Some jackets

So now I'm collecting jackets. It's gonna be cold before summer comes. ^^

Greetings from Marbel

Went back to my hometown for the holidays. I'm getting fat from all the food. I don't think I miss Manila. Haha.

I want some anoraks

I know I'm in a tropical country. I'll look stupid in anoraks but whatevs. This boy has been spending quite a lot of internet time over at Aboki and Prawings. They have some nice stuff. I'm particularly drawn to their anoraks. I dunno why. They look cute and perfectly hides the belly. Haha. Went to the ukays today and got me some. Sana pak. Haha.


Check out the new collection of Gold Dot Shoes. Inspired by robots, Ally Duazo created a marriage of hardness and feminine. Amazing pieces.

I styled the shoot. ^^

Sofia Oxfords

LOL!!! I look funny here. Lookie at my new oxfords shoes from Shoe Etiquette! It's so sparkly and I lovette. Shop more cute stuff at Shoe Etiquette!

Panty Monsters

The most fun shoot I've had. Thanks girls! Photos stolen from Karl. See you at the exhibit tonight!

Mood board


It was Karl who introduced me to Kayalusi. I so love this brand. They have the most comfortable footwear ever. Plus I like the dezoyns. Got these at the ukay.

iRobot: SHINee for Vogue Korea

My jaw dropped when I saw this editorial. OMG. Not because I'm a huge SHINee geek but because the styling was just superb. No words. I'm not good with fashion references shit but OMG who ever styled this is now my idol. Just perfect. I love how they mixed colors, shapes and texture to have that  robotic feel. The inspiration is very blatant but the execution subtle. I can't  stop staring at these images. JUST OMG. Haha.

I hope SHINee comes with new songs soon. This fanboy can't wait.

SHINee forever! For life! Chot.