Blood 04

Neonheartboy x Toxicdiscoboy x Inkarlcerating

watch it!!!

Okay. Can I just say how excited I was for this? Neonheartboy aka Anton asked me and Karl to be in a video with him. I am always at awe with Anton's creativity and art so why refuse? Anton is an artist by nature and I had such a fun time making this with him. Of course, my fasheen bestie Karl was there too. She was kind of our muse. Hahaha.

Blood 04 is about love and death and everything in between.

Watch the video now na! Nag ma-Margiela lang ang drama ko dito. Kaloka. Watch since we spent a whole day for it. Well, mostly tulog ako pero watch niyo na. Dali!

Everything done by Anton. Artista lang kami ni Karl. Haha.

Betty in me

I finally met Betty in Me himself! This morning I was shocked to know that the creative director of the premier magazine in Cambodia is frolicking around Manille! We had to meet. So I had my people call his people to make this meeting happen.

Ok. I'm not a writer and that's about how far I can mimic Kawadjan. Haha. So Betty's in Manila with the boyf on a Philippine tour. Taray! We met in MOA (which for me feels like going out of town since ang layo!). We immediately made chika and ate in this place called Jatujak. Apparently, the name Jatujak is a famous fashion destination in Thailand. Betty told me all sorts of stories from that place and why I must go there. Betty also gave the best gift: a street style magazine from Bangkok and most content are shot in Jatujak. Perfect! How inspiring.

Betty himself!
Padsiew, my fave thai food.
Betty vs Toxic
We went to this cute store that sells all sorts of containers. Cute!
Outfit shot. Don, I'm wearing the Initial! Haha.
Cheeze street style mag from BKK

Scarf from Cambodia. Thanks!

Betty, darling! I had so much fun. I don't know when are we going to meet again since definitely busy maging editor. chos. I can't wait for the Betty x Toxic collab! Haha.


The kind people at Watsons invited us bloggers to an intimate lunch for the press launching of their new products. I was kind of surprised with how intimate it was. I'm used to going to events with a hundred bloggers all crammed in a tiny space and everyone having the same blog title the next day. Haha. The lunch was at the controversial Upper East restaurant. It's a funny little place. You must check their website which is beyond hilarious.

So Watson's launching an anti-aging line, a men's cosmetic line and a range or locally made organic products this July. Very exciting. Can i just say how much I love Watsons. It's like a convenience store for beauty.

They gave us a ton of stuff to try. I'll be making individual posts on each product line to give thorough review. Echos. So beauty blogger na ako ngayon? Kaloka. Anyway, I'm using Pure Beauty tonight and so far I'm liking it. I use their Beyond Bath shampoo this morning an it was amazing. All the yosi smell and that sticky feeling from excessive sweating were all gone in one go. I feel so fresh.

Special thanks to Anton for bringing us here. Haha.

Pure Beauty line

Anton and me

the loot

ToyCon 2010

Went to ToyCon yesterday. It’s a two day celebration of otakuness. Otaku, for you normal people, is someone who has an obsessive interest in anime, manga and video games. It’s mainly a boy thing but I kind of slightly belong. Ever since I was young I loved comics, then watched all the Saturday morning cartoons, then started with anime then mangas and then JPOP and then KPOP. So basically, I am a total geek. Seriously. I thought I was the only fag who was into these things so good thing I met Thysz! Haha.

I invited a lot of people but only Karl and Thysz came. Haha. That day I was actually not feeling well. But when we were in the convention, I couldn’t even feel my body aching since I was too distracted from all the craziness in ToyCon! Kaloka.

Let's start it off with the best. Darnaaaaah!
Karl wearing Don Protasio! Ganda.
Me and Thysz! I'm blonde!!!
Cute girls selling clothes.
Sinong Diva?
Nakakaloka. Love!
Jabba! Para to kay Bobet na hindi pumunta. :(
More accessories!
Kamen Rider!
Sana she chose a different fabric pero kabog siya ha. Pulang pula!
I ran into my high school classmate Philip! I haven't seen him in years. Natuwa ako kasi he recognized me even if i looked like this.
Princess Resurrection! Look at those heels! And OMG that chainsaw thing she's carrying is actually made of wood and is incredibly heavy.
Plants VS Zombies! The best cosplay for me! Hahaha.
Ganda niya! Gusto ko rin mag suot nito. Tapos sasayaw ako ng 'Nothing Really Matters'

Turkey head! Weeeeeeeener!

June ukay loot

It’s no secret where I get my designer clothes. I get them at the ukay. For those not in the know, ukay is like thrift shopping only much more ghetto. You have to rummage through a lot of crap before you can find something really good. I can’t even begin to describe the thrill you’ll get of finding Margiela or Helmut Lang (Like I did yesterday) at the ukay. The world stops. Haha. And for 35 pesos? Maloloka ka talaga.

Pic from weeks ago. I wore the same thing yesterday. Haha.
PLAY Comme des Garcons
Martin Margiela

Helmut Lang

Hand me downs
I wear my rags well
I mix, match and I make it gel

Just hand it down
I'm breaking new ground
You'll always find me in a thrift store wheelin' around

I'm into fashion just because of you
It ain't the flash man, it's down to attitude
I'm into fashion all because of you
I got new fashion just for you


Have you been to Uberfinds? No? Well, you should. It’s this quaint little boutique in QC that sells second hand designer everything. It’s like ukay but without the endless rummaging, heat and impatience. I really enjoyed my trip there. I was alone this time. My main purpose was to find stuffs for Don. His instructions were very clear: buy him Helmut Lang. So I did.

Nakakaloka itong store na ito. Other stuffs I found worth coveting: Lots of Issey Miyake, one Comme Des Garcons, Henrik Vibskob, Hussein Chalayan, Jil Sander and a lot more.

What I wore: Indio top from ukay and pants from Cambodia. I got a lot of compliments on the pants. Lumilipad siya everytime I walk. Haha. Thanks Don!

Issey Miyake Men top made of paper. Nakakaiyak siya.
More stuff
The Helmut Lang I got for Don
More bling-bling
Henrik Vibskob
The deigner section
Nakakainis ito.
Cute. I love this. Parang bagay sa room ko.

Helmut Lang shirt. I got this from another buyer. This will go straight to Cambodia of course.

It’s easy to go here. It’s just beside ABS-CBN and a trike ride from the MRT.

Metrowear 2010

Oh my, this little site of mine is turning into a photo blog! I’m always in a dilemma since I want to write but then am lazy. Haha. But like they say, pictures speak a thousand words. Whatever. The gang went to the Metrowear Fashion Event last Tuesday night. So here goes. I’m sorry that you only see the same people here. Haha. Sana di kayo mag sawa sa mga kaibigan ko.

The production value of Metrowear was great. There were dancers, a choir, a live band, a famous rockstar and a James Bond like set. Winner siya. Maraming keme sa umpisa but when the models started walking it was fabulous from then on. We were seated in a not so fabulous row kasi naman we were not fast enough and moi was busy sipping the cheap wine they served so not much runway pictures from me.

Though for me, it was bitin. There were only (at most) six looks from each designer. But it was ok since the clothes were amazing. Well, not all. My favorites were Louis Claparols’ and Jerome Lorico’s.

So ito na ang mga kalokohan namin:

Di ko gets yung set pero bet!
Ang kambal ko. Si Agua yan!
What I wore. Drapes kung drapes! Initial top, Marc Jacobs top, leggings from Landmark, tassles, and my favorite Miharayasuhiro sneaks. Ukay yan lahat!
Trippy people. Cue in any Imogen Heap songs. Haha.
Nicole, ano ito?
Elias! He's my high school schoolmate and he werqs at Louis Vuitton now.
With Andre Chang, Elias and Stefandrogynous himself!
Boyfriend ko. Oh my Fabio!
More Fabio hotness. Don't mind the fans. Hahaha. Chos lang.
Class pektyur.
JP! Always painfully chic

Saeid of and Nicole.


and the best for last!

JP and his mom wearing Comme des Garcons!!! Naloka lang ako. They should've won that best dressed couple award. I swear. She's the coolest mom. Well, second to mine of course.

Some photos were stolen from JP's blog.