Yekky, removed the studs from an old belt and put them on my American Apparel shirt that Don gave me. Took me 30 minutes to place everything and tah dah! New shirt. Recession chic ito.

Jerome Ang S/S 2010

This will be my last fashion week post. I feel uneasy seeing the same outfit on me for a week in this blog. Haha. Anyway, the Jerome Ang show was amazing. My jaws were literally dropped the whole time. If I have lots of money I’ll deffo buy all those hard leather dresses and that silver suit! Gosh. Oh yeah, we were in front row when we watched this. I was feeling uneasy since the seats were reserved for the media but Marko and Bianca were nonchalant the whole time so kebs lang. Haha.

Oh I don’t have any flattering picture during FW. Blood shot eyes? Check. Eye bags? Check. Awkward pose? Check. Hay nako. On the right are Carl and Marko. And front row view.

Here are some looks that I loved during the show:

Photo source: Bruce Casanova and stolen from Style-anywhere.

Cool people 2

Don Protasio and Bo Parcon
Me and Bo. Bo's wearing Comme Des Garcons!
Ceige Cagalawan and moi
Of course, the best for last. Ria Bolivar and me! She's sooo beautiful in person.

Designer's assistant for a day

Last Sunday while watching the Jerome Ang show in the front row (yes front row but that’s another story at talagang makakapal mukha namin), my friend Marko asked me if I’d like to help him assist a designer for the next day’s runway. I said yes. I’ve always wanted to see how a designer works. So the next day I went to Ciege Cagalawan’s studio to help. When I went inside it was chaotic. But it was a beautiful chaos. Fabrics were everywhere… you get the idea. Just like in Project Runway. I know ang loser ko talaga for gushing over this. It was fun and Ciege and his assistant Mike were super nice. I helped out with the packing, placing the shoes, and fixing some accessories. It was fun fiddling with the pliers to make necklaces and such. Ciege taught me of course. Then we went to the venue.

1) Ciege and me. He said sunglasses are his trademark when going out to the runway. 2) CJ and Ciege at the make-up room. 3) The accessories. Ciege is well known for his accessories. 4) Busy people backstage. 5) Ciege and CJ steaming the clothes. Bongga is the shoes!

Ciege’s collection is titled Pain, Hurt and Anguish. He chose white, cream and black as the main colors of the collection. The pieces look sweet and really feminine.

Photo source: Bruce Casanova and stolen from Style-anywhere.

Love Letter

I die. This was shot in Cebu, Philippines.

Meeting Don Protasio

Yesterday I had the chance of being a designer’s assistant at Philippine Fashion Week. I lent my services (echos) to young designer Ciege Cagalawan who is super nice and really talented. Will make a full post about his collection once the runway shots are in. Anyway, while in the backstage area I was able to meet one of my favorite designers Don Protasio. You might know him since I’ve been mentioning him here in my lil blog countless times already. Don is a dear friend (chos, feeling close). I really admire his work. He has a sort of japonesque aesthetic which I love. Mala Yohji at Rei ang drama.

The title of his S/S 2010 collection is Sea Swept and according to him: "the whole concept can be summed up into several words like sea swept, freedom and languid. i had this idea of clothes cut like it were submerged in water for a time and got stretched. I wanted ease, comfort and softness to the collection. There's a conscious effort on my part to clear the air of rigidity of my previous collection. I used micromodal, a type of jersey fabric used in underwear for most of the pieces along with cotton linen, stretch cotton and canvas."

I had the chance to see the clothes up close and I'm surprised with his fabric choice: micromodal cotton which is super soft and very light. I imagine if I wore this I wont remember having clothes on.

This is my favorite look! When I asked him where he got those canned drinks' tabs he said he drank a lot of Diet Coke just to make the dress. Haha. Very unconventional and it looks beautiful. This reminded me a bit of Margiela. Making ordinary things into wearable fashions.

Big hoodie, asymmetric cut, skirt (or is that a skort?), leggings and gladiators. Win!

This reminded me a bit of Les Miserables. A Japanese version of course.

I love this look so much. Looks really comfortable and that giant safety pin I want!

This is very Don. The neckilne, the asymmetry, and the flowy bottom.

This is my second favorite look. I dunno if you can see it in this pic but the details on that top is bongga (I can't find another word haha).

And here's the international designer himself! Chos.

We're both wearing our Margiela shirts. I look so ugly here but whatevs.

Photo source: Bruce Casanova and stolen from Style-anywhere.

Cool people

Last Sunday I met some friends at Philippine Fashion week. So much fun. I also saw a lot of fasyon people like Andre Chang and Daryl Chang of Preview (my fave local fashion mag). Both were painfully fierce and fashion forward. And also Carla Sibal, editor in chief of Mega. She’s incredibly chic.

With long time online friend and Chictopia Style Icon Karl Leuterio. We've been meaning to meet for the longest time and we finally did.
Bianca and Marko. Both are Clothing Technology majors at University of the Philippines.
With my college buddy Carl whom I haven't seen for months. iLove the shoes ha! And thanks for dinner. ^^
Marko is a Babaylan in Diliman. Ako naman ay sa UP Los Banos.
With Sheika! Hoy Shix ang ganda ng skin mo sobra. What happened to my face?!
The fearsome threesome. Unkown (sorry) fierce dude in Margiela, Andre Chang and Daryl Chang. Pero wafu yung 4th guy sa right ha.

Joel Escober S/S 2010

Back from Philippine Fashion Week. It was awesome. Thank you to Sheika for the invite. So the first show I watched was by Joel Escober. His inspiration was boxers in short shorts in the 20’s era clad with women in boxing belts. That’s how I’d like to put it. He used a lot of different embellishments but still managed to make everything look coherent. I like this collection very much.

My friend Carl took the photos. He said it was difficult to shoot because of the harsh lighting and with the models walking fast.

I just had to post papa Luke (below). The photo’s blurry.

Below is Sheika and me! Thank you and oppa loves you.

I can’t wait for tomorrow. I’ll finally see Don Protasio. Haha.

Don Protasio S/S 2010 preview

Don! Am excited for your collection! Ahihi. That white shirt is amazing. Kaso I still have no invites. Maybe I’ll just stalk you outside SMX. ^^ But I’m going this Sunday thanks to a very chica friend Shix of Freedommeetsgroove. Oppa loves you! This’ll be my first fashion week.

Hmmm... what should I wear?

photo source: Styleanywhere

Today in pictures

Saw this amazing art piece at High Street. My mom did not understand it and thought it was garbage.

Here’s an obligatory photo of me. I wore my Margiela shirt. I feel like I’m mayaman when I wear this. Haha.

My sister looking chica. She’s wearing the Chloe skirt I gave for her birthday.

Two beautiful women camwhoring while waiting for cupcakes.


Mom has beautiful skin. When I asked her what she did she just smiled. I will be raiding her kikay kit later.

What I wore at the airport yesterday. I’m in my old Yohji Yamamoto top that I just remembered having.

The love of my life

His name is Bok

I miss home.

Gyaru-o, BEAST and F.T. Island in Cebu

For Halloween I’d like come as a gyaru-o and here’s my first attempt. I did not have the mandatory pointy shoes and big buckle belt but this will have to do.

Back in high school I was such a nerd and I dressed like a nerd. Then one day while TV surfing I stumbled on CNN doing a feature on gyarus and their male counterparts. For those who don’t know gyaru is a trend in Japan with girls over tanning themselves. I was fascinated. Then came that magical Levi’s commercial with Takuya Kimura in 2001. I remember that CM being repeatedly played on MTV and even ABS. I had wet dreams those times. That was the start of my fascination for Japanese fashion.

But the more I look at it, I think I appear more like a Kpop boybander than an actual gyaru-o. Haha. But on Halloween I'd like to be in full make-up with heavy bronzer and white lipstick.

Speaking of boybands, the new BEAST video for Bad Girl just came out and my gawd they did not disappoint.

Now let us move to Korea. Here are Seunghyun and Jonghun of F.T. Island during Seoul fashion week. Thanks Thysz for the tip. ^^

And here is the trailer for the F.T. Triple single to come out this 26. The video was filmed here in the Philippines in Cebu. That was during the Ondoy tragedy which caused fan girls a lot of worry.


I found this meme on some random blog. I was not tagged but I just felt like answering. *laughs* This is what boredom does to a person.

Name an item of clothing that has been with you the longest:

That would be the faux leather pants I wore during my junior prom. That time I felt like I was the coolest shit in school which I clearly wasn’t. Amazing that it still fits now. I may just have it altered to make it into really tight skinnies.

What’s an article of clothing that you can’t live without (BESIDES jeans, people)?

Underwear of course. Briefs to be exact. I like my jewels supported. I feel funny whenever I wear boxers.

Describe your perfect winter & summer footwear:

We don’t have winter here. Such a shame since I would like to wear boots every day. For the summer, I think these Givenchy babies would be perfection.

What’s a good, ethical clothing brand you’d recommend?

Here in the Philippines, none! But there’s this brand called Eairth that uses only natural fabrics. The thing I recommend is ukay. Not only are you gonna get cheap fashion fixes but help mother nature as well by recycling and reusing.

And what’s a brand you wouldn’t recommend?
Rough Rider Jeans

What’s the ugliest trend of all time?

I don’t really know what to answer. Last year I thought shoulder pads were ugly then came Balmain. I used to hate baggy pants but then came Comme Des Garcons. Now, I only wear loose drop crotch bottoms. They’re my new skinny jeans. Anyway, trends come and go.

And the prettiest?
Hmmm… anything that sparkles!

What colors predominate in your wardrobe?
Black, grey, white and sparkly things but black mostly.

What are your thrift shopping strategies (if you have them)?

Rummage through every rack. But before you attack do some research first. I think when thrift shopping, knowledge of designers and brands is vital. My friend Don, is sort of a connoisseur on this. He taught me that when you go ukay, get the designer pieces first! Haha. On my thrift shopping expeditions I got Marni, Calvin Klein, Viridi Anne,Matthew Williamson, Hugo Boss, Chloe, Raf Simons, Yohji Yamamoto, Comme Des Garcons (I still have to do a post on this ^^) and more.

What’s the most insane piece of clothing that you have ever owned?
This one.

If you could describe the majority of the clothes you own in one word, what would it be?
Asian. I said that because I’m influenced by Japan, Korea and HK fashion.