Keeping it fab Philippine Fashion Week 2011 edition

Yey. Super fun last night. Kaloka ang Tina Daniac! Can’t wait for the photos. Ganda. And Oxygen was surprising. I’ll be going there more often na. Laters is Don Protasio. Everybody gow!


Let me re-introduce you to my good friend Gelo Arucan-Waldorf. He started this web show called Keeping it Fab and it’s hilarious. Kaloka. Halloween is just around the corner and not to be outdone, Fabgelous himself goes to school in full on costume for this week until the grand ball of beckies and monsters this Saturday at the black party. But before that, let’s talk about pok-poks.

Nakakaloka ka baks! And here’s episode 3 as Fabgelous interviews ToxicDiscoBoy. Haha.

Layla II

Here’s the new collection of Miadore. Ang ganda! It’s inspiring to have creative friends. Congrats Yekky dahling. These are simply divine. And ang gandara ni Nicole at Nica! Winner. Make sure you check Miadore at the House of Laurel!

For inquiries email
SMS 0915-8685958

White space

Here are some outfit shots of my friends. Long overdue but just have to post kasi ang cute namin. Chos. Haha. Fashion week starts today. Let us all support Philippine fashion. This may not be Paris or New York but we have our own to be proud of. You all have to go see the shows. It’ll be fun. And of course shop shop shop from our local designers.

While you’re at it, make sure to drop by this coming Saturday, 9:30 pm for Don Protasio’s show at the SMX. Gow!

Photos by Edrick Bruel of Happylab

Me in Don Protasio no less


Lately, I’ve been going back to my roots which is JPOP. Hahaha. Yesterday was one of my headache inducing turbo clicking internet “obligations” as I downloaded tons of videos of Johnny Boys. Nothing like Japan talaga. Here’s the new Johnny group NYC so you’ll know what I mean. Addictive as Justin Beiber. They’re a group of inappropriately fanciable boys. And they have fanfics. Oh my head hurts from too much thinking. Haha.

Mother and son

My mom’s here for a visit. Awww. I missed her so much. We ate at this Vietnamese place whose name I forgot. My mom’s cool. Styled by me. Hahahahaha.

Tried my best with the liner. Stefan should be proud.
Nanay! How cute. ^^
Sabi ko na tama na ang black. Pero hinde! Eto parin ako.
This is amazing. It's a noodle salad.


SHINee love

Hmmmm... very uneventful week. So I’m back to my old addictions... Kpop! Because of Che, I’ve unearthed some very naughty Kpop fanarts. Yaoi fanart that is. Hahahaha. They’re mostly SHINee arts. Will go back to my dramas now. Toodles!

Hello optimism!

Monday magazine claims to be THE magazine for the thinking set. I learned about this new mag through Edrick who was raving about its layout and design. Monday sets itself apart from other glossies with intelligent and well thought out content that not only satisfies the reader’s eyes but also tickles their brains. I confess that I am a shallow reader and only look at fashion editorials. I mean, that’s why I buy magazines... to look at pictures of thin models and oggle at clothes I can’t afford. Hahaha. Monday is very thick. Its topics ranges from politics to design to fashion and some pop culture tid bits thrown in for good measure.

So anyway, we were a the launching of their third issue. Congratulations Monday for breaking the mold.

Photos by Edrick Bruel

Natatawa lang ako sa pic na to. Mukha akong white lady. Achieve!
More nomnomnom

Congrats Monday! ^^

Stylish people. Fashion editor of Monday Bonnapart Galeng, designer Gian Romano,Ino Caluza of Viktor Jeans and fashion stylist Ryuji Shiomitsu

Grab your copy now!

It's fun when you're with us

Photos by Edrick Bruel
At Moonleaf