I joined this lil contest a few weeks ago. We were tasked to make clothing out of plastic or paper only. Below is what I made. Before you attack me, yes I was inspired by Margiela greatly thus the sharp shoulders and fringe. Haha. Anyway, I did not win. This was too simple I guess. Still, I had so much fun making it and it turned out better that what I expected. What do you guys think?

Parang nasa Brooklyn lang diba mga teh?


I feel so detached. I haven’t been online for a while. I just check my Facebook and then go to sleep. So sad. I miss going through forums, Kpop blogs, reading all my friend’s posts, stalking Hikaru and the usual yaoi fanboy moments. Good thing I’m free this month. Yey! And next month hopefully will be good too.

Most of all, I miss blog hopping and commenting. I miss my online life (because truthfully, I don’t have a life).

Anyway, me and my gorgeous friends are cooking up something. I hope it all will pan out. I am hoping that all of you will support us when we unveil our baby. Haha. I’m so excited and nervous at the same time. Naloloka ako. Scary pala ito. Chos.

We call our lil group: FFT. I love you guys! Absent si Karl and Gelo. :( Si Edrick BTS ang drama.

Wearing the ToxicDiscoBoy top made for me by Don Protasio. Kilig ako!

photos stolen from Paul Jatayna and Shahani Gania

More photos here.

Evening gown competition

I miss this blog!!! For the first time, I actually feel busy. Haha. Anyway, last week was amazing. Big shout out to birthday girl Shahani Gania for throwing the best party ever. Dragas from all over fashionable Manila came. Kaloka. It was one of those days that I totally felt underdressed. It was so much fun ogling and admiring. Sa susunod, ihahanda ko na ang gown ko. Haha.

And I wore the Miadore necklace named after my blog! Kaloka. Meron nang Toxic shirt (by Don Protasio) now meron nang Toxic necklace! Haha. Thank you so much Yekky for this wonderful masterpiece. Mwah!

With birthday girl Gloriouspopstar herself!
Paul, moi and Gelo. Say niyo? Fasheen forward!
I wore the ToxicDiscoBoy Miadore

Gelo in an outfit by Louis Vuitton and Karl in Burberry Prorsum... echos lang!
The amazing Puey Quinones!
Anton and RCXY. Can you say glam?
The gorgeous Divine Lee
Joyce Fernandez of Imagine and moi (haha)
With my partner in crime
Khaz! Swear, ito pinaka matinong picture mo sa cam ko.
Ian and Raf
Lotho Lotho
The gorgeous John Paras. Ate, di kita na recognize!!!
The next big photographer BJ Pascual and Kpop (chos) designer Ziggy Savella

In my Miadore