I was Onew

Let us do some Fashematics first shall we?

Dior Homme S/S 2007 (source:gq.com)
Onew of SHINee

Haha. For Kpop Night I dressed up as SHINee. But of course. Like, who else would I be right? No secret there that I worship SHINee. Haha. The mask I made myself from scraps I found and I glue gunned everything. Fun.

Looking haggard

So Kpop night was hella awesome. Being the jologs that I am, I came early so I could listen to the music. Haha. They played all my favorites (dapat lang noh) which was kind of refreshing since most clubs here in Manila play rubbish techno. I mean, if you’re gonna play rubbish then might as well make it Kpop diba? Haha. The crowd was fun. Fanboys and fangirls spazzing simultaneously every time a song was played. Priceless. I wish they would make this a regular event.

Oh my I want those sneaks!
Look at mah fez
Cheap beer
Chica girl with the Jeremy Scotts... I saw two of these there... mga mayaman!
With the Pruna sisters... me loves you long time fwends!
Make-up maven Lizz and The Chicken Mafia himself
Pin up? Haha.
More legs

I lost the mask. Sad. I left it at the bar, danced for a bit (they were playing Oh!) and when I got back it was gone. *sigh*

So yeah, my net connection is back. What a horrible week it was.

Tata for now.

On a break

For some reason my net provider decided to kill me by cutting me off the intahnets for a week. Naloloka na ako! I miss blog hopping and stalking people on Facebook. Kainis. But this will be like a detox for me. I will read more books, go ukay and cook.

Regular programming resumes next week. Oh gawd. Right now I'm in a dingy net shop with lots of screaming little boys playing DOTA. Somebody save me!!! I have to slit my wrist.

I'll be updating through twitter. FOLLOW ME.

Ukay heaven reached

Lalalalalalalalala… happy day. Went thrift shopping again and lookie lookie at what I found. The ukay gods were extra kind. How lucky can I be?

Dior Homme!!! I almost fainted. I think I saw one of the SHINee boys wearing this. I've been googling pero di ko ma sight.
PLAY Comme des Garcons!!! People were staring at me coz I was uttering profanities to myself when i spotted this. For 30 pesos?

Vivienne Westwood bag!!! Omona.

This is something new. A post without a pic of me. Haha. Anyway, today I got creative and made my ‘costume’ for the Kpop party at Alchemy Club. Excited? Di naman. Mejo lang. My peg of the night is this and this. Lemme just say it: glue gun is so powerful. Gosh, I can’t wait to show off what I made. Parang art project lang. So if you wanna see me go crazy, head to Alchemy Club next Friday (Feb 19) and let’s drink ourselves to oblivion while dancing to Kpop. Game?

4Minute partie deux

Sunday I went to watch 4Minute again. This time I was with Thysz, Eugene and Ronan. So much fun. It wasn’t as chaotic as the one in Megamall. The mini concert was at the annex of SM North so the space was much bigger. More room for fanboys. 4Minute was deffo better this time. The clothes were much better and they performed more songs. Hyuna had this huge feather thingy on her shoulder and she was looking ferosh. There were some cute oppas scattered all around too. Haha. After the show we watched Where The Wild Things Are. Grabe siya. Ya'll should watch that movie. Sooo moving.

The Annex
Trying on Thysz' shades. Ganda!
Eugene aka 'Bebot' goofing around. Where the wild things are ba yan teh? ^^
Ronan and Thysz
Thysz treated us at Bubble Tea. Salamat teh. ^^
Di siya mukhang spicy pero ma-anghang siya
Me in Initial. I finally wore it. Haha.
Thysz in Zara and Nine West bag and shoes (?) Taray!
Eugene in Topman and F&H

Sabi pa ni Eugene: werq werq fasheen baby werq it move that bitch crazy!

4Minute in Manila

4Minute live in Manila

Kpop for me was a guilty pleasure that turned to an obsession. It all started from this video and from then I would hunt Youtube and the internet for anything Kpop. I joined communities, made friends and finally accepted the truth that I am a fanboy. The Philippines was late to embrace Kpop. But when it did (starting with the Wonder Girls and 2NE1), Kpop consistently tops the local charts. Eventually they started coming to Manila. First it was SHINee and then there was 4minute. By March will be FT Island and Super Junior this April. And like a true fanboy, I am going to every event. Dapat lang noh.

Last Saturday we went to see the 4Minute girls. I was with my Kpop veteran friend Yayo. We woke up super early that day since we needed to get tickets for FT Island at 8am and then go to Mega to get tickets for 4Minute at 10am. So tiring. But a fanboy’s gotta do what a fanboy’s gotta do.

Me waiting for the show to start. Wearing a 5cm shirt with thrifted leather vest

Yayo waiting in line

Here’s a video I took of 4Minute singing Muzik. Some parts were a bit wobbly and blurry since there was chaos! People were pushing each other just to get closer to the girls. It wasn’t a pretty sight and it was NOT fun. But despite some minor irritations, I did enjoy the show. And the girls did not disappoint. Hyuna did her signature hip thrusting moves. The boys went crazy. Like, OMG.

Their clothes looked better on their promotional shots. Up close they were blah.
Sea of cameras. I could barely see the girls

Oh my. Look at Hyuna's (far left) legs! Glistening.

After the craziness, I was able to get an autograph! Haha. They were so nice. The girls were insanely beautiful. I’m not even kidding they look like goddesses. And I shook Hyuna’s hand! Oh my. She’s so pretty and nice and thin and sexy and lahat na.

Hyuna's signature. Di ko gets pirma niya teh pero saranghae Hyuna!
My FT Island ticket! OMG. I can't wait to see them.
FT Island dolls. Kawaii diba?

Bibimbap forever!

Till next time. ^^


Found this cool top with what seemed like a renaissance painting print. It reminded me of stuffs sold at Candy Nippon.

So I had fun with photoshop today. I don’t have much to say. I just wanted to show off these photos.

Tsk I look so fat! I hate it. It annoys me that I can’t write even a decent paragraph today or in any of my posts lately. Susie Bubble always has something profound to say about her outfits. She always has a cute story behind her fasheen. I wanna be like that too. I mean what’s the point of having a blog if you don’t even write. *sigh*

I feel so shallow! Sabi nila read books not blogs. Tse! I consider FakeKarl literary. What’s wrong with that?

Skinny boys inspire me

In other parts of the world spring is approaching. So today I wanted a look that evoke the essence spring. Very light and with color. I chose red because of Don it’s the only flashy color in my closet. I do have some pinks and oranges somewhere but I have to rummage pa.

Shirt is from United Colors of Benetton, white scarf, and skinny jeans circa 2007 bought at 168 mall.

Guess who was in Stylebible? Oh but me of course! Haha. Seriously, I couldn’t stop laughingkanina. I was like, ano ginagawa ko dito? But this really made my day. Stylebible is the online counterpart of Preview magazine (the best selling fashion mag here in the tropics). We looked extra fresh when that photo was taken (post sweat and cigarettes) because we were giddy little fan boys. Jujiin is like my hero. Make sure to drop by Makati at Trilogy Boutique to see his exhibit. Winner siya promise. Click here to see more of me. Haha.

Here are some Kpop images that inspired me to hopefully lessen the black hole in my closet. Pastels and whites were the look of CN Blue as seen on Elle Girl. Why are these boys so perfect? That is the body that I want. They’re so payat. I wanna be thin like them.

Beast for Elle Girl again. Now this is more my style. I would wear every single thing here.

Here’s something for Kpop fans in Manila. FT Island just released this message video. OMG. I will get my ticket this Saturday na. I can’t wait. I’ll be queuing at the MRT 7am. Haha. Why is it that going to Mall of Asia feels like going out of town? Ang layo niya sobra. Effort yan.


Bloggers were invited to an afternoon tea party at The Atrium for the opening of the new Carlton store. Carlton is one of the leading makers of travel bags. They’ve been around for 30 years now. There was also a fashion show exhibiting the 2009 and 2010 collections. I especially loved the huge luggages with rotating wheels and in kawaii pastel colors. I want one.

Lace's kawaii hair piece. iLovette.
The Carlton store. Go visit them.

Models showing off the luggages that I want.
Me trying the merch.
Lace of Styleandrelax
Bambi (makeup artist/model/blogger) of Makeupbybambi