Yay! I just got my Boyfriend CD! Thank you Joselle. ^^ I'm both sad and jealous that I wasn't able to go to the Korea trip with you guys. Biglang nag mahal ang pamasahe ha! Chot. Next time. Happy.

I'm such a pedo! ガ━━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━━ン!!

Mercibeaucoup, ( ̄ー ̄)ニヤリ

Found this cute cardigan from Mercibeaucoup, at the ukay. Since Don introduced me to this quirky Japanese label, I've been scouring the ukays looking for some. What is interesting with this cardigan is that it can be worn two ways. The cute little details like the ears and the paws adds playfulness to an otherwise boring cardigan.

This is me trying to be kawaii.

Happy lab

This is my HappyLab look. Haha. My friend Edrick sort of inspired me to experiment with my sartorial choices. Hahahaha. Wala lang.
blazer: Dries Van Noten, shirt: gift, pants: Initial, socks: Saizen, shoes: Doc Martens


Karl and I were invited to speak in an alternative class in UP Diliman titled Fashion Education. They asked us to share our experiences breaking in the fashion industry despite the fact that we didn't have any fashion education. I had the best time with Karl, Camille, Kryz, Tin and RJ. The event was sponsored by UP ACTS.

Parang I want to enroll there. 2nd degree? Haha.

Photos by Karl Leuterio and RJ Santos

Zone grise

Photographs by Gian.
Me wearing Don Protasio top, Paradigm Shift necklace, Miharayasuhiro shoes

Dear Manang, I Love You

I invite everyone to come party with us! This exhibit will be epic. ^^ SEE YOU!

For invites, message me in FB or Twitter just find 'toxicdiscoboy'

Lazy days

top: ukay; pants: Ai; shoes: Muji

Gone ukay

It' been ages since I did an ukay post. I haven't gone ukay for a long time kasi looking at the current state of my room (clothes all over) parang feeling ko I'm a hoarder na needing intervention from Oprah. But! I always say to myself that they're cheap over and over just to justify going to the ukay. I didn't get a lot this time pero happy parin. I noticed that instead of black I'm getting a lot of olives. I'm in love with that color at the moment. Here's my loot:
 On the left is an olive Initial cover up. I just love this brand. On the right are pants from Frapbois. This has got to be the most comfortable trousers ever. Damage: 50php for Initial and 50php as well for the Frapbois.
 Shorts fron natuRAL Vintage. Just discovered this brand. On the right is a brandless cute top with faux leather pockets. Damage: 30php for the NV shorts and 50php for the top.
Longsleeves from Frapbois. And my favorite find... this cute little shirt from UUU...SHOOOP!!! Damage: each costs 20php!
Cute wedges from b+ab. Damage: 700php since si ate ayaw mag pa tawad. Tse!


Enchong Dee wearing the Paradigm Shift web shirt. Kilig!

Fashion Edge-ucation

I'll be a sort of 'guest speaker' together with Karl, Kryz and Camille for an alternative classroom activity in UP Diliman presented by UP ACTS this coming Thursday. If you're in the area, come and see us. Pero sasabihin ko na I'm nervous as hell. 

Miadore pearls

This was during the Miadore x Seven Barretto x FaDAL exhibit. Yekky made a special necklace for Paradigm Shift made of gauze and pearls. I look thin here noh?
top: Initial pants: Don Protasio shoes: Gucci
The necklace is for sale. 09153772745 / 09277603018


Photos by Edrick Bruel

Pink birkin

LOL. Found this cute bag while strolling round Divisoria. It's obviously a Banane Taipei knock off but it was just too cute to pass. Haha. Got it for 700 pesos. Mahal niya ha pero it made me really happy. ^^ It's made of nylon and not canvas which made it all the more appealing. Ang cute niya grabe. Don't ask na why pink. Haha.


FaDAL (Fashion Designers Alliance Manila) did a quick fashion show during the launching of Establishment, a new restaurant in The Fort strip. I missed FaDAL a lot and I was happy to see them again and I missed Karl a lot too.

Photos all stolen from Karl Leuterio.
Crown of thorns
Next to a Cheetah Rivera creation
Me pretending to fix something at the back. Haha.

Kerker lunch O(≧∇≦)O

I miss Yayo. This was last month. After the big storm. I miss our random Kpop spazzing. Haha. Fun times. I remember for 2 hours we just talked about Jaejoong. Nakakaloka.
And since I love eating so much... I think I gained weight. From chubby to FAT. :'(


Since nung February ko pa inintay to... mapapanood ko na rin sa wakas. Yey. I wasn't able to catch the Cinemalaya showing dahil sa mga rasong pinansyal pero anyway bukas attack lahat ng mga bakla sa UP for a special screening. I heard a lot of good reviews and I do hope that it's THAT good since after watching Babae sa Septic Tank parang wala nang mas pa-Pak pa dun.


Paradigm Shift jacket in red linen adorned with safety pins and studs. For sale. 09153772745 / 09277603018

Boys of Fashion Week

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