2ne1 in Manila

Had the chance to watch 2NE1 live! Thanks to Mav for giving us cheap tickets. ^^ It was a fun night. The girls were definitely amazing. 

Reversible jeans from Oxygen

Oxygen is my favorite Pinoy retail brand EVER. When I got their email about these reversible jeans I got so excited. I don't really wear jeans often. I find them constricting and heavy but these changed my mind. I wanna get 3 pairs! For a lazy person like me, the idea is genius.

Mr. Simple

Super Junior is making a comeback in a few days. I'm so excited to know what they're up to since it has been about a year and a half since their last stage and with all the scandals and setbacks I was totally convinced that they're gonna disband. Good thing they're back. Anyway, their new singe Mr. Simple will be out soon and their promo pics don't say 'simple' at all. 

My jaw dropped seeing Siwon in neon briefs.

Ker ker

I miss spazzing over Kpop! 
I have no freaking idea why their company named them Teen Top. Good thing that when you google them now no naked 'teen tops' shows up anymore. Haha. They're back with an upbeat single 'No More Perfume On You' that I play on loop as I'm writing this. They've been releasing mediocre singles in the past and I hope they'll get noticed this time. I really like this song and the fact that the woman on the video is actually 32 makes me hopeful. Chos.

I have this HUGE crush on Neil.
Infinite is probably one of the best packaged pop bands now. They got the look, sound and all of them are just so freaking adorable. The new single 'Be Mine' is a synth pop dance number that is perfect for the summer (In Korea). I love that they have this distinct sound that you'll easily recognize if it's Infinite. And the video is amazing. And the styling impeccable.

I need a white wig now.

They're new. Sounds a bit like TVXQ (kill me now) so... I'm a bit optimistic with this group. The song 'Good Night' I really like so yeah... and I like the styling. I covet those apron like coat whatchamacallit.
They're promising.

Never really followed them but OMG Thunder bulked up and he looks super fine! Haha. Mona Lisa sounded a bit like a Rain song but that's totally understandable. I didn't like Lee Joon's new hair though and Go still looks funny with that coif. Pero... OMG ang hot hot hot lang ni Thunder. I wonder if he still speaks tagalog.


Gold Dot

It's finally out. OMG. Nakakaloka. I have to admit I was kind of nervous for this since during the shoot I think I drank too much coffee plus Cobra that I was so hyper. Puro baklaan lang ang mga poses kez at hello hindi naman ako mau. Haha. Pero keri kasi yun naman daw kasi ang peg. LOL. Super happy with how the shoot came out. I liked how Gelo styled us. Happy! Pansinin niyo legs ko! Haha.

Gold Dot's July/Anniversary Lookbook

Photography by Bjorn Manila.
Styling by Gelo Arucan.
Make Up by Avi Castaño.
Karl Leuterio
Kookie Buhain
Lloyda Lim - Tan
Mike Magallanes


This is our new collection. Karl and I worked hard on this. Our idea was to create a collection devoid of color and complications. We wanted to make something simple and comfortable. The main fabric we used was single knit cotton and it feels soft and is very light.

PURE by Paradigm Shift Clothing

Plaid Monster

Last Tuesday, bloggers were invited to the launch of Penshoppe's new concept store. It was fun seeing other blogger friends. We had a blast shopping and dressing mannequins for the styling challenge. I had so much fun with the challenge. We were all tasked to grab any Penshoppe garment and dress the mannequin. We (Honey, Inna and me) had this idea of using 4 shirts and turn it into a man dress.

Here's what we came up with:
 With Inna and Honey
What do you think of our entry? I'd wear this myself! Haha.

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photos by Honey Andrade