I want my own dragon

top: Initial, blazer: Indu Homme (both ukay), accessories: Landmark, shoes: ukay, fox tails: Divisoria
My sister and nanay.
Finally. I have fox tails.

Fur shoes. Very Miharayasuhiro non?

This was one of those what-was-I-thinking days. The shirt was the first one my hands grabbed randomly in the closet then I thought the blazer would match it. I wanted to wear my new fur booties and fox tails. Then I went accessories shopping and just piled on what I bought. And ayun. We went out to watch How To Train Your Dragon. The setting of the movie was in olden Scandinavia during the time of the Vikings. Then nanay was laughing pointing out that I look like one. Onga naman nag mukha akong Viking. Ang tanong: malamig ba sa labas?

So the movie was amazing. Prolly the best animated film I saw… ever. Well, maybe not but it was sooo much fun. I never thought any film could top The Incredibles (which is my fave). It’s even better than Up. I’m kinda surprised that this didn’t get as much hype as it should have. Grabe. Your heart will race, then you wouldn’t stop laughing, and suddenly you’d get teary eyed. Hay nako. I want you all to watch it. What I liked the most was it didn’t insult the viewer’s intelligence. The witty dialogues were spot on and the timing perfect. It didn’t rely on slapstick to make it funny. Basta watch watch watch.

Kiss me

U-Kiss in Manila (Megamall)

UPDATED with new photos.

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So last Friday I got to meet U-Kiss, shook their hands and totally spazzed out. It was crazy. I came to Megamall super early (9 am) so I could get sure tickets. Gosh. By the time they opened the doors crazy girls were running and screaming everywhere. Good thing I’m faster than them. But I was totally out of place.

What I wore. I was so inspired by ZE:A.
With my Kpop BFF, Yayo! ^^
Met Shix again. Check the shirt! CL wore the same thing. Girl, had soooo much fun with you! Lezz do this again love!

After I got my CD, I met up with Karl and Andrew. We’re helping Andrew with his thesis on fashion blogging. No joke. Napa sigaw ako ng echos when he asked me. So anyway, I had fun with them. We ate at Kaya to get the Korean theme going. Read more about what we did here.

Andrew, ang gwapo mo here.
At Kaya

On to the boys. When they came out everybody went nuts. Like, sweaty little girls all pushing each other. Ewww. So not my scene. The boys started singing and I could not hear anything apart from the screaming. So annoying. To be honest, K-pop fans are much scarier than any audience I’ve seen. It was like a mosh pit of girls. Ewww. So we decided to stay at the back. At least we can breathe there.

The show was amazing despite the craziness. Well, it looked like they (the boys) were lip-synching but whatever. We went there not for the music but for some boy-candy. Gosh. They’re all super gwapo and super fresh. Especially Eli. Though he looked obese, he’s still gwapo. Papa bear lang.

Fanservice. Kiseop wiping Kevin's sweat off. Yaoi material ito!
Alex. Pero sino yung naka pink gown at the back?

I had such a fun time during the autograph signing. The boys noticed me. Like, hello. I looked like I came from outer space. Dongho didn’t say anything. Eli was like ‘Whoa!’ then he nudged Kibum who smiled at me. Kiseop was deadma pero he was the cutest and shook my hand. Shet. Then Alex gave me this peculiar grin and said ‘Hey! Nice shades.’ I was so pa-demure, I just smiled. Leche ka Alex ang gwapo mo! Then Kevin. God, he’s so funny. He adjusted his seat for a bit (he was surprised) and said ‘Nice style.’ He was laughing (not sure what that meant). Soohyun was the sweetest. Maybe they’re not used to have a fan like me. Lol.

Kiseop and Kibum
Kevin and Alex

During the signing I was checking their clothes and I was disappointed. There were some tas-tas, sequins falling, ugly fabric, and other things. Oh well. Only Kiseop looked chic. But whatever. They were sooo nice. They’re coming back this May for a full blown concert. I might go.

U-Kiss in Manila (Megamall)

Homeless chic

Just have to make a quick blog before I head to Tutuban to get me some wigs and feathers. I saw this on Jujiin’s blog and WOW. Sooooo inspiring.

The photograph shows a starkly handsome Chinese man walking with a model's measured gait, and wearing a rag-tag but well co-ordinated overcoat on top of a leather jacket. His eyes peer into the middle distance, in what one fan described as "a deep and penetrating way", and he strides confidently forward.

But this is no catwalk model. This is a homeless man in the city of Ningbo. And now a band of web followers are calling him the coolest man in China.

His good looks and bohemian dress sense have won him thousands of online fans after a resident of Ningbo posted a picture online. Web users in China have called him the "Beggar Prince", the "Handsome Vagabond", and, most often, "Brother Sharp".

He is 5ft 8in, around 35 years old, and always has a cigarette between his fingers. He also appears to have a fondness for women's clothes, which has only served to fuel his status as a fashion icon.

Homeless people dress better! Wait lang. Gagayahin ko yung white frilly dress! Humanda kayo. Homeless chic for the win!

Can't think of a title since I'm sleepy and I just wanna blog

top: Indu Homme, pants: Folded & Hung

I’m trying the military chic look because it’s the new trend for summer (sabi nila) but I ended up looking like a gay Kuya Kim. Whatever. Went to Megamall just to buy make up. Haha. We raided the House of Etude since its Korean (lam niyo na) and cheap. My sister was the one who bought a lot. I’m poor. Then mother wanted to give me a new phone but I refused. I said just convert it to ukay money. Haha. Siyempre, fashion first.

Ate at Red Mango for the first time since sister insisted. I don’t like eating expensive food in general. I don’t see the point. But since we love her sige na lang. And it turned out to be really good and affordable. Masarap pala siya infernes. Pasushal lang ang aura. Tse!

New hair! I’m now ash blonde. Chos. I need to go to the beach na para full effect. Agua Bendita lang.

U-Kiss will come here!!! Oh my gosh. See you all this Friday. Kailangan ko na makita itong mga becky!

Watch! You judge if becky or not.

First look

Went to the FADAL First Look fashion show at the Shang last Friday. I wasn’t really invited. Just tagged along with some friends. Haha. Eksena lang. The show was fun with the theme ‘white summer’ (I assume). Models came down the runway with big plastic boards with the designer’s name printed on. That I thought was cool.

The show was short. There were only about five to six pieces per designer. I was wanting more but still there were some good designs. I’m no expert or a critic ha. There were pieces I really liked but there were some misses which I thought was *cough*. Anyway, here are the looks I liked.

My favorite was Yako Reyes. His collection was very clean and his bags awesome. Well, he’s mainly a bag designer. I loved all the pieces. I wanna own them all. Other one I liked was Ziggy Savella’s. Well, not that look above. He had this scarf neck piece thing which I loved. It reminded me of something Changmin wore. Ganda.

Of course there was Ciege Cagalawan. Sweet lang diba teh? ^^ There’s also Levenson Rodriguez. I’m not really into the dandy look but his was nice to look at. Cute and colorful. Mas mukhang model pa siya kesa sa models.

Then… more pics of us.

Werq, werq fashion baby
I come in peace earthlings
Nicole and Nica
Spot the YSL and Rick Owens
Yekky, Eugene, Toxicboi and Thysz
Yekky! I finally met you. He's an accessories designer (his works are in House of Laurel). And Aivan of course. Wearing his DIY jacket.
My fashion crush JP Singson. Check the Balenciaga. Check the Rick Owens.
'In the name of the father, the son and Ana Wintour' - Karl
Karl in Drex Fable
Thysz in that crazy heels. Hirap maging bakla teh noh? ^^ Love yah.
Paul Jatayna. Love that pic kasi maganda ako. Chost. He looks better with the shades I know!

Stefan na naligaw galing Harajuku. Mini skirt ftw!

Went to Cubao X after for some needed intoxication. Super fun!

Photos of the show were taken from somebody's Facebook. Credits as tagged. The rest were stolen from Paul, Nicole and Karl.