Querida night

Been a while since I went to the last Panty Monster. This is THE best party in Manila. All the monsters, hipsters and everything in between engage in a night of total debauchery. Haggard lang!

All pictures stolen from the great Paul Jatayna

The start

A lot are happening and sunod sunod sila lahat! I'm just so thankful to everyone for helping me and Karl and the FFT. Tomorrow will be our contract signing with FADAL (Fashion Designers Alliance Manila) and we're super excited. This is the biggest confirmation so far that I'm close to achieving my dream. Haha. Ang drama ko. ^^

Outfit post muna.

And with that I leave you with the video of the runway show that brought me to tears. I really get emotional with clothes, with fashion, with the genius that is Comme des Garcons.

Them pretty ker ker boys

Wasted youth


Shots from Meiday taken by Indiebon. I love that I look good on his photos. Haha. Maka nakaw nga ng camerang ganyan.

Déjeuner avec un ami

Went to UP to have lunch with my friend Gian. Ang fun lang. We talked for hours about landian, fashion and more landian. Gian is one of those bloggers that I admire. Nakakaloka lang maka French si kuya and he has great style. If I'm sabog and pile on whatever, he's more subdued, classic and always stylish. Check his blog.

Ang title ng post na ito ay galing sa google translate. Hahaha.

Soule Phenomenon: The Plum Collection