F Week part 1

So Fashion week is now over. I only attended 3 days which was a shame since I missed a lot of cool shows (basing on tweets of people). So my blogger friends are on turbo gear right now blogging everything and I feel so late (as always) for posting. I still have a life nga pala aside from blogging. Haha. So basically, there’s nothing much to say about fashion week. There were some great shows, there were some so-so collections and of course there were also the rubbish variety. But, I’ll just talk about the people, my friends, and me this time. Baka kasi wala na akong invites kung puro okray lang. LOL. Pero my favorite shows were Don Protasio, Norman Noriega and Tina Daniac. I totally missed Jeffrey Rogador and Kermit Tessoro who (Facebook people told me) gave an exceptional show.

Anyway, this is part 1. Just me and my friends and what we wore.

Me in Comme des Garcons for H&M shirt, UUU...SHOOOP!!! shorts and my sister's bag. This was at the MRT. Parang Harajuku girl lang. Commuting ang drama.
Barkada? Chos.
My fash best friends Gelo and Karl
The gorgeous Tin Iglesias. I just noticed the two toned tights the that amazing shoes!
JP is forever chic. Effortless lang and that Goyard bag I covet!
Chictopia people.

Paul, Sky and Pat. Sinong pinakamaganda?

Don Protasio F/W 2010

It’s the last day of Philippine Fashion Week and it is nakakapagod. So many shows to watch. Chos. First day was fun. I got front row seats thanks to Don. Then second day was exceptionally tiring since ang gulo ng systema. Pero keri. I’m there for some visual and intellectual stimulation naman eh. And I’m kind of back logged compared to my blogger friends Karl and Gelo so I wanna blog na. Haha. In this post I’ll dedicate to one of the best shows in PWF yet.

OK. I may sound totally biased since he’s my friend but Don Protasio’s ‘Insistence’ Collection was mind blowing. I really did not know what to expect since he was a bit hush about the details. All I know is that red would be prevalent. Na shock nalang ako that the entire collection was in red. It was just a refreshing color for F/W when neutrals, black and a lot of gray usually prevail.

I love the styling and all that layers. What is good about this collection is that once you dissect each piece, they are all very wearable. That is what I like about Don. His designs are simple pero hindi. Simple pero may something else. Simple pero kabog!

Here are some pics I took on the runway.

This is mine mine mine!!!

That shorts I love
The shoes!

Don Protasio himself!

I already bought that hoodie thing. When I saw it napa ‘OMG akin yan!!!’ moment ako.

Here’s the Don Protasio piece that I fell in love with and it's mine na. Well, there’s this jacket that I’ve been lusting also but I got this since you know how much I love drapes! Red jacket, mag-intay ka. Mapapasakin ka. Haha.

Keri ba?


This was when I still had long hair. I kind of missed it but the Manila heat is so unbearable that I had to cut it. I’m a bit covered up I know but the blazer is actually sheer and with big holes so air can still get in. Layering in this part of the world is almost impossible but with light fabrics keri na.

This week will be super busy. I have a lot of stuff to do plus its fashion week. Meaning: eeksena naman ako sa SMX. Add to that mother is visiting. Loren Haggarda will be my best friend. But I can’t wait to meet the design savant Don Protasio himself. We’ll be hanging out, shopping (hello Eairth!) and exchanging designer clothes. Excited na ako!

Another show you should not miss is John Paras’. He designs for the modern cultured woman. He’s inspired mostly by old movies, old Hollywood and first ladies. Now as I see from the teaser photos Anton sent me I’m sensing ‘raw glamour.’ Lots of beadings, pearls and embellishments in classic cuts. Hmmm… my sister will like this. Haha.

See you!


Make sure to drop by the SMX convention center this May 26 for the Visions and Trends show. My friend Don will be showing his holiday collection for Philippine Fashion Week.

The title of the collection is Insistent. Based on the feelings of 'trying to emancipate and occupy', the collection's mood is anchored in the idea of reworking classic menswear clothing. Thus permutations of trenchcoat, waistcoat, biker jacket, button down shirt, t-shirt are reconstructed and deconstructed in a play of reduction and layering. The fabrics used are cotton in dense and loosely woven material; in jersey and polycotton blend. Other references of inspiration includes the classic cult manga, Naruto, and the music of Floating Stone.

I just can’t wait to see the pieces. He cited Naruto as an inspiration so this’ll be something I’m looking forward to. You know how much I love Naruto.

Don Protasio himself! He's wearing Ann Demeulemeester! Nakakaloka.

The show is by invites only. If you want to catch it and meet the talented designer himself let me know. Message me in Facebook (the link is on the right) so I can reserve you an invite. Basta remember: no one ugly allowed! Hahaha.

Here’s us getting the invites for the show. Going to Makati was stressful. Ang jinit!

Ayan oh. Daming tickets kaya gora na!
Isang yagit sa kalsada. Chos! Haha.
Me and Paul


Just a quick blog. I hate it that I haven’t posted anything since forever! Anyway, this is my Arashi look. Haha. Gingham all over. Basically, this is my response to all the hate the Prime Minister of Japan is getting because of his love for the Gingham print. Me likes et.

So next week is Fashion week! Go to my friend Don Protasio’s show on the 26th 6pm at SMX and also to John Paras’ on the 27th same time same place. It’ll be fun! To be honest, I’m actually more excited on what the people in the front row would be wearing rather than the shows themselves. Haha. Will be getting the tickets for Don’s show today so let me know when you wanna come and watch and be amazed. Haha. I’m super excited for Don’s show since according to him this collection will be strong. Hmmm… will we be seeing more tailored pieces and lesser drapings? I can’t wait!

Souled out

Nicole of Soule Phenomenon invited the bloggers to style the lookbook for her new collection of shoes. She’s a very good friend so full force ang mga beckies to help. Me, Gelo, Karl, JP and Ian styled, Kookie modeled and Nica did the makeup. Special mention si Thysz who was the shoot coordinator. Lee and Rap were the photographers. We were at UP Diliman.

We had so much fun even if it was scorching outside. Ang jinit jinit talaga sa Pinas! Parang school project lang ang drama kanina. The new shoes are gorgeous. Most are wedges and can you say Rick Owens? Win!

Here’s a sneak peek.

Gelo's maleta of goodies.
Karl and Thysz
Stop calling, stop calling, I can't think anymore!
Chictopia style icons Kookie and Karl!
Catwoman si Nicole
Nica fixing Kookie's makeup
You better werq! Werq it girl!
Ang ganda ni Kookie in person! Rings courtesy of Karl.
Me! I'm liking sheer lately

JP rocking the lumberjack chic trend
Kookie looking extra fierce!
Lady Gagita isdatchu?
Fabgelous himself!
Thysz, Karl, Ian and Nica

Lee and Rap

Ito ang peg ko. Achieve ba?

Rock it

I wore this out the other day. Got a lot of stares since it was about 36 degrees out. Baliw lang ako. The blazer is a recent thrift find. It’s made of batik which I thought was an unusual choice of fabric. It has this black stretch detail on the sides which I find cute and a bit peculiar. The tribal print is also very now. You can’t see it in this pic but the pants has this baroque like texture. Sarap lang hawakan.

Sans the accessories this entire outfit costs less than 100 pesos.

In other news, I’m totally spazzing on Ava’s new video. Kaloka. She’s the Korean Lady Gaga and she’s actually friends with Gaga for real. They’re doing a collab and I can’t wait for it. Anyway, her new single is amazing. Makes me wanna wear leather in this heat.


I can’t believe I’m 19 already! Chos. I’m happy even though this means I’m getting old. Just got back in Manila from a short vacation in Mindanao. I miss home already! It’s so cold and comfy and clean there. In other news, the Philippines has a new president already. Though I may not like the one who won, I do hope that he will bring change in this hell hole of a country. I’m optimistic.

Here’s a huge ass picture of me.

shirt: PLAY Comme des Garcons, pants: Zara, shoes: Nine West (haha I have a size!)

This was at the airport. When we got back, my sister and I went ukay shopping. Since, you know, that’s the only thing I wanted to do in my birthday. Haha! I got me lots of new garbage and none of them are black! Then we ate in this authentic Chinese restaurant. I was bursting in the seams full.

Go and VOTE!

Just got back from voting. It was such a fulfilling experience. If you haven’t voted yet, please go out and vote. The future of our country lies in your hands. The Philippines needs change and this is our chance to be the catalysts. Please VOTE!

Anyway, yesterday was mother’s day. I’m back here in my hometown to be with mom and dad and also to vote. I miss home so much and it’s so nice to be back. It’s raining right now and the air is very cool. Very different from the intense heat in Manila.

Here’s some pics of last night. We were having fun with the camera and the lights.