Di naman ako super brown! I’m a fan of monochromatic looks and I decided to do something else aside from black. Here’s what I came up with:

shirt is DKNY (a gift from Don), pants are Zara and my oldest bag.
New suede boots from ukay. Got it for 80 pesos. Beat that!

Qual è il tuo colore?

United Colors of Benetton is known for championing diversity through fashion. Benetton colors represent different cultures, different people and different ideas. Just recently, they launched a new set of colognes. Their new line include Verde and Blu for men and Rosso and Giallo for women. Four strong colors that has its own personas.

Blu, Verde, Rosso and Giallo

Rosso is about romance, anger and war. The color red is always striking and loud. The fragrance is a cocktail of lush, juicy fruit notes of mandarin, citron and passion fruit. It also gives a floral scent that is so sweet.

Giallo is the bright color of the sun. The scent is a mix of water fruit, red fruit, anis and a hint of spearmint. The dry down is a harmony of vanilla and musks.

Verde is the color of nature. The top notes are cardamom, grapefruit and melon. The base notes translates to the dry strong smell of cedarwood.

Blu is the cool oceans and the color of the sky. Very masculine. The scent is a blend of basil, rosemary and sage. The dry down is a mix of cedarwood and cocoa.

My personal favorite is Verde. It sort of reminded me of the smell of freshly cut grass. Thank you Benetton. I got the Verde and I'm wearing it right now. I feel so fresh! Haha.

I wore leather! Di pala siya ganon ka init. Shirt is 5cm. Karl is wearing Don Protasio

The press and a lot of bloggers were invited at the launch. I was with Karl and Aivan. I was particularly excited since getting invited in things like these makes me feel that I’m a legit blogger now. LOL.

United Colors of Benetton
Aivan looking very cute
Beads and denim
Karl. Kilala niyo siya I'm sure. Haha
These caught my eye. One model wore this. Ang cute! I love the slim soles and it looks comfy. First time I saw this design of Chucks. Must go look for these.
Lizette of Project Vanity and Alex of ReluctantStylista

OMG. This man swear to gawd is BEAUTIFUL in person. Naloka lang ako at nag fangirl mode. Crush ko siya! Sino siya? Anyone knows?

Make sure to visit the Benetton fan fage and join. There are prizes up for grabs. These colognes are now available in all SM stores for only Php1359.


I love Lucifer! OMG. Since it was released, I was spazzing the entire time today. It’s on loop right now and my eardrums are prolly bleeding already. And they just released the MV! Shawols are on high, my Facebook feed is filled with nothing but SHINee!

Like, any Kpop comeback, they again changed their concept. They’re going for the beastly look (that’s how Koreans describe it). But quite honestly... an epic fail! Taemin looks like a girl, Key too, Onew has a furry back, Minho with Alejandro hair and Jong wearing an apron. Still, I’m totally in love with the MV! The styling I love but not sure with Onew's. They all look so hot. And the apron is by Rick Owens ha. Fairness, may budget ang mga Koreano!

Speaking of Kpop, last Saturday was Kpop night! Of course, Toxicdiscoboy was there along with Inkarlcerating. I have been trying to convert Karl into Kpop for a long time now and he finally catched on. Haha. Of course, outfit dapat! I came as baklang SHINee and Karl as Narsha of BEG! Yun ang pegs.

What I wore. Top is TwoPercent, leggings from 168 and accessories from Landmark
Happy ka teh?
With Narsha!
Ziggy getting jiggy. haha.
Rik and Pat of ProudRace. Ganda ng hair mo Pat! Bagay kaya yan sakin? Mag blonde kaya ako?
Tuwang tuwa sa dance showdown ni Ziggy at Eldzs


First two photos were stolen from Karl and the rest are credited as tagged.

My fake Hermes bag!!!

Like any blogger, I have my share of haters. I don’t have a lot since I’m not really famous but I received some comments and even a Facebook page dedicated to me calling me a poser. I don’t really think much of them and actually natutuwa pa ako sa kanila. As long as they’re making my blog hits rise then better. But there’s this one incident that made me laugh so hard I almost spilled my champagne... I WAS ACCUSED OF TOTING A FAKE HERMES by a fellow Pinoy blogger!!!


I have been called a lot of nasty things: a hipster, jologs, jejemon, weird, papansin, and more. Pero never pa a fake toting bitch!

Now, I asked a designer friend of mine who is an expert with designer brands if my brandless (bought at the thrift store) simple black bag resembles any Hermes bag. He said: “what about your bag? eh it's clear na it's not branded, it doesn't look like any Hermes I know, to me it looks like it was inspired by Prada because of the plastic handle and definitely it doesn't have a brand.

So there. My bag is not a fake Hermes. I got it at the ukay for 100 pesos and it is brandless. It does have a logo in one of the pockets inside but it’s not Hermes.

To my accuser, clearly you do not know what you are talking about. Though, I’m quite intrigued by the Nina Ricci ties you got from the Department Store. May Nina Ricci na pala dito sa Pilipinas! Oh my, I must buy me some!

Readers, what do you think? Is the bag a fake Hermes to you?


I’m so lazy today, uninspired and basically feel like shit. No internet the whole day yesterday. Kinda pissed off since Sunday is my only rest day and by resting I mean lazing my way in internet oblivion. So I’m making up for lost time and do that today. Hahahahaha.

Here’s some pics of me if you wanna waste time.

At the Forever 21 opening.
At the last Toycon

New from Narsha. Current fave song. Karl, kanta natin to. Hahaha.

Itim na naman

Wearing black again. I know I said this a million times already but what can I do? My closet is full of black and most of my good clothes are black. And it’s slimming. So yeah.

I hate my face here but whatever. I'm wearing everything thrifted except for the jersey blazer which was a gift from Karl.
Lion necklace from Topman
New shoes! +-x/ thifted shoes. Still new with tags on. For 200 lang! Haha.

My friends Cloud and Janina drew me. How cute! And they made me so goodlooking. Haha.

New obsession du jour! Since the SHINee comeback would be in a few days pa, I'm diverting my attention to rookie group Teen Top. Lame name I know and I wasn't really expecting much from them but howmygawd! Ang galing galing nila! And they're all so young (15-17). I'm such a pederast! Hahahahahaha.

Miadore jun/jul 2010

This is the final product! The lookbook for Miadore June/July collection. Yey! So exciting. I helped with the styling and if you follow my blog you’ll notice that a lot of my clothes were used. Haha. Yekky, dahling, you are such a talented artist. You inspire me! All the jewelries are now available at the House of Laurel. Go get one of your own!

Photography: Andrew Dacay
Makeup: Karl Leuterio
Styling: Mikhael Magallanes (ToxicDiscoBoy), Ian Bautista and Thysz Estrada
Model: Nicole Puentavella

Let’s talk ukay!

Yey. Been a while since I made an ukay post. But before all that outfit post muna:

Most of these clothes were gifts from my good friend Don. He’s such an angel. And I almost cried with how many stuff he gave me. Thank you Don!!! The shorts were given by blogger Ann. Thanks ate! ^^

Bernhard Willhelm olive top and Issey Miyake shirt. Kilig ako.
Dictionnaire knitted shirt and Yohji Yamamoto shirt. The Yohji is really interesting. It looks like a scuba suite when worn. Cute!
Olive cover-up and Initial shirt
Dries Van Noten and Hussein Chalayan... Naloka ako!!!!!!!!!!!
Initial knits and Comme des Garcons shirt. The Comme is made of Cupra: a new synthetic fabric that is as soft and silky as silk. Win!
Comme des Garcons polka dotted shirt and Zuccoz cover-up
Colorful top and my fave from all the bunch: Hotel cover-up. Really interesting since it doesn't have sleeves. Ang cute niya,

Tsumori Chisato shorts and +-*/ shorts

Grey area

Here’s what i wore today. I forgot I had this drapey top. Was glad it was lying around on the floor this morning. Haha. For a change, I am kind of busy these days. So many things to do and finish. Just glad everything’s falling into place. Chos. I am still a bit under the weather. No more fever but the coughing won’t stop. Already cut back on the yosi and I am quitting. For real this time.

Miadore BTS

Here’s the behind the scenes of the Miadore lookbook shoot. It was so much fun. It’s good to work with friends. Tawa lang ng tawa. Miadore is an accessories line made by Yekky Balingit. He’s a good friend and we all wanted to help. The lookbook will be out soon. Once it’s out, make sure to get some bling blings for yourself. Yekky makes beautiful necklaces. His work is available at the House of Laurel

Kay Karl yan lahat. Na shock ako sa dami.
Karl doing his magic
Me wearing Yekky's Pixie. Bagay?
Second thoughts?
What I wore: PLAY Comme des Garcons and Soule Phenomenon shoes
Ampayat ko here!
Andrew doing his thing. With Ian behind.
Si becky talgaaa! Thysz working it.

Most photos were stolen from Karl. Hahaha. ^^