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What boredom does to me

Yeah. The first month of the year is usually the most boring. Still, I have a lot of pending stuff to finish but whatever. So these past days I did nothing but watch dramas, Asian movies and read heaps and heaps of mangas (online). I am a self confessed otaku. Hay nako. I’m such a nerd that I get furious everytime they upload Naruto late. Hahaha.

Here are some stuff that I obssess about lately. It pretty much says a lot about my poor taste in entertainment. I like them cliched, formulaic and most importantly must have a stunning, incredibly pretty leading man. Hahaha. And para kunyari Hipster ako, I started watching them indie Japanese films.


A day on the Planet is one of those films that sacrifices plot over character quirkiness. I almost gave up in the middle of watching since nothing is freaking happening. But! The different characters are very engaging that they're like the Japanese version of Friends.

One of my fave films of all time is Tokyo Trash Baby. I watched this thrice already. The story line is very simple: a girl obsess over her boy crush, collects all the trash he throws out and more voyeuristic eroticism continues. My kind of film


Rainbow Eyes is hard drama. It made me cry like crazy and the ending was a big OMG. Naloka akey. Seriously, I hate watching gay themed dramas as they always have a sad ending or somebody dying of AIDS but this one is a must watch. Thysz, you are required to watch this.

Man, Woman and the Wall is pretty much has the same premise as Tokyo Trash Baby but with a male perspective. It stars a real life porn actress and though the film might be suggestive, it actually is not about sex. Ang ganda lang ng acting, plot at lahat lahat.


Mary Stayed Out All Night has all the makings of a great trendy drama however it did not really live up to the hype. Pero I'm still watching it for Jang Geun Suk and the fashion. This drama wins the best costume design award.

How To Date an Otaku Girl I recommend to all the otakus of the world especially to the fujoshis!!! Ang fun lang niya and has a million references to most of my fave mangas. Kaloka lang yung Gundam scene di ko kinaya.


I dunno how to start with Secret Garden. My gawd, it's so awful it's good. Haha. I dunno how many more cliches I can handle but for some weird reason I'm drawn to this. I just can't stop watching. Haha. All the allusions to known fairy tales are just too much. If they mention Little Mermaid again I'll lose all my hair. Kaloka. Pero I'm on ep. 15 na. Haggard! Haha.

Kim Sam Soon. I've been dissing this for a long time since I don't really like the Bridget Jones premise. But but but! OMG Hyun Bin! Yun lang. Hahaha.

Onew and Minho for W

Shinee's Onew and Minho for the January 2011 of W. They were dressed in garments from Ann Demeulemeester, Balmain, Dior Hommes, Lanvin, Macos Adamas, Maison Martin Margiela, Neil Barrett, Rad, Yves Saint Laurent and more. Taroosh!

source: Eiffel In Seoul

Korea's best couple

This news totally made my day. Actors Song Joong Ki and Yoo Ah In were nominated for "best couple" in a drama awards. Haha. Let the yaoi fanfics begin! LOL. I now regret not finishing Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Critics were raving about the drama and fans were spazzing over homoerotic tendencies that were aplenty.

Nakakaloka. If they win, this will be a big step towards tolerance in the Korean LGBT community.

Watch the video below to get a glimpse of just how sweet this odd couple is. Mamaya ka na Jang Geun Suk. Haha.

Allkpop reports:
Song Joong Ki and Yoo Ah In from KBS 2TV’s “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” have been nominated for the ‘Best Couple Award’ at the 2010 KBS Drama Awards.
The two played the roles of ‘Yeorim’ and ‘Geol Oh’, which received massive support from fans of the drama as the representative ‘male couple.’ One scene in particular even created a ‘gay scandal’ between the two. Yeorim, who observed Geol Oh putting his life on the line in order to find the person who wrote the fake handbill, tearfully made the following outburst:”What does that make me, the person by your side? Fine, live as you want and get out of my sight.”
Although both actors and producers clarified the scene to be an expression of their deep friendship, it seems as if viewers took it differently, landing the two a nomination for the awards show.
A representative of KBS’s variety team revealed, “Due to the aggressive recommendations and support the press corps have shown, we were able to confidently put the ‘Song Joong Ki and Yoo Ah In’ couple as nominations for the ‘Best Couple Award’. We predict that they will receive just as many user votes as the other hetero couples in the viewers votes.”

Lad Musician

At the mall. Haha. My life is so blah right now and filled with stuff to finish that I have less time for anything. But I’m determined to blog. Gaaah! So tiring.

So Im here wearing my fave shirt of the moment. It’s by Lad Musician. Don gave it to me and I’m in heaven. Lad is like the Dior Homme of Japan.

Paired with vintage DP apron jeans. Ang butch ko lang here noh?

At dahil pasweet ako ngayon...

My current jam. Tama na ang tugsh tugsh. S.M. The Ballad. Ang gwapo lang ni Kyuhyun.

Sometime samurai

The first time I saw this music video I was like ‘OMG, an idol group that dresses like me.’ Hahahaha. For the past months I’ve been constantly wearing super loose trousers, long skirts and drop crotches. I don’t even wear jeans as much anymore. Wearing them loose is very liberating and actually much more comfortable. And I don’t think I’m gonna part with black. It’s hard. Though, my friend Karl is on a black ban right now and we promised to do it together... I just can’t. Haha.

Karasu - Free MV

I like the samurai look. It looks very masculine and tough. If only I’m thin and toned. I’d be totally contented with my life and rock this samurai shizz.

Jeehee Sheen Spring 2011

Konrad Parol Spring 2011

And me.

SHINee love

Hmmmm... very uneventful week. So I’m back to my old addictions... Kpop! Because of Che, I’ve unearthed some very naughty Kpop fanarts. Yaoi fanart that is. Hahahaha. They’re mostly SHINee arts. Will go back to my dramas now. Toodles!

Rock it

I wore this out the other day. Got a lot of stares since it was about 36 degrees out. Baliw lang ako. The blazer is a recent thrift find. It’s made of batik which I thought was an unusual choice of fabric. It has this black stretch detail on the sides which I find cute and a bit peculiar. The tribal print is also very now. You can’t see it in this pic but the pants has this baroque like texture. Sarap lang hawakan.

Sans the accessories this entire outfit costs less than 100 pesos.

In other news, I’m totally spazzing on Ava’s new video. Kaloka. She’s the Korean Lady Gaga and she’s actually friends with Gaga for real. They’re doing a collab and I can’t wait for it. Anyway, her new single is amazing. Makes me wanna wear leather in this heat.

I bleed pearl red

My biggest guilty pleasure of all time (forever and ever) has got to be Kpop and Jpop. Whenever I open my browser I’ll be typing Allkpop instantaneously as if it’s second nature to me. Yes, sometimes I am a little embarrassed with my obsession. I mean, I don’t speak the language for f*ck’s sake! But cute boys dancing or girls dressed like whores make me happy. I love Asian pop. There.

One of the bands that I obsess/spazz/kill/lust/die over is TVXQ. They started it all for me. I was just browsing random music videos over the net and I accidentally stumbled on one of theirs and the rest is (as they say) history. The boys were originally superstars in Korea but moved to Japan to be even bigger. And bigger they got. Now, they are probably the most famous, most loved (and hated too), and undeniably the biggest thing in Asia right now. They’ve made the list in the Guiness book of records for having the largest official fan base in the world and for being the celebrities with the most number of photos taken.

But despite all the spotlights, designer clothes, legion of fans… it all boils down to talent. These five boys can sing. And by sing, I mean send shivers down your spine kind of singing. And they can really dance too. Watch Yunho (my future husband) wow Tokyo Dome.

So last Saturday, Pinoy fans of the boys went to the UP Diliman Film Center for the viewing of their Toyo Dome concert and the album launch of their latest album. The event was a total success with lots of different booths catering to the fandom. There were also cosplay, dance, photography and essay contests with fans vying for the much coveted standees and CDs.

So much fun. Bring TVXQ to the Philippines now na!!!

The boys
Disheveled hair, sweaty and burnt. Oh my. Gyaru look ba ito?

Yayo! My Kpop BFF. ^^
The fans
Screening about to start
Album I bought. Been listening to this since yesterday

The event covered on ASAP XV

Kiss me

U-Kiss in Manila (Megamall)

UPDATED with new photos.

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So last Friday I got to meet U-Kiss, shook their hands and totally spazzed out. It was crazy. I came to Megamall super early (9 am) so I could get sure tickets. Gosh. By the time they opened the doors crazy girls were running and screaming everywhere. Good thing I’m faster than them. But I was totally out of place.

What I wore. I was so inspired by ZE:A.
With my Kpop BFF, Yayo! ^^
Met Shix again. Check the shirt! CL wore the same thing. Girl, had soooo much fun with you! Lezz do this again love!

After I got my CD, I met up with Karl and Andrew. We’re helping Andrew with his thesis on fashion blogging. No joke. Napa sigaw ako ng echos when he asked me. So anyway, I had fun with them. We ate at Kaya to get the Korean theme going. Read more about what we did here.

Andrew, ang gwapo mo here.
At Kaya

On to the boys. When they came out everybody went nuts. Like, sweaty little girls all pushing each other. Ewww. So not my scene. The boys started singing and I could not hear anything apart from the screaming. So annoying. To be honest, K-pop fans are much scarier than any audience I’ve seen. It was like a mosh pit of girls. Ewww. So we decided to stay at the back. At least we can breathe there.

The show was amazing despite the craziness. Well, it looked like they (the boys) were lip-synching but whatever. We went there not for the music but for some boy-candy. Gosh. They’re all super gwapo and super fresh. Especially Eli. Though he looked obese, he’s still gwapo. Papa bear lang.

Fanservice. Kiseop wiping Kevin's sweat off. Yaoi material ito!
Alex. Pero sino yung naka pink gown at the back?

I had such a fun time during the autograph signing. The boys noticed me. Like, hello. I looked like I came from outer space. Dongho didn’t say anything. Eli was like ‘Whoa!’ then he nudged Kibum who smiled at me. Kiseop was deadma pero he was the cutest and shook my hand. Shet. Then Alex gave me this peculiar grin and said ‘Hey! Nice shades.’ I was so pa-demure, I just smiled. Leche ka Alex ang gwapo mo! Then Kevin. God, he’s so funny. He adjusted his seat for a bit (he was surprised) and said ‘Nice style.’ He was laughing (not sure what that meant). Soohyun was the sweetest. Maybe they’re not used to have a fan like me. Lol.

Kiseop and Kibum
Kevin and Alex

During the signing I was checking their clothes and I was disappointed. There were some tas-tas, sequins falling, ugly fabric, and other things. Oh well. Only Kiseop looked chic. But whatever. They were sooo nice. They’re coming back this May for a full blown concert. I might go.

U-Kiss in Manila (Megamall)