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Big Bang in Manila

This is a super late post. OMG. Had the best time. I can't stop thanking Globe for giving us tickets and making us feel like real VIPs. Haha. Deasung was oh my gosh so yummy. LOL. They played their recent hits and some old ones. We were all jumping, dancing and screaming like monkeys. And then Taeyang ripped his shirt off. OMG. Nakakaloka.

Post valentines

Lalalalalalalalalalalalalala. Life is good.


Inspired by designer Akira Onozuka. He's the creator of Zucca and designer to most uniforms in Japan. I have always liked how waiters look in a crisp shirt and their aprons. It's sexy.

shirt: A.P.C.; pants with attached apron: UUU... SHOOOP!!!; shoes: Kayalusi


Been wearing a lot of black lately. The black drapey top is clever since it conceals my belly effectively. Now you know why I love anything that drapes. Haha. This summer however, I'm planning to wear more light colors like gray or beige. Still on the neutral side because I'm boring like that. 

This polka dot pants is my new favorite. I think I wore it twice this week.

Extra appendage

Im in love with my new DP top. It's made from sleeves of different shirts and sewed together. Ganda.

 top: Don Protasio, bottoms: thrifted

white space

On a project with Karl. We were asked to conceptualize the look of a new space. Excited.

photos all from Karl

Looking forward

Im happy that Paradigm Shift is growing. Karl and I are making a new collection and this time we made sure that we'll only make stuff that we would actually wear. I think it's easier that way. We started out the brand wanting to make clothes for us and hoping that people will actually relate, appreciate and buy. Haha. Watch out for us and our collabs with Leatherengines, Don Prostasio and El Bosquejo! Yaiy. Anyway, here I am wearing the stringed drop crotch. Sides can be adjusted.
Yes. I'm fat now.


Got this Yohji Yamamoto jacket from Aj and Paul. Thanks guys! I'm totally in love with it. It's linen and soft and warm. So happy!!! I really dig that it's extremely oversized and the color olive I'm crazy about.

jacket: Yohji Yamamoto, shirt: F&H, pants: Drex Fable, shoes: Miharayasuhiro, necklace: OS

Seoul Crush

This was from a week ago. My paminta look. LOL. Photo by Karl Leuterio

Love Power

Dahil wala akong ibang maisip na title. Haha. Since last week, I've been obsessed with Daikoku Danji. Wala lang. Ang cute lang nila. Reminded me of TVXQ.

 top: Ground Zero; bag: Clint Catalan

top: Initial; pants: Paradigm Shift; necklace: Paradigm Shift

I can't wait for my tomorrow to come

Dami kong echos. Main point: I'm in a happy place. Haha. Chos.

 Paradigm Shift!


Sa ngayon mejo bet ko na mag mori-morihan. Mori boy ang peg. Ewan ko ba dati super di ko betchina ang ganitong moda pero pak lang when Flumpool came and so did the others. Aarte pa ba ako? So mej na influence ako ng very light plus my friend Edrick has been doing it for a long time na. Keri ba ang lolo look? hahahaha. Ang suplada ko lang sa pic. Tse!

Oh diba? top: Equator Japan, pants: Another, shoes: Muji

And since nasa usapang Japan tayo may bagong Yaoi anime from the makers of Junju Romantica! Kaloka lang. Thanks to Joselle nalaman ko agad. I'm so out of the loop na. I'm starting this new job na di ko masyadong betch plus kaloka lang ang busyness sa FaDAL. Pero fight! Sana tuloy na ang pag enroll ko sa FIP this end of the year.


They don't like me

There are a lot of funny commentators over at Ang super fun lang. I took screen shots of the comments they made about me. Most were negative. Haha. Keri. Actually, kinilig ako ng slight especially with the ‘freak’ comment. OMG lang nobody called me a freak since 2008 (uni days hahaha). Na miss ko. I don’t dress to please. At least, I’m getting my point (or lack thereof) across. Hahahahahahahaha.


Went to Lil Tokyo with Bobet. Prior to eating expensive ramen (nag taas sila ng 20 pesos ha pero masarap naman) we went yukata shopping. Wala lang. Effect lang dahil summer... mag yukata. Ang init parin.

Beauty Lab

We love Watson's. It's the best health and beauty store where you can get everything. Recently, they've been expanding and offering more products to satiate the growing demands of the public. They launched the Live Beautifully campaign and the Beauty Within campaign where they feature products not only used externally but included some supplements which can complete and complement any beauty regimen.

Anton, Karl and me were there as members of the press. Chos. I'll be reviewing their new products soon and in fact I'm already using some of it right now.

Anton's hologram shades.
Lunch. Yum.
The press
Some of the stuff they gave us to try
Me in my usual
at FIP after the event. I'll be enrolling here soon
Nice seeing Ryuji there. He's a teacher na!
I'm supposed to take these twice daily. Ooohhh.