Willar Mateo x Justin Wallis. Fun fun clothes! ^^

what i want 4 xmas

Mahal ata ng shipping. Pero shet lang. I want all!


A tiny bit less virginal than the last collection, Dream Incubation goes back to the absent consciousness of falling asleep. Clothes that resemble a cross between pillow cases, parachutes , and men's boxers which give rise to elements like armholes, necklines , and belt loops that take after the fly of a pair of boxer shorts. Ambiguous clothes that restrict ,and at the same time , provide ease and inspire free-fall or flight.

Our new collection! So happy with how it turned out and I'm overwhelmed by the positive response. I'm happy the our humble little brand is growing. It is a lot of fun working with new people and be inspired by them. 

Bloggers United! Be there

Make sure you all will catch the FFT booth during the Bloggers United bazaar. If you're looking for something unique, fun and not your run of the mill fashions then visit us!!! ^^

Top Pinoy fashion bloggers will all be there. Don't miss this event. I'll be selling some stuff. ^^

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Paradigm Shift pop up store.

You all should come!!!

Dream Incubation teaser

We here at Paradigm Shift Clothing have great news! Fresh off the oven! A capsule collection for the fearless dreamer.

Watch out for it. ^^

'Dissection' Don Protasio S/S 2012

Shredded cotton affixed in shirts and leggings, tie dyes, asymmetrical cuts, muted metallic fabrics and his signature stay-on tabs from soda cans. All these together might sound odd but Don's latest offering when all mixed resulted in a mishmash of textures and intelligent layering. When asked about his inspiration... "I guess I was thinking of a nomadic tribe again who went around to places and basically trying to forage clothing from here and there and inventing and cutting and mixing and creating this crazy jumble. i was feeling a mixed and match direction, like a mad military scientist experimenting and cutting things up."

Shoes provided by Gold Dot and designed by my good friend Karl Leuterio gave an androgynous kick to the collection while accessories by Bosquejo by Miguel Paolo Celestial had razor blades, knots and bolts, different materials which echoes the whole concept of cutting and then putting things together.

When I asked about the masks... "Oh, the mask was like a little inside joke because you see people wearing masks when they ride motors here [in Cambodia]. That was the Cambodian feel I wanted to inject without being too literal. And I want people to focus on the clothes and not the model's faces."