Wednesday night was when all of Manila’s monsters came out to party. And being kind of a freak myself, of course, I was present. Haha. It has been a long time since I went to just dance. All the cool kids came and it was such a fun night. They played everything from KPOP, Aqua, the PartyMonster soundtrack to Donna Cruz.

This will be a very long photo dump. I wanna edit out some photos or maybe thumbnail them but decided against it. Eto na…

At Starbucks wearing our 'Anton Belardeaux' shades.
Yekky's DIY neckpiece na ninakaw sa opisina. Kabog!
Ganda lang.
Ugh. Why do I always have this ngarag look in my photos?
Anton Belardeaux himself with Zarina Vander Woodsen
The triumvirate!
Interview for Ows, Tokyo?!
Sky came straight from New York. Este Brooklyn pala.
Jujiin in a yukata. Tama ba?
Best dressed. Lotho in Margiela. Chos. Kabog!
Kamusta naman ang shorts naten ate?
Shahani Gania and Baronessa Peabo
Pat, Mark and Paul
The wonder duo of Proud Race (check my last post) Pat and Rik
John Paras, Xtina and Lotho
F*ck you too
Is that Bjork? I can't ID.
Karl's pins
Bongga lang. My fashion hero Jujiin. Check the heels!
JP and John...
Shahani Gania
More saging.
Darryl. I super love the neck piece.
Nica. Fall/Winter lang ang drama
Pat? Ano na?
Perlas ng silangan
Parang BED lang
Paulo, Sandara ba ang peg? ^^

Parang rave party lang. Ibalik ang glory days!
Yagit sa kalsada. Chos.
JP and Paul
Galit ka teh? Telephone playing in the backgroud. Lady Gagita!
Loren Haggarda! Kadiri.
Ano toh? Scandal!
I left my head and my heart on the dance floor.
Ngarag na pero Gandara Park parin


'93 till infinity

Just got this on my inbox. It’s the Spring/Summer 2010 lookbook for ProudRace. PR, in my opinion, is the most innovative and conceptual Filipino clothing brand I’ve encountered. And they’re always avant garde.

This season, ProudRace explores the lighter side of the label, with their 2010 Spring/Summer collection titled "93 till infinity".

Still sticking to their trademark minimal and gender-neutral style, each piece was somehow inspired by memories of the '90s; Tori Spelling, The Craft and grunge. These pieces were made contemporary to easily incorporate it into an existing wardrobe creating a distinct identity.

Download the whole lookbook here.

Congratulations to Rik and Pat. Ganda ng clothes! Parang I want everything.

At syempre, here's me wearing Proud Race. hahahahahaha. Payat ko pa! Leche.