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See you all at Moonleaf this Chinese New Year! See you there!

Monday Mediavore

Grab the new issue of Monday Magazine. My friends and I helped in making the cover. It was such a fun endeavor. And that was the first time that I bonded with my new friend Curves. He's such a talented boy. ^^

Also Paradigm Shift was part of their main fashion editorial. So happy.

Ang cute noh? photo by Karl
The Parashift drop crotch! Yey. ^^

See the entire editorial here at Bon's blog
Photography by Mark Mulder
Styling by RCXY
Models: Jade Dy and Marc Nash

ANC Documentaries full clip

Here's the full clip of our interview with ANC. Kilig lang ako. Thank you to all the people who watched. Haha. Ang weird lang ng boses ko. There are still some stocks left from our first collection. Bili na kayo. hahaha. Paradigm Shift

Nicole we luv you!!!

Madrama lang ako yesterday. I love my blog. Ewan! Mag Tumblr na rin ako for the lazy days. ^^ Haha. Anyway, Happy Birthday to my good friend Nicole. You are an amazing person and I'm extra thankful for having you as a friend. I love you! ^^

Some photos stolen from the very talented Paul Jatayna. Ayyyiii! Check out his cute blog here.

 Nicole! Happy Birthday girl!
i-D pose with AJ
 Gow gelo!
 Stefandrogynous -- tama ba spelling ko mam? ^^
 Thyszen! ganda lang
 bongga lang ang angle ko ditey!
 Soule Phenomenon
 Pakainin niyo naman ang mga paslit
 hipster pose!
 The very fashown JP of Metro haha. ^^
 hipster pose 2
 our baby Justin Beiber este Curves!
Gerard and cousin. ^^


I'm tired of blogging.


Watch ANC Documentaries tonight!!!

Watch it tonight on ANC 9:30. Me, Karl and Gelo are part of it. Yey. Watch the trailer and spot me. Haha.

What boredom does to me

Yeah. The first month of the year is usually the most boring. Still, I have a lot of pending stuff to finish but whatever. So these past days I did nothing but watch dramas, Asian movies and read heaps and heaps of mangas (online). I am a self confessed otaku. Hay nako. I’m such a nerd that I get furious everytime they upload Naruto late. Hahaha.

Here are some stuff that I obssess about lately. It pretty much says a lot about my poor taste in entertainment. I like them cliched, formulaic and most importantly must have a stunning, incredibly pretty leading man. Hahaha. And para kunyari Hipster ako, I started watching them indie Japanese films.


A day on the Planet is one of those films that sacrifices plot over character quirkiness. I almost gave up in the middle of watching since nothing is freaking happening. But! The different characters are very engaging that they're like the Japanese version of Friends.

One of my fave films of all time is Tokyo Trash Baby. I watched this thrice already. The story line is very simple: a girl obsess over her boy crush, collects all the trash he throws out and more voyeuristic eroticism continues. My kind of film


Rainbow Eyes is hard drama. It made me cry like crazy and the ending was a big OMG. Naloka akey. Seriously, I hate watching gay themed dramas as they always have a sad ending or somebody dying of AIDS but this one is a must watch. Thysz, you are required to watch this.

Man, Woman and the Wall is pretty much has the same premise as Tokyo Trash Baby but with a male perspective. It stars a real life porn actress and though the film might be suggestive, it actually is not about sex. Ang ganda lang ng acting, plot at lahat lahat.


Mary Stayed Out All Night has all the makings of a great trendy drama however it did not really live up to the hype. Pero I'm still watching it for Jang Geun Suk and the fashion. This drama wins the best costume design award.

How To Date an Otaku Girl I recommend to all the otakus of the world especially to the fujoshis!!! Ang fun lang niya and has a million references to most of my fave mangas. Kaloka lang yung Gundam scene di ko kinaya.


I dunno how to start with Secret Garden. My gawd, it's so awful it's good. Haha. I dunno how many more cliches I can handle but for some weird reason I'm drawn to this. I just can't stop watching. Haha. All the allusions to known fairy tales are just too much. If they mention Little Mermaid again I'll lose all my hair. Kaloka. Pero I'm on ep. 15 na. Haggard! Haha.

Kim Sam Soon. I've been dissing this for a long time since I don't really like the Bridget Jones premise. But but but! OMG Hyun Bin! Yun lang. Hahaha.

Kpop kids

Last month I went to the 2nd Philippine Kpop Convention at PICC. I went alone then bugged Thysz to come with me, met up with the Pruna sisters and spotted Lychee and Momo. Was a bit angry that Joselle and Jamie did not come at sila pa nag pilit sakin to go. Tse! I also met Miss Babes there and naloka lang ako sa fierceness niya! So anyway, here are some cool kids we spotted. All images by Lychee Ishihara. Thanks girl!

Sana Tin and Shix were there too. I miss my Kpop friends. Haha.

Si Maverick. Nagulat lang akey na he was there. Love the shirt.
My girl Momo.
Si G Dragaon oh
Momo again.
Miss Babes!!! In Jeremy Scott from head to toe no less
Thysz and Rain. LOL
G Dragon v.2
Not sure if she's the girl who danced to Replay. Galing niya!

Uninvited by Paul Jatayna

Meet Paul. Super touched lang ako when I saw these images on his blog.

He writes:
But you’re not allowed 
You’re uninvited 
An unfortunate slight 
Draped acid-washed dress from Mike Magallanes
Trousers from Kenki
Sandals from Don Protasio
Photos by the awesome Edrick Bruel 
This is the second edition of the Inkarlcerating/Toxicdiscoboy editorial. My first entry was Inkarlcerating [Check it out HERE], now meet Toxicdiscoboy. I am very fortunate that I have two good stylish friends to lend me clothes when I need them. I was asked to join a Harajuku Fashion show for a Christmas Party and all participants are required to wear three outfits. I borrowed the red batwing from Karl Leuterio, and from Mike Magallanes, his signature draped dresses and Japanese trousers. 

Onew and Minho for W

Shinee's Onew and Minho for the January 2011 of W. They were dressed in garments from Ann Demeulemeester, Balmain, Dior Hommes, Lanvin, Macos Adamas, Maison Martin Margiela, Neil Barrett, Rad, Yves Saint Laurent and more. Taroosh!

source: Eiffel In Seoul