1:43 Merry Christmas Na

This is it. When I thought the Philippines wasn’t ready for another fail boyband comes 1:43. They’ve been gaining quite a buzz online. Well, the majority are bashing the boys as another wannabes jumping on the Kpop trend. But I actually like them. Merry Christmas Na is a camp triumph. They’ve touched on every possible cliches and after several listens this damn song sticks to your head stronger than epoxy.

For the Kpop purists and those who accuse them of copying, tumigil nga kayo. Most Kpop productions right now are derivatives from the west. Many Kpop artists are being accussed of plagiarism even. Nangongopya din sila. Kaya kebs na noh.

Anyway, I like 1:43. And dahil Ryuji styled the boys in the video. Hahaha.

Sometime samurai

The first time I saw this music video I was like ‘OMG, an idol group that dresses like me.’ Hahahaha. For the past months I’ve been constantly wearing super loose trousers, long skirts and drop crotches. I don’t even wear jeans as much anymore. Wearing them loose is very liberating and actually much more comfortable. And I don’t think I’m gonna part with black. It’s hard. Though, my friend Karl is on a black ban right now and we promised to do it together... I just can’t. Haha.

Karasu - Free MV

I like the samurai look. It looks very masculine and tough. If only I’m thin and toned. I’d be totally contented with my life and rock this samurai shizz.

Jeehee Sheen Spring 2011

Konrad Parol Spring 2011

And me.

See you on the boob tube

Me and Karl. We were interviewed for ANC Documentaries. Kape lang. We were not prepared but gow gow lang. Thank you Thysz and Moki for everything.

Make sure you check out our store Paradigm Shift. We are now also at Stylebible and selling in Poetry in Cambodia. Thank you for all the support and for those who bought. THANK YOU.

Karl in Don Protasio and Thank You Today. Me in Franco Dionco and Don Protasio accessories.

Gelo was part of it too! ^^


Some cool people during PhFW. Me included. Hahaha.

Fuchsiaboy himself (aka Don Protasio) in Margiela, DP pants, Longchamps and DietButcherSlimSkin sneakers
Bo Parcon in black. Check the Comme des Garcons bag. I covet.
The amazing Tina Daniac. Ganda ng collection niya. Will blog soon. ^^ Ang late ko mag blog. Sorry naman.
Me! Top is Initial, Eairth skirt, shoes and accessories by Don Protasio
Grendel Alvarado
Supermodel Ria Bolivar. I love this woman. Kung maging babae man ako siya ipapakita ko sa mga doktor sa Bangkok. Haha.
Fabgelous himself who just turned a year older. Happy Birthday baks!

Don and me. I need a new hairstyle.


Traffic is the title of Don Protasio’s spring 2011 collection. The color chartreuse is prominent as he injects it with the starkness of black. According to him, it is avant-garde to wear such a striking color when everybody now is in black. I had the chance to see the clothes up close and I tell you there is more to what you see. It's all in the little details. Ganda.

His shoes, a collaboration with Soule Phenomenon were amazing. I wanna get the platforms!

That jacket is now mine. Yey!


This is my second attempt to copy Mark Arvin. Haha. I met him several times at Cubao X before and his style really caught me. He’s prolly one of the most refined dresser I’ve met. CHOS! Haha. Enough of him. This is my blog. So more of me...

Thrifted blazer, Don Protasio trousers and accessories, Porter Japan bag
Muji goodness from Rey! Thank you so much friend. ^^ I use the notebook as my sketchpad and the little bag as an organizer for my big totes.

Porter Japan. Dahil kay Edrick I remembered having this. Haha.

Cum cum cum to the Cum dey Garsawn!

It has been a long time since I went ukay. On a spur of a moment thing, I went to my fave ukay place and look at what I found. A Comme des Garcons Homme Plus shirt from the Spring 2006 collection with a Rolling Stone print. Ang cute diba? Naloka lang ako na alam ni ateng tindera ang Comme. I was haggling like crazy but she won’t change her mind. Pero kebs binili ko parin. 380 kasi benta niya. Argh. Mahalia for jukay. Also found a PLAY shirt for 10 pesos. Haha. Ang cheap ko talaga.

Runway photos from Style.com

Listen to this ultra funny song called "cum dey garsawn" LOL


I have a blog crush. You Can Make It Easy is now my new inspiration hub. Run by a half Filipino dude the blog is filled with inspiring images and music. He has an obsession with Japanese apartments and window shots and cats. Everything is white, neutral and muted. I think I found my new aesthetic. Hahaha. Ganun talaga. Dapat magbago. More shopping ito sa Muji.

Bare Essence of Life

This was when we went to Muji.

Shirt: Mental, Pants: Kenki, Shoes: Don Protasio
Muji bag

And I’m watching Bare Essence of Life Ultra Miracle Love Story right now. I kid you not. That is the film’s title. But despite the Engrish this is such a wonderful movie. It’s a light slice of life drama that is all bits of amazing. Makes me feel like moving back to my home town and live a simpler life. Makes me wanna go to Muji again. Hahaha.