Sarap lang

I'm not gonna start with how I missed blogging or how busy I was. Lets just say I'm just too tamad! I'm so brain dead na I can't even organize my own thoughts. Kaloka. So yeah. I dunno if I'll go on a blogging break or whatever. But!!! I still do visit a lot of blogs and I'm on Twitter and Facebook most of the time. So yeah. Ayun lang.

Eto na lang. Sila nagpapasaya saking malungot, pagod at magulong buhay. Chot.



 pants by Paradigm Shift; shirt from Uniqlo
 I was so excited for this. Haha.

OMG. How long has it been? I really can’t say that I’ve been busy but whenever I find time I get so lazy that I’d rather Youtube myself to oblivion. I miss blogging and I’m so backlogged that some of my sponsors will get angry na. Wah! Chos.

So many things happened. Karl and I are now part of FaDAL (Fashion Designers Alliance Manila) and we had our first fashion show weeks ago. I didn’t get to blog about that too. Thank you to everyone who came. It was a success. We also did the Coachella Bazaar with friends which was super fun despite the fatigue. LOL. And we’re finally being noticed and business is good. I’m forever grateful to my creative friends The FFT for always being there. I love these guys for not only giving me praises but also there to tell me if I fucked up... blatantly... in my face. Haha. I love you guys. I’m just so happy. Hahaha. Now, I’m only keeping real friends. Ayaw ko na sa mga nega when I’m only being nice nega parin sila. Kebs.

Here's the video of the FaDAL aesthetics. Abangan ang portion namin ni Karl! Haha.


My good friends AJ Omandac, Paul Jatayna and Kat Medina came up with an idea of making accessories made all out of bones. When I first heard the idea I was excited. After months of waiting, it's finally here. Congratulations. Os is selling like hotcakes. Everybody wanted a piece and I'm still waiting for mine.

All accessories are casted from real bones and made from Polyurethane, a very durable form of plastic.

Check their site: Os-Accessories

Paradigm Shift at the Coachella Bazaar