Last day of 2009 and I’m melting from the heat as I’m typing right now. This part of the Philippines is incredibly hot. I mean, taenang inet! Anyway, yesterday we went to Gensan and dropped by the Durian farm for a retreat from the heat. I really treasure little moments like this with my family.

That’s me wearing the same jeans from last time. Shirt is Hyoma and a thrifted cover up. And the requisite Miharayasuhiro shoes. Hehe.

Hella cheap sushi. One thing I love here is that food is cheap. I mean that thing above prolly costs thrice more in Manila.

We went to Jinkee Pacquiao’s boutique. ‘Twas so much fun even if I don’t like Jinkee’s taste. The store’s filled with stuff from Coach, Tory Burch to the requisite Hollister and Forever21. American fashion was never my thing and I’d rather be dead than wear something A&F or Lacoste. Jinkee should go to Japan next sana.

Korean cosmetics… the BB cream is so light on me that I look like a multong bakla wearing it. However, the eye cream is a dream. Super amazing.

Durian pie! Yum. This was at the Durian farm.

We also went thrift shopping and I got this vintage Gucci loafers. It’s worn out to perfection. Just the way I like it. Adds character. And it’s super comfy and the leather is soft. I don’t care if it’s fake or not (I actually don’t know if it’s authentic).


Still struggling with dial up. I sooo miss high speed internet. I can’t even surf properly without waiting every fifty seconds just for Facebook to load. *sigh* I do miss blog hopping, checking Lookbook, and updating myself with Kpop gossip. Haha. Time here in Mindanao is sooo slow.

For today’s style diary, I did a repeat. This 2percent shirt is one of my favorite thrift finds ever. It only cost me 50 pesos (as I remember). The coolest shirt ever and I call it the Siamese Tee. It transforms from a long sleeve to a tank. Very versatile. The jeans are Taverniti So Jeans and was stolen from mother's closet. ^^ Just imagine my bliss when I actually fit my ass into a size 27. It was of course a struggle. Haha.

I had fun with photoshop and cropping. So there. ^^

Drop crotch for dummies

Drop crotches are my favorite piece of clothing. It practically replaced skinny jeans for me. I just couldn’t get enough. So, I got a bit creative and maybe because I couldn’t find them in most stores… I made one out of an old skirt. Haha.


Using the dial up right now. It isn’t half bad. Yes it is slow but at least I can upload pics, check Facebook and blog. Just no Youtube. There was so much that I miss at home like my bed and the cable tv. Haha. I’m watching Arirang right now and SHINee was shown several times today. So I’m doing well here.

Me and my sister.
My worn out shoes.
Mga cactus. This was at Saranggani Highlands.
Pomelo, mango and shrimp salad. Queer combination but really really really good!!!
No visit home is complete without ukay! ^^
The pink church. I was hoping there would be disco balls and naked boys inside. Haha.
This is my favorite food of all time. It's called kinilaw: raw tuna soaked in vinegar and spices. My dad and I made this. Super sarap. ^^
My boyf. Haha.

His name is Bokbok. He says hi.

To the airport

I miss home. Sooo much. I won’t be online till the new year. Dial-up in my house is just unbearable. Do not be shocked if I gained major poundage when I return. Haha.

navy top: Giordano Concepts, black top: Izzue, shorts: Kenki, shoes: Slazenger


I was bored out of my wits today. Or maybe because it’s Sunday my body is like programmed to do nothing. So I decided to play with my clothes. The bottom I’m wearing is actually a dress shirt worn as pants. I got the idea from Preview and some dude in Lookbook did it too who got inspired by John Galliano who did the same styling on his spring 2010 show. *whew* That was a lot of references. I actually had a different style in mind. I wanted it to be short and poufy but since the shirt is sized small, the sleeves wouldn’t go up my legs. Boo! So I opted for the drop crotch which is like my trademark if you still don’t know. Haha. I used a stretchy scarf to cinch the shirt on my hips. Hmmm… I think it turned out okay. Not what I had in mind but it looks decent. The 2Percent Homme top was given by Don (again). I super love it. Recently, Kibum wore something similar. Mine looks better of course but he’s way more pretty.

As for the pixilated face, I was having a serious case of ugly face. Eyes bloodshot and no concealer. Haha.

Random shiz

shirt: Comme des Garcons, shorts: Unbranded, shoes: from Cubao, tie: SM

I’m wearing my first ever Comme des Garcons (French for “like boys”). It was given to me by Don. I’m a big fan of the brand and its aesthetic. What I like most about the brand is that no matter how avant-garde the pieces are they’re still wearable. The designs are complex and out there but they don’t scream for attention. It’s the perfect marriage of complexity and simplicity. Doesn’t make sense but that’s Comme des Garcons. Again thanks Don!


Is it wrong if I enjoyed this video just way too much?

Argh. New fandom ya’ll. Last night all I did was watch their show. I already memorized their names and their roles in fanfics (lmao). Aish… time to take a break. So what does Pedo Bear say?


It has been ages since I’ve read yaoi. At first I was kinda repulsed by the idea but it’s very addicting. I don’t understand why girls go gaga for this. Such a crazy concept no? Not that I’m complaining because I actually enjoy these shit.


This is my favorite comfort food. It’s the poor man’s ramen. I make this every other day. It’s super easy, very cheap and cooks less than 10 minutes. Just boil (4 cups) any vegetable (I like bok choy and leeks) and mushrooms. Add egg, ramen seasoning and noodles. Then voila! I do this when I’m too lazy to cook. It may look like pig food but trust me its super yummy. Haha.


Lastly here’s Han Hyo Joo for Ceci Magazine. I just love all the colors.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
iListen to:

Almost Fanny & Jessy.

One of my most coveted and totally unattainable wishes was that amazing jacket from Fanny & Jessy. However, having it in my small hands is next to impossible since it’s already sold out and it’s worth a hefty 24,000 pesos not including shipping. Why are the best things in life sooo expensive? More importantly, why am I poor? Echos.

Their design (according to their site) is based on the idea of losing your identity without the intention of creating a new one. Echos… may mga ganon silang drama. Basta I’m so in love with their I Hope You Die Soon collection. Beautiful. I love the shapes, the tassles and the smoky effect of the tie dye. iLovette.

So guess what I found at the ukay the other day… No it’s not F&J but something like it. Haha. The damage? 80 pesos. Taray no? Next week I'll buy them huge ass tassles and add it on the shoulders for the full effect. I recently went to Carolina's and I wasn't prepared that embelishments were expensive. After the New Year I'll scour Divisoria.

Here's the ToxicDiscoBoy version...

top: Kawaii (thrifted), liquid tights: Crossings, dirty boots: Nine West

Dong Bang day

Today’s the official Dong Bang Shin Ki (aka TVXQ) day in the Philippines, marking their first release here and it’s also the birthday of Junsu. So Cassies all over the country celebrated. Going to Glorietta for the event was a hassle since ang layo and I’m not an official member yet. So Yayo, Ena and I met at Megamall, bought the album and ate Jajangmyun to celebrate.

shirt: Zara, jeans: TwoPercent, accessories: Don Protasio

We ate in a Korean restaurant whose name I forgot. It was fun trying out foreign foods. I’m not really fond of Korean food. I dunno why.

Unnies: Yayo and Ena. ^^ 사랑해요!!!
It tastes really good. Kinda like Kimchi rice but with veggies and other stuff.
Jajangmyun! Finally I ate one! Haha.
Kimchi and pickled radish. Taray ng presentation.
Pajeon is kinda like pancake with lots of spices.
Yayo's Kpop loot this year.

2010 will be the start of Kpop domination in the Philippines. For the second half of 2009 Kpop ruled the charts (right now Suju-M is #1) and it’s expected to be the same next year. Plus more concerts! OMG. F.T. Island will be coming in February and SHINee confirmed that they’ll be back. Yes. So aside from my shopping addiction, I guess I’ll spend more money on Kpop next year. Oh no. Bitch gotta start working!

Here's a reminder of why I'm a Dong Bang fanboy:

All I want for xmas is...

Look at me looking skinny. Well, it took about 15 shots just to get that perfect angle. Haha. I got myself a haircut today. Nothing fancy. Just a trim. Everybody has been telling me that got fat. Turns out it’s the awful hair that’s making me look 10 pounds heavier. Whatevs. In my hand is the TVXQ Mirotic Concert CD. It’s the first thing that got crossed out in my xmas wish list. Funny thing is that I don’t have a CD player and I stopped buying CDs for years now. After illegally downloading almost every imaginable digital media that has their names attached I think it’s about time that I buy something authentic. It’s always important to support the artists. Every day they make me happy so what is 500 pesos? So to all Pinoy Cassies (TVXQ fanclub) buy the album and let us make them #1 like they were #1 in Korea and Japan. Also vote for them on MYX. Just type MYX VOTE MIROTIC and send to 2366. Haha. Nag advertise? LMAO. The official release of the album will be tomorrow. I went to Odyssey today and the girl there let me buy one in advance. She kept asking me who they are. According to her there are already a lot of reservations and they’re expecting fans to come in droves (exage si ate) tomorrow. OMG. I really hope the album will go #1. Haha. I’m a shameless fanboy, I know.

What? You do not know who TVXQ is? They’re only the most popular band in all of Asia. They have #1 singles in Japan, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, China and more. They only hold the Guinness World Record of having the largest official fan club. 800,000 registered fans in Korea alone. And just this year they made it in the record books again as the world’s most photographed celebrity. According to Guinness all five of them were photographed 500 million times.


Tama na nga tong kabaliwan na ito. Here’s my wish list for xmas…

Pa sweet lang

A quick update. I had a lot of things on my head lately that I’ve been neglecting blogging and even surfing. Shock! This is so not me. Haha. Anyway, last Sunday I was asked to be a godfather to my friend’s child. Another shock! But seriously, I’ll try to be the best godfather that I can.

This is what I wore to the baptism. This is my pa-sweet look. I was inspired by Don Protasio S/S 2010.

shirt: Folded & Hung; jacket: Pas De Calais (thrifted); jeans: Uniqlo; shoes: thrifted; accessories: Don Protasio

I'm cheap

Don’t you wish you can wear designer duds all the time? Well, you can break the bank or be a frugal fasheen boi. I found this quaint little place in the cesspit of Cubao that sells vintage and second hand designer pieces. It’s my secret place where I get my designer stuff. Their pieces are mostly for women so I didn’t hoard like crazy unlike this one old lady who practically bought all the YSL bags. Buti pa siya. So I got these:

A Bathing Ape! Gosh. I’ve always wanted one of these. They’re sooo hard to find and incredibly expensive for just a t-shirt. I bought three. The last one is by Bros Products which is a BAPE knock-off based in Hong Kong. Haha. I got that for only 100 a long time ago.

Vivienne Westwood and Miharayasuhiro. @_@

I also got a Marc Jacobs number that I will show in a future outfit post. Haha.