Me in DP

I'm fascinated with silver. Cut out sleeves by Don Protasio. I wore a diy mask to complete the vibe of his summer 2012 collection.

paradigm shift 3.0 BTS [ part 2 ]

More behind the scenes from our new collection. I hope you'll support us like you always did. 

found this

Shirt from UUU... SHOOOP!!!.

paradigm shift 3.0 BTS

Something new from Paradigm Shift Clothing. We're excited to show you all our hard work. Karl and I had so much fun making this collection. Here are some behind the scenes of the recent shoot that we did.
all photos by Karl Leuterio

Post valentines

Lalalalalalalalalalalalalala. Life is good.


Some looks from MintSnap.

This manga

My new favorite. Do not click if you don't know what yaoi is.

What are you doing for valentines?


Fresh laundry


Stuff I found at the ukay.


Inspired by designer Akira Onozuka. He's the creator of Zucca and designer to most uniforms in Japan. I have always liked how waiters look in a crisp shirt and their aprons. It's sexy.

shirt: A.P.C.; pants with attached apron: UUU... SHOOOP!!!; shoes: Kayalusi

Ramen X

Went to this new place called Ramen X. It's like the Mang Inasal of ramen. They serve cheap but delicious ramen. At first I wasn't really expecting anything since it's fast food. But surprisingly, I love their ramen. Most are soy sauce based so there's not much option for variety in flavors but their broth is so good. The noodles are perfect which is a big plus for me. The only thing I didn't like? Their kimchi. OMG. They serve the most awful kimchi. Worst that I've tasted in my life. So I recommend that you only order the ramen when going here.


Been wearing a lot of black lately. The black drapey top is clever since it conceals my belly effectively. Now you know why I love anything that drapes. Haha. This summer however, I'm planning to wear more light colors like gray or beige. Still on the neutral side because I'm boring like that. 

This polka dot pants is my new favorite. I think I wore it twice this week.

in black and beige

Got these cute sweaters recently. The furry details on the shoulders is so Kpop. Haha. And it's very comfy and warm. Perfect for the chilly nights here.