Mori Boy

Here's the final product of our little fun project. ^^

MORI BOY (Forest Boy)
Edrick Bruel / photography + art direction
Mike Magallanes / styling
Eugene sugian / stylist’s assistant
Maverick lacson / model
Thysz estrada / set director
Special Thanks / Don Protasio, Paradigm Shift

Love Power

Dahil wala akong ibang maisip na title. Haha. Since last week, I've been obsessed with Daikoku Danji. Wala lang. Ang cute lang nila. Reminded me of TVXQ.

 top: Ground Zero; bag: Clint Catalan

top: Initial; pants: Paradigm Shift; necklace: Paradigm Shift

Miadore x Seven Barretto x FaDAL

Due to the heavy downpour last week, the event was postponed and now going to happen on the 29th of June, yes, this WEDNESDAY at 7th High! 9pm -12mn. Free flowing designer cocktails! Exclusively to the stylish! :) See you there!!! :)

For those who wants to party with us, leave me a tweet... up to tomorrow midnight. ^^

Duane Stagoll for Paradigm Shift

Few weeks ago we had the chance to work with the genius duo Eric Poliquit and Enzo Mondejar. They're one of the best in the industry today and it was such an honor to be a part of their team. Paradigm Shift provided the clothes for this shoot. We have a big exhibit coming this July and we're all excited to show everyone. Enzo is the photographer and Eric the stylist. We're having a collaboration with accessories brand OS for this exhibit too. EXCITED!

We also had the opportunity to have Duane Stagoll as our model. OMG. He's just perfect and so nice.

I haven't been blogging for a while since I've been incredibly lazy with the innernets but we have new stuff coming for Paradigm Shift.

Visit us at

Mori boy BTS

Since I've been fascinated with the mori movement in Japan I've decided to interpret it on a recent shoot that I did with my friends. When we released the fashion editorial (chos) we were overwhelmed with the response. Edrick did the photography and I'm so proud of our work. Haha. It started when Maverick bleached his hair. Edrick wanted to shoot and I agreed to style. Chos. I've never done styling before and I always thought it was the most difficult and tedious job in fashion. I asked Bobet's help and then Thysz offered to assist with the set and layout.

It was a stress free shoot. It helps when you're with friends. Happy.